Oct 27 2012 12:00pm

Day #9: The Vampire Diaries

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Sarah Stultz
3. RVASarah
Team Damon! How can anyone resist a sexy, bad boy, alpha male with incredible eyes?!
Maycee Majors
8. Keeyansmom04
Ooh tough choice!.. Book wise as the story progressed I was Team Damon.. Hello bad boy with a vulnerable side!.. On the show I can't get past Stefan's lips! ;0) Can I just pick a Salvatore Brother Sandwich with me in the middle of the yummy goodness!?.. PLEASE!!!
Poppy Arakelian
10. tezzkatt7
I am totally Team Damon! I love him so much :) Stefan's okay but he tends to get on my nerves and I just don't think he's very fun either. Plus Damon is way hot and gets all the best lines!
Lena Moore
12. Katalia138
Even from the time first time I read the books all the way back in high school, I've been Team Damon. :)
Tatiana deCarillion
13. decarillion
Damon. Somerhalder wasn't all that, back on LOST, but somewhere since then, he's become smoking hot. Maybe it's the dark hair color with those icy eyes, maybe it's the chemistry with his RL girl, Nina, but he is SMOKING....
Kelly Mayberry
15. Keslynn
Team Damon all the way!
I am also Team Elijah. The other Vampire Diaries hotties should not be ignored.
Maria Smith
18. TexasBookLover
No competition Team Damon. His eyes do it for me every time!
Jessica Larlee
19. darklove923
Team Damon as far as the book story line goes.. been a while since I last read it(need to get the newest book that just came out) but the one part that really sticks out in my mind is when they go to the other world and the tree and elina thinks he died. For the show I haven't caught up yet had to cancle my tv to save money and the last episode I saw was when stephin tried to drive elina off the bridge to get her to hate I'm mad at him right now.
Ann Sheiring
21. Annwitch
Sorry Stefan, it's team Damon all the way. He may be evil on the inside and sexy on the outside, but I still think a little bit of him still cares.did I mention sexy? Sigh!
Jasmine Ray
22. JassyBaby
Sexy, sexy Damon! Though Stefan's a close second. Hm, Salvatore sandwich!
Ronald Sippel
23. Beambounder19
I love this contest. what a chance to get a great collection of cool DVD's for Halloween(all at once). I'd have to say "TEAM DAMON". I always identify with the VILLANOUS;especially deep inside of a character. A flaw that is intrinsic to his make-up. I have always been a bit of a bad boy. I think most people like this in a man,even if they will not consciously admit it. From James Dean to Marilyn Manson,it is the dark brooding plotting outcast, slightly twisted character that wins in the mind of the popular audience every time.
30. Karen H in NC
Team Damon! No doubt!
34. Nia2113
Team Damon all the way of course
Les Slusarczyk
36. night1836
Team Damon. I can't help it, I've tried rehab for him and everything. :D
Allison Culver
41. aculver1
Team Damon hands down! He's sexy as hell, bad to the bone, and the scene where he gets out of the shower with a towel drapped low on his hips *fanning self*.
lori hayes
44. lorihayes
Since i have to chose its 'Team Damon', Hes the badboy, which i love, but he also has that caring gental side when it comes to the people he cares about or loves, in elenas case. Total turn on. Yes hes hot, no doubt but theirs more to him.hes also the do gooder but doesn't like to show it. Look back when he thought Alarc was going to die that was emotional, his only friend. Damon is the dark, handsome,loving, sexy bad boy every girl wants. 'TEAM DAMON' I'd also love to win that set of dvds.
52. Melissa B
Love me some Team Damon!! WOOT!!
54. Sharon Kaminski
Team Damon for sure
61. jguldy
Though it goes against my nature to 'go with the flow', Damon just does it for me over Stefan.
Axyl Oblivion
62. PsychoticHatter
I'm not sure. I read the first book but never really got into watching the series because the actors are not how i envisioned the people. (It happened with Twilight too, I cannot stand Rob Pattinson as Edward for the life of me UGH) So I'm not really sure which team I would be on.
63. caseroo7
I used to be team Stefan, but now im definitely team Damon!
Eva Millien
65. evampire
If Ihave chose just one then it would have to be Damon. But truely, I think she should keep both!
67. Tiffany Losco
Team Stefhan, he's hottt!! I also like Klaus. :)
68. flavs001
Team Damon!!!! Yeah ha..... I love him.... He is the best for Elana....
Hopefully she will see that soon enough...
70. LButz2001
I still have the original mint condition book quartet and Damon is hands down my favourite. The found the perfect actor to play him.
Sherri Jackson
72. savvysweeps1
I am so team Damon...with those eyes...I just melt. I love this show!m
Sherri J
Jennifer McIntosh
74. mystryder
Team Damon all the way. He's the bad boy hiding a soft heart!
savannah miller
Team Damon!!! I liked him better in the books too, I think there is more to him and that in the books and tv show he need Elena more then Stephan does :)
Rachel P
79. indigobolt
Team Damon.
Its the whole bad boy thing he's got going on
Penni Ellington
82. pellington
Team Damon! True Love redeems bad boys. It does nothing for brooding, passive-agressive weenies (ahem...cough...Stephan...cough).
Anne Muller
84. amuller38
Team Damon, give me the bad boy (with a softish heart) any day!
Team Damon all the way he is so extremely droolworthy!
Anne Clark
86. clarkac64
The eyes have it. Team Damon of course. Great contest by the way.
92. Wendy Railey
Team Stephan! He is so hot!
Karin Anderson
96. AquarianDancer
Team Stefan! Although, I've only read the first set of books...
99. kochouran
Team Damon. He makes no apologies for who/what he is, and he's often the most sensible. Also, as Rose says, he challenges Elena, and you want a partner who will help you grow.
Allison Hickman
100. AllisonHickman
I've never seen this so this would be the perfect way to decide!
Jody Faltys
102. Joder
I'm totally Team Damon! Such intense blue eyes he has!
103. Rochelle
I love Vampire Diaries,and I am team Damon, handsome.Damons a good guy on the inside,with just the right amount of bad boy to keep you completely mesmerized.
106. sbashaw
I've never seen the show, but after reading all the comments, I'm looking forward to watching it!
114. Mrspatterson28
Team Damon all they way!
115. Jeyn Miller
Definitely Team Damon!
elaine fisher
117. elfette
seen trailers, though, was hoping to WIN ... so i could see the show. from responses ... seem team damon is winning, but i can't choose.
Chrystina Williams
125. bookliaison
I'm gonna say Team Damon!!! But it's unfair that I've gotta choose because they're both HOT ;)
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