Oct 22 2012 9:36am

Cover Reveal: Donna Grant’s Midnight’s Kiss!

Midnight’s Kiss by Donna GrantWho knew archaeology could be We're thrilled to reveal the cover to Donna Grant's forthcoming Midnight's Kiss, whose hero and heroine they have more in common than just their intellectual interests:

A world-renowned scholar with a lust for life, Dr. Ronnie Reid knows how distracting a man can be on an archeological dig. She has felt the power of instant attraction before—and the sting of on-site affairs. But she’s never met a man like Arran MacCarrick. A man who could take her on the kind of adventure that would leave her begging for more… 

An immortal Warrior and hot-blooded male, Arran knows the effect he can have on a woman like Ronnie—and the feeling is mutual. Unfortunately he came here to dig up an ancient scroll to free the Warriors from their curse, not lust after Ronnie. But once he feels the Druid magic that courses through her body—and tastes the hunger that grows with every kiss—he has no choice but to fight, or fall, for the woman he loves…

Midnight's Kiss will be available on June 4, 2013.

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