Oct 12 2012 4:30pm

Friday Beefcake: Mindy’s Men and a Sexy Beast

Even with a scar (and a potential case of lycanthropy), Jay Ryan is still bringing the hotness!Fall TV is turning up the heat between it's line-up of dramas like the reboot of Beauty and the Beast on CW or the funny girl's answer to Grey's Anatomy with The Mindy Project on Fox. No matter how you serve it up, we'll take the lovely leading men in this and happily ship our hearts out.

We're already pretty in love with The Mindy Project and are excited to see what goes on with Beauty and the Beast. What do you think of the shows so far? Will you tune in for the beefcake and stay for the story?

The Mindy Project's Ed Weeks reminds us of a young Hugh Grant. Complete with sex appeal and a slight bad boy air about him. What do you think?

Chris Messina's Danny Castellano challenges Mindy Kaling just the way she needs to be. We see a romantic relationship for them in the near future. What about you?

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Jax Garren
1. Jax Garren
Watched BatB last night. I was a fan of the old series, in a cheesey 80s sort of way, and wanted to see what they'd do with it. I thought Kreuk was great, but by the end of the episode, I wanted her to hook up with the hot Brit forensics guy instead of Vince. Anybody else have this reaction, or was that just me?
Elizabeth Halliday
2. Ibbitts
Like Jax, I was a fan of the Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman version of Beauty and the Beast that ran from 1987-1990 and was curious about the way this new offering would be presented. I miss the "Father" character, but I guess the geek sidekick fits better for this time period, so I'll accept that change as well as the sinister government bad guys rather than a "horrified public" being the reason for Vincent's low profile/secrecy. The genetic stuff is cool, and Jay Ryan certainly is fit. I'm such a sucker for the tortured anti-hero ...
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