Oct 31 2012 12:00pm

Day #13: Dark-Hunter Delight

Happy Halloween! It’s the 13th and final day of Heroes and Heartbreakers’s Halloween festivities, and today’s prize makes for a grand finale indeed. Three very lucky winners will score a Sherrilyn Kenyon Audio Coffin Box Set, a limited-edition collector’s box set of the first three books in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series on CD!

Fill out the form below to enter for a chance to win one of these must-have box sets!

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Anna Gabor
1. Nusejka
Acheron, no question :) He is the über-man, and an atlantean GOD! A very yummie god, for that matter :P and he is sweet too :) The next fav is Sundown the sexy cowboy ;)
Melissa B
2. Melissa B
Zarek or, I can't help it, I just the assholes! : D

But they're all made of AWESOME!!
Maycee Majors
4. Keeyansmom04
I have to say Ash for sure! Come on a full on God, super cute with his wife.. How protective he is of his hunters... Always helping people out... How cute is he with Simi?... I love that he is this All Knowing Alpha Male, but he is the most vulnerable one... that makes him super hot!
Melissa B
5. Katy L
Acheron, because, well, he's Acheron! What other reason do you need?
Eva Millien
8. evampire
Acheron because with his past he could have turned out to be the baddest villian in the world, but he still fought for good and helped his dark hunters.
Melissa B
9. Poison Rose
Ack! I have to pick just one!! Grr... too many good ones to choose from, but I'd have to go with Archeron as well. So many layers tro this man and We get to see then throughout the series!
Jasmine Ray
11. JassyBaby
Oh my, I have so many favorites in the DH series! But Acheron is definitely my favorite, first and foremost! Make room on the Ash bandwagon, ladies!
Pam Howell
12. PicardsMom350
oooh I would LOVE to win this!!
having lunch with Sherri Sat at Southern Magic in Alabama!!!
Melissa B
13. Daewalker1
Acheron, without a doubt. Because he's complicated, but not!
savannah miller
lol its always so hard to pick a favorite! I like them all for different reason but I will have to say Acheron
Maria Smith
15. TexasBookLover
I love nearly all of them (esp. while reading their stories) but Acheron tops my list of favorite Dark Hunters. From the moment Ash first appeared on the page his presence was so intense I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. Then as the series progressed and the more we learned the harder I fell.
Penni Ellington
16. pellington
I love me some Ash, but I can't wait for more details on Savitar!
18. Lyric22
Acheron is up there on my favorites list, but I have a thing for Celts too so Talon great.
20. tadyena
i love the all, but personal fav besides Ash is Val
Melissa B
21. Tina Traylor
He's a were hunter not a dark hunter, but Vane is my fav. Gives us fat girls hope. :)
Heather Rizzuti
22. heatherbartley
Can I choose Vane Kattalakis? He is a were-hunter, not a Dark Hunter, but he's in the series. Well, if I had to chose an actual Dark Hunter, my favorite is Valerius!
Donna Antonio
23. Donna_A
Does it have to be a Dark Hunter cause my fav from that series has to be Wren but if it has to be a Dark Hunter then Valerius because he proves that not all alphas have to be thugs. They are all pretty cool though.
Vilmarys Collado
24. vilmarys
My favorite Dark Hunter is Acheron with Kyrian coming in second. Love how badass and sweet Ash is.
Melissa B
25. Krestia
I adore them all but I think Valerius is my favorite. I read them all at least once a year! Of all her characters Vane & Wren are my overall favs though.
Melissa B
26. Brenda Fender
Acheron is my favorite Dark Hunter.
Melissa B
27. kansassweet
Wow, those coffins would look really good in my house, and i could listen to the stories in my car. LOL
Melissa B
28. H.Tolliver
Acheron is my favorite. I would love to be his sweetheart.
Melissa B
29. Yvonne L. Schlitt
Acheron all the way! There is no one more bad ass or with the biggest heart.
Axyl Oblivion
30. PsychoticHatter
My favorite is Zarek, because he was defending others all the while when he was banned from every other Dark-Hunters presence. Zarek is one of the best Dark-Hunters because he is a caring guy even though everyone assumed he was insane. He is a morally correct guy. Also he's got awesome weapons.
Kelly Mayberry
31. Keslynn
I haven't read this series yet so I don't have a favorite. I'm sure I'll find one quickly!
Melissa B
32. esseboo
If I really had to choose it would be Acheron. The ultimate sexy bad***. I will have to say that was hard because, I love all of the characters whether they are dark hunters, dream, were...
Melissa B
33. tammye
Vane and Valerius and Nick and Acheron and ..... Too hard to pick!
Melissa B
38. kate Fien
all of them are great, the darkhunter series is amazing, read all the books so far, you just love all the , but Jaden is amazing
Melissa B
39. JennFren
Can I pick Marvin? :D They're all so good, it is a very difficult choice!
40. sarahsreviews
I love Kyrian but I think I'd have to pick Asheron if I could only choose one of the dark hunters. Can't I just have them all? lol
Aly O'Hare
41. wingZER0angel
Kyrian will always be my favorite DH. Nick is close behind, but Kyrian will always be number 1.
Karin Anderson
42. AquarianDancer
Ash. He is THE Dark-Hunter. He's suffered the most and built the hunters into what they are today.
43. MaryC
Love them all, but Acheron is the top Dark Hunter.
Riley Moreland
45. ramore
Zarek is my favorite. Poor guy had a miserable childhood, doesn't exactly get any love from the other Dark-Hunters and still he wants to do the right thing. Gotta appreciate his persistent moral fiber.
Adriana Gonzalez
46. agonmor
I have a definite soft-spot for Ash, but I love Nick - in any presentation!
Melissa B
48. Joani S
Ash for the win, but my second choice would be Valerious and then Kyrian. Those 2 have wormed their way into my heart!
Heather Fowler
49. hafowler
Man, I love them all, but I'll get in line behind (or push to the front!) with the other Ash girls. I also adore Nick and Kyrian.

Funny? Simi is my favorite character, though. ;)
Jennifer Walter
50. jlc341
I really liked Zarek. I have a soft spot for Ash too though!
Melissa B
52. Jen Moore
Difficult choice but I'm going with Zarek ...I love the dark tortured souls best.
Ann Sheiring
53. Annwitch
Archeron, that was a great book. He was so sexy and the book was one of her best.
54. kochouran
My favorite is Zarek. I can relate to his angst, and his sarcasm is entertaining.
lori hayes
56. lorihayes
I love All Hunters so to ask me to pick a favorite is Soo unfair I can't do that. I love them all and thats that! I want the set simple as that.
Allison Hickman
57. AllisonHickman
Acheron because he's so troubled but still helps those who are important to him.
Cathy M. Runke
58. ccr0816
OMG... no question, my choice isVane. he fell in love with a beautiful plus-size woman.*
Jena Briars
59. CutMyTeethOnKleypas
Kyrian's my fave. wingZEROangel and I will fight for him. That scene where he shows up in front of the ex. Awesome. All of it - just awesome.
Melissa B
60. chameleon68
I guess I'm the odd one, but Wulf was my favorite. It's really hard to pick just one, though.
Jody Faltys
62. Joder
I LOVE Zarek! He was put through so much pain early in life. His scars on the outside don't show the kind heart that we all know he has and why we love him so much.
Melissa B
63. tknapp4
Absolutely love them all!!! Zarek, Valerius, Kyrian, Nick, Ash, Vane, Otto, Julian, and I kind of adore Fury a little... Yeah obviously I can't pick just one.
Janie McGaugh
64. jmcgaugh
While Acheron isn't really a dark-hunter, he's my favorite. Even with all his power, he's so compasionate and caring. For the were-hunters, I love Vane best; he was just so sweet and caring with Bride.
Melissa B
67. JoyD
Zerak and Sin but they are all great its hard to pick
Shannon Cooper
68. yeahbuddy3
Love Acheron and Vane! I actually love all the Dark-Hunters, but I really like these two particularly!
Melissa B
69. wade2121
Zarek. He does wood carving.
Melissa B
70. Sae
My favourite DH? Well, it's gotta be Nick. A few months ago, I would have denied this to my grave, but now...

I got a really weird introduction to the DH series. There was this girl I knew in high school. She was one of those sweet, super innocent christian girls. One day, she came up to me and asked if I liked vampires. I told her I did, so she recommended Sherri's series. Since she was reading Dark Side of the Moon, I figured that was as good a place as any to start.

It's not, by the way.

I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I didn't know who the characters were or why certain things were or weren't important. So imagine my surprise when, all of a sudden, people are naked. It was, well... It seriously made me rethink my opinion of my friend.

Anyways, there were a couple people introduced who were apparently super important. (Ash, Nick, Stryker, etc.) At the time, I just thought they were weird, but curiosity compelled me to grab another book, and I noticed they were in it, too. So I kept reading. I had to figure out why these characters were so important.

To my secret joy (my mother would have killed me if she knew I were reading these books), Acheron came out a few months later. Course, I didn't know it at the time. I walked in the bookstore to get a calendar and was surprised to see the front table completely covered in copies of it. It was like a giant flashing neon sign that said "Read Me."

As if I had a choice.

From then on, I was hooked. I was borrowing books from the library whenever I could. I scoured the internet for anything I could find. One day, not too long ago, I stumbled onto Fear the Darkness.
You ever get those moments of utter frustration? Where your soul cries out, because all you want to do is help someone, even though there's nothing you can do?
That's what it's like with Nick. He's got so much crap piled on his shoulders, and there's no one to help him through it. Those who try...can't. So I decided I was going to care. Even if he's just a fictional character... As long as someone, somewhere, can show him that he's not as evil as he thinks he is; that he can still be saved... That's all that matters to me.

((Except Nekoda. She can go rot.))
Melissa B
71. Clau
I totally want the books, and Acheron too :)
72. fire_dragon31
Acheron is my all time favorite... but a close second would have to be Fury. Although his book was a short story, it's wild the things he had to go through before he finally found happiness. And his absolute loyalty to Lia is just WOW.
Melissa B
73. Roza
Fave dark hunter would be Talon. but Vane is definitely my favourite guy from the series!
Lindsay Hardy
74. lhardy0007
No doubt in my mind but Nick takes the cake! Good God have you guys ever seen the cover models on Sherrilyn Kenyon's page? OOhhh, my lordly smokin hot! But Nick, just thinking of him makes my heart beat faster.
If ever, the most tortured dark hero it's him!
Carla Patterson
75. sweetpea215_8
Zarek is my fav. He can be such an asshole lol. His childhood and death was horrible. His life as a dark hunter wasn't much better and yet..... he always tries to do what's right (especially when no one is looking lol), even though he KNOWS it will end very badly for himself.
Melissa B
76. Jacqueline Donaldson
Zarek, love me a dark,moody kick ass kind of guy!
Jordan R
79. jrojrojro
Acheron, like probably everyone else. I've reread his book about a billion times!
Cerese Sanborn
80. flowerpower
My favorite Dark-Hunter is...

Speirr of the Morrigantes aka Talon

I love that he says things like "Friggin' Fabio alert" and that he would have given up on the Daimons for his chicory coffee. Plus, who else has the scatter brained Sunshine to love??
Melissa B
81. Corkit
Love Ash. Adore Simi. All the Dark Hunters are my favorite when I read them. So hard to choose!
Melissa B
82. Megan S
Haven't got to read them yet but really looking forward to it. :)
Melissa B
83. Liz S
Too many too chose from! Acheron is number one, but they all have a special place in my heart!
Melissa B
84. BookReader
This is awesome. I love it.
Melissa B
85. Copper
While all of the earlier book Hunters each have a reason to be my favorite (Made me laugh, made me "d'awww", made me cry--Zarek. Zarek made me CRY. The sociopath made me cry! Then again, Wulf had me *bawling*) I am going to have to say that my favorite actual Dark Hunter is Kyrian. He was the first that I read and I love a man that can make me laugh.
Dana Buchert
88. danabuchert
Who do I love the most? Has to be Ash, his story has to be my favorite. But I love all of the dark hunters, Nick, Kyrian and Wolf are also great stories. Love the were-hunters too.
Melissa B
89. Teresaalsara
Zarek, he was so misunderstood, but also the attitutude
Melissa B
90. Candie
They each hold a special place in my heart but Acheron will always be my favorite.
Melissa B
93. AngryhippyXer
Ash and Zarek are my favs, They are the ones that me hooked in to the whole series.
Patricia L. Hernandez
94. stormhardy
I have a thing for misunderstoon bad boys with big hearts, so Zarek is my favorite Dark Hunter. Don't you just wanna cuddle him oh so close!! :)
Melissa B
95. Kathleen M Smith
Acheron, of course.
elaine fisher
97. elfette
ONE ... how can I choose just ONE ... when I love most of her of stories ... what a way with telling them she has got.
Melissa B
98. Jeweldragon
I have to admit it is hard to choose but I like both Sin and Talon.
Melissa B
99. NicolePrice
I haven't read this series looks great tho...that's why i would love to win it :)
Melissa B
100. daniel thornton
Acheron because he was the first Dark hunter
Daniel Morrell
101. godan
haven't read them yet so don't have a fav but it sounds like a great series!
Melissa B
102. jari wietfeldt
Vane but I love them all
Melissa B
103. Flavs001
I agree there are too many to just choose one... But I guess like everyone if I have to, I would choose Acheron and then Zarek....
I can't wait for Styxx to come out, cause I just know that is going to be another one at the top of my list.
Brianna Lee
104. briannaleereviews
I would love to win this contest! I love Sherrilyn Kenyon and all her books, especially the Dark-Hunter series. I love all the Dark-Hunters, but I guess I would say Acheron or Zarek. Thanks for this great opportunity! =)
Melissa B
106. DeeDee9904
Love them all, but especially Acheron!!!!
Deidre J Cartwright
107. Deidre
Love them all but right now I will say Nick - I think cause I am so curious how his story will turn out.
L Lee
108. lwl8
My favorite DH is Acheron and next is Zarek and Kyrian. L
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