Oct 30 2012 9:21am

H&H and Hurricane Sandy

Just an update in place of our usual Morning Coffee:

As some of you know, the Heroes and Heartbreakers staff lives and works in New York City. Because of Hurricane Sandy, we all worked at home yesterday to continue to keep H&H going.

Thankfully, all of us are fine, and H&H—unlike most of NYC!—had no interruption of service.

We're sending our good thoughts to those who might have been affected by the storm, and hope everyone recovers quickly.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
We all definitely lucked out. Thinking of everyone in tougher spots today.
Carol Cork
2. CarolAnn
We British are always complaining about our weather but, after seeing coverage of the terrible flooding in NYC on BBC news this morning, I'll never complain again! Glad all the H&H staff are OK. Hope everyone in the hurricane's path is safe and well.
3. wsl0612
Thank you H&H staffers for sticking it out! I hope everyone is well and dry as can be. Here in Ohio things aren't so terrible, just more of the non-stop rain.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
Thanks, CarolAnn and wsl0612!

Our H&H email is down, so if you have any problems with the site (including login trouble), please contact us via our gmail address: heroesnhearts@gmail.com. Thanks!
S Tieh
5. infinitieh
Glad you folks are okay. Hope everything goes back to normal soon.
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