Oct 8 2012 11:19am

Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Don’t Bury Me, ’Cause I’m Not Dead Yet

Regina as a young woman in Once Upon a Time***********SPOILERS**********

I must say, I really liked the episode this week! It wasn't very exciting, but it functioned much like a Greek Chorus does in all those tragedies you read in college. I am going to try a bit of a different format tonight, see if it works. You all will let me know, mmmkay?

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What we find out right off the bat:

The Dwarves try to cross the city limits of Storybrooke, using Sneezy as a guinea pig. Blue lights swarm him and he loses his memory, indicating that the residents still are trapped within the city limits.

The city of Storybrooke is in total ruin from the renegade Wraith as well as the crazy purple fog.

Chaos is reining supreme in the town and Charming of course takes control.
We also see that even though he's made of wood, Pinocchio still lives.

The Queen Mother in Once Upon a Time Season 2 episode 2Highlights:

This episode shows us how Young Regina is turned into the Evil Queen by her ruthless Queen Mother (QM from now on). QM tells us that power is freedom and the only way to true freedom is through being the one with the most power. Regina is appalled.

We see Young Regina fantasizing about strangling a tween Snow, because as you remember, Snow's big mouth got Regina's lover Daniel killed by QM. It's a precursor to showing the power Regina has laying unharnessed just below the surface.

Regina goes to her father in a flashback and begs him not to make her marry the the King. He tells her she must so that she will have standing in Fairytale Land, but also explains how magic completely corrupted her mother. Sense a theme yet?

Regina goes to Gold's to get a “magical book” that was her mother's. We learn that if she has the book she will be unstoppable. Gold doesn't want to give it to her and pretends he doesn't have it. He asks her to leave saying “Please,” only it doesn’t work. Regina starts to blackmail him, and poof!, the next thing we know he's handing her the book...Liar Liar!

Rumpelstiltskin in Once Upon a Time Season 2In Fairytale Land, we see a young Regina summon Rumpelstiltskin unaware of what she's in for. He show up in his finest “Jareth the Goblin King” wardrobe full of charm and sets upon seducing her with magic.. He gives her a huge gift and then skitters away.

The Prince realizes that Jefferson(aka the Mad Hatter)'s hat is the key to getting Snow and Emma out of Fairytale Land. He goes to Gold to get a location spell. We see Gold packing a suitcase, so being the kind and gentle Prince (ahem) that he is, he drops a bomb on Gold about the city limits still being impossible to get out of. Gold is visibly shaken and sells the elixir to Charming for the price of peace. Charming agrees and leaves and Gold goes mental and destroys part of the shop. It's a great moment.

Once Regina has the book again, she opens it and takes on a spell. Man, you can just sense the power rolling off of her. Her eyes turn purple and the trees have apples again. She's back...!

Evil Queen Mother unveils Rumpelstiltskin's gift and dismisses it as some cheap mirror. She chats young Regina up about how to take control away from the King and claim FTL as her own. Regina loses it and pushes her Mother into the mirror; it shatters, taking dear old Mom with it.

The town tries to make a mass exodus out of Storybrooke, but Prince stops them with an impassioned speech about coming together and putting things right. He promises to protect them and lead them in what can only be compared to the Saint Crispin's Day speech in Henry V. I might have sniffled a bit, it was a great moment.

Meh Moments:

Regina shows up at a town council meeting full of magic and hurling dwarves. She says she won't leave without Henry. He comes willingly. The Sleeping Beauty ride at Disneyland has more intensity.

Sebastian Stan as Jefferson the Mad Hatter in Once Upon a Time Season 2 episode 2Prince tries to reason with Jefferson over rescuing Snow and Emma, but it is just a lot of male posturing; that is, until Jefferson just gets up and runs away. Really? He just runs away?? Sigh.

Henry tries to escape his room in EQ central, but Regina catches him, or rather the trees do. She gives him an impassioned talk about how magic will “make” people like you or fear you.

He doesn't buy it for a second, she used one to many “makes.”

Charming storms Regina's looking for Henry, she plays a classic manipulation of “ if you love something set it free” and tells Henry to go with Charming. It's clear she has something up her sleeve.

After they are gone, she tries to put the magic spell book in the fire, but come on, folks, we all know she isn't going to burn that. It's her goose that laid the golden egg! She puts in back in a special box.

Last Moments:

Businesses all over Storybrooke open up again, and the town looks pretty and shiny.

Gold stands at Storybrooke's city limits pondering.

Mulan in Once Upon a TimeMulan and Sleeping Beauty are pulling Snow and Emma along behind their horses as prisoners. They come in to a small camp that Snow says looks like a refugee camp. They are untied and make a break for it. Snow is knocked out and Emma is shouting as they are dragged into something called “the Pit.”

Snow is unconscious, Emma is beside herself trying to revive Snow. A woman’s voice from the shadows offers help, she steps into the light...GUESS WHO???? That's right, it's Regina's dear old Mom—told you she wasn't dead!!

The Quest has begun...

So tell me what you thought of last night's shenanigans! Did you like it?


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mandy troxel
i have not heard of this series. but now im very interested in watching after reading this post. what network does this air on?
Christopher Morgan
3. cmorgan
Hey mandy, it airs on Sundy nights on ABC. I think the entire first season is now streaming on Netflix/Amazon/Hulu what-have-you. Should you want to catch up.
EC Spurlock
4. EC Spurlock
I found it very interesting watching Regina use the same tree-vine-lasso trick on Henry that her mother used on her in the opening of the show. Given how very different Regina's personality was before her mother's disappearance, I'm wondering now whether Rumpy's magic mirror didn't just transfer her mother's power to her, but somehow switched their personalities as well? Guess we'll find out next week!
EC Spurlock
5. JimmyMackey
I did like it, in fact, I thought it was much better than the middle of last season, when I stopped watching. I do regret missing the finale now though, but since I’m caught up, I will watch the rest of the season. I’m anxious to find out if Regina will really stay good, and if Rumplestiltskin can forgive himself. She seems enchanted if you ask me. Honestly, I wouldn’t have even thought about watching if I hadn’t seen it on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings yesterday. It’s a pity I didn’t see the premiere but the shows delete themselves after eight days. Now I can’t wait to find out how they’re going to get back, and who is going to win, Rumplestiltskin or The Queen
EC Spurlock
6. JimmyMackey
I just read your comment EC Spurlock, and that is an interesting hypothesis. That would certainly leave us wanting for a protagonist though if everyone is good, since Mr. Gold is trying his best to turn a new leaf too. I'm still thinking aobut it though and wondering if there might be a new villain, who is far worse than any of these clowns, like say, Mephistopholes, who would not be defeated unless the others worked together.
rachel sternberg
9. rae70
I really thought Regina had a change of heart in letting Henry go with Charming. Now we just get to wait & see how her change of heart is going to be played out now that her mother showed up in the brig with Emma & Snow. I was frustrated that the Mad Hatter turned out to be such a weiner running off like that.. but maybe if everyone from the Stories were moved to Story Brooke than his love is one of the residents as well and he was just running to find her, hmmm ;) Poor Geppetto, I hope he gets to see Pinocchio!

I wish I could be Regina for Halloween!! LOVE her costumes!! Who would you want to be if you could get access to the wardrobe?
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