Oct 1 2012 2:11pm

J.R. Ward Offers Black Dagger Brotherhood and Fallen Angels Spoilers!

Lover At Last by J.R. WardOver the weekend, author J.R. Ward did a book signing for her new Fallen Angels release, Rapture, and also offered some spoilers on the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Our friend Mandi of Smexybooks did a summary post based on a report a Ward fan, Mahlet, posted at Goodreads. Here are a few highlights; click through to Smexybooks to read the whole thing.

Ward knows who the next book will be about and most likely will reveal it at the Lover At Last signing in Cincinnati around Easter time.

The Fallen Angel world and the BDB world will eventually have a “big collision.”

There are sex scenes between Qhuinn and Blay in Lover At Last – “she manned up and said 'OK, need to bang. The scene goes on forever because Qhuinn can.'” 

There's lots more at Smexybooks and on the BDB Goodreads thread.

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Jasmine Ray
1. JassyBaby
I cannot wait! I read Mahlet's post about all the spoilers on Goodreads and now I have Qhuay fever! Lol! Everything sounds good. Even the Band of Bastards and "A hoe" tidbit. :) I haven't read the Fallen Angels series, but now I will since if they have a collision, I don't want to be in the dark about anything or anyone!
Seriously, March cannot come soon enough!
Mara Gillott
2. MaraGillott
I love and hate reading these! I wanna know everything now but I don't want to wait until March!
Amanda Lake
3. Amanda Lake
It was SO a mistake reading the spoilers, but how could I not? It's like saying "hey recovering crack addict...want some crack?" and expecting the crack addict not to say "HELLS YEAH!"

In case you missed it, BDB is my crack and I get my fixes whereever I can. I'm like two steps away from reading freaking BDB fanfics and I CAN NOT go down that road.
Amanda Lake
4. Sara Jeanne
LOVE LOVE LOVE JR Ward's books--all of them (really relate to you Amanda Lake!) Have long wanted to ask her if the characters in her Jessica Byrd novel abt the vampire who is kept in the basement by his mother for years & is rescued by an attorney--was this the precursor of BDB, in your mind I mean..& who is the vampire in the other book (see i'm not good at remembering titles, sorry) who is living in the haunted house that is investigated by the ghost-busting TV show? Now I know THAT one is BDB so I'm guessing maybe he's the father of Beth & John Matthew? No that was Darius...I mean Manny & Butch's father, cause you never identified who that was I don't think...
Amanda Lake
5. RebaMarion
Sara, you're thinking about Murdher. Toward the end of her book Hex recognized him in the painting that appeared in the ghost program.
Amanda Lake
6. ctwmn54
Hi Sara,
I am ashamed to admit this. But which book are you referring to?
It sounds familiar but I can't remember which one it was.
Jasmine Ray
7. JassyBaby
Sara, the book with Murdher is Lover Mine (Xhex and John Matthew's story). The ghost tv show think he is Eliahu Rathboone. He was Xhex's lover-though she thinks he's dead- and when he found out that she was half-Symphath, he left the Brotherhood. I think he went insane because of it, too.
Amanda Lake
8. 713
Sara, the book you are talking about is The Story of Son from the book Dead After Dark. This came out mid BDB series. Takes place in Caldwell, but no mention of the BDB in it. I think it is another rich vampire family from town. Michael's dad is not named, so we might see meet up with them again;-)
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