Oct 12 2012 8:24am

Weak for a Geek: Who’s Your Favorite?

As New York ComicCon gets underway, it seems timely to geek out on our geek love (as in, our love for geeks). From Doctor Who to X-Men's Beast, smart, obsessive, often awkwardly sweet guys are, not so oddly enough, totally charming.

Who's your favorite geek?

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Helena Fairfax
1. helenafairfax
Benedict Cumberbatch plays a brilliant geek! He was great as Sherlock, I saw him on stage as Dr Frankenstein - awesome again! - and now he's nailing the part of Christopher Tietjens in the TV adaptation of Parade's End. (The novel is in my list of my all time favourite romance stories:
If you're looking for the perfect geek, I honestly can't think of a better!
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I have to admit to absolutely adoring Matt Smith's Doctor Who.
3. danni0113
I love Spencer Reed from Criminal Minds. I feel like I'm also forgetting someone else but that always happens when I suddenly try to think of something, it all flies out of my head.
Anna Bowling
4. AnnaBowling
Seconding Spencer Reed from Criminal Minds, and for a humorous take, I'm looking forward to The Big Bang Theory following through on their promise to showcase a geek y married life with Howard and Bernadette.
Vanessa Ouadi
5. Lafka
Sheldon Cooper is probably my biggest geeky crush _ a genius with a sharp tongue and a bordering-on-Asperger-syndrom social behaviour.
Dr Who is hot _but I'm on team David Tennant.
There's something really cute about Spencer Reid, I really like him too. I also like McGee, from NCIS.
6. Tracy S
Leonard from Big Bang Theory and McGee from NCIS.
7. Rose In RoseBear
Super-powered Gary from Alphas, cop geek Nathan Wuornos from Haven, adorkable geek Dr. Spencer Reed from Criminal Minds, adorable geek Harold Finch from Person Of Interest, genuine geek Leonard from Big Bang Theory, monster geek Monroe from Grimm, badazz geek Peter Bishop from Fringe, Peter's acid-head genius father Walter ...

And, hey, let's hear it for the girl geeks! The sexy plus-sized Penelope Garcia, also from Criminal Minds and the ethereal scientific fairy Astrid Farnsworth from Fringe couldn't be more different, and, yet, what would those shows be without those characters? Not to mention Claudia and Myka from Warehouse 13.

More geeks, please!
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