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Qhuay: M/Mainstreaming M/Man-Love in J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood

Lover At Last by J. R. WardIt’s just possible that you’ve already heard: Qhuay is on the way. J.R. Ward has announced that the next installment of her mega-popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover At Last, will focus on the long-awaited love story of Black Dagger trainees Qhuinn and Blaylock, who have been pining for one another from afar (well, technically they live in the same house, but they’re separated by a deep emotional gulf) for a while now. The fact that Qhuinn and Blay are both male vampires, and their story will be told in the context of a series that is broadly marketed to heterosexual women, makes this choice…intriguing and a little surprising, but maybe not entirely shocking.

I won’t lie: When I heard that Ward was planning on devoting an entire full-length novel to Qhuay, rather than the novella that was evidently originally planned, my first thought was “Wow! That’s, like, unprecedented.” But when I thought about it, I realized that it’s not “unprecedented” at all.

Conflict of Honors by Sharon Lee and Steve MillerFor one thing, as paranormal romance/urban fantasy, the BDB books fall squarely into a genre tradition in which the exploration of Otherness comes with the territory, and in which same-sex romance can be viewed as no more remarkable than, say, an angel falling in love with a vampire. For example, in Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s Conflict of Honors, a Liaden Universe novel, heroine Priscilla Mendoza enjoys a liaison of pleasure with her ship’s wise and wonderful librarian, Lina, and although their affair is depicted mostly as a worthwhile but temporary way station on her path to Forever Love with the sardonically sexy Captain Shan yos’Galan, she and Lina remain close friends. And in Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series, no less a major character than Count Aral Vorkosigan is presented as an acknowledged bisexual—complete with an evil ex-boyfriend running around causing trouble—although once he meets the brave and brilliant Captain Cordelia Naismith, he swiftly settles down into contented monogamy with her.

The First Wives Club by Olivia GoldsmithIn fact, when you think about it, same-sex romance isn’t unheard of in mainstream romantic fiction, either, although it usually involves secondary characters. Notably, the Gay Best Friend is such a common trope as to be a cliché. But there are exceptions. For instance, if you reach back to the ’90s, Olivia Goldsmith’s The First Wives Club not only features a loving gay male couple in a secondary role, it also includes a storyline in which one of the Wives, Brenda, falls in love with her divorce attorney, the euphoniously-named Diana La Gravenesse; the two are happily coupled by the end of the book. More recently, one of Suzanne Brockmann’s popular Navy SEAL-centric Troubleshooters books chronicles the wave of disasters leading up to the wedding of FBI agent Jules Cassidy and the man of his dreams, Hollywood hunk Robin Chadwick.

Furthermore, even within the world of the BDB, the consummation of Qhuay’s love should come as anything but a surprise. Qhuinn and Blaylock have played strong supporting roles in the past few books, and Ward has not been shy about depicting hot love scenes between the two and their various lovers. And she has written few more relationships that are more emotional than the one between the newest Brother, Butch, and his trahyner (freely translated: “beloved friend”), Vishous. We’ve seen this coming for a while, in other words.

Even if it’s not a surprise, however, it’s a big deal, culturally and socially. As the idea of same-sex relationships gains wider cultural acceptance, Qhuinn and Blay’s romance being presented as not materially different than that of, say, Butch and Marissa, complete with longing, misunderstanding, and angst—to say nothing of the fact that they’re both male being an important fact but not the important fact—is significant. The fact that her fan base seems to be responding more or less enthusiastically (for the most part) is even bigger. I’m not sure this book could have been written as a mainstream novel—the kind you’d buy at a grocery store—even ten years ago.

So hooray for J.R. Ward for being in the vanguard of popular mainstream acceptance of same-sex romance, and hooray for her readers for being so awesomely accepting.

And hooray for Qhuay, for being so…so…?


To Be Continued in the forthcoming H&H debate “Qhuay: Yay or Nay?”


Kate Nagy is Editor at Large of Geek Speak Magazine.

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Mandi Schreiner
1. smexybooks
The fact that her fan base seems to be responding more or less enthusiastically (for the most part) is even bigger. I’m not sure this book could have been written as a mainstream novel—the kind you’d buy at a grocery store—even ten years ago.

Completely agree with what you said there. I am a huge lover of m/m and I am so glad that a popular mainstream author is pub'ing a book in hardcover.

I also love Ward and can't wait to read full on m/m romance scenes ;) I really hope this opens the door for more mainstream gblt books.
Melanie Thomas
2. missmelthomas
I'm soooo frakkin excited for Lover At Last I can't stand it. I am very open-minded sexually so the whole gay thing isn't an issue. Love is love as far as I'm concerned. I'm glad that the Warden decided to do it her way and give Blay and Qhuinn what they have both so desperately needed; each other. I foresee some serious M/M hotness in the future and have much respect for J.R. Ward for pushing their love into the mainstream.
Nicole Leapheart
3. BoxyFrown
JRW has a monstrous fan base that gets bigger every year, and this decision to publish a full novel did not escape without some controversy, unfortunately, as some fans flat out said they refused to read the m/m romance. I love Jules and Robin from the Troubleshooters, but they are the only characters I recognized from the list of books above. I don't seek out m/m, but I am ecstatic about Qhuay - who could read their backstory in the other books and then decide they don't want to see it through??
Lege Artis
4. LegeArtis
Well, J.R.Ward danced around this with Butch and V... There was sexual tension, there were feelings...And then she paired them with women. So, there was Ward folowing the rules of exclusively heterosexual happy end, but for me Butch and V are still perfect for each other and in my little fantasy world Jane and Marissa are out of the picture.;)
So, yes! I'm all for Qhuinn and Blay having their happy end! I read through seven books how they grew up, fell in love and suffered dramatically and teenagers-like because of that. I don't want to read how they suddenly met girl and she is love of their life. I would feel cheated. I never thought of Qhuinn and Blay as just m/m pairing- they are just ment to be in BDB world. It will not be less romance just because it's about two guys falling in love.
From Wikipedia definition of romance novel:
"The romance novel...place their primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people."
I'm big m/m novels fan and I was happy when Suzanne Brockmann crossed that line. But when I heard that Ward is doing it, I was freaking ecstatic! And she is doing it in a big style- full novel, hard cover- equal to all previous books in series. As it should be.
Carmen Pinzon
5. bungluna
@LegeArtis - I still feel cheated that Butch and V didn't end up in a threesome with Marissa. After the lousy way she was treated, she deserved to end up with two hot guys. But that's just my own private Black Dagger world.
Lege Artis
6. LegeArtis
@bungluna- Hey, she did make out with Rehv, that's got to count for something, no? ;)
Jordan R
7. jrojrojro
I know I'm going against the grain here, but I'm just not that excited about this book *cringes*

But I think it's less because it's M/M and more because I haven't really ever enjoyed either of those characters. Yes, the angst has been a significant part of the story so far, but of the three young'ens, I always loved John Matthew and felt kind of blah about the other two even before their was sexual tension.

So... am I going to read it? Yeah, probably. But am I going to pay for the hardback? Definitely not.
maria babani
8. Chica8
Overall, my fave BDB is Dark Lover and JR Ward has moved too far away from that beginning. Not interested in Blay and Quinn's story. Will not purchase it.
Jordan R
9. jrojrojro
@mbabani - I feel the same way! I loved the first fourish books, felt meh about the next handful, and now the series doesn't even resemble what we started with! (at least from my perspective)
Nikki Hilton
10. nikkiphilton
@mbabani and jrojrojro--I feel the same way as well. I loved Dark Lover, and then read the next 3 or 4 more. But I'm done with it. I might some day want to reread Dark Lover, but that's the extent of it.
11. AllisonH
I am soooo excited about this book! I will buy it in hard cover, hoping she does one of her signings for it. I have not bought any of the other books in anything but ebook format and the only other one that I might buy would be Zsadist's book. But I'm a huge m/m fan, I find the characters much more interesting and it's double the hot, at least, so how can I go wrong!?!
Mara Gillott
12. MaraGillott
I'm so thrilled for this book to come out. I love Blay and Qhinn and I think its awesome that she is going m/m with it. I agree that as a stand alone, I'm not sure how well it would have done but the following of the Warden had definately helped!
13. Book Huntress
My biggest question/fear right now though is will the scenes between Blay and Quinn be the same as we've seen previsouly??

Yes she has had a few m/m hot scenes, but none "crossed the line" so to speak, will we get in depth (ahem) descriptions or just a glossy version???

I admit I am a fan of m/m books and characters so I am hoping she just goes for it, but I have to admit I am very scared that she did or has been pulled back....
14. jlw76
Come on Poeple! How can you not be excited to see the HEA of the Quinn + Blaylock angsty saga? Throw your black and white ideas out the window and focus on the story. Those two have been to hell and back, they love each other, get over the M/M issue and focus on the romance. Im thrilled they are getting their own book, and have already pre-purchased it on Amazon! You go J.R. Ward! Mainstreaming is for woosies!
15. Shelenec
I’m really excited about this one. I fell in love with the first and feel the same about the rest. I know it will be just as good as the others. Whether it is m/m or m/f it’s all the same when love is involved. BDB has to be one of the best written vampire books out there. It is amazing what J.R. Ward can do with an Alpha Male. I have them all in Hard Cover and ebook. It will be the same for this one too. :)
16. Nikki N
I am all in full support of Qhuay but the issue that concerns me and it probably is nothing is that we have Qhuinn who was shunned by his family and society. I just hope that the stigma of being abused and being different automatically makes someone gay. I can't wait for the book. Q and Blay have been two of my favorite characters since their beginning.
17. TangelB
Yay Qhuay! I have been (not so) patiently waiting for their story, and I agree with all supportive comments above (you go missmelthomas & AllisonH!) - it's a love story that happens to be about 2 males. If they haven't gotten over each other by now, it was meant to be. I am so excited that it's finally a reality that I will be purchasing this in hardcover - something I've had to give up for many authors due to space issues. No waiting for the paperback on this one!
18. KW
I read their short story and feel in love even more with Qhuay. Great storyline and finally getting to see an emotional side other than a harda$$ from Qhuinn was wonderful. I am all for this book and will definitely buy it since I own all the others. I have found very few authors that I enjoy as much as JRW. Thanks JRW for all you write!!
19. Lisat131
My Goodreads name has Qhuay in it, I guess that makes me something of a fan. I also write a m/m romance review blog and have blogged specifically about Romantic Times' article on Mainstream M/M Romance, which focused on Ward's upcoming release of Lover at Last.

I think the big questions for many Qhuay fans are:

1. Why both Qhuinn and Blay weren't featured on the cover? The most recent BDB covers have both MC's on the cover. LaL doesn't. Ward did explain this to me in a FB post, saying that, for her this is Qhuinn's story. Many are still trying to accept that. It is her story to tell. Some of us still have to wonder if her publisher put limits on it.

2. Will the sex on the page be as visual as it has been in all of her other het books? I read a lot of m/m and it ranges from careful glances to really gritty, hard-core sex. Ward's depictions have always been graphic. She doesn't delve into explicit erotica but it butts up to the line. It will be interesting to see how far she pushes her (new to m/m) readers comfort level.

3. Will Walmart sell it? Go back and read #1. It's very possible that this was a concession in order to be able to put the book front and center on every type of booksellers shelves.

I'm thrilled that Ward got the go ahead to tell Qhuinn and Blay's story. I have some personal issues with possible missed opportunities but it's Ward's book. I hope it opens many avenues of discussion but I can certainly understand her not wanting to politicize her book.

I'm near to blowing a gasket in anticipation. I can wait, but it's killing me.
20. j9
I think I'm the opposite of a few of the readers here. I just wasn't that into the series at the beginning, but I stuck with it and became invested in the characters, and I feel like Qhuay is my reward, lol. (Well, I've enjoyed John Matthew and Vishous too, but still . . .) I think the slow buildup of their relationship is a lot more interesting and believable (if occasionally frustrating) than the more typical love-at-first-sight romance.

Kudos to Ward for introducing a lot of readers--including me--to M/M romance! I was thrilled when I learned Qhuinn and Blay would get a full-length novel, and though I almost always read library books, I'll be buying Lover At Last . . . even if only one of them made it to the cover. :P

Love is love as far as I'm concerned, too.
21. Charlayne
I knew this was coming the way the stories were going. To say I was somewhat nervous about it, yep. I'ld never read any m/m stuff and while the V/Butch things skirted on the edge, and the Blaylock and Saxton thing touched on it, it hasn't been written like I know it's going to be in the next book. It's going to have to be to really give them their HEA.

I asked some of the girls over on the BDB yahoo list and they recommended some good m/m books to kind of "introduce" me to what could be out there in the future and I discovered the Ty and Zane "Cut & Run" series by Urban and Roux. OMG, I'm in love with them just as much (almost) as I am the Brotherhood. Just like with the BDB, the stories are STORIES with some love included and it's not gratuitous at all, it fits with the story and it is good. I know J.R. Ward is going to give us just as good a story with Blay and Qhuinn and I'm going to fall in love with them and I cannot wait.
22. Joyce S.
I like how we all have our own issues (or not) with Ms. Ward. I have no problem at all with Quhay, my issue with her was Thor, Wellsey and the one who shall not be named... . SHe lost me at that point.
Gail Siuba
23. gsryley
I love all of the books of the BDB. I'm invested in their lives like their friends. I have no problem with Qhuinn & Blay and I can't wait to see how their story unfolds. IMHO Ms. Ward is a master story teller and I just love all her books.
24. BluId
I love the series and although I would never imagine myself concerned regarding guy on guy action, she has built this up in the last several books that I've been upset over what they have been going through. So yeah, I'm excited to read how it turns out.
25. leshagen
@missmelthomas I had to quote you because I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said:

"I'm soooo frakkin excited for Lover At Last I can't stand it. I am very open-minded sexually so the whole gay thing isn't an issue. Love is love as far as I'm concerned. I'm glad that the Warden decided to do it her way and give Blay and Qhuinn what they have both so desperately needed; each other. I foresee some serious M/M hotness in the future and have much respect for J.R. Ward for pushing their love into the mainstream."

I feel the exact same way. I love a great love story regardless of who the main characters are. And like many other BDB fans, I also feel a little cheated that Butch and Vishous were never given a chance. It almost seem like JR Ward wanted to go in that direction, but wimped out at the end. But I guess that she finally realized that her loyal fans will stick with her, and we are a lot more open-minded and accepting than you'd think. Or maybe she just got tired of tip-toeing around the issue and just said flake it, I'm doing what I want. And to that, I say, you go girl :D
26. RayRay
I can't wait to read the new book! I truly hope Ward doesn't lose any readers over this, if anything, I hope she gains more.

As a gay girl I still enjoy all of her BDB books, so I am hoping that the opposite will be true also, that all the straighties can enjoy a little gay lovin' too.

It's all about the love people ; )
27. stormie girl
Let's put it this way, JR Ward has two things to worry about with this book. Legitimately her readers who are for/against m/m. I'm all for it but if she decided to dive into the intimate scenes like she did in Lover Awakened (Vishious), I can just see all the women (and men) whose eyeballs are going to melt because they can't handle the intensity. And lets be real, these two characters can be really intense at times , especially our Qhuinn. JR Ward has to throw those scenes in there or else the book wouldn't be worth it .
Speaking of worth it, here is the second problem and I totes agree with my fellow readers, will the book as a whole be worth reading? I slept through John's story. Did not care...at all, which still blows my mind. Her whole lead up to that book was a big tease. Huge tease that I couldn't wrap my head around after reading Lover Mine. Sad to say, after Lover Awakened, she lost me as an all-around storyteller. I don't even remember Payne's book title. Come on JR Ward, bring it home.
Lege Artis
28. LegeArtis
@ stormie girl - And you wrapped it all nicely. Hot sex scenes is not just Ward's thing, it's BDB thing. IMO, if she took m/m step already, I think she need to pull it to the end. People who don't want to read about two men getting it on, don't buy book, or don't read sex parts. And seriously, Ward and her publisher haven't made that decision on a whim. I think numers, fan response and general interest made the decision for them.
As of her storytelling, you're right, it's not the best paranormal romance fiction can offer. Who knows, maybe writing something new and risky inspire her storytelling in general in terms of her BDB world and she produce excellent new installment? ;)
I'm a big fan of m/m books, so my personal excitment is that big seller writer with this huge popular series is writing m/m romance and that maybe that will open door for this genre to other readers and/or even writers.
29. Garrett/Grady fangirl
Once upon a time, I thought m/m stories would just not peak my interest. That kind of stuff was okay if you liked it, but not my cup of tea.

The reason behind my thinking: my own ignorance. I had never tried it and just assumed that I wouldn't enjoy it. I couldn't imagine a love story with two guys, instead of a male/female pairing.

Then I read the BDB series, fell in love with the characters, and more importantly fell in love with Blay & Qhuinn and Butch & Vishous (who will forever be a couple in my perfect-fictional-BDB world). They taught me that love is love and a good story is a good story, regardless of whether it is a male/female, two males, or two females together.

So not surprisingly, I am counting down the days until Qhuay's book (200, in case you're wondering). I cried happy tears of joy when Ward annouced their book would be next...still get a little emotional if I watch that video honestly. I stayed up almost 24hrs straight just so I could see the cover of LAL as soon as it was posted. I've cried, laughed, and loved with Qhuinn and Blay and cannot wait to continue that when they get their own novel. I'm going to be ordering multiple copies of this book for myself.

Also, have to mention that Qhuay and Butchous were responsible for leading me to the love of my life: Ty Grady and Zane Garrett. Abigail Roux's (and Madeleine Urban) Cut & Run series actually replaced BDB as my favorite book series.

After immersing myself in m/m novels for the last few months, I can only say that I feel sorry for anyone that chooses not to read them just because they are male/male. If I could, I would go back and slap my pre-Qhuay/Butchous self in the head for letting preconceived notions make me not realize sooner what a treasure trove of wonderfulness awaited me if I'd just try m/m novels.
30. kmoody
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, I have sooooooo been waiting for this. Qhuinn & Blay belong together. I have always wanted to slap Qhuinn in the head for letting Blay get away. I can't wait to see how they work it out.
31. KathleenC
All kinds of YAY! BDB is one of my all-time favorite romance series. And since I've discovered m/m erotica/romance for straight girls, I'm practically shivering in anticipation.

Garrett/Grady fangirl: I, too, am in love with the Cut and Run series. Who wouldn't fall in love with Ty and Zane? And there are plenty of other great m/m authors out there: Rowan Speedwell, Morgan Hawke, Joey Hill, GA Hauser, Mary Calmes, Heidi Cullinan, etc.

The main reason I finally had the guts to delve into m/m, was the series by Sophie Oak called Texas Sirens. In the first book, we meet Jack and Sam, who fall in love with Abby. In the second book, after we've fallen for these two guys, we get to see their unrequited love addressed. That was my first experience reading anything m/m. Changed everything.

Good on ya, JR Ward! This story has been a long time coming; thanks for handling it out in the open.
Heather Rizzuti
32. heatherbartley
Reading this article reminded me of a fantasy trilogy that I read as a teenager whose gay male main character (Vanyel), who was a powerful mage, had some male/male romance (nothing explicit). It is Mercedes Lackey's trilogy of books composed of Magic's Pawn, Magic's Promise, and Magic's Price. The 1st half of Magic's Price, in particular, had some really good romance going on with his male soulmate. It was really sweet.
33. craaaazz
Knew this book was coming & really just want it over with. I have been a fan since the first BDB book, but I have found the tenion between Quinn & Blaylock distracting, to say the least. Their angst has taken away from the main plot & I just want it over. It is not like she doesn't already have a m/m couple in the series now.....Blaylock & Saxon are a couple, maybe not the couple everyone wants, but they are a couple. A complete book devoted to the threesome and then we can hopefully get back to BDB & and the Lessors.........yeah....hopefully we will not have do it all over again with the Chosen........just saying.
By the way..........love the Fallen Angel series.
34. SassyT
M/M is not my cup of tea but she did make the Blaylock/Saxton sex scene (wasn't explicit) pretty hot I must say. I agree with a few other posters in that my problem isn't with Qhuay. It's with how JR Ward's writing has changed from the beginning of her series (awesome) to now (not so great...I'm looking at you...story about Tohrment...don't even get me started on Phury's book). I think she drug the Qhuinn/Blay storyline angst out too long. She should have written this two books ago. Now I'm kind of ambivalent about every book that comes out. I still read them but I'm just not as excited as I used to be. With every new book I hope she's gotten her mojo back and gotten on track (I really liked Rehv's book....thought she'd gotten back on the rails...but John Matthew's book off into the ditch again). So, I'm going to read it of course. I figure I've invested this much time into the series might as well continue...besides I like catching glimpses of my boys Zsadist and Rhage. So here's hoping the writing is a lot better than Tohrment's book. He deserved better and so do Blay and Qhuinn.
Joy Noonan
35. ctwmn54
Hi guys,
While I agree with many of you and don't personally agree with the m/m part these two just would not have worked with anyone different.I have her entire series and can't wait to see how the story for these two has played out. I think she has made the line cross of m/m quite tactfully and can't wait to get my copy.GO JR!!!
Mare Hernandez
36. mare9548
M/M romances never really appealed to me -actually I think I've never read one-, but defenitely I want to read this book. I've been waiting it for so long! I'm a fierce defender of Qhuay. I always thought they deserve to be together and to have a full novel. Love is love, not matter the sex of the people involved. I know WARDen will give us a awesome story worthy of them. She won't disappoint us.
37. wsl0612
@mare9548, I totally agree. I don't seek out m/m romance, it just isn't a draw, but Ward has done such a great job of writing the characters and making you feel the heartbreak. I can't wait for their romance to come to fruition.
Bridget Agnello
38. SuzBFan
I'm almost drooling with excitement over finally being able to read the resolution to Blay's & Quinn's love story. I'll be CRUSHED if she doesn't give me some hot, explicit, panty-moisturizing, pelvic-anal-oral action between two of the hottest warriors. If I have to fork over $12.99 or $14.99 for my Nook ebook version, then I'm talkin' I wanna be able to HEAR the lid of Blay's gigantic tube of lube being flicked open and FEEL the squishy, cold goodness as it runs in between Quinn's cheeks!! ....god I'm not sure I can wait until next year.... .....
Bridget Agnello
39. SuzBFan
Speaking of "lube"....this begs the question, so which one do you think will bottom and which do you think will top? Seems too obvious to assume Quinn with top Blay. At this point, Quinn is feeling so vulnerable about Blay that, I suspect he'll bottom when they first come together. In the end, I think they both be switches. What do you guys think?
Bridget Agnello
40. SuzBFan
@Garrett/Grady fangirl: I just adore Ty and Zane's story as well. Did you read the last installment that Abigail Roux just released a couple of weeks ago, "Stars and Stripes" ???
41. rdsangel127117
Like several other posters on here, I'm not excited about Qhuay. The problem isn't that it'll be an m/m romance. I've read some m/m. For me it's not even her writing. The plots aren't interesting to me anymore. After the debacle (for me) with Lover Unleashed I've be totally disinterested. It really started for me after Rehv's book. That was the last good one. The others were disasters and for me and a waste of my money. I haven't even read Lover Reborn. I'll read Qhuay only because I want to see how she handles it, but I'll get it from the library or wait for the paperback. I'm done buying her hardcover books.
marci zavala
42. pinksxam
Not disappointed in any of wards books n abso can not wait for this one to come out..don't mind the cover ,I just want wats inside the book..
43. proser
I have been waiting for this since she introduced the trio of trainees. I am so glad that we can anticipate this in a mainstream series!
44. I love my BDB boys
I am a huge fan of this series. I am excited for the next book. Can't wait actually. But that being said after the last book (Payne) I just think it fell flat. I loved books 1-5 (Dont care for Phury so i didnt care for his book) then book 7 was great.....Johns book reminded me of Breaking dawn...you are waiting for this huge giant fighting scene and it just fizzled out. It was a pretty big let down, then came Paynes book... I have read every single one of these books in a 1 day time frame...paynes book took me almost 3 because it could not hold my interest. I sure hope things get stepped up a notch with this next book because this is by far my favorite series to date! So i am all for Quinn and Blay to be happy, but i want to be able to read more about the characters that i have grown to love. Paynes book should have been a Novella or an outtake or something like Father mine. Father Mine should have just been added to Z's book because that one is already an emotional roller coaster and by far the greatest of the series.
46. Garrett/Grady fangirl

I helped crash Riptide's site the night Stars & Stripes was released! :D I've only read it twice so far. Such a wonderful book!

Now I'm counting down the days until Touch & Geaux!
47. ctwmn54
In answer to rdsangel127117,
I hope I am not posting twice here do to "mechanical&user"error.LOL I have several favorite writers that are among my favorites and I have their entire collections. I think all of them have written a DUD at one time or another. I still love them all. I just sometimes get it at the library first as I am lucky enough to have a great one that gets them all when they are first released. If I am unsure about one I just put it on HOLD there then snag it and read it.If I like it go buy it. My favorites are still my favorites.I don't stop reading them
because they write a DUD now and then.Thank you guys for listening to my occassional rants. My cats don't talk back to me so you get all my thoughs in type.Sorry for the occassional soap box.LOL Thanks.
49. Nikitabono
I am estatic about this book...I have Quinn's pict from the cover as the wallpaper on my phone...people ask who it is and I get to explain...BDB is on of my MOST favorite series EVER....I cannot wait to see how she puts it all together...
50. pinksxam
Were in thee hell can I get quays wall paper 4 my smitten ass..
51. ctwmn54
Wouldn't mind the answer to that question myself.I'd like a desktop one.
52. Jaybee
I hated dark lover but thought I'd give the series a proper go. There's a few characters I love (Z, Rhage, Vishous) and a few I'd be quite happy to see the back of (John Matthew, Phury, Wrath) but one thing that I love about these books is the Qhuay storyline! I am so excited that she's decided to go all out and give them they're own whole book! Unprecedented? Yes! Bad idea? NO! Bring it on!
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