Oct 3 2012 9:30am

Can Karen Marie Moning’s Iced be as Hot as Her Fever World?

Iced by Karen Marie MoningKaren Marie Moning set the gold standard for brooding alpha male heroes with Jericho Z. Barrons in her Fever novels. She also crafted a remarkably complex world of Seelie (light) and Unseelie (dark) fae, their war with each other, their intentions in our world and just what happens when they come to the mortal realm.

Now she’s going back to that world with her spinoff Fever World series, and I’m trying to prepare for my journey back to fae-infested Ireland in Iced. One that doesn’t include a whole lot of on-page time with Barrons.

In the Fever novels, we watched MacKayla Lane transform from pink-wearing party girl into the dark, Unseelie-eating, sword-wielding badass of Mac 2.0. She hardened, and became who she needed to be in order to protect others and get answers. This makes me wonder in which direction Moning will take the young Dani O’Malley.

Shadowfever by Karen Marie MoningDani isn’t new to this world. She’s done some pretty horrific things (see ending of Shadowfever) and been used. The fae have manipulated her in the past. Roweena, head of the Sidhe-Seers group, had Dani doing her bidding and lied to her over and over. The only person that was upfront with her was MacKayla, and she still had a hard time seeing her as more than a 14-year-old who shouldn’t be dealing with this kind of drama.

I hope to see Dani mature, but also soften. Even if that’s not in fighting, but emotionally open up to someone. I want transformation. I wouldn’t expect that to happen all in the first Fever World book, but I want a hint of where Dani will be progressing to by the time I finish Iced. And, really, I want a more grown-up Dani when I start the book (which I think is the case).

As someone who ground her teeth together during every segment of the Fever novels narrated by Dani, I’m going into Iced skeptical. I didn’t like reading anything from her point of view before. To be honest, I didn’t exactly like her. I didn’t dislike her, but found her more like an annoying kid sister of a friend. I didn’t mind her around, but didn’t want her running the show.

I almost considered waiting a week after release to read reviews before signing on to read Iced. I know, that reads like sacrilege to any Fever fan. I should have trusted Moning from the start. She started posting excerpts from Iced on her Facebook page and my opinion immediately changed. The teases were dark, sexy and funny. All things I expect and love about Moning’s writing.

Speaking of sexy, Barrons isn’t going to be a romantic lead—can we call him that?—in this novel. However, from the excerpts I’m aware we get Ryodan. That is not a bad thing. He’s loyal, vicious and undeniable eye candy.

I don’t know if he’s a romantic interest for Dani. If she’s old enough in this series for that not to be creepy is a BIG hope for me. I remind myself that Moning is a master of sexual tension, and it got me through more than one Fever novel. Perhaps the same will be true of Iced?

I hope so.


While Chelsea Mueller runs Vampire Book Club, she won’t turn down a sexy werewolf, demon or faerie. Her appreciation of Alexander Skarsgard is well documented. Bother her on Twitter — @ChelseaVBC — she likes it.

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Smash Attack Ash
1. SmashAttackAsh
I feel like I'm the only one who likes Dani, if only because I completely understand why she acts the way she does. Plus, she says Feck, which makes me giggle profusely. I definitely hope for some growth and I'm quite looking forward to the journey.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@SmashAttackAsh, I always liked Dani, too! I felt as though she brought some perspective to Mac's character and actions also. I am very much looking forward to reading Iced.
Traci Wallace
3. tracilynn
I was very skeptical of Dani as well when I first heard she was going to be one of the MCs in the spin-offs, I knew I was going to read the books anyway, but I wasn't sure how I felt . That is until the teasers started rolling in and reading that these next 3 books are going to be spread out over a couple years and by the last book Dani will be an adult. I do have to say that while I didn't know exactly how I felt about it being in Dani's POV (because her voice in the original fever series drove me a little bonkers) I did like her character from the books, and I do really wanna see her and Mac reconnect. All that being said I CAN NOT WAIT!! And I know I am going to devour Iced, I am over the top excited to be going back into that world.
4. ChelseaMueller
@tracilynn - That's it exactly. The teasers have me excited for this one, and I'm so ready to be back in the Fever world, even if it's through Dani.

@SmashAttackAsh - I didn't mind her when she wasn't narrating. Her character is intriguing for sure, but when she lead scenes in the other books, it grated on me. That said, I'm pro-Feck. Heh.
Nita Gill
5. gillnit
Didn't Moning say we would be getting snippets of other points of view besides Dani in these next three books too? I think having breaks from Dani's point of view will help.

I think it will be interesting to see how Dani matures throughout the three books. I'm hoping to see a relationship, be it a great friendship or more, develop between Dani and Christian.
Selena Mc
6. Selena Mc
Great Post!!! I'm a huge-super-mega Karen Marie Moning fan. I'm even going to the ICED Book Launch Party for a week in NOLA with the Moning Maniacs (KMM fan group). I just wanted to say that I have complete faith in her genius & know that this story, like all her others, will be brilliant! She has addressed on her Facebook page that this will by no means be a YA book. We will get the same hot & steamy work we're used to from her. I for one loved Dani. I am looking forward to her story & to watching her grow up. I am beyond excited for this series & cannot wait for October 29th when I get my book (and get a little Fangirl)! I have no doubt she will blow me away, yet again!

-Selena Mc
7. ChelseaMueller
Didn't Moning say we would be getting snippets of other points of view besides Dani in these next three books too?
@gillnit - She did, but the primary viewpoint is Dani's. Like I said in the post, though, the teasers KMM has shared look sooo good, Dani may win me over.
Lege Artis
8. LegeArtis
Gah, I'm so conflicted about it! You know, I want this to be as good as Fever series, but it was a bit let down for me when I heard continuation is from Dani's POV.
My first problem is that I don't read YA. At all. I tried, And Dani is 14. I know KMM said that book is not YA, but it teases the boundaries between YA and adult...but wth does that mean?! Then again she did make that same 14 year old girl experience her first orgasm forced bu Unseelie Princes in Dreamfever, so...
My second problem is Dani herself. The thruth is, I didn't like Dani. All that dude-ing and fecking was getting on my nerves...
And then KMM confirmed there will be sex, she posted some mind-blowing teasers. Rhyodan sounds sexy as hell, KMM writing is engaging as ever, she grabes your mind, I swear her words can seduce...So, yes, I'm conflicted. I'm not so cynical after snippets any more, but for me to have blind faith in this trilogy, I'll wait until I read Iced.
It's great post, Chelsea... I also had problem with Mac in first books, but she grew up on me... It will be great if you put this on discussion again in November after release.
Do you think she'll torture us with another one of her signature cligghanger endings?
Susan Stokes
9. Blushing
I TRUST KMM so much that for me very few UF/Paranormal Authors(Seanan Mcguire ,Nicole Peeler are exceptions)..Can Thrill and Chill me
Dani was so young..Loved Mac..needed her..We won't be disappointed. . Feel like we need to return to Dublin...We know That World Through The Fever Series so well..We lived there through The Series. . Will miss Mac and Barron..But KMM IS FULL OF SURPRISES"Iced"
Selena Mc
10. Biggsy
Chelsea, you have articulated my own feelings regarding Dani perfectly! I found her narrations during the fever series mildly annoying. Since KMM is my very fav author, I am keeping the faith and anxiously await the release of Iced.
rachel sternberg
11. rae70
I am totally psyched for the "Iced" and love the teasers on facebook from Karen Moning! I assumed that Dani will be older so not so YA and Ryoden seems like he will be a major hottie! As for Dani and her youthful swearing, I guess I am just used to it.. I tended to swear alot & say Dude when I was a teen and unfortunately tend to STILL say it as a 40 yr old. especially when around the warehouse guys at work.

Smash: feck makes me giggle as well... ;-)
Selena Mc
12. SassyT
I eagerly waited for each of the Fever Series books to come out but by the last book I was very disappointed (and I have loved all the other books she's written). So, I'm not really excited about the Dani books. I like her but at the same time I can only take her in bits and pieces. I would definitely like more Barrons (sorry but there are still a lot of unanswered questions about him and his my mind anyway). I can do with Ryodan though. He was also a very interesting character (actually, I think the men were way more interesting than the I guess I'll read it. You guys have made me curious enough to try it out. I don't do FB so I haven't read any of KMM's snippets.
Selena Mc
13. Vavita
I never liked Dani but I also never liked Mac. I finished the series and didn't like her AT ALL. I would have never been her friend but I ended up respecting her; I respected her transformation and the decisions she made in the last book.
I don't think I need to like Dani. I need to like the plot and K.M.M writing style. The characters need to be accepted as they are. Some you like (Barrons), some you dislike (Mac) but the whole book is what matters...
I am really looking forward to this book!
Selena Mc
14. Shauntih
My feelings about Dani match your own. Due to the snippets, I'm now looking forward to the book, HOWEVER, I'm not reading it right away. I didn't find the Fever series until the 5th book. If I'd been reading them all along, waiting on each book, I wouldn't have been able to deal with it - especially the horrible cliff hangers. I think I'm going to wait to read this set of three after they are all out. I never expected Iced to be YA, but I also do not want to see a 14 year old having sex with Ryoden (or V'lane). As much as she's been through - she is too young for them. I'm really hoping that it waits until she has matured a little more. I'm also looking forward to her reconnecting with Mac.
Selena Mc
15. Yodamom
I alway though Dani was very anoying. I didn't dislike her but couldn't wait till she was off the page and Mac and Barrons would make their appearance again. But, anything KMM has written I have adored and re-read. I relish in her world building and her wonderfully complex characters, even the annoying ones.
I am re-reading the series now to get ready for the release of Iced. I love this world she created and would read any creatures POV just get more of it. Yes, I think I am a Fever addict.
Selena Mc
16. Allodoxophobia
Thanks for this post. You have voiced all the concerns I have about Iced, but I am looking forward to it and will go in with an open mind!
Selena Mc
17. Tamara525
I have pretty much the same concerns as you. To me, Dani is a fun sidekick, but an annoying heroine. I haven't read the snippets because I don't like them in general, so I think I'll be waiting for the reviews...
Selena Mc
I´m not too worried, sure she could be annoying but she was only a secondary character so they probably didn´t pay much attention to how she came off. Now that she is the lead in the trilogy she is probably being fleshed out more. The fact that Mac found out her secret in Shadowfever can be used as a way for Dani to mature and probably stop talking as annoying as before.
Selena Mc
19. SummerRes
Your thoughts are exactly what I'm feeling too! Seems we both had the same reactions to her Fever series. However, I don't have enough self-control when it comes to a Moning book to wait a week before I read it! I'll have to get it when it comes out and see for myself. Enjoyed reading your thoughts!
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