Oct 9 2012 10:30am

EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal: Maya Banks’s Breathless Trilogy!

Rush by Maya BanksHeroes and Heartbreakers is thrilled to reveal the covers for Maya Banks's forthcoming Breathless trilogy. Banks is no stranger to writing erotic romance, and this series should appeal to Banks's previous fans, as well as newer fans who've come to erotic romance from E.L. James's Fifty Shades of Grey. The trilogy "follows three billionaires—Gabe Hamilton, Jace Crestwell and Ash McIntyre—who are best friends and business partners. The men dominate both in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Each novel in the trilogy will explore the relationship of one of the men as he discovers the woman he will love.“ Rush, the first book in the Breathless trilogy will be published in February 2013, followed  by the second book Fever in April 2013 and the conclusion Burn in August 2013. 


Fever by Maya Banks and Burn by Maya Banks

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1. cky15:
cky15: I just love the new books that you have come out with. I find them very interested that the characters come a live between the pages. I like that the way you write each stories that I feel like I can feel what they are going thru as in emotions of their fears and coming to know theirselves to have a relationship that is told. I am looking forward to read more of your books! Thanks
Lori Meehan
2. LoriMeehan
I love Maya Banks and I can't wait to read this trilogy. The covers are nice but I'm not in to this trend of new covers . I like covers with hot men on them.
3. LisaO
I agree with you LoriMeehan, I like the hot bods on the covers :)
5. Gussie
I love Maya Banks writing and look forward to meeting the men of the Breathless trilogy and the women that they will come to love.
6. Arch_Angel
I too like the HOT bodies on the covers, but the story is what really matters and Maya doesn't disappoint!
Really looking forward to this new series!
7. Teri P
I am really looking forward to this series. But comparing Maya Banks to James? Not even close. Maya Banks is in a class of her own! Thanks to her, hot reads have been going strong for a long time. Plus she packs a lot of emotions in to her stories, taking the reader on a roller coaster of a ride!
Vanessa Ouadi
8. Lafka
I've been thinking lately that I would love to read about an alpha male billionaire who dominates in the boardroom and likes to submit in the bedroom. It would be a change...

I also get quite tired of having every new erotic book compared to THE Fifty Shades trilogy. It reminds me of how, for quite some time, every magic-involving book was compared to Harry Potter and every vampire-romance compared to Twilight ; no matter how unaccurate or far-fetched the comparison.

Anyway, I'll probably give the Breathless series a try, given I have heard a lot about Maya Banks but haven't read much of her books yet.
Elise Mark
9. elisemark
I like the new covers. While the "hot bodies" are nice, all of the romance novels have them and they often do not even correctly apply to the story. And they can be embarrassing to read in public!

I also agree that it is tiring to have all these books compared to Fifty Shades. The media is acting like Fifty Shades is so unique to write about alpha males with non-standard sexual preferences. Where have they been?
Shirley Bennett
10. ShirlB
I am a fan of big fan of Maya Banks, and am excited to see a new trilogy out! James and Banks - both great authors.. but Maya has been at it longer!! I can do the eye candy on a book cover, no problem!! If not...ah well, this is why my imagination works so well, hehe!
11. Marle
Big fan of reading any book Maya writes...great author...series for 2013 looks like another interesting series. I worry about us as readers all following the Fifty Shades....like it is new literature, new story line, for us romance readers. I wonder about the authors who are picking titles so similiar for their sales...what does this really say about our fascination with Fifty........
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