Sep 6 2012 8:03am

Talking During Sex Leads to Better Sex, Science Finds

“You want it, you slutty little bookworm.”—Charlotte Stein's Control

There's something to why we find dirty-talking characters so damn hot: Communication during sex about sex increases people's comfort level with sex (according to science, at least).

We love a good dirty talker, too—there are many characters who've said all kinds of things to their partner. Which character, in your opinion, has the best dirty talk in romance novels?

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1. dezi-girl
Ohh you're going to really make me think... I'm going to have to come back, because I know some really good ones.
mandy troxel
cant think of any at the moment , but i find dirty talk during sex to be a major turn on! and love it in books when they describe it naughty.
Vanessa Ouadi
3. Lafka
I so love dirty talk during sex. It turns me on almost as much as the act in itself.
As to which characters have the best dirty talk, I'll have to read some books again to find out, I can't think of one in particular right now.

EDIT : Ok, I'm currently reading Reflected in You, and I must admit Sylvia Day is pretty gifted when it comes to writing down dirty talk!
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