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Day #6: Dark Mission

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Blood of the Wicked

When the world went straight to hell, humanity needed a scapegoat to judge, to blame . . . to burn.

As an independent witch living off the grid, Jessie Leigh has spent her life running, trying to blend in among the faceless drudges in the rebuilt city. She thought she was finally safe, but now she's been found in a New Seattle strip club—by a hard-eyed man on a mission to destroy her kind.

A soldier of the Holy Order, Silas Smith believes in the cause: trawling the fringes of society for the murderous witches who threaten what's left of the world. Forced into a twisting web of half-truths and lies, he has to stay close to the most sensuous and electrifying woman he has ever seen and manipulate her into leading him to the witch he has to kill: her brother. Silas doesn't know that Jessie's his enemy, only that he wants her, needs her, even as he lies to her . . . and must protect her until his final breath.

Lure of the Wicked

Naomi West was plucked from one prison and placed undercover in another: the gilded cage that is Timeless, New Seattle's premier spa and resort, where owner Phinneas Clarke—the most seductive man Naomi has ever met—may be hiding a killer. She's an agent of the Holy Order, trained to hunt the guilty and render justice. But while she's tracking down a rogue agent on a killing spree, Phin is determined to uncover her most damning—and dangerous—secrets. Whatever the cost.

All Things Wicked

Juliet Carpenter thought of the coven as family, but when she falls for a man who betrays them all, she’s left alone and desperately searching for a reason why. Caleb Leigh has spent the past year in hiding, unable to escape his demons. When Juliet finds him again, her need for vengeance clashes with the hunger still burning between them.

It’s a fight born from the embers of a half-forgotten attraction and the wounds of a past too raw to ignore. With enemies circling and secrets threatening to consume them, Caleb has no choice but to fulfill a promise made long ago—protect her, save her. Even if it costs him his blood, his body . . . and what’s left of his mind.

To enter for a chance to win this awesome prize pack, just make sure you're logged in as a registered member of the site and then tell us in the comments what you like best about a redeemed villain hero!*

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1. Kareni
I see that Urban Dictionary has an entry for 'villian', but I'm wondering if you intended to ask about a 'villain' ....

What do I like about a redeemed villain hero? Perhaps the fact that this is someone who can see (or has experienced) both sides of life.
Heather Coulter
2. BBMoreB
Since I am really to the seemingly untamable hero; I love to see him redeemed - i.e. Wick for Coreene Callahan - He is a complete A$$ & I would love to smack him around but, he is also my favorite character.
Katy L
4. Katy L
I like it best when the "redeemed" villain doesn't completely change his character. He may be working with the good guys, but he still has the "mad, bad, and dangerous to know" vibe going.
5. skipups
I love that the character is flawed to start give him so much more depth.
Maycee Majors
6. Keeyansmom04
Characters flaws make them seem more real and relatable.. Redeemed villains still need to be bad boys. I think if they accept that they need to change their ways but still have that devil may care attitude it makes them lovable.. And pretty dang hot!
Susan T.
7. kidsue99
Redeemed villians carry around an edge of danger and the bad boy vibe.
8. RaonaidLuckwell
Sometimes past decisions change a person. So they are not really dark in heart and soul just pushed. So being redeemed gives them a chance to correct the past. And you know the redeemed heroes have that little bit of darkness.
Rajmeen Kahlon
9. rajgirl
What I like the most about a redeemed villian is that, he is not above doing ruthless things for his loved ones.
And bad boys are always more fun!
Suzann Schmid
10. Suzann9112
A hero with a past that is trying to atone or do better makes them more like the average Joe-with a twist. No one likes perfection.
Allison Culver
11. aculver1
What I like best about the redeemed villian is that his past causes him to take actions that normally he wouldn't. He is the charmer that you can't quite hate, but love to try.
Jasmine Ray
12. JassyBaby
I agree with Katy L. I also love the reasons that make him redeemable or maybe that certain heroine that changes him and we see a better side of him.
Poppy Arakelian
13. tezzkatt7
I think what I like best about the redeemed villain hero is that he usually retains that bad boy edge, it is very sexy.
15. Maris
Seeing the moment when a situation, event or person affects the villian in a way that he begins to "feel" things, which begins his journey toward his HEA. I love that!!
Taryn Ulrich
17. tgurich
It is always so nice to see a woman redeem a form villian, be it evil vampires or rakes/playas.
erin f
18. efender1
I like when falling in love causes them to rethink their priorities and yet they can still keep their "edge" :)
Mary L Allen
19. celtpriest
I love that they still have that touch of wicked...even redeemed, they are rarely tame!
Mary A Cain
20. jestergirl06
I love reedemed heroes, because in some way they are still the biggest and badest, but there heroins are the only thing that will bring out their darkside. Its like having a huge protector, you feel safe!
Kristin Gromala
21. kristing74
Redeemed heroes are great as long as they’ve done something a little bit bad but not totally off the wall that you can’t ever think of them as good again. If they’re remorseful and repentant, all is well. Even if they are confident that what they did to become the “villain” was all they could do, that might be redeemable. And they have to go to great lengths to prove they are worthy of redemption.
Ashley Morris
22. LadyScandal
I like it when they seem to do an equal amount of good and bad all mixed up together (but the bad's never too bad to make me dislike them) and they almost grudgingly go completely on the straight and narrow for their girl.
karen prentice
24. tngal
I like a redeemed villian hero because he's already screwed up. He's smart enough to know not to do it again, and knows where his personal line of behavior is now.
Love this about a guy. I think it makes them appreciate what they have now.
ramona glass
25. monag3
They're sexy....anbody have badboy syndrome? Most of us do in fantasy if not in real life that's why we love 'em
Joann Lord
26. Falcon345
that they realize what they did was wrong & they try to make amends to right the wrongs they did
27. Karalee
I love a flawed hero!! The redeemed bad guy works harder to prove himself.
Teresa AlSaraji
28. Teresaalsara
I love that even as "good" boys they still have that bad boy persona. They can see both sides of a situation, and that makes them even more useful to the side of good.
Alexandrea Ward
30. bookaholic86
Seeing the hero prove his worth to those around him and to himself is a journey and heartbreaking, love it. It puts in there with the hero and feel like you're going along with them on their journey.
Jean Patton
31. JeanMP
Love when they are flawed but work at proving that they can change and show everyone around them that they are worth the change.
Pam Howell
32. phowell13
The journey to redemption is the best part. Seeing how they got there and why they make the choices they do.
Lisa Cox
33. vetteklisa
it's the bad boy attitude. who hasn't dreamt of changing the bad boy into the man of your dreams
Sean Holland
34. Akaihyo
That he still uses the talents learned while he was on the other side.
S Tieh
35. infinitieh
Though repentant, he shouldn't let his guilt stop him from doing the right thing.
Michelle Levan
I love a reformed hero who accepts who is is, and why he did in the past, even though he has turned a new page. I don't like the endless guilt trip, but love the hot bad boy with the skills to do what he needs, without regrets.
Riley Moreland
37. ramore
A redeemed hero has lots to of things to talk about (when there is a lull in the action). Those things add to the story.
Cerese Sanborn
38. flowerpower
I love that with a redeemed villain, there is no way that the man is "higher than thou." This type of man is sexy and real, he is both darkness and light. Darkness is always sexy!!
Jaye Snachez
39. wuanjaye
A redeemed villain certainly appeals to my sense of what can go right in the future - without regard to what has gone wrong previously. It keeps the hope alive and makes for a richer future having someone there that can clearly relay both sides to those after them.
Donna Antonio
40. Donna_A
A redeemed villian gives you hope that a bad boy can be good with the right motivation.
Karin Anderson
45. AquarianDancer
It makes the villain/hero more realistic. Everyone believes they are doing what is best for them/everyone. A lot of villains truly believe what they are doing will benefit other people...even if they are wrong. Having them see the error of their ways and finding love gives the hope that mistakes can be redeemed.
Jennifer Walter
46. jlc341
They stay dangerous even after being redeemed. There is the added issues of whether he can be trusted yet and what made him bad to begin with. Potential for lots of drama and conflict.
Jessica Whitfield
47. firebreathingmoo
Most redeemed heroes I have read, I already like for some reason (the whole time irked at myself for liking the bad guy). No matter what bad choices have been made, they can use their connections to fix the situation. Every girl likes a bad boy! Thanks for the contest!
Ann Sheiring
48. Annwitch
Got to love a bad boy, especially one that has seen the light. He knows he was wrong and tries for redemption in so many ways . They are usually the ones who fall the hardest when they find the right woman.
Katy L
50. caseroo7
I love that they are usually more real to me! They have flaws and depth and it really attracts me to the characters. And even though they are good they are usuallly still kind of dangerous!
Kimberly Perry
51. kppeachy
Redeemed heroes are complex, sexy men. I love going along for the ride as they change and fall in love with the right person.
Traci Bamber
53. self_conscious
redeemed villians show that nobody is perfect but we are as good or as bad as we want to be. exploring more of their story can lead to understanding what lead them to villainy, which sometimes is a case of good intentions leading to hell.
Katy L
54. Barbed1951
I love seeing a villain redeemed, it's always fun to see the good in someone, where they went wrong and how they go about bringing that redemption about.
Janie McGaugh
55. jmcgaugh
One of the things I like best in a romance about a redeemed villain hero is that he doesn't tend to feel that he's worthy of the heroine's love. I like to see that romance develop and come to a satisfying HEA.
Katy L
56. sarah Kozlowski
I like that he sees the things in his past that he has done wrong and sets to go a different path of redemption.
57. kochouran
I like how he represents that the world is not made of absolutes and that not every wrong-doer is a lost cause.
Catherine Lemanski
58. catedid
I like that he overcomes his difficulties and still manages to woo the heroine of the story.
Lindsey MacGown
60. Lindsey_N
My favorite thing about a redeemed villian is that, on top of all the regular adversery and difficulties they have to go through, they also have to now fight their way past the hate and scorn of the person they are trying to win over. I love an underdog story. One where the hero is constantly kicked and told to leave but they continue on anyways.
Katy L
61. Karen H in NC
They have so much to overcome. It's not easy trading a black hat for a white hat! But, when they make it, they are the most dedicated of the reformed hero.
kristina Darrington
62. kdarrin
The redeemed villian hero is always a good stroy becasue we all seem to live on both sides of the coin and if the worst can be redeemed then we all can.
Allison Hickman
63. AllisonHickman
I like seeing what made them a villain and how they overcome it to be the person they really are. Watching them learn to accept that they deserve happiness is always enjoyable.
Karen Farb
64. Katafer
I haven't read this author yet - this would be a great win! I love a good Villain, especially when he has to go through his own struggles to eventually come out on the other side. Adam Black of Moning's Highlander series comes to mind.
kathy green
65. kathyg
i agree with Allison Hickman: bad boy turn good, saids it all
Vilmarys Collado
66. vilmarys
I love a redeemed villain because the villain never really goes away! You fall in love with him because of his struggles and journey to emerge a hero but at the end of the day he's still a bad boy.
Amy A
67. antonidis
He seems to appreciate the good in the heroine more when he has been redeemed than someone that has been on the side of good all the time.
leslee kahler
69. fishbourne
The fact they want to be better or change themselves and that gives them something to identify with or sympathize with
Rebe WhiteheadSchwarz
70. RebeLovesBooks
I love the bad boys, but who wants to treated badly? So a reformed badboy/villain who has all the bad boy vibes but none of his ways works for me!
Maria Smith
71. TexasBookLover
I love watching the process of being redeemed. Whether that be in a serious bad ass book, heart wrenching, or a funny book it usually leads to a great story. I love watching the walls come down and the connection between the lead characters build till all is complete! Greatness!
Christy Harrelson
72. GaPugMom
I love most that they know the dark side of everything and are willing to take those experiences and do what they know is right, often going against everything they have ever known. They often fall head over heels in love without knowing it and put that person before themselves even dipping into their darkness to love them and keep them safe with no apologies :)
Julie Hennes
73. fallonsfreeway
A redeemed hero still has a darkness in his heart and soul. It bleeds out through his eyes even as he turns his life around. He knows the things that most wouldn't be able to handle yet he now stands tall as he gives all for the one who could hold his final redemption. But overall, he will still have a bit of darkness in him. It will just be laying in wait for anyone who harms his loved ones. And that is what I like the best, the willingness to protect at all cost.
They know what it's like to want redemption and when it comes they can appreciate it more fully.
Eva Millien
75. evampire
I find that the redeemed villian hero, has a lot to overcome personally and when he finds something or someone that makes him want to be the better person, he ususally does it with style and with the desire to never to spend the future making up for his past.
76. kimmieb
Watching them fallen in love and get in touch with their "sensitive" side while still maintaining that "bad boy" edge
Axyl Oblivion
77. PsychoticHatter
I like that a redeemed hero has bad boy vibes and also has good intentions even if they do not always get the result that they want. It is always nice to read about the heroes falling in love.
Jessica Larlee
78. darklove923
Why villian turned hero? Because there are no princes on white stallions coming to rescue the damsel in distress. Bad boys willing to fight for those they love shows their inner strength much more than prince charming with the silver spoon in his mouth. Life is a struggle to find yourself if it takes fighting like hell outta the darkness to see the light it means so much more.
Cheryl U.
79. matkeltri
I think we like to believe that love conquers all, and that love for the right woman can turn the worst villain into a hero.
80. fire_dragon31
A redeemed villin struggles with both sides of themselves. The bad side that they are used to and the good side that they are still learning. They walk a tightrope on trying to be good but with a bad history.
Kristina Parmenter
81. paragurl1
I like the fact that a redeemed-villian/hero always seems so naive and sweet when he starts being "good" there is something so alluring about a character that can be portrayed as innocent :)
Melissa Keith
82. MelK
A villain redeemed? I think not! Let him be as bad as he wants to be!! Bring it on, Baby!

Mel aka Draculissa
Heather Rizzuti
83. heatherbartley
It's fun that a redeemed villain is still rather wicked. Who doesn't like a bad boy, at least one in a book? :)
Kelly Mayfield
84. mmayfield
I feel that a redeemed hero is relatable. I/We can feel the triumph because we've all been there, righting the wrongs. It just feels good.
Katy L
85. hmt
My redeemed badass doesn't expect perfection and perfect good guys just don't exist (well of course neither do the good bad guys....but just sayin).
Norma Smith
86. Nsmith442
I am glad to see that all women are not week and looking for a man to rescue them and be their sole provider. I love to see Payback goes both ways. To know they have fight for the love of a woman is great.
Paula Wall
87. pwall55
Who can resisted a redeemed hero, he'll always still be a bad boy.
Nichole Magante
88. suchadork
I'll like redeemed villians because just when you've lost faith in a character, all of sudden they do a 360 on you and take you on entirely different route in a book. :)
Melissa Hughes
90. loves2read
A redeemed villan hero is just plain sexy in that bad boy I could tame kind of way.
Tatiana deCarillion
91. decarillion
What I like is when love redeems a villain, even if it's only to a point. It's the lack of love that often creates the villain in the first place. Having someone 'bad' finally see, even for a brief moment, what it is like to have someone love you, could produce instant regret/remorse in that person. (and then I wake up, I guess LOL)
Heather Martin
94. CrystalMirror
The tortured feelings gives added depth to the story and writing. Only better authors are able to pull those characters off well. I love the intensity of the emotions.
Traci Wallace
95. tracilynn
My favorite part of a redeemed villian hero, is the bit of badness they carry around. I love it most when in the end they are not competely "redeemed" and they still have that bad boy air
Katy L
96. sbashaw
bad boys turned good by love!
Katy L
97. LButz2001
They aren't afraid to return to the dark side to save the people they love.
Angela Gradillas
98. Gradia
He not really a bad guy, he's just misunderstood. ;-P
Jennifer McIntosh
99. mystryder
Bad boys always have more sex appeal. They break the rules in order to have what they want, but often times they are more willing to sacrifice everything for the one they love.
savannah miller
I like watching them change. I think its fun to see them discover themselves. Also I think a redeemed hero is willing to do w/e it takes to get the girl ;)
Connie SInclair
102. emeraldever
I like a redeemed villian cause they appreciate happiness and know what it can cost
Eyvonne Rogers
103. Eyvonner
The redeemed may be on the good side now, but still have that reckless, push the limits vibe.
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