Oct 5 2012 8:12am

Holiday Stories: When Do You Start Reading? (Or Do You Read Them At All?)

It's October, which means in retailers' minds, that it's practically the holidays! From now until late November, publishers are releasing holiday-themed (primarily Christmas) books, with enough warm, cozy sweaters, hot times by the fireplace, and the meaningful exchange of gifts to make your own flurry of fun.

Do you read holiday books? If so, when do you start reading them?

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Darlene Marshall
1. DarleneMarshall
I used to look forward to the Signet Regency holiday collections. Some of the finest writers would be drawn in for the Xmas stories. I still read the occasional holiday story, but I don't seek them out like I used to.

Signet also did Halloween Regency collections once or twice, and those were special. I think it was Balogh or Layton who did a riff on "Tam Lin" that was very, very good.
Trish Copley
2. Vol Fan
I do read them and enjoy them a lot. Uusually , it's very late November, early December, before I feel the urge to start them.
3. HJ
I only read them because some very good writers conribute. I don't like short stories in general (and most of them seem to be anthologies of short stories) but if my favourite authors publish one I make an exception.

But I won't read them until December. I resent Christmas being forced on us earlier and earlier each year, and I protest by neither buying nor reading the books until December.
Amanda hemmings
4. quietgirl
I do like to read Christmas themed books - usually romances set in my favourite historical period, the Regency. Mills & Boon often publish nice seasonal anthologies. I tend not to start them until December, though! A couple of years ago I read a very nice Betty Neels Xmas anthology (Mills & Boon).
5. Ekaterini
Yes, I do read them and enjoy them very much, ever since I read Ruth Wind's For Christmas, For Ever and Kathleen Creighton's One Christmas Knight. I like to start reading them on November 25th, a month before Christmas and on the feast day of St. Catherine.
Aliza Mann
6. AlizaMann
I have been known to start over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Before Halloween seems to be a bit too early for me, but I know lots of Holiday-addicts that will read them year-round.
mandy troxel
im not really into the holiday theme books, read a few, but no i dont seek them out.
Rae Alley
8. rszalley
I'll read them...but I make them wait until it is time to get in the spirit of the Season. So after Thanksgiving, after I reread A Christmas Carol
Marian DeVol
9. ladyengineer
Up 'til now, I haven't gone out of my way to read holiday themed literature, but for some reason, I'm feeling more in the mood this year. I probably won't start Christmas themed romances until at least November, but am finding Halloween themed stories fun as long as they aren't too horrific. Wistful is okay (PNR anyone? ;->), slasher fiction right out.

I live in the more rural northern suburbs of greater Atlanta where Halloween decorations come out Oct. 1. Maybe the change of weather combined with some rather imaginative displays in Crabapple and Alpharetta (which I pass on my usual commute south into town) have made me feel more festive this year. ;->
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