Oct 19 2012 4:30pm

Friday Beefcake: From Billboard to Blockbusters—Musicians Turned Actors

American Horror Story premiered its second season on October 17. The content is gritty and terrifying...and usually not our bag here at Heroes and Heartbreakers. However, when we heard that Adam Levine was going to be making his acting debut in the premiere we definitely wanted to tune in. For those of you who did watch, you may have noticed a very promiscuous Levine in the first 5 minutes—and not too bad acting.

It got us to thinking of other musicians who have taken the plunge into acting and so we compiled a few of our favorites. A young Mark Wahlberg (back when he was known as Marky Mark), Mos Def, and Justin Timberlake round out our list.

Enjoy these scrumptious men, and be thankful for more exposure of their...assets.

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Laurie Gold
1. LaurieGold
Levine, whom I've thought was gorgeous for years and seems to get better looking all the time, did a cameo on 30 Rock a couple of years ago. He was funny. I don't watch American Horror Story, but when I read awhile back that he was going to be on it, I almost changed my mind. Now I'm tempted to check out that five minutes online.
Tracy S
2. Tracy S
Mark Wahlberg is a better actor than musician IMHO. I'll see any movie he's in b/c I figure the shirt is coming off at some point! LOL
Lana Baker
3. lanalucy
I have seen that picture of Adam Levine several times. It never fails to make my mouth dry up.

Mark Wahlberg *is* a better actor than musician. I like his movies even if his shirt doesn't come off, though of course, I never complain when it does. :D
Smash Attack Ash
4. SmashAttackAsh
Yea baby! Who ever chose Mos Def gets a cookie cake from me! I've always adored his music and acting, and find him uber cute. All of your other choices are A-OK, too. :)

I want to watch American Horror Story but I can't tape it due to conflicts in with DVR. I need the DVR that allows you to tape ALL THE SHOWS.
6. ChelseaMueller
I may have watched the first five minutes of American Horror Story more than once. It's worth it for that little lick of his fingers Adam does. TRUST.

@Smash - Look for an alternative airing. I think they do an encore one. Tape that. (I am the queen of DVR conflicts!)
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