Oct 23 2012 8:17am

He’s in the Band—And I Like Him: First Pop Star Crush

Last week, our Friday Beefcake featured Musicians Turned Actors, and earlier we talked about Rock Stars in Romance Novels.

There's just something about a guy on stage with an enormous instrument dangling in front of him (his guitar, guys!) that makes our hearts pound and our pulses flutter.

Today we want to know: Which musician was your first pop star crush?

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Grace Sandvigen
1. Grace Sandvigen
First? Rick Springfield! Saw in concert the first time when I was 12, saw him again last month and got to meet and greet with him backstage courtesy of my pal winning a contest. We have our girl getaway weekends based on his tour schedule since he conveniently comes our way several times a year! I think we've seen him upwards of 30 times now, he still looks (and smells!) awesome, and puts on a stellar live show!
Dolly Sickles
2. Dolly_Sickles
Freddie Mercury, from Queen. Those red, red lips ... bare torso and skinny red leather pants ... Chuck Taylor tennis shoes. Sigh. I loved him even after I knew I'd never have a chance with him. Then came Billy Idol ... double sigh.
Grace Sandvigen
3. EC Spurlock
I'm seriously dating myself here but -- Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits. I got to see him again 20 years later playing Frederick in The Pirates of Penzance opposite Jim Belushi, and he was still cute enough that all the teenyboppers sitting behind me were wondering why they had never heard of him before when he was clearly dreamboat material.
Megan Frampton
5. MFrampton
Mine was Robbie Robertson from The Band after The Last Waltz came out. I believe I have--seriously--seen the film over 100 times. With the first 50 for Robbie:
Grace Sandvigen
6. Xid Trebor
Kip Winger from Winger - Saw his videos & fell instantly in lust. Got to meet him once - he was very nice to a college student with a crush on him.
Grace Sandvigen
8. Karen Booth
anybody who knows me, knows it was John Taylor! Thanks for posting a pic of my guy!
Grace Sandvigen
10. BeretBrenckman
Shaun Cassidy...he had me at Hardy Boys!!! (and da do run run run...)
rachel sternberg
11. rae70
LOL!!! @Beret!! He was sooo dreamy! I was 8 or 9 and had his t-shirt! I was soo in love..
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