Sep 27 2012 2:05pm

Once Upon a Time Season 2: A Look at What Was, and What Should Be

Once Upon a Time Season 2 poster — Magic is ComingSeason two of Once Upon a Time premieres on Sept 30th, and we'll be covering it here at H&H.  The show debuted with a bang, and it seemed viewers really took to Storybrook, and its respective citizenry. A lot happened during the season, and secrets were revealed, so we thought it'd be good to remind us all of what happened—and what we'd like to see happen.

When we last left the denizens of Storybrook, they were in the midst of some really “Grimm” chaos. Here are some of the key points:

Henry ate the poison apple tart that Regina made for Emma. He was rushed to the emergency room in full cardiac arrest, and subsequently died. This episode featured a dragon, finally! The dragon was guarding an egg with the secret potion that could potentially bring Henry back and break the curse the town lives under. Emma must take the Prince’s sword and go slay the dragon.

Rumpy tells us that only the potion and “true love" can break the curse. Emma gets the egg and in some typical Rumpy hijinks (and maniacal laughter), he takes the egg from Emma and Regina and runs away. Upset and desolate at their loss return to the hospital, where Emma gives Henry a final kiss on the cheek in a final goodbye. But SHAZAM! Henry starts breathing and THE CURSE IS BROKEN!!! (Ah yes the “Power of Love;” cue Huey Lewis please!)

Rumpelstiltskin in Once Upon a Time

At the same time all over Storybrook, people are remembering who they really are—yes, even Snow and the Prince know now. Emma is reeling from the realization that Snow and the Prince are her parents.

Rumpelstiltskin, who has found his own true love again, runs towards the infamous “magic well” to drop a magic potion hidden inside the dragon’s egg down the well. His love tries to talk him out of it, but he’ll have none of it. His evil is shining bright now that he thinks he has everything he wants. Pouring the potion down into the well, a rumbling starts and a crazy pink cloud starts rolling towards Storybrook. Regina is looking out her window, grief stricken, until she sees the cloud and starts smiling. Rumpy is giddy with excitement over the cloud.


Snow White in Once Upon a Time Season 2You know I have a real love/hate relationship with this show. The cast is comprised of really stellar actors giving average performances. Hopefully the Prince/Snow/Emma triangle will add more dimension to the show now that she knows they are her parents. Previously, most of the Snow/Prince dramas dragged the show down, drudging up the same tired theme over and over. It's most interesting when they bring new fairy tale characters into the storyline, foils for Regina and Rumpelstiltskin. It's also best when they give Rumpy more to do that chitter and dance around in a maniacal fashion.

So what would I like to see happen? More evil!!! I really enjoy the intensity the show takes on when the writers employ evil. I would like to see some of the traditionally BAD characters come forward. The Big Bad Wolf for sure! Have him put that Ruby in her place. HAH!

So, where do you think the next season will take us? What do you want to see happen? Stay tuned for the season premiere's recap, and we’ll discuss it all together.


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1. SassyT
I really liked the show. I agree that the relationship between Snow and Charming in the real world was kind of silly. But I really liked them in fairytale land. Everything else in the storyline was just fine with me. With Regina and Rumplestilskin around I don't think there will be a shortage of evil doings in Storybrooke.
Hell Cat
3. hellcat
I haven't seen the last couple episodes, even though I have them downloaded from my season pass at Apple, so yay for updates. I'd like to see Ruby be more like her fairytale counter - since she seems to be the wolf and keeper all at once. Imagine being all these people and converging two lifetimes into a single body. It's going to lead to a lot of drama, which I can't wait.

I actually like the David and Mary Margaret love story. I think it was a good mirror to their fairytale. I'm looking forward to the remaking of broken HEAs. How do people survive knowing they've been broken at the whims of one vindictive woman? And how will it effect Emma given what she'll know about Graham now? Because he died needlessly. Another broken thread because he saved her mother death, and helped her be born in some ways. So she owed him a lot more than the possibility of love and now she'll have to live with that knowledge.
4. Celayha
I didn’t start watching Once Upon a Time until this summer. I thought that watching a show about fairy tale character tales was silly but then I caught myself watching Grimm. So in order not to appear a hypocrite I gave the show a shot a try and I am hooked! I’ve got two episodes left in season one so I’ll be prepared to dive head first into season two. I’ve already got my Hopper set for this new season that starts on Sunday. I have to agree with you on Snow White and the Prince storyline: it got tiring very quickly and I really hope they turn up the drama a little more. More bad characters would definitely be a good thing as there are plenty to deal with and one of my DISH co-workers really wants to see Hansel and Gretel on the show. I’ve heard of quite a few characters coming to this new season but I won’t spoil that here.
6. EvangelineHolland
I just want to know what Regina will do this season. And more Ruby!
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