Sep 28 2012 9:16am

Your Favorite Authors: Do You Gorge or Savor?

That moment when you find an author whose writing absolutely enthralls you is one of the best reading moments ever. What's interesting is what you do after you finish that first book:

Do you immediately go read more by that author, or do you move on to a different book, knowing you'll come back for more soon enough?

Do you gorge or savor?

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1. JacquiC
I'm a savorer. For example, I love Pamela Clare's I-Team series. LOVE. But there aren't that many of them, and she doesn't write them very fast. So I finished the second last one yesterday. Now I don't want to move immediately to the last one, because I will use it up and then what will I do? I do the same with the BDB books -- I've only just gotten up to Rhev's book. And Janice Kay Johnson. And Lisa Kleypas (though I'm not all that crazy about the new series, as it turns out). And Suzanne Brockmann, Loretta Chase, Urban & Roux (and others). It's a good thing I read across a lot of genres!
Hell Cat
2. hellcat
I totally gorge. I read the first 4 books if the Southern Arcana series in 2-3 days. I can't stop myself if th excitment of the world gets me interested. Same time, I read Dare's first two novels and novella for Spindle Cove in around the same time and frame. Actually, I did the same thing for Lydia Dare's historic paranormal series, too.

I'm very much a little kid on Christmas moning when I discover a new author. I inhale, gorge, and memory bank the series to that point.
Laurie Gold
3. LaurieGold
I used to gorge, but learned if I did, I'd burn out. So I started to savor; no more than three books. My only exception? The In Death series.
Elizabeth Halliday
4. Ibbitts
I gorge. I don't seem to burn out on the authors I like, and I like the continuity of series reading. But make no mistake, I savor each and every word. The only time I move to something else before I get to the most recent book in the series is when I get to a title on my list that I haven't been able to find yet. Then the series goes on hold until I can find the book I'm looking for, because I like to read in order.
5. Torifl
I gorge. Then I whine because I gorged. *sigh* It's an ugly repeating cycle.
6. sew
I savor most of the time. The exception is with the HQN continuities - I don't read them back to back, but fairly close together otherwise I forget the story lines. I get very burned out if I read more than 2 or so in a row, esp. the in death novels - i think i'm only at 14 - and the virgin river books
7. Lucy D
I gorge. There is nothing better than finding a new series, especially one that is several books in, and then just immersing yourself in that world for a week or so. Then, like any bout of gluttony, you get to the end and have to sit and wait until someone makes more. :(
Jasmine Ray
8. JassyBaby
I do a little of both, I think. Some series (BDB) I completely gorged and read back to back and am now sad that I've caught up! It was wonderful to immerse in the BDB world for those months. Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters, I completely gorged when I read them. And when I finished that I had to gorge on her Dream-Hunter series. When I finished that I gorged on her League series. And when I finished that I gorged on her CON series! Sherrilyn Kenyon is an amazing writer. The only authors that I'm savoring are Kresley Cole and definitely, definitely savoring Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series. I love Anitaverse; it's so unique and I definitely don't want it to end so soon especially since I haven't found anything else quite like Anita and her men! I've literally been savoring LKH's Anita Blake series for well over a year now! And finally I'm catching up. :(
Vanessa Ouadi
9. Lafka
I definitely gorge. When I read a book and really, really, really like it, I go on the author's website and begin picking other books to read in his/her bibliography. If said bibliography isn't too long, I can be done with it in a matter of days.

It doesn't happen very often though (recently, I've gorged on books by R.L. Mathewson, Sarah MacLean and Olivia Cunning), which is fortunate because, when one has read all the books by an author and, as a glutton, is eager for more, the wait can be quite torturous.
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