Oct 11 2012 4:00pm

Arrow Hits All The Right Spots

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in ArrowLast night was the premiere of the CWs newest superhero show, Arrow. First off, let me just say, OMG HAWTNESS alert!!!!! Twitter went insane as fans gushed over the gorgeous, dark, and broody Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). I admit, I had quite a few naughty thoughts, especially as Oliver kept traipsing around in a towel that just begged for someone to rip it off with their teeth. *raises hand* I'll be honest, the sheer hotness of Oliver pretty much fried my brain and I found myself not paying to the story as much as I should have, but lets see what I can remember of the plot.

The story begins with a mysterious man running across an island, using a bow and arrow to set off an explosion which catches the attention of a passing boat. Once rescued, we find out our mysterious man is none other than billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, who has been missing for five years. His mother comes to the hospital to take him home and we watch as his doctor warns her that Oliver is not the same man he was five years ago and is very dangerous. A stunning study of muscular perfection and covered in scars...Oliver’s time spent on the island was brutal and life-altering.

The cast of CW’s ArrowZOMG!!

Did I mention the muscular perfection? We see many chiseled chest and ab shots that burns this into our brain, which in my mind, makes this a “must see” show every week.

Katie Cassidy as Laurel and Stephen Amell as Oliver in ArrowI guess I need to talk about the show. Arrow is a vigilante superhero story that slams out the gate but honestly, it’s really all about Oliver Queen and his gorgeousness. I’d watch just to see him in a towel. Wet. Dripping water down his pecs...umm, wow, is it hot in here? *clears throat* Oh yes, the story. Arrow is a dark, forbidding story with hints of violence, betrayal, and deception. Though there is a strong underlying serious tone, it is offset by a strong supporting cast who engage in lighthearted commentary. In the commentary below, Oliver's friend Merlyn is trying to get Oliver some action since he has been celibate for five years. Gasp-I'll help you out, Oliver!!!

Merlyn: As your wingman, I highly recommend Carmen Golden.

Oliver: Which one is she?

Merlyn: The one who looks like the chick from Twilight.

Oliver: What’s Twilight?

Merlyn: You’re so better off not knowing.

Stephen Amell as the Green ArrowThe background scenes of Oliver's life was interesting and well done. I enjoyed the flashbacks into his past, how he was before the island and what happened on the island. They blend well with the present storyline and don't interfere with the very cool action/fight scenes. Oliver is seriously built and I vote for some fighting in the buff scenes. :) The entire show has a Batman vibe with the billionaire playboy trying to make amends for his past behavior. I liked the fact that like Bruce Wayne, Oliver has no superpowers. Every skill he has was horned to knife sharpe precision during his stay on the island. I did get the feeling though that unlike Batman, Oliver has no qualms about killing for his cause.

While I’m pretty sure I know how the series will go, I enjoyed enough of the journey (and scenery) to know I will be planting myself in front of the TV every Wednesday night at 8pm in order to see more of the hawt luscious sexy goodness that is Oliver Queen.


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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
This pilot was just as much fun as I'd hoped it would be and yeah, Stephen Amell is SMOKIN' hot! Wow. Loved all that fan service with him half-naked all the time. Great work, Powers That Be. Great work.

I'm also really intrigued by the shipping potential of Oliver/Laurel. Lots of angst there, and I eat that right up. :)
Denise Eicher
2. deniselynn
I loved it too! I kept it on my DVR so that I can watch it over and over. I also found myself not paying attention to the story and had to rewind. Especially while he was working out. I'm so glad you picked the picture of his pull-ups. That scene was AWESOME!
Hell Cat
3. hellcat
I tried to like it. I really did with all that pretty to stare at but I felt like it was too Batman-y. Like they couldn't get the permission to make a Batman show, so they threw it all on playboy Oliver. It needed more something. And I'm not sure about Dinah Laurel being a lawyer. It's ~a thing~ since I don't see any great fishnets so far. I will admit Oliver was hecka hot, though. Just wasn't my Oliver (rip, Hartley, rip!).
Smash Attack Ash
4. SmashAttackAsh
A to the MEN! Preach it, sista girl. I watched it (again) with hubs today and was dying inside. DYING from eye candy overload!
Anna Bowling
6. AnnaBowling
I want to move into Oliver's house. He doesn't have to move out first, though. Will be interested to see how the shipping goes with this one. I've always liked the Green Arrow/Black Canary romance, and having a presumed dead identical twin only means we're going to be treated to a surprise reappearance at the worst possible time. I'll be watching.
Elizabeth Halliday
7. Ibbitts
I was not aware of this program at all until I saw the advertising poster somebody shared to my Facebook page.
~~May I take a moment at this point to remember how to breathe?~~
I figured the show was worth a look-see based on that poster alone. I watched the premier on TV and have watched it on-line, twice, since then.
~~I definately second the OMG alert!~~
(Bonus candy: Harry Dresden plays the nemesis cop/Laurel's father...)
I was sold very early on, but the pull-ups put a lock on it. It's a keeper!
Karen Haas
8. KarenH
I have to agree with everything you said. This is a program that will slowly unfold the story of what happened to Oliver during his lost years on that mysterious island. It will be a very interesting trip getting from point A to point Z!...with lots of wet towel scenes in between!
Rakisha Kearns-White
9. BrooklynShoeBabe
it’s really all about Oliver Queen and his gorgeousness. I’d watch just to see him in a towel. Wet. Dripping water down his pecs...umm, wow, is it hot in here?

Yep, you know what,'s so hot my glasses are steaming up...plot, schmlot...I got me arm and stubble porn. :-D
Yvonne De La Cruz
11. ymdlc1
My 15 year old son showed me the trailer and it sparked my interest. Enjoyed the pilot episode so much that we watched it 3 times!!! We've also been recommending it to all our friends. You won't be disappointed...
12. parawriter
YAY! I think the action scenes in this show outdoes batman and superman both! He is incredible when he is fighting. The storyline may be close to a batman theme, but after watching the second show, I see much more developing here with his story that takes Arrow in a different direction. Love the way they are giving us the island story a little at a time along with the present. Another great series, Revolution, is written in the same way. How things came about, and all the action now. (On another network) Also check out Beauty and the Beast, also was really good!
13. whiskeywhite
I agree -- serious eye candy. Those pull ups with the bar jumping up notch by notch were pretty amazing. Enough to keep one coming back. I'm happy to say that Stephen Amell is a Canadian and fellow Toronto-born. Apparently he had a minor role in Queer as Folk back in 2004.

But... Oliver to Laurel: "You need to stay away from me so that I can't hurt you again." Hello Edward.
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