Sep 25 2012 8:11am

Sexing Up the Classics: Which Literary Classic Should Be Tweaked?

Reworking old treasured classic books into new stories is commonplace now, especially when you're adding sex into the mix. Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, Jane Austen's books, and Shakespeare (of course!) have all been source material for newer authors.

Of course, there are loads of literary classics that have not yet been tampered with. Which literary classic would you like to see updated for modern times?

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Jordan R
1. jrojrojro
That version of Romeo + Juliet make me bawl every time. But it's so beautiful!
2. wsl0612
I would really like a re-write on Wuthering Heights please :-) I'm all for the tortured hero but it was just too much!

And Frankenstein could use another look, it has tremendous possibilities even though it has been done again and again. Just love the story though.
Claire Louise Thompson
3. Nefersitra
David Copperfield - my grandmother was from Lowestoft, which is just down the coast from Great Yarmouth and this was her favourite book, passed on to me at 8 when I scarred myself reading Titus Andronicus .
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