Sep 14 2012 8:11am

Which Romance Author Writes the Best Sex Scenes?

"He pumped her roughly, filling the room with the sounds of their breathing and the smell of their sin. She felt drunk, this man’s harsh energy as intoxicating as ten bottles of wine. She stroked his chest and dug her fingernails into his shoulders. Spurs, telling him to make it rougher.—Cara McKenna, Don't Call Her Angel

No matter what intensity of romance novel you read—from kisses only to erotic—your favorite authors write some iteration of sex scenes.

Putting aside plot, and characterization, and overall readability, and all of that, who would you say writes the best sex in romance novels? (Bonus if you include specific scenes in your comment!)

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K.M. Jackson
1. kwanawrites
Great morning coffee. This is from my actual tweet on Wednesday:

"Finished The Rebound Guy by @FarrahRochon last night. There was one love scene written so well where I almost stood & applauded."

The scene was short but sweet and very hot. I loved it so much that I went back and reread it to see how Farrah wrote it so well.
Brie Clementine
2. Brie.Clem
Meg Maguire writes red-hot sex scenes. They are original and erotic (also writes ER as Cara McKenna so she obviously knows what she's doing). I have an awesome, very NSFW, quote. Should I post it?
Victoria Janssen
3. VictoriaJanssen
I actually like Mary Balogh's no-nonsense approach in her shorter Regencies. Maybe because it's so different from the usual.
Brie Clementine
4. Brie.Clem
Here’s the quote! From Meg Maguire's Headstrong (very NSFW he is "flying solo" in front of her):

“I imagined I was fucking you with my fingers…that I made you so wet and tight and hot for me.”
She felt herself blush, and not just in her cheeks. “And what then?”
“You begged me to give you my dick. You told me you were aching to have me inside you.”
“God.” She didn’t care that she was giving away her own excitement.
“You begged and begged until I finally submitted, and I gave it to you.” Reece was rough with himself now, strokes quickening. He moaned softly, as though surrendering.
“You put your dick in me?” Her eyes locked on it.
“Yeah. Oh God…”
“Keep talking.” Libby couldn’t remember feeling this aroused before. If she was ever going to have an orgasm, it would be with this man. On this bed.

See what I mean? Hot! ;-)
Hell Cat
6. hellcat
I love and adore Moira Rogers/Kit Rocha's sex scenes. Beyond Shame has some of the best scenes. I think my poor friends thought there was something wrong with me for awhile because of all the whimpering. There's a scene where it's four people having sex and not one person's excluded from the fun. I swear all my friends want the book now, too. A couple more weeks and they can be tortured, too.
Rae Alley
7. rszalley
I've got one I reread last night -- it involves mangos (from Sarah Mayberry's Her Best Worst Mistake)
13. J-me
Carmenlire - 100% agree!! Lisa Kleypas is a God!!

Stranger in My Arms - Hunter and Lara - oh there is a scene in the hallway in the dark where Hunter teases does wicked things to Lara and despite it not being sex its HOT and its definitely something that gets re-read.

Also Kresley Cole - her entire Immortal After Dark Series is hot enough to get on this list!

Including Cole's Highland romances; in particular - "If You Dare" - Court kidnaps Annalia, he's a ruffian and she is prim and proper and after he fantasises about sneaking into her bed one night and wants to enjoy her surrendering to him and having her admit that she is attracted to him even though he is 'below' her. He eventually does and its all sliding the night gown up her back and large hands and.. from behind... just trust me its HOT!

Jaci Burton - Play by Play series.
32. Gidge
I feel that I really must recommend Emma Holly for that perfect must-cross-your-legs-while-reading effect. Especially if one enjoys paranormal romance, and enjoys that background feeling of paranormalcy playing into the erotica itself.

For the less magically inclined, I'd like to throw out the name of Jess Dee. Because the best way to underscore the searing sexiness of such scenes is to weave the emotional with the physical so tightly that you get the sense of one from the other, and Ms. Dee can do it from the very first scene and keep ya hooked.
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