Sep 18 2012 9:39am

Who Wants to Be a Pretty Woman?

With more and more billionaires popping up in romance novels, it seems like a good time to recall that the emotionally-stunted, lonely, domineering, incredibly attractive billionaire is not a new character.

The fantasy of a controlling man swooping in and buying the heroine designer clothing, feeding her escargot, and most incredibly, listening to her, is one that resonates through the centuries.

Why is this type so appealing?

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Cara Bristol
1. Cara Bristol
I think women read romances to escape from the hum drum and to fantasize. If you're going to dream, dream big! Which is more fun...thinking about a paunchy balding guy who drives a delivery truck and who falls asleep in front of the TV or a gorgeous billionaire who sweeps you off to Paris?
Mara Gillott
2. MaraGillott
Here is the way I see it, my husband is not sappy, pampering and what I wouldn't give to done a expensive pair of threads once in my life. It's a fantasy and fantasies are meant to be something you don't already have. If you already had it, then it would be reality. I don't want to read a book where the hero turns me down for sex because he is too tired, sleeps on top of me and drolls on me in his sleep and then where I have to get up at 6:00 AM to make his sandwiche. I do that already. I want a hero who is emotionally stunted and will feed me a bunch of shit I don't like to eat while stuffing me in a size too small dress and a killer pair of heels while banging me each and everyway my husband wont. (shrug)
Cara Bristol
3. SassyT
"Well, he's a rich classy guy. Maybe you could buy like a house and a horse and some diamonds or something." - Kitt Deluca.

I think that says it all. Who doesn't want a rich man (well in your dreams anyway...the real life ones don't seem to be as charming or faithful...lol) who will let you wear a $250,000 necklace and earrings, give you his credit card (and not tell you how much you can spend), and fly you in a private jet to SF to see the opera? I mean that is living the dream...literally.

And since I know this isn't going to happen for real in my life (which I'm totally okay with) I might as well get my jollies watching it in a movie or reading about it in a book.
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