Oct 6 2012 11:00am

Poll: Who’s Your “Mr. October”?

From Left to Right: Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, Cal Ripken Jr., Derek Jeter, Chase Utley, Ichiro Suzuki

The official postseason began October 5 and fans are anxious to see which team will snag the World Series champion title. Even if your team is out of competition, we at Heroes and Heartbreakers can still appreciate finding an appropriate “Mr. October.” The title was originated with Reggie Jackson for his postseason prowess, but we're taking a few liberties with it. So, we scanned lists of the hottest Major League Baseball players, both past and present, and picked out a few for you to weigh in on. Who would you pick as your Mr. October?

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Sierra Dean
1. Sierra Dean
I'm a big Tigers fan, so I have to stay true to my boys. The hottest men are our pitchins staff, hands down: Justin Verlander - hot. Max Scherzer has heterochromia - hot. Rick Porcello... omg hot. Doug Fister - if you like tall dudes, he's 6'8". And Anibal Sanchez - big brown eyes, beautiful Latin complexion. Yeah, you guessed it. Hot.
Sierra Dean
2. Eri
Postseason is heeeeere!

My "husband" is Mark Teixeira and my "boyfriend" is Phil Hughes. And even if you hate A-Rod, you've got to admit no one fills out a uniform better...
Marian DeVol
3. ladyengineer
I almost voted for Cal Ripkin, but MY "Mr. October" is Chipper Jones, No. 10 of the Atlanta Braves. Although Tim Hudson and Chris Medlin of our pitching staff are awesome! ;->

I'm just bummed we blew the one game wild card playoff against the Cardinals on Friday (and yes, I watched the game).
Sierra Dean
4. Michele S.
David Wright of the New York Mets is my Mr. October. He's a great player, an awesome role model and hot!!
Lynn Ristau
6. Elsandra
Growing up it was Lance Parrish from the Detroit Tigers. Now it's Rick Anderson, the pitching coach for the Minnesota Twins!
Sierra Dean
7. Philip Hardwick
Carlost Beltran
BA.371 oB% .479 SLG%. 810 hrs 14 RBI 25 SB 10 in 32 games
by far the best

Albert Pujols second
BA .330 OB% .439 SLG% .607 Hr 18 52 RBI in 72 G
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