Oct 8 2012 9:47am

Explorers as Romance Novel Heroes?

Today the United States celebrates Columbus Day, which honors the day Christopher Columbus arrived on American shores.

Explorers seem to be ideal romance heroes: They take risks, look for adventure, aren't afraid of strange scenarios, and are willing to cross oceans in pursuit of something worth pursing.

But they don't seem to be a popular choice for a hero's profession; what romance novels featuring explorers can you think of?

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Amber Lin
1. Amber Lin
I guess it depends on how lax you want to be with the term. There are pirates who do a fair amount of traveling and exploring, like His Wicked Kiss by Gaelen Foley. Also merchants who travel, like The Promise by Brenda Joyce or A Lady At Last by Brenda Joyce. If you're interested in exploration for scientific curiosity, there is Bonnie Dee's Countess Takes a Lover (that's sort of a spoiler, sorry) or what about Loretta Chase Mr. Impossible or Last Night's Scandal.

I can't think of any that are specifically like Columbus, but maybe he would have been considered a merchant?
Carol Cork
2. CarolAnn
Alex, Lord Grant, in Nicola Cornick's 'A Whisper of Scandal', is an Arctic explorer.
Amber Lin
3. Blythe Gifford
I've always wanted to write an explorer hero! Will enjoy hearing the responses to this.
Carol Cork
4. CarolAnn
Maybe not an explorer, but Anthony Courtland, Duke of Tremore, the hero of Laura Lee Guhrke's 'Guilty Pleasures' is an archeologist.
Amber Lin
6. CJK
Trevelyan in Jude Devereaux's The Duchess is an explorer. More of the pith helmet National Geographic style and he's not really out exploring during the course of the novel, but his exploits do feature into the plot.
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