Oct 30 2012 12:26pm

Karen Marie Moning’s Iced Out Today—Thoughts?

Iced by Karen Marie MoningIt's finally here!

Karen Marie Moning's Iced, a continuation of her Fever series, is released today. We're opening a no-holds-barred comments thread (SPOILERS!) for everyone to comment about where they are in the book, what they think so far, what new information might have been revealed, and anything else you want to share about Iced.

I'll be reading later today also, and will pop in on comments to ask questions, if you want to check back in as you read. 

So—who's out there reading? Roll call!

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
Already I love Ryodan. I like how everyone has a very real reason to dislike the other survivors in the world. I like how Christian is honest about how he's attracted to Dani, despite her age.

Only about a tenth of the way in, but so far, so good--Moning gets the adolescent voice right, in my opinion, without condescending or overreaching.
2. Sreynolds
I'm 3/4 done. So good. So worth the wait.. Its not YA and I am glad. KMM does a great job of building Dani and Ryo, and all the inter dynamics of their relationship now and whats to come...
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
I'm about 40% in, and so many things are confusing me, but I like the way the story--or stories--are unfolding.
Jordan R
4. jrojrojro
I ordered the book and it didn't come in today's mail! I am desolate! But I think it will be gobbled up in one sitting this weekend. I'm glad that the general consensus seems good so far!
5. eugenie1000
It was good! I was surpised at how much I liked Dani. The book isn't YA but Dani is 14 and acts like it. Not a spoiler, but really ended up liking Lor. Cannot wait for the next one and finding out what happens next.
Traci Wallace
6. tracilynn
I agree with @eugenie1000 Dani is 14 and acts it, but in the best way. She is so confused by her own emotions and hormones that at times she doesnt even know what she is feeling. I devoured it in one straight read. I was definitely on the fence before it came out and was a little leery going in, but it seems I fretted for nothing. It was excellent. When it was over I wanted to dance around the house I was so giddy with excitement from being back in the Fever world, and 100% loving every minute of it. I cant sing its praises high enough. Dani turned out to be a wonderful character to follow, she surprised and delighted me. It may not be this way for everyone but I absoluetly loved ICED and can not wait for more to come. And of course the way it ended, literally the last fecking line slayed me!
7. Melissa F
LOVED it!! It was definitely worth the wait!

Like euginie1000 ... Lor is inching up on my like department.
rachel sternberg
8. rae70
I thought Dani was supposed to be older in Iced... hmmm! Though I am still excited to read it and can't wait to get to the bookstore!
Lindsay Hardy
9. lhardy0007
@rae70 The series will contuine until Dani is 17. I believe Moning said the series begins like 1 week prior to the last Fever book or 1 week after. Anyone loving Christian out there? Mmmm the MacKelters, gorgeous Scots who could ask for more,lol. I love Christian, I always found him and Ryo to be fascinating characters.
10. Aprilmw
Ok, read it, love it and can't wait for next book. It' Going to be very interesting to read the next three years of Dani's life as Dani grows up and into her stronger "super hero"
Also can't wait to read more about Kat!
11. Aprilmw
So hard not to wonder what is going on with Mac!!!!
Really enjoyed Dancer!
12. carly h
Loved how much of a geek Dani is. This book had a lot more of a science feel than magic which made it interesting. Cant wait to see Dani and Dancer grow up in the next few books. Just saying Ill be really upset if Dancer dies. Feel so paranoid about what forewhadowing there could be but you just dont know!
13. Azar
Absolutely LOVED Iced! Although I thought Dani would be older. I can't wait for the next book. I hope the wait wont be 1 year again! Does somebody know how long it will take until the next book??
14. Lin1968
Loved the book, but I hope Moning will resolve the Mac-Dani issue in the second book. Mac's absence did feel a bit contrived, especially at the funal showdown at the abbey. Seeing that Ry and Barrons are buds, it felt weird for Mac and Barrons not to be there. They could have used two pairs of extra hands :-)
Other than that Moning did do a great job of telling Dani's story. Dani's narrative has definitely improved from the Fever-series. Can't wait for Burned to be released.
15. stacey goin
I loved Iced, it was a great read and I enjoyed being back into the fever world as well. My only problem with this book compared to the Fever series is that I wasn't on the edge of my seat ,bitting my nails,or getting mad as hell when the book was over. I guess I'm just so stuck on Mac and Barrons! Still loved it tho, and Ryo is gonna be awesome! O let's not forget about Christian he's the best.
16. Marci Mac
Just finished the book and I LOVE IT! I won't lie, it was a bit slow-going and getting used to a 14-year-old's voice (which, given her history, was perfectly executed by KMM) gave the book a very different feel from the Fever series that was surprising to me. What also surprised me was the frequent though brief POVs of Kat and Christian. By 50% of the book (can you tell I'm a Kindle user?), you gain a great sense of the characters, their relationships, and the developing mystery/growing action of the plot. KMM does an amazing job keeping each voice true to the character that it belongs to, and the book is both a game of mystery and recognition. With multiple allusions to the Fever series, it's exciting that in many respects, we know more details about people and events than Dani does. There are also many allusions to current popular culture such as Nicki Minaj, the Harry Potter series, and what I am fairly sure is a subtle jab at Twilight. Previous reviews make it seem like I'm the only person who had a slow-mo-Joe time getting fully engrossed in the book, but if you find yourself being like me, keep going! I promise, it will eventually have you at the edge of your seats.

And the ending...
Oh the ending.

Well it isn't one at all. BRING ON BOOK TWO KMM, AND BRING IT SOON!
Lege Artis
17. LegeArtis
@Lin1968 - I think that absence of Mac and Barrons has to do something with all that wraiths following Mac around, gathering on the roof of B&B.
I think that even Ryodan remarked on their strange behavior around Mac... there is something going on with Mac and Barrons that will probably be resolved in next books...
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