Sep 20 2012 12:30pm

Surviving the Hockey Lockout with Romantic Hockey Heroes

True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel GibsonA hockey lockout is awful. As every other sports fandom gets revved up, hockey fans are in for a long haul of…nothing. Hoping that there will be progress in the talks that there hadn’t been before. Hoping something miraculous might happen, but somehow aware that that’s about as likely as Mike Eruzione scoring a hat trick against Henrik Lundquist.

With that in mind, I’m bringing you a two-part series talking about books that might prepare you to weather the long wait.

First, the classics. Some of these books are tried and true, discussed by hockey fans and romance readers everywhere. Some of these books are by authors we love, who’ve made their first hockey book a must read. And one of these books was an author and hockey fan’s first on the road to hockey romance greatness.

1. True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson

Every single list of hockey romances must include a Rachel Gibson. It’s practically required. This one makes this list because it is memorable for both  on the ice action as well as off the ice. Gibson’s team, the Seattle Chinooks, actually joined the NHL in this book, and we had appearances from real players (I remember seeing Markus Nasulnd’s name in the pages of this book a short time after he retired).

Icebreaker by Deirdre Martin2. Icebreaker by Deirdre Martin

Any list of hockey romances must also have a Deirdre Martin title. Maneuvering by on-ice officials, owners and Management make this book a timely one no matter where you stand on open ice htting.

3. Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton

I love recommending this book to people after they’ve finished Fifty Shades of Grey (I work in a bookstore). Yes, it has scorching hot sex (even most appropriately for our purposes, on a hockey rink!), but what it brings to the table, and this list, is the emotion. Yes, between our heroine and our hero (who plays for a St.Louis Blues-like team), but also the way Jaci Burton captures the fans' love of their beloved hockey team. It’s already on my classics list, which means I hope this isn’t the last time Jaci Burton will take her masterful pen to the rink.

Talk to Me by Cassandra Carr4. Talk to Me by Cassandra Carr

Cassandra Carr captures the atmosphere of a hockey-related talk show. Her banter, her heat and her heart are dead on. If you want to read more from Carr, her Buffalo Intimidators series shows a completely different side to a hockey team.

Anybody read anything I missed? Anybody disagree with my suggestions? Let me know. Next come some books to watch for, including a first hockey book from a proven romance talent.


Stacey Agdern, @nystacey

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Melanie Ruoff
3. Melanie Ruoff
Thanks for the timely post! I've read most of these, but I will get right on the ones I haven't.
Melanie Ruoff
5. Amanda P.
LOVE Hockey romance! I have and ADORE of Rachel Gibson's Chinooks Series! I've been meaning to get to Deirdre Martin, but havent yet. Toni Aleo has a hockey series as well. It's not as good but if your missing your hockey and blow through the rest it's there.

Amanda Lets Get Romantical
Melanie Ruoff
6. Tammye
Shelly Laurenston's Beast Behaving Badly, The Main Squeeze, Big Bad Beast and Bear Meets Girl all have hockey players. Male and Female.
Karen Schmidt
7. kjane
I love both Jaci Burton and Rachel Gibson! Can't wait to read these 2 books.
Melanie Ruoff
8. alg
I have read RG and DM series both great. Although, DM last one I couldn't finish. Did not like the heroine. I just discovered JB in football, she does hockey as well?!? YES! Not sure about the last one, not much into talk show in real life.... I've also been meaning to pick up TA series hard to find so I give up pretty quickly and pick something else. New auth's I normally get at a library first hate wasting 8 bucks on a book that sucks :)
Melanie Ruoff
9. SassyT
I love Rachel Gibson and Deirdre Martin's hockey books. But those two you listed aren't even the best ones in their series. I would have picked either Simply Irresistable or See Jane Score. They were funny and sexy all at the same time. As for Deirdre Martin, I'd go with Fair Play. That was the first book I ever read by her. I'm going to have to give these other authors a try. I have been wishing to find some new hockey books to read.
Susan Lyons
12. Susan/Savanna
I love Rachel, Deirdre, and Jaci's books! May I politely suggest my own "The Dirty Girls Book Club" by Savanna Fox, from Berkley Heat? It just came out this month. A buttoned-up marketing exec is given the job of turning a "rough around the edges" hocky star into the figurehead for a sports/athletic clothing line. It's a Cinderella story for both of them. He gets made over just enough--a bit more polish, without losing his raw masculine charm. She loses her buttons, lets down her hair, and finds her sensual, sexy side. You can find an excerpt, behind-the-scenes notes, and a discussion guide on my website.
Melanie Ruoff
13. SusieK
apparently hockey love is a Thing! I thought I was the only one!!! I saw this post "The Rise of Erotic Hockey Fan Fiction"

AHHHH! Love it. I'm sending this to my husband so he knows its practically a "mainstream" obsession and not a random weird thing about his wife!

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