Oct 29 2012 8:08am

Do You Cram for a New Book in a Series by Rereading?

Karen Marie Moning's Iced comes out tomorrow, and in preparation, some people—including our own Marquetta Whitmore, who was tweeting her progress—have reread all the books in the Fever series prior to this.

Next March, when J.R. Ward's Lover at Last comes out, you can be certain some Black Dagger Brotherhood fans will have reread all of the books as well.

When there's a hotly-anticipated book in a series, do you reread all the prior books in the series? How do you prepare for a big book like Iced?

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Amber A Bardan
1. Amber A Bardan
Yes I most certainly do! And will be doing so for this one. Fever has to be my favourite series! let the cramming begin.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I don't, usually, but I have been loving KMM's FB feed, where she's been revisiting certain scenes from the Fever series.
Azucena Rodriguez
3. ajeans
It depends on what series it is but I can assure you that each time a new Charley Davidson book comes out, I re-read/re-listen to the whole series!
Amber A Bardan
4. Melissa B
I do, even if it's just a skim, or a quick listen in the background to the previous books ~ I'm ready for both the KMM and the new Darynda Jones books!! I can't do it as MUCH w/ the bigger series like BDB and Dark Hunter, but I like to at least get the last book or 2 skimmed and refreshed in my head, as they usually pick up where the last one left off.
Rae Alley
5. rszalley
Oh most certainly - especially when there has been a long time between book publication dates.
Amber A Bardan
6. Johanna Panola
I will sometimes quickly scan the previous books before a new release, but I also enjoy starting fresh again as well and being pleasently surprised by characters/events I forgot about.

Mostly, for me, it's more enjoyable to dicuss the books with fellow series lovers to throw out favorite memories or upcoming predictions.

P.s. Doing that now while waiting in line for KMM's booksinging release of ICED in NOLA.
Amber A Bardan
7. danni0113
For certain series I do. I do it for the BDB series and I've done it for Nalini Singh, Thea Harrison, Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter. I'm currently rereading all of Thea Harrison's and Kresley Cole's books.
Angela Gradillas
8. Gradia
I do! Especially when it's a favorite series. I recently reread the Ilona Andrew's Kate Daniels series before Gunmetal Magic was released. Also retread Wilkes' Lupu series before Mortal Ties. I think it helps to prolong the pleasure of reading a new favorite, so you can savor it longer.
Carmen Pinzon
9. bungluna
I love re-reading previous books in preparation for a new installment. With very long-running series, like Death, I'll read a few older ones plus the last one. I have markers on my shelves to help me remember where I'm at. It adds to my enjoyment to visis the past and compare to see how far the series has come.
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