Oct 17 2012 11:55am

Sylvia Day’s Entwined with You’s New Release Date: May 7, 2013

Reflected in You by Sylvia DayMandi from Smexybooks has just tipped us off that Sylvia Day's Entwined with You—the third Crossfire novel—will now be released May 7, 2013, rather than the previous date of Dec. 31, 2012.

We don't know what's behind the change, but it looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out what's next for Gideon and Eva after this month's Reflected in You, book 2 in the series.

Meanwhile—what do you want to see happen in Entwined with You?

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Yvonne De La Cruz
1. ymdlc1
Bummer that now we have to wait for May :( I want the entire truth on what happened to Gideon revealed. I would also love for him to man up and put Corrine in her proper place....if he doesn't I want Eva to do it (just like Ana did to Mrs. Robinson in FSG!!!) Somehow I think that Brett will try to stir up trouble in Eva & Gideon's world...hopefully they'll know how to handle. Would be nice if Cary matured a bit more and stop hurting Trey's feelings. Until May 2013...
Karen Thill
2. Karen Thill
OMG! WE have to wait till May!
Karen Thill
3. suem3667
NOOOOOOOOO! It was hard enough waiting for the December release date! But May 2013....AAGGHH!
I am really hoping more of what happened to Gideon when he was younger comes to light and the person responsible is "dealt" with.
Also, I hope Eva and Gideon help eachother through everything and find a happily ever after.
Karen Thill
4. 1981Antoinette
I can not wait to see what happens next between Gideon and Eva. I think Brett will come into the story again, and try to win Eva's heart. Gideon needs to get it together and put Corrine in her place already...I really hope that when he is "seeing" her, he doesn't F?@k or kiss her! I feel betrayed for Eva! lol Even though we know the reason behind the whole dating thing, I still don't want him cuddling or kissing that hooker! Another theory I have is that Eva's mother and real father may have a reconnection? That spark was there when they ran into one another :)
Excited to see what happens....sad to see into more of what went on in Gideon's past as well...
Glass Slipper
5. GlassSlipper
Ugh. Can someone please tell me who Corinne is? Gideon is involved with her on the side or something?! I hate it when there's another woman in the picture. :-/ I literally just started reading Bared to You and have Reflected in You on pre-order.
Why they didn't compromise and release it instead for Feb. 14th?? Crazy. Especially when you consider how little happy time was spent for our couple! Should have been longer and the last chaper especially needed another 40 plus pages of conversation.

Hopefully the communication will be deeper in book three as it was in FSG thanks in part to emails!
Why they didn't compromise and release it instead for Feb. 14th?? Crazy. Especially when you consider how little happy time was spent for our couple! Should have been longer and the last chaper especially needed another 40 plus pages of conversation.

Hopefully the communication will be deeper in book three as it was in FSG thanks in part to emails!
Nicole Leapheart
8. BoxyFrown
What??? May?!?!
Aww man. I thought I was gonna have a good winter break reading session. Ughhhhhhhh. But, it looks like Sylvia has been busy, so good for her, bad for us impatient folks....

I bet we will see more of Brett (he wrote a SONG y'all) and that Corinne needs a swift kick. I loved when Eva went tearing through everyone she could (showdown with mama!) to get to the bottom of Gideon's issues and protect the young GC since no one else would. Sylvia will probably bring even more than I will even be looking for, since she really brought the drama in RIY.
Karen Thill
9. 1ShirlB
Altho' the theme is parallel to the Grey series, it is still a strong story, very well written and I cannot wait for the 3rd novel to come out!!!
Karen Thill
10. Lizzy
It felt excessively short to me. I read the Kindle version and I haven't had a chance to compare the printed book version yet to other stuff, but it just felt more like a lot of the e-books out there, that string the story of what would be one printed book into 3 to 6 e-books. Which frustrates me, especially since this one's Kindle book price was significantly more than when I purchased the Kindle version of Bared to You. The story was also very frustrating and slightly anti-climactic. Eva's step-brother shows up, but she's completely clueless about the whole thing. I was hoping for a bit more danger. I'm glad Sylvia finally talked a bit about what had happened to Gideon, but his loathing of his house and indifference about his sister still doesn't make sense to me. It was almost like she was trying to do the complete opposite of FSG on the little sister front. I'd also hoped to hear more about Carey's story. He completely F's up at the end of Bared to You and his appology and shame are minimal. Why is he the way he is? Eva just accepts him for who he is, but there's no back story there.
Karen Thill
11. Lizzy
comment continued...
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed reading the book, and am looking forward to finishing the series, (although frustrated with the new release date) but it wasn't a strong story. It's silly to compare it to FSG, because they are different, but for being a writer with multiple books under her belt Sylvia's writing here was poor. I am really hoping for a
stronger finish next year.
Vanessa Ouadi
12. Lafka
Argggggggh, now these are some bad news indeed, I was so looking forward to december! I hope the delay will grant Sylvia Day the time to write an awesome conclusion to her series, one that lives up to her readers' expectations.
Karen Thill
15. Mrs M
A delay of 5 months can only mean one of three things: 1) the third book is such a let down that the publisher insists she rewrites it, 2) the response to book 2 is so good that the readers should be milked further by splitting the last book into 2 parts, or 3) the author decides that the best way to reward fans is to disappoint them.

One way or the other, I think I will boycott the series. Pathetic.
Karen Thill
16. Vamp
Well i read fsg and was left wanting more! So happily i found sylvia dayin my e library... Knew nothing about her work buti read the free sample of bared to you and i was hooked!
Her sex scenes are extremely well written ..she seems very adept at weaving youthe reader into the fantasy world she creates rather than making ylu feeike the lutsider you are ! Instead you feel somehow so involved... I imediated got the second book read .. I was mortified to see that penguin publishers havent released the last book.. If this is a marketing ploy and i assume it is.. To get our attention then its worked!
However if a trilogy is written girls .. Then all three should be available!
Looks like we will all be reading the last chapter of booktwo again lol
look out for others by sylvia day folks ... Again some are trilogies but same issue!!!! Come on penguin !!! Enough already!!!!! Ruth
Karen Thill
17. Sarah1987
May?? Why has it been moved. The second book took to long to get into, and it all made sense what had happened throughout the book in the last few chapters and why Gideon was being how he was and his past ect. Hope Eva speaks directly to the person responsible for his past and gets the truth. I found FSG (freed) a bit too much going on and jumped around about and became too unrealistic nearer the end with the whole Jack Hyde thing but I hope entwined with you has a bit more depth into their relationship and makes them a bit more exclusive! Only time will tell obviously only 7 months to wait!
Karen Thill
Karen Thill
19. ANG
Karen Thill
20. abrielle
I was expecting alot more from this book, it was a bit drawn out. Gideon should have been more of a man and discuss his pass with Eva, the same way she did to him. I was vey upset when Eva kissed Brett and have lunch with him. I hope the 3rd book will reveal more of Gideon pass. Eva need to trust Gideon and dont listen to his frined Cary because he can be very misleading at times, eventhough he does it out of love for his friend. Cary really need to decide if he wants to be with a male or female. Eva mother is a gold digger. Glad that Nathan is dead did not want Gideon to be the one who took his life. Hope that's the end of that situation. Gideon ex need to go to hell where she belong.
Karen Thill
21. Sassy1
OMG!!! How will I ever last until May??? I read FSG just because I needed to see if it lived up to all of the hype surrounding it. I read the trilogy in #3 days! Sleep deprived and filled with an ache to see it end. Until "BOUND TO YOU", that is..... I could easily picture myself in the story, where as FSG was a little more unrealistic on a everyday basis. I fell head over heels " in love" with Gideon Cross. But,what woman doesn't want a dark, dangerous, mysterious alpha lover with a Butt you could eat Breakfast off of??? I am in love Eva and Gideons story. I'm cheering for Eva to capture the "Ultimate Prize". Love of a man that couldn't be captured. Kudos for making your readers crave more! Waiting until May????? HeartAche! The release of "ENTWINED WITH YOU"??? My "Ultimate Prize".
Karen Thill
22. jessica dias
Just got finished reading the second book holy hot! I hope it goes through Eva and Gideon finally getting married. Maybe pregnancy at the end. Cary definitely needs to settle down though. I hope the book steps up their relationship. This series is great but it shouldn't have taken sooo long between releases. I think the book releases should have been spaced better.....
Karen Thill
23. Netty
OMG!!!! I dont want to wait tht long but am so glad to see that others feel the same i was in a lost world on all my own. x Why on earth would they leave it until May that is just madness. The last chapter of RIY needed more at the end but i guess it has done the job it was meant to and left everyone wanting more! the books are too short at least with 50 shades there were alot more chapters and they all came out at once so i could just read on......... does anyone know of a good similar book i am lost with out Gideon xxx
Karen Thill
24. Karen K
I agree with a lot of the comments. Firstly, the book was far too short. There was a lot more elaboration needed on a lot of areas. There wasn't enough "fun" time for Eva and Gideon. They were either falling out, screwing or completely apart and that just frustrated the life out of me. I understand the reasons behind it but it just was not nearly enough. I finished the book in two sessions - probably about 6 hours in total and felt bereft when it finished. The couple haven't actually moved forward at all.
Brett - I think he could cause some problems, he has made his intentions clear and Gideon is gonna have to up his game if he wants to keep Eva - there is a deep connection between Eva and Brett clearly. Corinne is just a pain in the @ss. Eva is more than capable of sorting that little madam out.
I cannot see for the life of me how Sylvia is going to wrap this all up to a satisfactory conclusion in just one more book. There is still far too much ground to be covered with Cary, Eva and Gideon's relationship developing, Gideon puttingh is demons to rest. Sorting out Gideon's relationshop with his family. Eva's parents. Unless the last book is a good 800 pages long, I fear we may be left disappointed. I don't want a quickie engagement, rushed through wedding, oh she's pregnant and we are happily ever after. I want depths of emotions. I want the rollercoaster ride that I got with FSOG. I did feel touched at some of the tender moments in Reflected in You - but there needs to be more. I hope Sylvia is reading this and taking these comments on board and makes good use of her five month extension period !!!
Karen Thill
25. Jae Bird
I just read RIY in under 24 hours!!! OMG! I pray EWY turns out to be the best of the three! But waiting 7 months, seems a bit extreme! FSG was great, enticing, gripping, but Sylvia's writing seems easier to follow! Cannot complain, except for waiting so long to find out what happens next!!
Karen Thill
30. hel
Absolutely stupid amount of time to wait for the third book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FSOG was available so suggest that all trilogies are the same, whilst I enjoyed the book and want a happy ending I am not sure I will care enough by May to purchase the finality!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking for authors that provide for the readers and will not buy books that haven't got the series ready...................................way to much hassle.
Karen Thill
31. AKW
After reading 50 shades I was told about Bared to You, I was hooked.
I was desperate for Reflected in You to be released, and whist I enjoyed it I didn't feel there was enough of the story revealed, it was too drawn out. I can't believe the final book won't be realeased until may, very unprofessional. I think if an author is going to write a trilogy all books should be released together.
Karen Thill
32. ldl
Sooo annoyed, as are my group of friends who i have encouraged to read this series
i love the story but to end how it did and to have to wait till may has made me wish i hadnt bothered december was bad enough. Guarenteed by may i will have lost all interest if i have not forgotten about gideon and eva completely. I imagine im not the only one that has been left to feel extremely dissatisfied...not how gideon would ever leave a lady feeling....
Karen Thill
33. a.h
thast bs. i have waited for the 2nd book for way to long now they gonna make us wait half a year for the 3th. like i siad is is bs. they need to keep with the original release dates. it was so dissapointing that they changed the 2nd book relase date for a few weeks but now the 3rd for 6 months. bs.
serena bush
34. angel-87
ok so its a long wait big deal!! if you've read bared to you and reflected in you and all fsg and you want something similar try eighty days of yellow by vina jackson then eighty days blue and eighty days red.
i love all these books as well as b2y riy and fsg happy reading people :)
Karen Thill
35. christina newcastle
Karen Thill
36. SalGal
I am not happy about the new realease date May, no way. I agree with others too long to wait and December 31st was bad enough. I love this series but agree the books could have been longer. Hope this date is brought forward a bit from May, or she may lose some sales.
Karen Thill
37. pink lady
the auther needs 2 bring the release date 4wd how can we wait till may!!!! Bring it back up 2 dec 31st !!!!!!
samantha stone
38. samantha110993
OMG...i just found out i have to wait until next year for the 3rd book! am half way through reflected in you and i can`t put it down....never been into reading but am really hooked on these books..AMAZEING!!!
Karen Thill
39. PandaManza
To be completely honest, I wasn't too fussed on FSOG and couldn't really understand why everyone thought it was so great.. The writing was probably the worst I have ever read by a published Author. It's only saving grace were the sex scenes.. Sylvia Day's novels are great though. I was hooked after reading a sample of Bared To You and now after reading these two books, I can't wait until the next is released! Wish it was before May though..
Karen Thill
40. Over it
Very disappointed in the May release date. I am glad the end of the book wasn't the tear jerker the first book of FSG was. I finished the first book of FSG and could not wait one second until I started the second book. Don't feel the same about this series. Love the story. Hope I remember to buy it in May.
Karen Thill
41. Over it
Do you think the date was pushed back to promote Sylvia's other book sales?
Karen Thill
42. Unhappy till May!
May 2013? Are they kidding? I want to know more now! What to read till then? Any suggestions?
Karen Thill
43. angel-87
try eighty days yellow, eighty days blue and eighty days red
Karen Thill
44. books are best
I loved the first 2 books can't wait for the third. Just wondering if the reason Gideon's brother lied is because he was being abused too and couldn't face the truth.
Karen Thill
45. books now
I loved the first 2 books can't wait for the third. Just wondering if the reason Gideon's brother lied is because he was being abused too and couldn't face the truth.
Karen Thill
46. Deyolyn Robinson
Read the two first Crossfire novels, did'nt enjoy the first one as much as the second one, there were too many similarities from Fifty Shades. Reflected in you was a bit better even though there were still similarities. Mrs Robinson and Christian, Corrine and Gideon. I just need to get to the story on what happen to Gideon why he is not close to his family, and why he dislikes his brother so much. Cant wait for May to read Entwined With You....
Selenia McCoy
47. tsmccoy03
Like everyone else here, I can't believe I have to wait till May 2013!!! Eva told off Corinne (somewhat) however to tell her off again would be nice; yes i think Brett will come back into the picture and stir things up but hopefully this time around Gideon & Eva more Eva handle things a little NOT KISS HIM! They were learning how to trust eachother but still need to work on it. Like Cary said "hopefully the *ucked up ones can also have their happily ever after". Towards the end of Reflected to You I thought it was nice that Eva was getting upset on Gideon's behalf. I wouldn't mind seeing what happened to Gideon and the fact that he sees Eva get upset for him.....and the secrets of the Vidal family come out.
Karen Thill
48. Sispetal
Omg!! Have to wait till May 9th here :( sucks major time. No doubt all interest of the book will be out the window by then :( disappointed is not the word!!
Karen Thill
50. bon4ece
That does seem like an exorbinate amount of time to wait. Perhaps she is going to split the last book into 2 books and have them both come out at the same time.
Karen Thill
51. Mackie
I was left wanting after I finished Reflected in you. I was in pain... Atleast with the last book in FSOG, my heart was settled. And now I need to wait until May,2013 for Entwined with you....Ridiculous. Don't see how Sylvia is going to manage to conclude all the drama in one book....May, disappointed
Karen Thill
52. Archa Dave
Huh ! Completed re-reading Bared to You and Reflected in You , THRICE . . . the third time , I re-read the WHOLE 2 books in less than 6 hours ! I am addicted to this series , as even I had my Exams , I couldnt stop re-reading :P But MAY ? ? ? Grrr ! My situation right now is I AM EVEN READY FOR FEW SPOILERS !
Hope in final book , We get the thrill of both emotions and action , esp between Brett and Gideon , there has to be some kind of suspense for us , in final book . . . please . . . only then I may be satisfied waiting this long ! FSOG Trilogy was good in the first 2 books , thirs book was kind of OK , but still it way it ended was satisfactory , atleast everything was covered and closed !
Karen Thill
53. KSL
Seriously, we have to wait until May?! As Gideon would say, 'Cut the s*#t'....and release the next book in the series!
Karen Thill
54. Gigee
I read both books and there not as good as fsg. I fell in love with fsg. I didn't for this one. Its a good read but, eh. I'm just sick and tired of Eva running away from him and I wished Gideon would just tell her the damn truth. UGH!. I do want to read the third book to see what happens. Hope its better.
Karen Thill
55. DC!
@ Lizzy- I don't feel you really read the story. The break-up was the climax. And let's all stop comparing it to FSG because she more than likely had this wrote before FSG became known. I tell everyone this series is better than FSG. I believe this story is of it's own. Her writing was well read throughout the whole book and her wording is not recurrent such as FSG. The only reason I'm comparing it to FSG now is so I can defend it. I love Eva and Gideon. Gideon seems dark, but sensual. That is all together hott! The big questions I hope get answered is his past and why EVA? Seriously though we have never got a real answer for that. We have gotten becasue she knows him and can really see who he is. She isn't greedy for his money either. But Anyone could of been like that before her. He chose her first then the other stuff was revealed. I just hope we can all find out soon, hopefully before MAY 2013!
Karen Thill
56. Mrs Gideon
I can't believe i have to wait until May ..... boooo. Stacey and i are SHATTERED
Karen Thill
57. Iryna
Hey guys. Could you tell me please did anyone figure out, who the hell spent this lunch meeting at Cross' office when he got a lipstick on his shirt sleeve and took another shower, and then Eva caught him. We were told that Corinne pretended to have lunch with him and set the whole thing up, but who then was with him???? It's killing me - I could not find the answer in both of the books... All Cross was saying to Eva - she needs to trust him...
Karen Thill
58. elaine philp
im not very happy we have to wait till spring to read 3rd book. think i might just have to get interested in another book. prob forget about entwined with you so i think a lot of people will do the same sad realy
Karen Thill
59. big fan of sylvia day
So disappointed that the final book is not out until May. I was so looking forward to finding out more about Gideon and I wanted him and Eva to have the happily ever after. The second book did need more in the final chapter. He really loves her and just needs to make a full commitment.
Karen Thill
60. ANW
@Iryna, I believe that the day that Eva's mother saw Nathan was when Nathan went to see Gideon in his office to show him the pictures to get money from Gideon. I also believe that Corinne knew that Eva was out and she set it up where it made Eva doubt Gideon. My only concern is that with this third book, will it tell us what really happened? Because there WAS lipstick on his shirt, he WAS taking a shower and the furniture in his office WAS messed up, the frost was also on the windows of his office. How can Gideon say nothing happened when allt he evidence pointed to something sneaky. I think that Sylvia has a lot of ground to cover in the third book, I hope it is longer than the other two... I finished both books very quickly and I think the first story was ok, the second had a better plot line and more suspense. I hope waiting this long will guarentee that we won't be dissapointed! I guess I have to find another trilogy to read until then....
Karen Thill
61. Ann-Marie
I'm absolutely loving the crossfire trilogy. So sad that I have to wait 5 months to read the next book though. It will give me an excuse to reread the first 2 books. There are some aspects that are similar to FSOG, more o in book 1. I love the romance between Gidon and Eva. There were times I wanted to reach out to Gideon and strangle or not being with Eva, but I understood why he was the way he was at the end of book 2. He was only doing it to protect Eva. He didn't want to lose her. That scene in Gideon's office where Eva finds lipstick on Gideon's shirt and the way the furniture was and how Corinne's was, it was all a set to make Eva jealous. Gideon knew how she would respond to it.

Hurry up and bring on book 3!!
Ann-Marie Lesca
62. MyFiftyShades77
Love how Gideon is dark and dangerous. One hot guy. I could see Ian Somerholder playing portraying him if the trilogy was made into a movie. Smoking!!!!!!!!!!
Karen Thill
63. duh
I am appaulled that I have read the 1st and 2nd books in a week and now have to wait until May..........For the love of God!!!!!!
Karen Thill
64. KAF
I too hate the fsg comparisons. Fsg might be a fun read but its horrible writing. Friggin' awful!! I agree that Sylvia's books seem too short but fsg is only longer because ELJ repeats herself so much. To me they are the same genre but completely different stories. BTY and RIY kick FSG's arse.

I may be way off base here but I thought it was clear what happened with the whole Corrine/Gideon's office thing. Corrine is trying to stir up trouble and picks the worst moment for both Gideon and Eva to do it. Basically she's a desperate liar. Eva says that she noted red lipstick "smeared like a bloodstain" on his shirt. Lipstick stains dont look like blood. Lipstick stains look like smeared lip prints. In other words it was blood not lipstick. I think Nathan showed up with the photos of Eva's abuse and Gideon punched him out. Hense the red stain on his shirt, the couch and pillow being out of place and his need to shower. He refuses to tell her because he's afraid of what knowing Nathan is around will do to Eva. Corrine is just an awful coincidence. That's what I think anyways and like Eva I hope I'm not being totally blind about Gideon. If that was a lipstick stain the whole love aspect of their story makes no sense. None.
Karen Thill
65. Fallon
I almost forgot about the 2nd book, so waiting until may is definitely going to make me forget about the 3rd. i agree the second book wasnt as good as the first. I think that every book should be a little longer than the first to be able to add more info and better details and the last book should be really long with all the answers to our questions.
I guess im going to have to find new series like FSOG and RIY to keep me occupied until friggin mayyyyy :(
Karen Thill
66. JeanD
God! I hate to wait till May 2013. Im so inlove with this story that I red it over and over again. It sucks that you guys compare it FSoG, because its nothing like it. This is more realistic and waaaay better!
I love Gideon because he is a kind of man who you think nobody can tame, yet Eva still manages to do that. And I also really adore Eva's character for she had no idea how gorgeous and sexy she really is to be with perfect Gideon but obviously he cant get enough of her for their addicted to each other.
I hope in Entwined with You, its going to be Gideon's point of view though, so it would all be clear to us what happen in his past and how much he really love Eva, not that theres any doubt...but still. More Brett I guess too...
Just hope third book is worth the wait bcause Im definitely still getting a copy in May!!
Karen Thill
67. sarah louise
I started trading the crossfire series a few days ago and i bought the first two books and another book that i thought was the third one. I nearly cried wen i learned it wasent the third on let alone i have to wait to may. I hope gideon and Eva get married an push Away their unwanted ex partners, i also that gideon opens up to Eva and tells her everything. I hope Cary wises up and stops messing around and sticks with trey......i cant wat til entwined with U, i just hope its worth the wait
Karen Thill
68. Jayne64
Really disappointed to see that" Entwined with you" isn't being released today :(
Why May?? Why the change ?? What a huge let down!!
Karen Thill
69. Ms. V
No way!!!!!!! Until May??? thats wayyyyyyyyy tooo long smh... not cool at all!! grrrrrrrr
Karen Thill
70. Mrs U
I so agree with everyone,,,May is too long to wait especially when we all thought the due date was december.....wait to long and we will forget about Eva and Gideon.....hopefully it will come out sonner.....I too cannot wait and see what happens to them and yes I do hope we find out more about Gideons pass and see why they have a strong connection....Brett and Eva had a sex connection but Gideon and Eva have alot more...can't wait
Karen Thill
71. Eviegirl
I'd like to read some of Gideon's point of view, especially what he's thinking during incredible sex. I would've liked to see Eva use some of her new Krav Maga moves maybe in this book she can show them off. And I'd like to know how Gideon the control freak handles marriage. I hope Cary can fall in true love and learn to be in a relationship.
Karen Thill
72. AG
I see why peopel say FSOG trilogy is similar to this trilogy and i also see why people think is totaly different. I loved both and can't wait for the third book. very sad that i have to wait until may :-( . I also hope they make more books form christian's point of view on the fifty series. i would love a trilogy from his point of view. I hope the third book in this series is long and answeres all the questions we have.
For now, all i can do is find other series to read. I just finished reflected in you and was happy to know they ended up together and not like the first fifty shades of gray book, that would had broke my heart to wait until may to find out.
for now i will start reading gabriel's inferno and i hope it is enough until may. I used to say that i did not like reading, and look at me know.
I hope we all find something interesting to read until then. :-)
Karen Thill
73. agga2
I luv this story ... waiting to May is too long ,too long...Oh why???...
Karen Thill
74. Mazza
I thoroughly enjoyed both books in the trilogy. but am agonising in wait for the 3rd book in May, seems rather a long timed to wait. Can't wait to find out all the ananswered questions about that lunch time rendevous in Gideon's office, I feel it was Nathan turning up to blackmail hiom with the photos and I am intereswted to learn Gideon's take on whether it was him that did actually murder Nathan. Hurry up May.
Karen Thill
75. ROUS
I really do love this story, Eva and Gideon are the best...I love Eva personality, she is great, she is strong and very smart.
I totally agree with all of you that waiting until May is too much.....why????
I really hope that Gideon and Eva get married and have a happy and sexy life together....It will be great knowing a more about Gideon´s family, mainly about his brother and mother....I love Crossfire Trilogy!!!!!
Karen Thill
76. shun13
Omg I can't wait. I feel like I'm loss I need to know what's going to happen
Karen Thill
77. Classia
This is the longest wait ever.I seen on
amazon the book comes out June 4 not May.
Karen Thill
78. slswing
So sad. For some reason I thought it was coming out in March and I thought that was a long wait but now May or is it now June? Wow Im a sad. I need to look for other books to read.
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