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Play with Me!: Romance Novel Heroines and Their Sex Toys

Into the Storm by Suzanne BrockmannI read Romance because I like love stories, exploring different relationships and meeting new people. I also like sex and reading about it. I particularly enjoy reading about women who revel in their sexualities and feel empowered by it. It makes me happy to see women who enjoy sex.

Of course, not every romance heroine is like that. To most, achieving sexual freedom is part of their journey and the heroes are the ones in charge of taking them there. Romance heroines usually find emotional and physical fulfillment at the end of the book and not by their own hands. So when I come across one that starts strong in the sexual department, I know I’m getting an interesting reading experience.

Here are some heroines whose sexual lives are as rich and diverse as their multicolored dildos. These women believe that it’s perfectly fine to masturbate and have sex toys—even if you’re not an Erotic Romance character.

Tracy from Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooter Series

When we first meet Tracy, she’s a bit scatterbrained and not that good at her job. But I found her charming, especially after she empties her bag in front of brooding former Navy SEAL, Decker, and doesn’t feel much embarrassment when what comes out of it are condoms, lubricant, and her flashy vibrator:

The baggie seemed to gleam, shiny in the overhead fluorescent light. But it wasn't quite as attention-sucking as her massager. George's on/off switch had somehow been flipped in its dive from her daypack, and it lay there in its neon green phallic glory shivering and whirring. (Into the Storm)

She never gets to use the vibrator, although it makes another appearance later on in the series, but I know that part of her HEA will involve putting George, in all its neon green phallic glory, to good use.

Unlawful Contact by Pamela ClareTessa and Sophie from Pamela Clare’s I-Team Series

These two ladies’ vibrators have a tendency to show up in the most inopportune moments. Fortunately for Sophie, Marc is a thoughtful hero and hides it for her:

He found her vibrator in the top drawer of her nightstand. Bubblegum pink, it was shaped like a dick—a thick, veiny, enormous dick. Except that no dick he’d ever seen was packed with tiny pearls. Or came with switches. Or quite so many ridges.

Feeling both humbled and curious, he picked it up, turned it on—and damned near dropped it when it started to twist, the pearls rolling over one another as the head rotated.


Marc’s mind filled with images of Sophie rubbing the buzzing head over her clit, sliding the rotating shaft inside her, her muscles contracting around it as she came. Blood surged into his cock, which, lacking pearls or a motor, did nothing but press uncomfortably against his jeans. He turned the vibrator off and put it in his backpack.

No way was he leaving it here for the cops to find. (Unlawful Contact)

Tessa isn’t a lucky, though. Her son is the one who finds it and decides to ask her what it is in front of hunky Senator Reece:

“Mommy, what’s this jiggle stick?”

She looked up to see her son standing not two feet away from Reece with her purple jelly vibrator in his hand. And he was shaking it, making it waggle back and forth.

But all is well! Reece remembers the jiggle stick when they have sex a few chapters after that unfortunate, yet hilarious, event:

Kara forgot to feel embarrassed, forgot to think, forgot to breathe. Her skin was hypersensitive, every nerve awakened by the soft vibrations, so that the kisses, licks, and nips that followed were almost unbearable. She heard the unmistakable sounds of a woman lost in the bliss of sex, and her arousal rose a notch when she realized the sounds were coming from her own throat.

Then he touched the vibrator lightly to her clitoris. (Extreme Exposure)

Demon Forged by Meljean BrookIrena from Meljean Brook’s Guardian Series

This is a series about angels with superpowers. Irena and Alejandro have a complicated and tumultuous relationship that perfectly reflects their personalities. She is crass, forward, and aggressive. And has the ability to manipulate metal, a talent that comes in handy to create weapons and, well, other things.

In what is one of the most memorable sex scenes I have ever read, Irena, who at the time was Alejandro’s mentor, creates a statue that resembles him and proceeds to give him the show of his life:

Her Gift stroked over his flesh. His cock responded, rising like a burning brand against his lower abdomen. Irena moved aside, revealing the front of the statue. With shock, he saw the thick erection she’d formed from its flaccid member.

Her fingers slipped up the cleft of the statue’s buttocks; her Gift lifted its erection to match his.

Holy Mother of God. He almost protested when she ran the tip of her forefinger up the length of straining flesh.

He directs the statue to touch her as he would, all of this while he watches. It is erotic, frustrating and romantic. One of the most original sex scenes I’ve read and a very unique sex toy.

“Now, I would stand and slide my hand between your thighs.”

Anticipation pounded through her Gift like a heartbeat. Bronze fingers splayed across her stomach, then slipped beneath the waistband of her breeches. (Demon Forged)

These scenes have different degrees of explicitness and the emotions behind them go from amusement to passion. They don’t have to be graphic, vibrators —and sex— can be funny. Masturbation and sex toys shouldn’t be exclusive to Erotic Romance; it should be in more of it in every subgenre because we deserve more than missionary sex, and our heroines deserve to get orgasms even when they are single (or while their heroes watch).


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Dolly Sickles
1. Dolly_Sickles
My son once found a toy that hadn't been put away (he was about three), and when he asked it was my husband quickly said, "It's mommy's cell phone," and whisked it away. I thought I would wet my pants laughing because my son went about his business but the mister was really shaken up. :)
3. sarahsreviews
I remember when I was about 15-16 my friend sent me a vibrator in the post for a joke. My step-dad realised what it was and he opened the parcel, put batteries in, turned it on and put it back in the post box. He thought it was hilarious when he sent me out to fetch the post - I'd never been so embarassed in my life! Now I can look back on it and laugh but at the time I wanted to curl up and die LOL
4. mandy36
i love toys and stories about sex most def going to order this book its a must have
7. Alberta80
So it also happens in real life for your kids to find your vibrator. I was reading the snipet from Pamela Clare and imagining how the child ask s about the "jiggle stick" made me laugh so hard!
8. tareq
Sex toys is very important for along life.By using that we will be spend our life happily.
erotic sex toys
10. Kor Bate
Once it happened my boyfriend found my vibrator . We had a long talk about it :)
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