Sep 15 2012 11:37am

Lost Girl Season 2, Episode 22 Recap: Dark Succubus

Anna Silk as Bo in Lost Girl 2.22, Flesh and BloodOur Lost Girl obsession is still going strong! Be sure to check out all of our recaps, from Season 1 up to the most recent Season 2 episode aired on SyFy (episode 10episode 11episode 12episode 13episode 14episode 15episode 16episode 17episode 18episode 19episode 20, and episode 21). All caught up? Good. And now, on to the recap for last night’s season finale, episode 2.22, “ Flesh and Blood.”


At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo and Kenzi stand before a weapon-strewn table. Bo looks depressed while Kenzi takes inventory. She starts with a kiss for her stuffed bear, Ziggy, for good luck, moves on to a battle ax in good condition, one dagger “broken tip”, some brass knuckles, “keeping it real, ya know. A bull whip! No comment. And one crazy curvy thing with…ew, what is this?” she asks, fingering the throwing stars. “Troll blood,” Bo snaps. She snatches the shuriken from Kenzi’s hand and tosses it back onto the table while she grouses how none of these weapons will help them against The Garuda. Honey, you said you had a plan. How 'bout we just go back to that? Kenzi tries to reassure her but Bo is in full freak out mode. “I’m serious! You’ve seen how powerful he is! Even if (Doctor) Lauren can save Lachlan’s venom, I don’t know if I can get close enough to deliver it!” Ah – there’s the plan!

Kenzi insists she wants to help her, “I just don’t know how,” and promptly slaps Bo across the face. “Ow!” Bo winces. “That is not exactly what I had in mind!” Bewildered, Kenzi looks at her hand and starts to say it wasn’t her when Bo likewise whacks Kenzi. As Kenzi moans, Bo clues in. “VEX!”

The Dark Fae Mesmer himself pops up from the couch festooned in a cucumber sleep mask. “I’m sorry, am I disturbing you? Oh wait it’s the other way around!” Bo rhetorically asks what part of ‘you’re a guest here does Vex not understand. He pushes the mask up to his forehead. “The part that allows me a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s bad enough I’m stuck on this butcher’s block you call a couch. But having to listen to you two whine about the bloody Garuda!” His voice rises in pitch as he imitates them facetiously. “Oh! What should we do?!  He’s so mean and unstoppable!” Heee.

Pissed, Bo denies that they said any of that. “Well, he is!” Vex points out. “Still, it’s enough to make me want to cut my own ears off!” Kenzi is all up for that and even picks up the dagger to prove her point, but Vex stops her before she can reach the couch. “Careful darling,” he mocks and spins her around. “You might do something you regret.” He forces her to march back to the weapons table and stab Ziggy the Bear. “Aw, Ziggy,” she moans as Vex cackles and when Kenzi pulls the knife out, Ziggy squeaks a death knell.

Not at all amused, Bo tells Vex he might get he might get a peaceful night’s sleep back in The Morrigan’s prison. “Fiiiine,” he sneers. “It’s your party, you can whine if you want to.” Kenzi cradles Ziggy and pouts mournfully. “I’ll be here,” Vex continues as Bo’s mobile rings, “trying not to think about what’s left behind on a succubus’ couch!” HA!  “Hey!” Bo objects, but Vex has already replaced the cucumber mask and gone back to his beauty rest, kicking his feet up and crossing them on the back of the couch thus displaying that he’s wearing Kenzi’s crazy hot pink slippers. Heeeee. Bo answers the call. It’s Trick (surprise!) and he apologizes for calling so late but he needs to see her right away. So I guess it’s the same night we ended on last week. “And Bo, bring the cane sword I gave to you on your birthday,” he asks with a grimace. Like there’s more than one cane sword? Also, that’s now two weapon birthday gifts name checked and we’re still only in the cold open. Omen or anvil? You decide.

At The Dal (drink!), there are more drawings of The Garuda in its natural form. I mean, I guess it’s The Garuda because for who else would Trick be making a collage? Never mind that The Garuda takes an eagle shape and not one of an enormous, dragon-headed centipede. The camera pans from these images to the cork board map Trick has marked with pins to note the locations where weird things have occurred. He is studying the map when Bo enters Tolkien’s Lair (drink!), cane sword in hand. “What’s all this?” she asks. “Dispatches from a few hours ago,” Trick informs her. “Evidence that The Garuda has resurfaced.” “Lemme guess,” Bo snarks, “trail of dead, lingering scent of burnt chicken...” Trick acknowledges her with a small smile as she passes by him to study the map. He thinks he’s getting close to pinpointing The Garuda’s location, which is why he called Bo for a confab. “I’m concerned about your plan.” Bo gives him A Look. “You and me both,” she admits.

Trick warns that the extra power she plans to take on is dangerous. “You could lose yourself to the darkness within you! And you may never make it back.” Bo believes this is a risk she has to take if she have any chance, but Trick knows this already. “May I?” he asks, hand extended for the cane sword. Bo hands it over immediately. He cradles it; “This belonged to Isabeau,” he tells her. Bo’s smile is broad. “I inherited my grandmother’s name?” she asks delighted. “And much more,” Trick confirms. “I want you to have this.” He twists the metal off the handle of the cane sword and extracts a small liquid-filled vial from inside. This is Isabeau’s life essence and Bo accepts it with reverence and moves to look at it in the light. “The liquid can cure illness, neutralize poison, and put a stopper in death it can even starve off the darkness from within,” Trick explains. And why is it you didn’t administer so of that magic essence to Aoife when she went dark? I’m not saying you didn’t have a reason merely that I’d like to hear it.

“It’s has incredibly curative powers; it’s where you got your ability to heal.” Trick has hidden it for years, waiting for the right time to use it, “and I think that time is quickly approaching,” he intones darkly. Bo seems a little overwhelmed at having something so intimate and critical from the grandmother she never knew. “If we survive this,” she tells Trick, “I want to hear all about her. About everyone.” Trick nods. “Keep this safe,” he orders. “And if you feel the darkness taking hold, drink it.” It’s Bo’s turn to nod. “It’ll restore you,” Trick promises, beginning to smile, “to the Bo we love.” Teary and overcome, Bo hugs him tightly. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Anvil! Anvil alert! Trick shares the sentiment.

This tender grandfather/granddaughter moment though is interrupted by a crash that comes from upstairs in The Dal. Trick tells Bo the bar is closed for then night (how does he ever turn a profit?!). She grabs her cane sword and heads on up, drawing the sword proper as she creeps through the bar. Trick is at her 3-inch boot heels. The LOST Smoke Monster (LSM) suddenly appears behind her complete with red glowing eyes for true originality. Bo swings the sword wildly at the LSM to no avail because it’s a bunch of smoke! Baffled, she looks back at Trick…only to see him engulfed by the LSM. Bo lunges forward but – too late! Struggling and shouting, Trick is – erm – snuffed out of the room by the LSM. “Trick!” Bo yells and spins in place to look for him but he’s disappeared.


Hale and Kenzi have joined Bo at The Dal (drink!) and are crouched around the pile of dust left where Trick disappeared. “I’m guessing they were rabisu,” Hale (Hale!) says, rising to his feet. “Underfae that hide in the shadows.” Kenzi guesses The Garuda’s got friends in low places where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases...sorry. Tangent. As Bo snaps that whatever they were, they got Trick, Dyson and his long-legged stride come into The Dal (drink!) and up behind Bo. “I checked the abattoir,” he updates her in THAT VOICE. “No sign of The Garuda.” Bo whimpers for a brief moment at this news but quickly regroups. She tells the three of them how Trick was working on figuring out The Garuda’s location. “There are stacks of maps and papers in the lair,” she says to Kenzi. I know I’m hugely biased, but I love when the blocking frames Dyson standing at Bo’s back. It’s such a natural, telling pose for them both. “I got a ‘D’ in geography babe,” Kenzi informs Bo. “Kenzi, this is important. We have to find Trick fast!”

“OK, Come on,” Hale says and grabs Kenzi’s arm. “I’ll give you a hand.” Yeah! Go Team Sidekick! “Well, what’s so important about Trick anyway?” Vex asks as Hale and Kenzi hurry off. Oh yeah, Vex is there, behind the bar, natch, helping himself to Trick’s stash. Bo and Dyson look at him as though they forgot he was there and, to be fair, they probably did. “Yes!” Vex acknowledges. “He lets you drink for free. That’s hardly putting your lives – and, more importantly, mine,” Vex pulls the cork from a bottle, “on the line,” and takes a large swig. Bo and Dyson exchange one of their speaking looks – Do we tell him? Got no choice, really. All right, I’ll do it –and Bo steps forward. “Trick is the Architect of The Peace,” she announces to Vex.

Vex gives a priceless spit take and giggles with disbelief. “You’re trying to tell me that imp is the Blood King?!” Bo and Dyson stare at him without saying a word. Slowly, Vex grin fades and he looks down at the bottle in his hands. He carefully re-corks the bottle and, with exaggerated movements, replaces it on the shelf. “I never touched this,” he tells Team Badass. “Now you know why finding him is so important,” Dyson says as he joins Bo at the bar. “And why we’re the only ones who can pull it off,” Bo tacks on. Vex, frighteningly serious, exhales hard. “Blimey,” he swears, “we really are buggered.”

Satisfied Vex now truly understands the stakes, Bo turns to Dyson. She puts her hand on his belly, reasserting the connection, just like old times. It’s so natural neither of them even needs to overtly acknowledge it. “I’m going to go talk to (Doctor) Lauren, OK?” she says, “bring her up to speed.” Dyson nods, acknowledging her silent request: can you keep tabs on Vex while I’m gone?  As Bo hurries away, he and Vex take one another’s measure.

Downstairs in Tolkien’s Lair (drink!), Kenzi is trying to make heads or tails or feather or scales out of Trick’s notes. “What language is this?” she asks rhetorically. “It’s like a cross between hieroglyphics and a doctor’s prescription pad.” Helpfully, the camera shows a small chalkboard with said writings on them so we playing along at home might know of what she speaks. Though I’m thinking it looks more like Celtic runes, but whatever. Kenzi takes a deep breath and decides she’s going to make a list of symbols and look for patterns. “We’ve got a sideways house, a pair of broken glasses…” This is too much for Hale to continue to ignore and he ambles over to hover behind her shoulder…”and a…skinny guy lifting weights at the beach,” Kenzi continues. “You think this is the most efficient way to do this?” he asks, doubtfully. “I was Queen of Codes at Ringside High; I invented my own code for passing cheat sheets.” This makes Hale chuckle. “’Course you did.” He pats her shoulder and gives her space to work.

Over at Doctor Lauren’s non-oxygenated, not temperature regulated, not perma-sealed, totally without safety protocols home lab, the doc presents Bo with Lachlan’s weaponized Naga venom. “Well,” she caveats, “what I was able to savage.” Bo studies the single tube of venom and wonders how many doses it translates into. “One,” Doctor Lauren admits as she strips off her rubber gloves – not like that! “The other samples were just too degraded.” Bo sighs with disappointment and makes a crack (heh) about eggs in one basket. Doctor Lauren flinches – I did my best – and Bo catches it. “Sorry. You’re the only person in like a thousand years who’s even managed to get this,” she praises. “Bo?” Doctor Lauren says with unusual fervor. “You promise me one thing. You make The Garuda suffer.”

“He has my grandfather,” Bo reminds her. Oddly enough for such dramatic news, Doctor Lauren doesn’t even blink an eye. I’m guessing that download came off screen, which – cheat! “And the things that he could make The Blood King do - do you know how powerful Trick is?!” “Almost as powerful as you,” Doctor Lauren calmly responds. “You have faith in yourself, in your heart.”

“It’s not my heart I’m worried about,” Bo insists somewhat more calmly. “I love you…”she says with immense feeling and for 3 small beats, the entire Internet melts down under the weight of Doccubus ‘ships’ triumphant screams. Doctor Lauren’s expression is heartbreaking. She starts to tear up. But wait! Bo has not finished! “…all…so much.” And now the screams are those of rage as the Team Badass contingent breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Brace yourselves; I’ve got a rant.

That was low-down dirty pool. Seriously. What a craptastic thing to do to the Doctor Lauren/Bo fans. I mean really. Y’all know my stance on the matter – the Mars Rover knows my stance on the matter – but even I think that was unnecessarily cruel. Why didn’t they just have Kenzi jump out and yell psyche! while they were at it? Am I relieved it was dialed back so quickly even if it was weak? Absolutely. And I would’ve been epically pissed had they left it there. Such a balls-out commitment would’ve been an irrevocable game changer for the show and a downright nasty thing to do to Team Badass supporters particularly in the very first episode following Dyson getting his love back. But it’s also a ridonkulously cruel thing to do to the Doctor Lauren/Bo fans and the epitome of walking a middle line trying to appease and retain two opposite sides of this cray cray at the same time without committing to either philosophy. Which means the only reason I can see to include it at all was the sole purpose of dicking around with everyone, which sucks the big one all around.

Rant over.

“Then be who we need you to be,” Doctor Lauren softly encourages Bo. She caresses Bo’s cheek and Bo turns her face into Doctor Lauren’s hand. “A leader.” She trails her fingers down Bo’s chest and then sighs heavily. End scene. So, moment over then I guess.

At The Dal (drink!), Vex and Dyson sit next to each other in matching positions face out at the bar and twiddling their thumbs in the exact same manner. They look at each other and Dyson twice looks back and forth between their hands, realizes they’re in sync, gives an oh hell no, eyebrow waggle and drops his hands all in the split second before Kenzi trundles into the bar from Tolkien’s Lair (drink!) down below. I am vastly entertained by this small moment and completely convince KHR and Paul Amos planned it that way.

She pauses next to Hale, who seems to be sleeping on the bar, and grunts loudly. “Ugh.” Hale asks how it’s going down there and I’m going to just let that one lie there unabused. “Not great,” she says. “Do you have any fancy siren moves for a sore neck, please say you do?” With a wave of his hand, he tugs her to stand before him. “How ‘bout the old fashioned way?” he offers and begins to give her a poor man’s massage. Kenzi moans in relief as he rubs her shoulders. This is too much for Vex whose eyebrows go on full alert as Kenzi makes sexy noises. “Oh go ahead and merge naughty bits,” he gibes. Dyson, who is also watching them, merely waggles his own brows and glances over his shoulder at Vex. Preaching to the choir, man. “I mean seriously, am I the only one seeing this?!” Vex demands of the – nearly empty room at large. He points to Hale and Kenzi who turn their heads to give him the universal shut it, Vex look.

Bo power walks into the room. “Good. You’re all here!” At the sight of her, Dyson springs to his feet and bounds out into the middle of the room, directly in her path and I swear, you can practically hear him shout Bo, I love you! Again! “I want to talk about my…plan.”Bo continues, but trails off a bit at the end and stops short as she gets the full force of Dyson. You haven’t looked at me like that in a long time. Really? There’s a beat and then another as they have a whole silent exchange. Kenzi murmurs thank you to Hale and comes to stand by Bo side and there’s another shot of a seriously intense Dyson – Really – and then the moment’s broken. “The last time we went up against The Garuda he manipulated us into fighting each other,” Bo says finally. Kenzi nods. “Dude was like the Fae Jerry Springer.” But Bo has a way to stop that infighting this time around. “My blood has unique quality. You saw it,” she tells Kenzi, “with Ryan. He became mine.”

Catching on, Hale’s gets a little freaked out. “OK, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You want to enslave us?” “I want to unite us,” Bo counters, passionately, “in one common goal. Eliminate individual doubts and conflicts.

“Hang on a minute,” Vex says. You want to put that in here,” He demonstrates injected something into his arm so that all the folks at home follow along. “I mean, no offense, darling, but I don’t know where you’ve been.” “Nowhere worse than you have,” Dyson gibes. “Oh yeah? Well, at least I draw the line at sleeping with dogs,” Vex shoots back, getting in Dyson’s face. Dyson growls and grabs Vex by the throat. “Stop it!” Bo shouts. “This is exactly what I’m talking about! We have to put aside our differences if we want to get close enough to The Garuda to deliver the Naga venom.” Dyson glances at her and then back at Vex who shrugs, and releases the Mesmer.

At some random, ramshackle evil hangout, the rabisu delivers Trick. “Ah,” The Garuda drawls. “My package has arrived.” He dismisses the rabisu. Bye-bye LSM! Trick tells The Garuda he’s wasting his time. “You can’t force me to rewrite the laws.” The Garuda maintains he has no intention of forcing the Blood King to do anything. “Planning to beg?” Trick quips without humor. The Garuda leans down behind Trick to menace directly in his ear. “Before the day is through, you’ll be the one begging.” I’m not even going to try and figure out how we got from Trick apologizes to Bo for calling so late to The Garuda saying “before the end of day” and really, it doesn’t matter so much in the long run.

A small pillar of flame manifests in The Garuda’s extended hand and he blows the burning embers into Trick’s face. Trick blinks wildly as the room around him changes into the Blood King’s throne circa oh so many years ago. A small desk with Trick’s blood writing utensils stands before them Trick recognizes the surroundings easily “My castle at Edenderrry?!” The Garuda confirms that this is that time and place. “Where you took your final stand during the Great Fae War. Minions in Medieval wear flow into the room, lighting candles, setting clothes, establishing a general ye olden times ambiance.

“What sort of trickery (heh) is this?” Trick asks, bewildered and increasingly concerned. It’s no trick, The Garuda says. “Well actually, two Tricks,” he adds with a pointed look towards the wooden throne. Trick follows his gaze to find a past version of himself mount the dais and take the throne as the Medieval minions bow before him. PresentTrick goggles at his younger self. What was I thinking wearing that hat?!

“What is the point of this charade?” Trick demands to know. The Garuda notes that Trick claims he acted in the best interests of The Fae when he wrote The Peace in his blood. “I’m here to prove you wrong.” Trick thinks this is just another manufactured hallucination but The Garuda insists that thought it may be so, it contains the truth nonetheless. “If you’re so convinced you acted nobly, what’s the harm in reviewing the decision?”

A man hurries in and kneels next to PastTrick’s throne. “Alastor,” PastTrick murmurs. “How goes the war?” Alastair brings the bad news that the forces of Lady Almaith have defeated their armies at Rosecrea. “Damn that Almaitth!” Trick shouts as he stamps down the dais. “She’s making a fool of me!” PresentTrick goes wide eyed at this pride-filled temper tantrum. Alastair says Almaith’s success has been remarkable, “But our armies are massing as Portlaoise to intercept her and that dark viper Horvis. A man of your greatness deserves victory,” he smarms and PastTrick eats it up. PresentTrick in enraged. “That bootlicking mole was my war chancellor. He was feeding information to Almaith. I banished him to the Underworld because of it. Ohhhh. That means Alastor is Mole Man from Lachlan’s Gambit. THIS is the debt he owed Trick, repaid when Mole Man sucked The Garuda into the dry quicksand with him. Way to bring it full circle, show!

“I was so blind,” Trick murmurs, ashamed by the memory. “And yet your true blindness is still to come,” The Garuda chortles. Alarmed, Trick looks up at The Garuda and then over to where PastTrick still loiters.

Kenzi is hard at work de-Tricking Trick’s notes in Tolkien’s Lair (drink!) when Bo comes down to check on her. Hey, she’s changed her coat and – is that Aoife’s righteous red leather jacket I see before me? The one she left behind in Hilton Hovel (drink!) at the end of Mourning After? Extra points for a full circle there show! Interesting that Bo has chosen to wear it for this final showdown where she knows she’s in real danger of turning dark like Aoife did.

“So far I have figured out that the broken dog bone is a ‘T’. Or an ‘L’. Or both,” Kenzi says. Bo tells her they need to talk and that it’s important, which is never a good opening to a conversation. “(Doctor) Lauren’s upstairs injecting the others with my blood.” Kenzi chirps “that’s good, right?” unconcerned and turns back to her deciphering. “Trick warned me that binding so many other people to me could cause me to change,” Bo reveals. Kenzi keeps working, so Bo tries again. “To turn Dark, like my mother.” Finally Kenzi has a response. “Long as you don’t turn bee-otch,” she snarks.

“Kenzi!” Bo yells. “Are you listening?!” Kenzi puts down the pen and parchment and gives Bo her full attention. “If you see me start to lose it,” Bo tells her earnestly, “you need to unbind the others, right away.” Kenzi immediately says that’s no problem, “Trick already showed me the shortcut. All I need to do is cut one of them and wrap the wound in gossamer.” But Bo needs her to do more than that. She crouches down before the chair so that they’re eye to eye. “If that doesn’t work,” she says, voice breaking, “you need to be prepared to do whatever is necessary.”

Kenzi’s beginning to understand that Bo is talking about a BFD. “You’re freaking me out,” she scoffs and turns back to Trick’s tricks. But Bo swings her chair back around so they’re face to face again. “Oh Kenz,” she whispers. “If you can’t break the bond…you need to kill me.” Kenzi snorts and chirps scornfully. “Yeah right.” Bo waits for her to process and when Bo doesn’t join in with the snark, Kenzi’s smile fades. “You’re serious,” she whispers. “We both know what can happen if I go too far and I cannot live like that!” Bo says emotionally. Kenzi reassures her that it will never happen. “But what if it does!” Bo shouts suddenly. “It is not!” Kenzi returns, equally emphatic. “OK?”

Bo remains earnest and Kenzi retreats slightly. “Don’t ask me to do this,” she begs. “You are the only one I can trust with this,” Bo insists. “You are my best friend! Promise me,” she entreats. Kenzi scoffs again, unable to believe what it is Bo is asking from her. “Promise me!” Bo demands this time. Overcome, Kenzi cannot even look at Bo as she demands this complete and total act of love from Kenzi. Finally, tearing up, she meets Bo’s gaze. “I promise,” she agrees very, very quietly, her mouth set and for a moment, her bottom lip trembles.

Upstairs in the bar, a contemplative Dyson sits before Doctor Lauren as she wipes his arm with an alcohol swab. “You’ll start to develop feelings for Bo,” she tells him matter-of-fact and blissfully ignorant. Oh honey, that ship has not only sailed, its taking prisoners. He stares at the ground sightlessly, processing the return of the mega feelings he has for Bo (I think) as the doc continues. “You’ll want to protect her at all costs. Is that gonna be a problem for you?” Hasn’t been yet. Even when his love for Bo was taken, he still backed her up and stepped in front of her when necessary. It’s Dyson. Most recently demonstrated at the battle at the abattoir which you would know had you been there. To be fair, you were extracting The Ash’s venom, but still. Now that that love has been restored? Look out, lady. “Dyson!” she calls when he doesn’t answer. Dyson starts in his chair and looks at Doctor Lauren. “No,” he says simply as he’s expression eases. “I’m good.” The doc injects him with Bo’s blood and bandages the small wound. “Welcome to Team Bo,” she says with a companionable slap on his arm adding with a small smile, “again.”He blinks at her a couple of times – Doc, you have no idea.

It’s an interesting dynamic. She’s essentially infesting Dyson with (temporary) love for Bo, not knowing that his actual love for her has already been restored. That can’t be comfortable for the doc. Dyson, of course, is aware in his change of status, so the only difference an injection of Bo’s blood makes in his case is that he won’t be able to be manipulated by The Garuda to act on any acrimony he feels for any of the others. Even without the blood shot and without the love return, he went back to back with Bo in the last battle, and even sacrificed himself so she could get to Lachlan all because that is Dyson’s core nature – protect and defend. My guess is now those default behaviors will be magnified even more.

He gets up after a moment and Doctor Lauren turns to Vex. “Well I guess that just leaves you.” Huddled at the end of the bar, Vex grimaces. “Must we?” but he unhappily moseys over to the doc’s makeshift phlebotomy station. Behind him, Dyson eyes Vex as he rubs his bent arm but goes on alert when Bo arrives asks how it’s going. The doc updates everyone that she’s giving Vex the last shot now. Scratching his beard, Vex takes advantage of their distraction and uses his power to swipe the tray of blood vials to the floor, which effectively discombobulates the doc. She drops to the floor in a bit of a tizzy, scrambling for the tubes. While she’s not looking, Vex grabs an empty syringe and the one Doctor Lauren as already prepped with blood for him. “For cryin’ out loud, I haven’t got all day!!” he yells with false affront. He leaps up from the chair and pretends to inject his hand with the empty syringe. Would that even work? The doc appeared to inject Dyson in the vein; why would she believe Vex capable of doing that to himself much less his obvious blunder with the hand? Eh, whatever.

“Ow!” Vex screams dramatically. “Sharpen the tips next time,” he barrages the doc, “or don’t they teach you that at remedial medical school?” Doctor Lauren looks dazed and confused as she gathers her tools but as no one comes to her defense, like say the woman who’s supposed to be in love with her and The Champion to boot, she just kind of blinks around at everyone.

Back in The Garuda’s Renaissance Fair, PastTrick frets as he waits for further news from the front. He’s hears someone behind him and smiles broadly as he sees his wife, Isabeau. They embrace and kiss and it’s terribly sweet. PresentTrick tears up watching. Isabeau tells PastTrick that Alastor told her about Roscrea and how sorry she is about it. “This war will be the death of me,” Trick says her with a wry smile. He wonders if he should just end it with his blood but Isabeau objects. “You know writing laws in your blood has unforeseen consequences.” She drops to her knees before him (not like that!) and says there is another way. “I’ve sent word to Horvis, leader of the Dark Fae army.” Trick rolls his eyes and says they’re already discussed this. “You know of our families past friendship. I’m certain I can convince him to return with me here to broker a peace with you.” Trick insists HorvIs can’t be trusted. “I strictly forbid it!” he shouts so we know he is serious. Trick insists that Horvis cannot be trusted. “Do you understand me?!” he asks in his don’t-fuck-with-The-Blood-King tone. But Isabeau turns away clearly planning to defy him. “But Isabeau went anyway, didn’t she?” The Garuda says to PresentTrick with false sympathy. Toldja. Trick sniffles back his tears. “Yes,” he says in a small, broken voice. “She did.”

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo is strapping on her knife thigh sheath when there’s a knock on the door. She approaches warily, hand on her blade, but still doesn’t have to unlock the door before she opens it quickly. It’s Dyson and at her welcome, he strides in without a word shutting the door behind him.  A little taken aback, Bo follows him into the common room. Dyson rubs his hand across his face, clearly coming to a conclusion about something important. “Bo, sleep with me.” Is here good for you, darling?

Bo is stunned. “What?!” she says in a hushed voice (I’m tired of typing “whispers”. The ladies need to explore an emotional volume level above sotto voce once in a while.) “You need the strength for the battle and I can give it to you,” he says passionately. Bo sighs with disappointment. For a moment it seems like she thought he was back to himself (HE IS!) but now that he’s claimed that it was “for the battle,” she realizes that the status quo hasn’t changed (IT HAS!) and something else is at work here (IT ISN’T!). “As much as you need,” Dyson adds with fervor. Bo tilts her head and sighs again – oh Dyson – as she crosses to him. “As much as you want,” he promises. Hoo. Hot flash back to the opening of Vex there for a moment.

Bo puts her hands on his chest and he covers them with his own. “Dyson, I can’t. It will confuse things.” He absorbs that for a second. “My mind is perfectly clear,” he says firmly, without doubt. “It’s clearer than it’s been in a long time.” Boy, is it ever. She smiles a little sadly. “That’s the blood talking,” she insists, though not without regret. “I am not going to take advantage of that.” Bo steps in closer and takes a deep breath. Her smile changes as for a moment, she lets him see the longing and desire she has for him that has never faded. “As much as I would love to,” she admits equally fervent.

Much as I love this scene for oh so many reasons, I could do another little rant on how it’s a sop to Team Badass and shoving it into the same episode as the earlier cruelly manipulated “I love you” moment is a deliberate effort to keep both sides placated without pissing off either irrevocably. But the warm fuzzies in my chest won’t allow me. Sigh.

There’s a clatter at the door, and the camera shifts to place Dyson and Bo, hands still clasped together, in the foreground as Kenzi barges into Hilton Hovel (drink!). “I did it! The broken dog bone was an ‘F’!” Dyson frowns at her comically, more and more shades of the old Dyson. “What are you talking about?” Kenzi says she’s cracked the code. “I know where The Garuda’s hiding.” Dun, dun, DUN!

Back at The Dal (drink!), the gang is all gathered around a blueprint of the abandoned asylum for the criminally insane where The Garuda has gone to ground. “Place is huge,” Hale observes. “Trick could be anywhere.” Bo points out a room where she thinks The Garuda is keeping Trick. “It’s easily guarded with limited access.” Vex, naturally, has to weigh in. “Oh, I get it…it’s a death trap!”

“If The Garuda’s victorious, you’ll be lucky you died early,” Dyson informs him. Bo’s plan is to have them spilt into teams to draw the enemy apart. “We need to get as far in as we can without sounding the alarm.” Vex isn’t buying it. “You really think we can take down an entire facility? I mean, just the six of us?” A voice comes from the doorway. “You mean seven!”

Hale’s sister Val has arrived. “Val?” Hale asks, surprised and Kenzi rolls her eyes. “Baba Yaga wasn’t available?” she says to Bo and Dyson. Doctor Lauren, not having been involved in the events of either Mirror Mirroror The Girl Who Faed With Fireblinks cluelessly. Val saunters up to the table and dumps a large duffel bag on top of the blueprint. “I brought gifts courtesy of the Santiago Family Vault.” Dyson zips it open and Bo and Kenzi paw through it. “These weapons have seen my family through countless victories,” Val says proudly. Tried and true then. Also, a tad rusty…

Kenzi draws out and admires a small crossbow out. “Sweet! Daddio came through then.” Bo thanks Val for the contribution. There’ll be a lovely note with a certificate coming in the mail. Val smiles proudly and nods, pleased to contribute. A not-happy Hale is glaring paternally at Val, hands on hips so she knows he means business. “Hey. C’mere,” he says and it’s Val’s turn to roll her eyes as he drags her a bit away from the group.  “What are you doing here, Val? You’re supposed to be at the stronghold. Where is – ”Without warning, Val reaches up and snatches his voice. Annoyed, Hale continues lecturing her silently with increasing aggravation. Give me my voice back!, he mouths emphatically. Their shot from afar and through the small space between Bo and Dyson, and then we actually see Bo and Dyson watching Hale and Val and then we’re back up close to the silent sibling argument. This is not funny! This is dangerous! Give me back my voice! Hale continues to berate Val, the only sound the noise of his clothes as he gestures fiercely with his arms. “Done?” Val scorns. Stymied, Hale twitches in frustration then bad-temperedly gestures Fine! Yes! Heeeeee. That whole exchange delights me. Perfectly done.

Val gives him back his voice, but before speaks before he can start in on her again. “I’m going with you and that’s that. I can be very useful,” she insists. “Stealing voices?” Hale snits. Val reminds him that she’s quite good with the sword and proved it as a three-time finalist at the Light Fae Invitational. As Bo approaches them, Hale gives in and sends Val to “go see the doc about some blood.” She does and there’s this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment between her and Dyson.

Bo begins to specify. “I want you all to know how much it means to me that you’re willing to fight by side. For all sides. I know that we have lost friends in this battle and there’s no guarantee that we’ll make it out alive.” Vex scoffs. “Mmm, this is supposed to be motivating.” Bo ignores him and continues. “But if we pull together we can defeat The Garuda. It’s dangerous,” she admits stepping closer. “But we have to do this. And we cannot fail.”

“Bo,” Dyson interrupts her quietly. “We are all 100% behind you.” Hale throws his arms up in the air. “Bo’s the best!” he shouts. So. Freaking. Adorable. And exactly the mood lightener they needed. Kenzi pats him on the arm. “Its’okay,” she soothes and next to her, Doctor Lauren smiles. Dyson and Bo also grin as a chagrined Hale decides that the blood must be working. “Then let’s go kick some eagle ass,” Bo exhorts.

Bo leads the way down the creepy hallways of the asylum, Kenzi, Hale, Doctor Lauren, Val, and Vex lined up behind her with Dyson guarding the rear – and keeping an eye on Vex, I suspect. Hale asks if Kenzi feels “that”. “Yeah, it’s flat-out creepy in here.” Vex gibes at Dyson for not having a weapon. “Tryin’ to hang with the big boyz!” he mocks. “Let’s see who’s standing at the end of the day, Vex.” As they empty out into a hub when their corridor collides with three others, Val tells them to save it for the big show. “Yeah?” Vex says dancing up to her. “Well why don’t we put on a show right now?!” He waves his hand to Mesmer her and big brother leaps to her defense. “Touch her and you die!” Bo snaps for them to stop it, and Kenzi tells them it’s The Garuda manipulating them again. Doctor Lauren dooms and glooms that Bo’s blood might not be enough to counteract The Garuda’s influence. She is also carrying and enormous duffel that is clearly stuffed to the gills, presumably with medical supplies as there’s only one tube of weaponized Naga venom, so…

Bo says this is why they need to stay focused and she breaks them up into groups. Hale and Val naturally go together as Hale isn’t about to let his sister go anywhere without him. Similarly, Dyson is the only one besides Bo with any hope of managing Vex, so they get pair uped. And Bo isn’t about to stick either Kenzi or Doctor Lauren anywhere near Val, who can’t be relied on to defend the humans, or Vex, who can be counted on to play with them, so she keeps them with her to be sure they’re properly protected. And off they go each group down one of the three hallways.

Vex fingers a shackle wrap around and electric junction. “So…you and Bo, huh?” he muses at Dyson as the wolf comes up behind him. See? Vex sees all that’s true and sticks you with it. Vex gets all too close to Dyson’s face and surprised, he recoils a bit. “You know I always wanted to tap that succubum.” Dyson shoves him hard against the wall. “Shut up and keep moving,” he growls, prowling forward. Vex chortles. “Oh, come on! Just a little taste? You know I’ll never have the pleasure. Unless of course you invite me to join you sometime…” he teases, this time crowding up against Dyson’s shoulder. Properly, um, vexed, Dyson flicks him off like a bug, which Vex (and I) find greatly amusing.

Kenzi bounces forward, crossbow primed and ready. “Are we going in circles? Cause all these hallways look the same.” Bo thinks it’s no surprise The Garuda picked this place what with all the pain and misery. “It’s a Garuda buffet.” Doctor Lauren hurries up behind her and asks how she’s feeling. “Fine. You don’t have to keep asking me every five minutes,” she snits. “Actually, I do,” the doc insists. “I feel the same! As always” Bo returns, “which doesn’t make any sense.” Kenzi hurries up, aiming her crossbow. “Ladies, we’ve got company,” she points out as a berserker approaches. “I got this!” Bo says, rushing forward. She and the berserker do a few thrust and parry moves with her sword and his pipe (not a euphemism!) until Bo reaches for his neck and pours on the succubus juice. He gets that dazed look on his face and her eyes go succubus blue as another berserker rushes her from behind. She turns and thrusts Berserker #1 on the sword of Berserker #2. Still not a euphemism. As Berserker #1 drops, Bo thrusts her sword into Berserker #2 and he goes down too. So either they are not actually berserkers or that issue about only being able to kill them by knocking them in the head with Fred Flintstone’s club was conveniently disposed.

A third man comes screaming down the hallway ax raised and headed straight for Doctor Lauren who immediately draws her crossbow/club/sword/dagger/taser/pepper spray and shoots/whacks/stabs/ shocks/sprays him. Wait, might’ve missed something. Lemme rewind. A third man comes running screaming down the hallway ax raised and headed straight for Doctor Lauren who immediately cowers in place, screams for Bo, and ducks. Ah yes, much more in character. To be fair (I hate being fair), she has taken a Hippocratic oath to do no harm and is most assuredly not a warrior plus she long ago confessed that she is not cut out for this stuff when she nearly hyperventilated just from knocking out the gay guard in season one’s Foot Soup. But still. You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight and you don’t go into battle without some means with which to protect yourself.

Doctor Lauren crouches down to the floor, barely ducking the first swing, but as Berserker #3 reaches up for an over-the-head swing, an arrow plunges into the back of his skull and he goes down to the floor next to Doctor Lauren. Trembling, Kenzi slowly lowers the crossbow and her bug-eyed expression meets Bo’s equally shocked one. Doctor Lauren rises to her feet unsteadily. “Thanks,” she says to Kenzi, stunned.

Dyson and Vex stride into another hub as two other berserkers enter from the other direction. “I’ll handle this,” he says in THAT VOICE. “Eh, I can fight my own battles,” Vex boasts and proves it by mesmering the Berserker #4 so that the baddie takes his dagger and, at Vex enthusiastic direction, plunges it repeatedly into his companion’s chest. Handily, two more berserkers show up. “My turn,” Dyson growls with relish. He rolls his shoulders and wolfs out with teeth, claws, and golden eyes. He flips both berserkers around and slams them head first into the cement wall. When he turns around, Vex is making the last man slit his own throat. Lovely. “See Lover Boy?” he giggles. “I toldja!” But Vex doesn’t see the fifth berserker creeping up behind him. “Vex!” Dyson warns but too late. The berserker whacks Vex on the arm and shoulder before Dyson can intervene and knock him out. “Aaahhhhh MY ARM!” Vex yells, rolling on the floor in agony. “Come on, Vex we gotta move!” Dyson shouts, gesturing for the Mesmer as he looks around for the next threat. “Are you’re having a laugh!” Vex accuses him. “Get! Up!” Dyson orders. He drags him up by his good arm and hustles him down the hall.

Bo, Kenzi, and Doctor Lauren are making their way down what looks to be exactly the same hall when Horton hears a Wh – ah, Bo hears a noise. She silently motions the humans to stay back and inches forward with sword raised. As she hurries into the junction, Dyson leaps out from the adjoining always, claws bared, ready to rumble. They both sigh and relax as the recognize one another. Team Badass!! “Sorry,” he says and gestured towards the unseen Vex. “We ran into some trouble.” Vex is on the floor, huddled in the corner, miserable and in pain. “What happened?” Bo demands as Doctor Lauren hurries forward. She presses on – um, examines his arm while he squirms in place. “He has a bad break,” she announces to Bo. “In fact several. He could go into shock; I have to stay with him.” Bo really doesn’t like that idea but Doctor Lauren insists that Vex needs care and can’t travel. “We’ll find a place to stay until you get back.”

“No!” Bo strongly objects. “I’m not leaving you!” Doctor Lauren gets to her feet and reminds Bo that Trick is still in danger. “You have to go! I’ll be all right,” she promises. Bo knows she’s right. She reaches out and drags Doctor Lauren to her, kissing her fiercely. You be here when I get back! Bo releases the doc and they pant and stared at each other for a moment. Caught framed between them, Dyson looks at Doctor Lauren, resigned and assessing and then down and over to Bo. He’s no one to blame for this really but himself and he knows it. His actions and pushing Bo away in the wake of them gave Bo the chance to become closer to the doc, despite her lies and deceptions, and now their bond is stronger than ever. After a pause, he softly says “let’s go” to Bo and they do. He steps forward and after a quick check on Kenzi, she turns with him to walk away with him down the hall. With his hand supporting Bo under her elbow, Dyson glances back at Doctor Lauren, Kenzi, and Vex (Bo does not) and then Team Badass hurries off to save the day…again. Doctor Lauren gazes after them plaintively.

In Fae Ren Faire, Isabeau scurries into the room and tosses her travel cloak around her while Alastair bleats at her side that “this is a mistake.” Isabeau insists that she’s known Horvas since she was a child and will be perfectly safe, so we know she’s doomed if we hadn’t figured it out already (which we did). Alastair wonders what he’s to tell the king. “You may tell my husband that I am losing him to this war.  The man I love is becoming a man I fear.” PresentTrick is devastated to hear this. “She feared me?!” he asks The Garuda. “They all feared you at the end, Blood King.” And with good reason, apparently. Alastor can’t believe Isabeau wants him to tell PastTrick what she said and she corrects that she wants him to tell PastTrick nothing. “He can’t know where I’ve gone.” Alastor protests but Isabeau reminds him that he knows the king’s mood on this issue. “If we don’t find peace soon, I fear the consequences.” Alastor agrees to keep her secret. “I am, as always, your faithful servant.” Except when he betrays you to the opposing side, that is.

“A faithless coward is what he was!” PresentTrick swears. “She was so brave! Why didn’t I see that then?” He demands that The Garuda show him no more of this but The Garuda insists that PresentTrick is missing the best part. Alastor sits at PastTrick’s desk and writes a letter as PresentTrick watches in horror. “What is he doing?” he asks rhetorically. Alastor seals the letter with PastTrick’s emblem and scurries off. “What’s in that dispatch?!” PresentTrick demands of The Garuda. “You really don’t know, do you Blood King?” The Garuda smarms quite pleased.

A metal door slowly opens and some fabulous boots with outrageous heels slowly advance. Kenzi and Val ease into another hall juncture. Wait, where did Val come from and when did she and Kenzi hook up as partners? Not like that! “Back here again,” Val mutters as one of Bo’s kills is shown still lying on the floor. Or possibly, Vex’s. Really, all these berserkers look the same…

There’s a noise behind the far door and Kenzi aims the crossbow on to have Hale come stumbling into her crosshairs. She and Val relax as Hale hurries forward. “Val!” he says, a wealth of you disappeared where the hell did you get to I told you not to leave my side in his voice and expression. Typically, she rolls her eyes at him. “Everything OK?” he asks Kenzi, a little desperate. “Are you kidding me?!” she replies breathlessly. “This is better than Call of Duty 3.” Hale chuckles relieved to find his Little Mama still in top form. Which is when the guy on the ground makes a remarkable recovery (that or he was playing possum) reaches up and slices Kenzi across her hip. Val kicks him in the face but it’s too late. Kenzi looks down at the wound as she goes into shock. “No, Kenzi!” Hale shouts as Kenzi collapses, hyperventilating. “Is it – is it – is it bad,” she gasps to Hale who is freaking out. Blood pours out from Kenzi to pool around her and Hale looks up at Val who can tell as well as her brother that this is serious trouble.

Back in Fae Ren Faire, PastTrick paces the throne room, worrying, probably wondering where the hell everyone went. “Do you know how your wife died?” The Garuda asks PresentTrick. “She was killed by Lady Almaith’s men after assassins murdered Horvis,” PresentTrick says matter-of-fact. “Actually, assassins killed Horvis and your wife under your sealed ordered,” The Garuda corrects him. PresentTrick follows the bouncing ball without further assistance. “The dispatch that Alastor sent!” The Garuda muses over what Isabeau must have felt when she saw the bandits bear down on her and realized she’d been betrayed. The Garuda twists the screw by letting PresentTrick hear the screams of that moment and Isabeau’s voice calling for Horvis. “Isabeau!” PresentTrick shouts.

The Garuda goes on to pontificate that slaying Horvis under the king’s seal was a watershed moment in the Great Fae War. In Fae Ren Faire, PastTrick quickly pulls out his quill and blood well and sets them up. “Both Light and Dark condemned the action – turned against you. Do you see it now?” The Garuda asks as PastTrick cuts himself and copiously bleeds into the well. “How you wrote the laws to enforce the peace in order to save your own hide?” Frantic, PresentTrick insists that Horvis’ death would have ignited centuries of conflict. “No! Light and Dark were united in their outrage. They would have danced at your execution together! And with this, the conflict would’ve been resolved.” The Garuda crows. PresentTrick is sobbing now as he watches his past self write The Peace in his own blood. The Garuda keeps banging away at PresentTrick. “Instead you chose to hide behind your blood like a child in the folds of his mother’s skirt!”!

“I didn’t know!” PresentTrick sobs. The Garuda turns all consoling and tells PresentTrick that he can make it all right now. “The cease fire that you created could implode at any moment because it was based on a false premise. However if you unwrite the laws and allow fate to take its final course, a true and everlasting peace will eventually take hold.” Sure, maybe, after another long conflict during which you’ll go ahead and gorge yourself. Small, pesky little detail you’re forgetting to mention there. By the look on PresentTrick’s face, this all sounds quite relieving.

The Garuda inhales deeply and the scene shifts away from Fae Ren Faire and back to the Throne o’ Bones Room at the asylum where The Garuda has helpfully set up a near duplicate – OK it’s the exact desk from Fae Ren Faire, but whatever – and is no unveiling a full set of blood writing implements. “Do it, Blood King,” he pressures Trick, forcing a lancet into his hand. “For your wife. For your granddaughter.” Wait, how does he know Bo is Trick’s granddaughter? Guess even The Garuda has faemail! Trick sits at the desk, crying, unable to tell what is the right thing to do.

Deeper in the asylum, Doctor Lauren struggles to break into a room, jimmying the lock to no avail because, despite what some fan fiction might prefer, she is not a cat burglar. She checks on Vex, still huddled in the corner, and asks how he’s doing. “Oh, peachy, yeah!” he snarks. “Lying down has relieved the pain in my shattered arm completely!” Val and Hale coming running round the corner, Hale carrying an unconscious Kenzi. “Hey, doc! You gotta help!” Hale says, frantic. Doctor Lauren takes one look and knows it’s bad. “We need to get them in there,” she says pointing to the locked door, “but I can’t – I can’t – !” Val marches up and immediately pries the lock off with her sword. Hale rushes inside with Kenzi while Doctor Lauren helps Vex.

In the Throne o’ Bones room, Trick emotes over the blood writing and The Garuda urges him to do it now. Slowly, Trick moves the lancet toward his arm. Miraculously, this is when Bo and Dyson finally find the exact room where The Garuda is hiding. “Trick stop!” Bo yells as she runs in. Immediately, The Garuda squeezes Trick’s shoulder. “Finish it before it’s too late!” he spits out between clenched teeth. “Trick, don’t!” Dyson calls out! “He’s filling you with lies!” Crying, Trick tells them both he doesn’t know what’s true anymore. “Then listen to me,” Bo entreats. “Unwriting the laws will cause nothing but pain. Deep down, Trick, you know what is right.”

Trick thinks upon these things. “I made a mistake back then,” he says finally. “But I won’t make another one now,” he vows to The Garuda who promptly shrieks as Trick slams the lancet down on the desk. “How dare you interfere with Garuda!” he yells at Team Badass as he advances. Way to use the royal third person there, jackhole. Who’s the Blood King again now? “Buddy,” Bo says, “you really need to stop talking about yourself in the third person!” Ha!

Bo raises her sword and attacks as Dyson wolfs out and does the same, but The Garuda merely wields his Wings o’ Fire and they stumble back onto the ground. They both bounce right back though. The Garuda tells them they’re wasting their time. “Without the Naga venom, you cannot kill me.” He reaches out to force Trick’s hand (heh). “Bo,” Dyson whispers. “The Wolf Spirit told me The Garuda would be most vulnerable when he thought he’d already won.” “What?! No! No, Dyson, he’ll kill you!” Bo protests. Dyson is very intent as he looks at Bo. “Then it’s meant to be.”

Yelling, he wolfs out and leaps up shaking off Bo’s restraining hand to charge The Garuda. His claws swipe at The Garuda once, twice, three times (a lady) before he grabs the enemy by the throat. Ya know, Bo, this could be a good time to attack while Dyson has your foe distracted. Just saying.

Bo hovers in the back, watching. So that’s a no, then. Unfortunately, The Garuda quickly returns the favor, clutching Dyson’s neck and lifting him off his feet to throw him into a glass window. Unconscious, Dyson sprawls on the ground. How is that a significant role again? As cannon fodder? Honestly, you gotta check that Wolf Spirit bitch there, babe.

Trick and Bo gape at Dyson, horrified. “You can’t hurt me,” The Garuda crows. “I’m all powerful. First Lachlan; now the wolf. How many fools have sacrificed themselves for you? You’re no champion,” he sneers at Bo. “You’re just a girl, too scared to pick a team.” Bo’s denial is weak. “Allow me to choose for you,” The Garuda suggests. “Join your friends…in death.” He raises the Sword of Flame and attacks.

In her make-shift M*A*S*H unit, Doctor Lauren works desperately to stop Kenzi’s bleeding as Vex hovers behind her clutching his arm. A bloodstained Hale sits at Kenzi’s head clutching her hand, his gaze fixated on her face. “We got trouble!” Val announces as she rushes into the room and slams the door. “There’s a group of berserkers headed this way!” Neither Hale nor Doctor Lauren react. “Hello!” Vex shouts. “We gotta get out of here!” Doctor Lauren shouts back that they can’t move Kenzi or she’ll bleed to death. “Well, we’re not leaving her!” Hale states with finality. “Or Bo!” Val adds.

Bo is barely holding off The Garuda and his Sword of Flame. As she goes to her knees before him (not like that!), the red glow of flame is reflected in her eyes.

“Oh, to hell with Bo!” Vex snarls as he whirls on Val. “Her scheme got us into this mess in the first place!” Hale jumps up to get between him and Val and grabs Vex with no care for his broken arm. “How could you say that, huh?!” “Easy siren,” Vex growls, and Hale shoves him back into the corner, but now Doctor Lauren has pinged in. “Wait! He’s right. If you were truly bound to Bo that thought wouldn’t have crossed your mind! You didn’t take the blood, did you Vex?!” Vex doesn’t even try to deny it. “Listen, I didn’t mean any harm,” for once, “but it’s a bit mad, isn’t it?!” Doctor Lauren ignores him and instructs Hale to take over and apply pressure on Kenzi while she ferrets through her duffle for Bo’s blood. “The binding isn’t whole; there’s a weak link in the chain!” Somebody became an expert on succubus blood powers really fast, especially considering that there’s like not a single book or scroll available on it, but whatever. She demands Vex give her his arm – the not broken one, presumably – and Val points her sword at him to drive the, erm, point home. “Well, I’m sorry darlin’ but I’m still not comfortable with that idea.” Doctor Lauren so doesn’t give a shit. “Oh, well you better get comfortable or I’m going to shove this arm so far down your throat, you’ll be mesmerizing your own bowel movements.” Ha! Now see, that’s a Doctor Lauren I could warm too. I’m not saying I will, merely that if they had let her show more of that spirit, some of Bo’s attraction to her would make more sense. But they didn’t and it’s really doesn’t. “Er, when you put it like that,” Vex groans and allows the doc to shoot him up with Grade A Bo.

As soon as she does, Vex’s whole demeanor changes. He breathes even more heavily and stares at his injected hand with awe, his broken arm unheeded. “Now there’s power!” Val too is feeling the rush and gaps as though she’s having the greatest orgasm of her life.

Back in the Throne o’ Bones room, a panting Bo feels the influx of power and her eyes go succubus blue and it courses through her. A wind picks up blowing her pretty, pretty hair around the way it did in Death Didn’t Become Him. “Oh you’re clever,” The Garuda praises unhappily, “cutting off the turmoil that I feed on.” He starts to struggle to hold Bo under his sword. “But it won’t help you now!” Bo holds him off easily. “I think it just did,” she counters and thrusting upwards, (Sigh. Too easy.), she puts him on the defensive and attacks.

Back in Doctor Lauren’s M*A*S*H unit, Vex mans the door while the doc and Hale keep vigil at Kenzi’s side. The doc glances over and asks how he’s doing. “Oh, well, liking life. Loving that succubus.” Ha! “But it doesn’t solve the problem of the approaching hoards now, does it?” Hale is completely focused on Kenzi. “Little Mama, please,” he begs, “fight. Fight, come on, please.” Kenzi rouses to his voice. “Hale,” she struggles to say. “Your – your voice.” Hale smiles sadly. “Yeah,” but again, Doctor Lauren pings on an idea. “Wait, your siren whistle!” She wonders if Hale can raise a frequency high enough to cauterize Kenzi’s wound. Wait, what?! Come on now! Eh, what-ever. I mean, I’m all for Hale saving Kenzi here, anywhere, everywhere, but this is getting awfully close to looking around for a shark to jump.

Hale shakes his head and says mournfully that he doesn’t think that’s a good idea. “Hale, we have to do something. If we don’t she’s going to die,” the doc says baldly. “You have to try!” Hale looks to Val for support and she nods. Yes! You can do it, big brother. Quickly but carefully, Doctor Lauren peels back the gauze to expose the wound. Hale scoots over and gazes for a moment at the evisceration in Kenzi’s side. Closing his eyes, he takes a deep breath and blows his whistle right at her wound.

In the Throne o’ Bones room, Bo and The Garuda are exchanging blows and Bo is definitely winning. She is in full out succubus fury, kicking him in the stomach and then using a left cross to knock him back on his ass. She’s thrust forward with the killing blow but The Garuda rallies and pushes her back. “You’re strong!” he admires. “But I have waited and starved for too long for this war!” Turning from Bo, he moves on Trick. “The visions have made you weak,” he hisses, “allowing me to enter you. Just like (NotComa)Nadia.” Bo starts to freak out but The Garuda wastes no more time (for a change). He turns into flame and enters Trick’s body.

At the M*A*S*H unit, Hale is still whistling and beginning to suffer for it, but the wound is (magically) closing. “That’s it, brother,” Val encourage him. As the bleeding stops and the wound seals, Kenzi starts to come around. Hale gasps for air and falls back onto the floor. “Kenzi?” Doctor Lauren calls. “What – what happened?” Kenzi moans. “Did I get roofied again?” Hale and Doctor Lauren both chuckle with relief. “No, no, no,” Hale says. “You’re going to be just fine.” Kenzi looks over at him. “You saved my life, didn’t you?” she says to Hale with barely any sound to her words. “Listen, I don’t want to interrupt this Hallmark moment, but ah, we gotta get a move on,” Vex interjects.

Kenzi begins to clue in. Feeling the blood power that’s got everyone else juiced up, she realizes that Bo must be nearing breaking point. “I have to find Bo,” she insists in a hushed voice but the doc insists that they have to get her out of there instead. “No,” she says to the doc. “It’s important. I promised.” Doctor Lauren, knowing what that means and recognizing the futility of arguing with Kenzi especially when she’s like this, turns to Hale. “Will you help me?” she asks, struggling to get Kenzi upright. Hale struggles himself to get up, but Val steps up and lays a hand on her brother’s shoulder. “Easy,” she says. “I got this.” She moves to Kenzi side. “Is that my blood?” Kenzi asks with wonder. Doctor Lauren and Val both take her teeny tiny arms around their shoulders and help her out of the M*A*S*H unit to go find Bo.

Bo cautiously approaches The Garuda-infected Trick. “Trick?” GarudaTrick inhales deeply “Not here, I’m afraid,” he says in an enhanced voice. Bo drops her sword (WHY?!) and stumbles back from him. “You son-of-a-bitch.” GarudaTrick is unmoved and does a quick reconnaissance of his new form. “He had strong feelings for you, his darling granddaughter,” he mocks. As Bo gapes at him, Kenzi leads the rest of the gang into the room as the approaching hoard of berserkers was apparently no match for their – really fast walking. Dyson also rouses back to consciousness. “What happened?” he asks, shaking off the Garuda’s knock out. “Where’s The Garuda?!” “He’s inside of Trick!” Bo shouts. “Well what are we waiting for? Stab the little bugger!” Vex demands. Doctor Lauren quickly points out that it won’t do any good. “It’ll just kill Trick the same way it killed (NotComa)Nadia!”

“She’s a smart one,” GarudaTrick comments smugly. “Now if you don’t mind, I have some laws to rewrite,” he picks up the lancet, “out of my own free will.”

“Oh no you don’t!” Vex yells. He reaches out with his good arm to mesmerize him. As GarudaTrick and Vex struggle for control of Trick’s body, Bo has an epiphany. “The blood test you ran on (NotComa)Nadia, it showed Fae DNA,” she says to Doctor Lauren. “Because she was infected with The Garuda, yes,” the doc confirms. Bo thinks if The Garuda’s DNA is inside of Trick, then maybe… “The venom might work,” the doc fills in, “but it could end up killing them both!” Bo confesses that the Nain Rouge’s prophecy showed her a vision where she killed Trick. Behind them GarudaTrick has nearly thrown off Vex’s control. “Ladies!” Vex calls. “I can’t hold him off forever!”

Bo makes a decision and pulls out the epi pen of Naga venom, marches over to GarudaTrick, and plunges it into his neck. “What is that!” he demands. “Gift from Lachlan! Leftover Naga venom.” GarudaTrick goes all wonky, his face crackles and turns black like he’s grown a five o’clock shadow in five seconds as the venom seeps through him. He stands up and stumbles into Bo, gripping her arms. “What have you done?!” he asks Bo in a dying gurgle. GarudaTrick drops to the floor and Vex releases his hold on him. As the gang watches, the GarudaFlame rises from Trick and spins around the room in the shape of an eagle before it finally extinguishes.

“Oh Trick!” Bo whispers, dropping down beside him as the gang hurries up to huddle nearby and Kenzi rushes to Bo’s side. Trick is unconscious and Bo pats his face increasingly desperate. “Trick, no! Come back to me! Please!” Doctor Lauren checks the pulse in his neck to no avail. “I’m so sorry,” she says to Bo, shaking her head, and Bo goes into meltdown sobbing over Trick. Behind her, Hale and Dyson are equally if less demonstrably upset. “I should have killed The Garuda sooner.” Bo says, eyes going succubus blue as she begins to get her rage on as the Wind o’ Power picks up and plays with her pretty, pretty hair, “him and every single one of his minions. I will seek them out,” she vows, “and kill them all and anyone who tries to stand in my way.”

Kenzi immediately clues into the fact that her bestie is losing it. “Bo!” she calls, pulling Bo out of the downward spiral. “You’re losing control; time for your meds.” Breathless and panting Bo nods and pulls the vial of Isabeau’s essence out of her brasserie. What, does she have pockets in that thing now?! But tonight’s a night of epiphanies and as Doctor Lauren and Kenzi look on avidly, Bo hesitates and then, without warning, pours the essence down Trick’s throat. “No, no, BO!” Doctor Lauren objects. “I know what I’m doing!” Bo snarls at her. “Please,” she begs, crying again as she cradles Trick’s head. “Work. Please work!”

Suddenly, Trick inhales deeply and his eyes pop open. Hale and Dyson laugh with relief and embrace each other, brother again. “The Garuda?!” Trick asks immediately. “He’s dead,” Bo confirms around her tears, now one of relief. Trick smiles up at her as Bo cries, but then she gasps and her eyes go succubus blue as, emergency past, the dark power surges through her again. Alarmed, Trick struggles to rise. “What have you done?!” Struggling to contain the power, Bo shakes her head. “I couldn’t lose you.” Trick shouts that she could lose herself instead and orders Kenzi to unbind Bo quickly. Kenzi leaps to her feet (so clearly the newly healed sucking side wound is of no consequence whatsoever). “Siren? Hand!” she demands. As Kenzi scrambles to draw her dagger, Bo rises to her feet, breathing deeply, in full thrall of her power. The Wind o‘ Power rises, playing again with her pretty, pretty hair. So I guess that really is the wind beneath Bo’s wings.

Dyson frowns at her with confusion – What the hell?! “My strength is unmatched,” Bo declares as Hale, Dyson and Kenzi gape at her in awe and terror. Kenzi swipes a cut across Hale’s palm, wraps a cloth around it and presses her own cut hand against it. “I will reign as queen!” Bo announces as she downward spirals into a full Galadriel-contemplating-the-Ring-of-Power moment full force. “And you shall all tremble before my power!”

“Quickly!” Trick shouts to Kenzi. “Before the darkness overwhelms her completely!” Pressing Hale’s hand hard, Kenzi runs through the litany Trick taught her in Faetal Love. “With harm to none, thy will be done, thou cannot harm them, Bo!” Immediately, Bo powers down and, drained by the surge, drops to the floor. Crying, Doctor Lauren calls out “Bo! BO!” and lunges forward. Dyson matches her, leaping for Bo’s side and they flank her. “It’s OK!” Trick calls out to them. “That’s a good sign,” he reassures more quietly. Dyson and Doctor Lauren each have a hand on Bo’s shoulder and we end the scene with a long shot of the love triangle and Trick gathered together.

Back at The Dal (drink!), down in Tolkien’s Lair (drink!), Bo comes down, glass in hand, to find Trick putting things to right. “You’re cleaning now?! There’s a party upstairs.” Trick doesn’t feel like celebrating and Bo checks to make sure he doesn’t actually believe all The Garuda said. “Maybe he was right,” Trick admits solemnly. “Maybe the Light and the Dark would’ve united over my death.” Sighing, Bo joins him at the desk. “A wise man once told me you can’t put any stock in visions. I believe it was you.” Trick points out that even so, The Nain Rouge’s vision did come true but Bo caveats not entirely. “You’re still here, aren’t you?”

Together, they look at a drawing of Isabeau. “I need to make amends, Bo,” Trick decides. She clasps his hand and promises to help him. “That’s what family’s for,” she adds smiling. She looks at Isabeau’s portrait again. “She was beautiful,” she says and Trick agrees getting teary. “I miss her so much.” Bo takes his hand. “Come on. Lemme buy you a beer…Grampa,” she teases and now Trick truly smiles.

Upstairs, Kenzi sits at the bar toying with a glass. Hale approaches her from behind (not like that!), his sweater vest (huh?) covered with her blood, and sits beside her. Oh you know…stabbed, almost died, stitched up with a siren whistle…the usu.” Hale grins at her: “Yeah.” Kenzi adds that she wishes she could just get rid of the pain in her arm. She pulls her sleeve up to show that her whole forearm has turned red and rashy where The Norn’s (FREAKING NORN) ooey, gooey substance fell on it. “What is that?” she whispers to Hale’s “Whoa.” Hale has no idea. “You come in contact with something?” he asks, carefully examining the arm. Kenzi, of course, knows exactly with what she came in contact. “Definitely let the doc take a look at that,” Hale insists. But Kenzi doesn’t want to and insists she just needs some air. She hurries out of The Dal right past Dyson who is sitting alone at a table nursing his beer, solemnly thinking on things. Wow. Those Fae really know how to get down with the party. Dyson cranes his neck to look after Kenzi curiously as Doctor Lauren comes up the table to put her medical bag together. He looks up at her and we cut to Bo and Trick coming into the room together hand in hand. Val, smiling, rises from the next table where’s she’s been with Vex (interesting). “All Hail the Champion!” she toasts, lifting her glass to Bo. Bo insists that it was a team effort, and Hale joins the group to point out it was a team led by Bo. Behind them, Dyson has also stood and watches Bo intently but silently, not joining in with the bonhomie. “Seriously,” Bo teases, “hasn’t the binding worn off?” Trick pats her shoulder. “Accept the compliments, kiddo.”

Vex, more than a little drunk already, stumbles toward her, mug raised. “You know, I have to say darlin’,” he begins and drapes an arm around Bo’s shoulders. She grimaces when he exhales drunken fumes into Bo’s face. “I am – ah – very impressed with you. You didn’t let me down nearly half as much as I though you would.” “Well, it turns out you were the right man for the job, Vex.” He nods, accepting this as his due.

Doctor Lauren smiles fondly and turns back to finish packing her bag. Dyson glances from Bo to Doctor Lauren, assessing the situation, I think. “You know it’s gonna take them a while to select a new Ash,” he tells her conversationally. “Now might be your best chance.” Doctor Lauren isn’t following. “To do what?” she asks. “Run,” Dyson replies immediately and matter of fact. “Be free. I know how much that means to you.”

I think, though it’s obvious Dyson’s pondering how he’s going to get back with Bo here and how Doctor Lauren is in his way there, he’s genuine about understanding Doctor Lauren’s well known, well trod unhappiness and how she’s suffered from being owned by the Fae. With NotComaNadia dead now, her original reason for being there in the first place is no more. Dyson of everyone (except perhaps Hale) is uniquely positioned to know a great deal of what Doctor Lauren has actually been through in service of the Fae and, more importantly, how she’s been treated as he’s probably been ordered to do some of that treatment (and by that, I mean the imprisoning aspect). We really don’t know what those first five years were like for Doctor Lauren but we do know that Dyson has been in that region for at least the last fifty years in service to The Ash himself. With his love restored, it’s also likely Dyson is reacting to his own period of unhappiness, that he now intimately knows what’s it’s like to sacrifice something great of oneself out of love for another as Doctor Lauren did for NotComaNadia. He’s had the chance to come back from that; it tracks that in this new insight, he would think to point a similar option out to Doctor Lauren. When we factor it their simpatico tête-à-tête at PerfectCiara’s wake, it seems even more like that his intentions here are good and genuine. Also, Dyson knows from experience that Bo will kick his ass if he interferes with her life choices; I don’t see him risking a reunion over the means by which they come back together – and what he might have done to get there, like push the doc out of town. Additionally, even when he was being a jackhole, he wasn’t this manipulative. I don’t see him getting his shit back together only to be a bigger dumbass for it. I’m not saying he’s not trying to move the doc out of his path, merely that it’s not his sole or even primary reason for saying this to her.

Doctor Lauren, however, clearly suspects his motives are not at all pure, which is weird because as far as she knows, he’s lost his love and passion for Bo forever and she’s the only one in the running anymore. Though you’d have to be completely blind to miss his emotions on display in the Throne o’ Bones room, the doc was caught up in her own emotional shitstorm at the time too. “Well, I appreciate you looking out for me,” she says a little archly. Dyson takes her words at their meaning and nods companionably. Sure. You’re welcome.

Doctor Lauren turns away to look mournfully and lovingly at Bo. In her heart, she knows he’s right. This is her chance to be free and she’s not likely to get another one. And yet her one reason for staying put is standing right there and no matter what Bo might say about being together, if the doc runs, it’s unlikely that Bo will abandon Kenzi and Trick and yes, even Dyson, to run with her and Doctor Lauren knows this I think. She has a very hard decision to make...though from the look of it, she’s already made it.

Dyson stands at her back, steady and sure in his restored love, and follows the doc’s gaze to Bo. Bo is already watching them, wondering what they’re talking about probably, and smiles at them both. It’s almost like they’re all waiting to see who gets to go home with her post battle. Vex, always the one who sees the most, sidles up behind Bo and puts his chin on her shoulder.“You’re going to have a lot of fun with that,” he murmurs suggestively. Bo shoots him A Look, but he’s not wrong and she knows it.

No longer smiling, Bo taps her fingers against her glass and takes the safe path. “Hey, have you seen Kenzi?” she asks Hale who tells her Kenzi went off for some air. Bo knows this isn’t normal behavior for her bestie. “Is she OK?” she asks, frowning when Hale sighs and twitches in place. She hands him her drink and goes to check on Kenzi. Doctor Lauren turns back to packing her bag while Dyson stares after Bo and then glances at the doc.

Bo goes to the couch and extrapolates her red leather jacket from the pile. She shrugs into it and turns around…and catches a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror. Wait, what’s that? She pulls the jacket on and flips her hair from the collar, walking ever closer to the mirror. Bending over slightly, she peers into the reflection of her eyes…and deep in their brown depths, succubus blue stirs to life. She leans in and sparks suddenly jump across her corneas, startlingly her back a step. Bo looks back toward the guys in the bar and then again at her reflection. She leans in again, captivated by her own expression and the growing deep succubus blue of her eyes. Slowly a wicked, darkly pleased smile creeps across her face. Dark Succubus has arrived.

End credits

Fae of the Day:

Rabisu: n. Underfae who hide in the shadows and can become smoke.

Quotes of the Night:

Vex:It’s your party, you can whine if you want to. I’ll be here trying not to think what’s left behind on a succubus’ couch!

Vex: Oh go ahead and merge naughty bits. I mean seriously, am I the only one seeing this?!

Trick:What sort of trickery is this? The Garuda: It’s no trick. Well actually, two Tricks.

Dyson:Bo, sleep with me. Bo: Dyson, that’s the blood talking. I am not going to take advantage of that. As much as I would love to.

Hale:Everything OK? Kenzi: Are you kidding me?! This is better than Call of Duty 3.

Doctor Lauren:How are you doing? Vex: Oh, peachy, yeah! Lying down has relieved the pain in my shattered arm completely!

Doctor Lauren part deux: How are you doing? Vex: Oh, well, liking life. Loving that succubus.

Vex:Well, I’m sorry darlin’ but I’m still not comfortable with that idea. Doctor Lauren: Oh, well you better get comfortable or I’m going to shove this arm so far down your throat, you’ll be mesmerizing your own bowel movements.

Kenzi: Did I get roofied again?\

Bo:My strength is unmatched. I will reign as queen! And you shall all tremble before my power!

Vex:You’re gonna have a lot of fun with that.

That’s a wrap on Lost Girl Season Two. Next: January 2013: SEASON THREE!!!!


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at

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Linda Losik
1. LindaL
Excellent recap as usual; however, I do disagree with you about Aofie. While she was certainly strong willed (read bull-headed) and unable to forgive (which I do understand, if someone murdered my mother, I would be hard pressed to forgive). I don’t think that she had gone over to the “dark side” until she had been held in captivity and tortured for centuries. Which, fae or not, that would have done it to anyone.

And your rant was spot on; the second rant wasn’t really needed because we know that even though Bo is involved with Lauren, she had never really lost her feelings for Dyson. As to your rant, it also seemed that the writers in this scene were saying to Team Doccubus: “Hey, we write the way we want to and will not be dictated to by anyone. “ Team Doccubus is extremely vocal on and will brook no interference with Bo and Lauren together as the only goal. What I find most disturbing about this concept is that Bo is not supposed to make her own choices. They seem to miss the fact that is the story of a Lost Girl not the story “The Fans Write The Show Or We Will Stop Watching Show”! And woe until to them that disagree! I no longer go to just because of the amount of venom that is displayed for anyone who even somewhat likes Dyson. This is one of many reasons I enjoy your blog.

It also seemed that they actually had the first string writing this week (I really missed the first string!)! Especially with all of the completed circles…truly loved how they did it! Rather nice setup for next season, questions that need answering: what is the rash on Kenzi’s arm, what did the Norn get, why is Bo still the dark one??? Will we have more Vex and what retaliation will the Morrigan seek? What is the backstory to Trick and Dyson? And most importantly of all, who is going to be our next great villain?

On a personal note: I also hope that you will continue your recap blog for season three. I love the detail, the wit and the willingness to accept everyone no matter the team.
2. lsbloom
Kiersten, you know I love your recaps, but this episodes sets me off so many times, I actually had to read it in stages to keep my blood pressure down. Which is probably why this comment is so long. For which I apologize.

First off, when did the Garuda become fae? The enemy of all fae is fae? Garuda is to fae what fae are to humans, so they’re all human? Extinction of the fae, by a fae. A fae that doesn't have to follow the laws, didn't pick a side...oh yeah, because he was another species that they thought died out long before the fae came to be.

So frustrated with the rewrite of succubus powers. All succubi were supposed to be able to heal. Incubi were were supposed to be able to heal, 'cause when DL gave Bo the injections she created for an incubus in S1 she said Bo'd still need to have sex to heal. Aoife made thralls by sucking chi, she was impaired from doing so with the Dark King because he had a chi blocker. If she could have enthralled him with her blood, why didn’t she? She pointedly tries to enthrall Bo by sucking chi and gets b*tch-slapped by Bo’s borrowed chi blocker.

Only secondly less frustrated with Trick 's new version of how his wife died--assassins killed her during a "parylay," awesome, 'cause you told your creepy ex-girlfriend with the truth-telling fingernails that she was killed in battle. Which is it Trick/show/writers?

Bo was champion because she was a succubus and could attack without attacking because her powers came from a place of love and lust not hate, anger, or violence. That is negated when suddenly you can just sword-fight with the Garuda—that’s attacking by, you know, attacking. By Lachlan’s original logic that type of attack should have fed the Garuda. That is also negated because the blood thing was a Bo special power not a succubus power, which Lachlan shouldn’t have known about. So why was she Lachlan’s champion? Why didn’t she use succubus powers? Why all of a sudden could you get close enough to the Garuda to choke him, but not close enough to stick him with a needle? Why was there a power up with Vex but not anybody else? How did Val feel it? Was there some minimum number of thralls needed to turn on super Bo? I felt like the story was supposed to be something like Buffy fighting Adam (one of my favorite final battles ev-er), but it never got close. Bo’s battle plan was to run into the Garuda and hope for a chance to stab him with naga venom, which wasn’t weaponized. Vale never used her voice throwing powers, they started merely wounding berzerkers so that they could come back and stab Kenzi instead of killing them. Val’s chest of weapons was pitiable. Couldn’t we have at least gotten the siracon out of storage? So sad. So many lost opportunities and instead we got nonsense.

I take exception to including Lauren in the battle plan, seeing as how Kenzi was in charge of keeping Bo in check, so what was she there to do but be a liability when attacked? When she cringed and fell to the ground I was so annoyed. When she did nothing to help Kenzi or Vex’s arm I was equally annoyed. Anyone with basic first aid skills could have done more. I loved Vex calling her out on doing nothing! Plus, she never told Bo about going dark side once before, and I think that bit of information might have colored her decision to approach that road again.

I am really surprised at the pro-Lauren edits. They have officially now removed another one of her (at least top 5) bitchiest statements. I wasn't nearly as kind as you were Kiersten at the "Welcome to team Bo" section. Lauren's attitude towards the entire thing along with the idea that at some point Dyson wasn't team Bo(?) was ridiculously rude.

I’m only going to touch on one last point and that is the Dyson “sleep with me” crap. If it was fanservice, I am not the fan they were aiming for, and I’m pretty pro Dyson. That line hurts to even have to hear. All it manages to say is Bo and Lauren have an “I love you” type scene and Bo and Dyson are only about sex. Why not have Dyson tell her he was back instead? Why haven’t they had a proper scene together in 9 episodes? Why can’t he even say hi first. I am way, way past liking the triangle. There is no way out of it at this point. I’m not sure I can stand a season of Bo/Lauren with Dyson what trying to win Bo back? And there is no way they are going to be able to make doccubus happy, so why bother? This isn’t a corner they’ve written themselves into this time, it’s a cavern.
3. Trixxxie
Lovely review, Kiersten.

Have to say I partly agree with Isbloom. Dyson's "Sleep with me, Bo" line was pathetic and incredibly damaging to his character. Nevermind that he has his heart back, the writers made him look like an idiot for the past 3 episodes. They seem to have forgotten how to write BL and BD at the same time. It was possible once, it's called season 1. Also, some can twist it any way they want, but there is no way Dyson was thinking of anything other than to see Lauren far, far away at the end of the episode. Again with the character assassination.

I thought the entire episode was anti-climatic. At this point, I'm only watching the show for its various compelling relationships and I am not sure I like where most of them are headed. They are definitely going for Bo/Lauren next season with Dyson on the side (I'm willing to bet $100 on this) under the delusion that it is actually going to appease both sides of the triangle. It won't, really. Because that will, like Isbloom said above, write Bo and Dyson's relationship as sexual and Bo and Lauren's as love (not that they haven't done that for most of season 2). Team Dyson is not going to be happy and I assume Doccubi won't be extremely satisfied either. It's a dead end.

Whatever they do, I hope Dyson/Kenzi does not happen (even if Kenzi is not herself) or I'm done with the show.
4. plumco
Hi Gang!!!

Long time, no post but be assured I've been following every recap and reading all the comments. I just have not had it in me to rant and rave with the rest of you over just how uneven this season has been. I've loved the recaps (as always, thank you Kiersten) and loved the comments and .. being that it was the season finale.. I couldn't NOT chime in.

First of all - Gotta say, I hope season three does some serious redeeming on the part of the writers. I've been forgiving of plot holes and re-writing of the mythology and all the other screwy things that have gone on simply because season ONE was THAT GOOD. But I don't think I could handle another season like this last one.

As has been discussed - the first few episodes seemed to go along the standard "ok, lets get this rolling" sequence until you literally SEE when they realize "um, we're going too fast - lets thrown in some major filler" to, in my opinion, "holy shit we have 4 episodes left and we have absolutely no decent way of tying anything up! Lets start making some crap up". Uneven is being incredibly generous (again- all my own opinion - although it seems to echo much of the sentiment I've seen from many other people).

I don't go to any other websites so I haven't been subjected to the rampant pro-doccubus agenda that appears to frequently come with some fairly venomous anti- Bo/Dyson ..err... feelings. I've heard enough from the people who comment here (about those sites) to be thankful that I haven't seen the need to stray from Kiersten's witty and admittedly pro Bo/Dyson recaps.

In regards to THIS episode - I kind of feel like they did the best that their prior writing allowed them to do. Its unfortunate that they backed themselves so firmly into the corner and I'm sure there are people out there (coughKierstencough) who could have taken what was available and made it somewhat fan friendly. But - based on just how.... bad (!) this season was, the fact that they managed to tie up ANY loose ends and set up anything for season three is a GD miracle.

Don't know if anyone/everyone saw the little blurb of the coming season 3 (I slow-mo'd it about 3 times) but it does look like we have a little something to look forward to.

@lsbloom - Amen! Yep, amen to everything you commented on and pointed out.

@Trixxxie - If Dyson/Kenzi happens - I will cry, throw something at the TV and probably swear off anything relationship related for at least a year. That would be

@Kiersten - thank you for two seasons worth of crazy witty cool recaps even when the episodes have been subpar. Loved your wit, always. Loved your pro-dyson stance, always. And even loved your willingness to appreciate both sides of the triangle (always with a pro Bo/Dyson slant God bless you). Please keep doing next season. I would miss it terribly as I'm sure would many others.

One note (I promise this time) on the actual episode - when Dyson came in and said "sleep with me" - .... Ok, I can look at it now and be all outraged by all the points that have been commented on but .. .when he first said it??? all I thought was YES!!!! RIGHT THERE, RIGHT NOW, please let me get some popcorn first!!!!! It has been so long since the writers have allowed any proper sexual tension between those two that I didn't care about the consequences or what led (or rather, did not lead us) to that point. I just wanted it to happen. PUHLEEZE it would have been so damn great.

So anyway - my little prayer to the TV gods: Please TV gods, make season 3 match up in quality to season one. If you can make us fans forget that season two happened altogether, that would be even better but I understand that you can only work certain miracles and unfortunately, that overwhelms even your substantial power. Let Bo and Dyson rebuild their insane chemistry and for the love of all that is holy, please put something decent on film for those of us who make Lost Girl videos and post them all over YouTube to pilfer. Amen
5. whiskeywhite
Great recap as always, Kiersten. Quote of the recap: “when Horton hears a Wh – ah, Bo hears a noise.” I also liked very much “Throne o’ Bones Room.” I agree with @plumco, it’s your wit, babe, that we love.

I agree 200% (or more) with your “rant.” When this episode was first shown in Canada, I wrote to the Showcase Lost Girl blog (Apr. 2, as Susan L):
Did none of the Doccubus fans feel suckered by the 'I love you , all' declaration from Bo to Lauren? I was offended—too manipulative on the part of the writers.
As you very rightly say,
That was low-down dirty pool. Seriously. What a craptastic thing to do to the Doctor Lauren/Bo fans. I mean really. ...that was unnecessarily cruel.
There should, indeed, have been screams of rage from the Doccubus fans (and even sympathetic pro-Dyson folks like me. Well, at least I squeaked). But, if we can judge by the postings to the overwhelmingly pro-Doccubus Showcase blog, the screams never came. Here are the only two responses I got:
kb (Apr 2) - I didn't feel "suckered" at all with the "I love you comment" - it's still a soap in terms of relationships and B/L have a ways to go in resolving what happened to Nadia anyway, but they are off to a good start.
Sandy (Apr 3) - Their eyes speak with so much feeling, and even though Bo added an "all" after a very long pause after "I love you", you see reflected in their eyes the intensity of the love they feel for each other.
Hmmmm. I guess people were just happy to hear any “I love you” in Lauren’s direction.

“I love you ... all” would have seemed to me to be a risky move if the goal were to appease Lauren fans; but given the apparent lack of blowback, it looks like the writers read the fans correctly. And appeasement succeeded.

As everyone knows, I’m prone to long posts– glad to see others have succumbed as well (I like in-depth and complex discussions). But I’ll break mine up into different topics.
6. LaylaM
I wouldn't say season 2 was bad. In fact, I liked the first half of the season better than season 1. It is just that the show got lost mid-season and had no stamina left to pick itself up - though it did improve in the final 2 episodes. I particularly thought 2.21 was one of the show's best.

I like Bo and Lauren and I didn't feel the "I love you" scene was cruel. It is what show-runners do. Bo is not going to say the "L" word any time soon. That was not any more frustrating than their "breathless" moment a week ago. If I were a true Doccubus fan, I'd be frustrated of course, but I'd actually take it as a good sign (which they obviously did). Nevermind that their kiss was also a parallel to their season 1 finale kiss. It was a nice touch and it shows that they do care when they want to.

Can't help but think they are saving Bo and Dyson's reunion for season 3, where it will hopefully feel organic. I figure Dyson is going to be extremely important when Bo begins to lose the battle to her darker self. It is not like that is something Lauren can fight through non-sciency means. In fact, I would love nothing more than to see the two of them putting their differences aside and teaming up to help Bo. I think the show can only benefit from that.

Kenzi is one of my favorites but I'm not too excited about what is coming up. That little S3 preview didn't help. Way too much crazy going on and nothing I'm particularly interested in. I guess we'll see. We should get actual promotion now that US viewers are all caught up. I know Ksenia is going to the UK and Zoie will be somewhere else in Canada promoting the show. There are also new interviews and clips coming up. Hopefully it will be enough to keep everyone interested until January. I am Canadian so I'll definitely watch on Showcase this time.
7. whiskeywhite
Now to Dyson. Let’s start with what @lsbloom calls “the Dyson ‘sleep with me’ crap.” I’m with Kiersten on this one. A veritable cloud of “warm fuzzies in my chest.” I agree with @lsbloom that he might have told her that he has his love back, but that would have prematurely blown a huge revelation for Bo. I agree with LaylaM that they’re “saving Bo and Dyson's reunion for season 3.” It was enough for me to see a confirmation of her continuing love and desire, which I’ve always believed was still there, but which she has been hiding for most of Season 2. Yes, probably an appeasement of Dyson fans, but also an important point they need to establish in order to set up the Season 3 triangle focus.

As you can imagine, this scene brought on a renewed whirlwind of Dyson criticism on the Showcase blog, with people alleging that all he cared about was his “wolf junk” and so on. I tried to defend him then and I feel the need to do so again here. So, I’ll reprint what I said then (Apr. 4 as Susan L):
an we give Dyson a break? He’s being denounced as a ‘jerk’ for offering to give Bo his strength just before the final battle, the assumption being that it was just an excuse to have sex. Of course he wants to make love with Bo now that he has his deep love for her back! But his willingness to let Bo “life suck” him, as Kenzi puts it, has been a central feature of their relationship from the very first episode. Why would he not do it again to help protect her at such a critical moment? Why does his desire for her invalidate that? And keep in mind that giving Bo his strength – “as much as she needs”—always seriously weakens him. Hardly a selfish move right before a big battle (in which, btw, he tries—luckily unsuccessfully—to sacrifice his life for Bo and the others).
In response, a fan brought up an interesting argument:
Kate (Apr. 4) – Bo had just enthralled a bunch of powerful Fae. The last thing she needed was power sex. Bo no longer needs him to heal. And, frankly, given what Bo was up against, Dyson's chi wouldn't have tickled her in the slightest. She had all the strength she needed.
Good point. But do any of them know how well the ‘binding with Bo’s blood’ strategy is going work? A little top-up ‘couldn’t hoight’, as they say.

I see you caught my little ‘KHR moment’ Kiersten. But, to pick some nits, as usual, it doesn’t happen exactly as you recount. When Dyson first arrives for the ‘sleep with me’ offer, we see Bo place at least one of her hands on his chest. We don’t actually see Dyson take her hands and hold them against his chest. Only when Bo turns away as Kenzi enters do we see them lower their hands, and he’s holding hers. Lovely gesture of intimacy. Done for the camera or just ‘in character’ acting? Who knows. I’m surprised though that you don’t note him speaking in THAT VOICE when he says, “My mind is ... clearer than it’s been in a loooong time.” Swoon.

A very thoughtful discussion, Kiersten, of Dyson’s motives in pointing out to Lauren that now would be a good time to “run, be free.” Many say that this is a (yet another) example of him being a “douche” but I agree that, while he wouldn’t be sad to see her gone, he genuinely understands Lauren’s pain. On the other hand, has he considered that Lauren’s leaving (almost certainly without Bo) would hurt Bo deeply, which he never wants to happen, let alone cause?

I’m sorry to see that the “You’ll start to develop feelings for Bo” section was cut out of the Syfy version. It isn’t critical to the story and thus is expendable; what remains makes the point. But watching Dyson contemplating how he feels about Bo is touching. I don’t think that Lauren was being rude with “Welcome to Team Bo, again.” I think that she was respectfully recognizing Dyson’s previous relationship with Bo and reacting to his (edited out) assertion that he has no problems with developing “feelings” for Bo. (Interesting question about that on her part. Is she wondering whether the conflict between the Norn’s curse and her temporary love injection will cause him pain? Or that the injection won’t work in his case because of the curse?). I don’t think she’s suggesting that he hasn’t been helping and defending her throughout Season 2, as Kiersten also argues.

Interesting argument @Trixxxie that:
They are definitely going for Bo/Lauren next season with Dyson on the side (I'm willing to bet $100 on this) ...
It seems an unbalanced triangle, but then that was what we had in Season 1. And it doesn’t seem to match the equilateral triangle we see in the final scenes of this episode: Lauren and Dyson rushing to either side of Bo, each with one hand on her body, when she drops to the floor as her power rush wanes; the two side by side looking at her with love as Vex says, “You’ll have fun with that.” But you may well be right; we’ll hold you to that bet. ;-)
8. whiskeywhite
I’ve been Dyson Defender, now it’s time for Doccubus Defender (though I’ve done some of that already). I know you’re trying to be fair to Lauren, Kiersten, despite hating it :-). But I don’t think you’re being fair enough. You rightly point out that Lauren is no warrior but, as I said regarding the last episode, Lauren is now a core member of the little ‘army’, so she has to go with them. Medics are critical in a battle, no? Should she have been carrying a weapon to protect herself? To what end? Even Kenzi, who has actually practiced quite a bit with swords (which she is not carrying), has to this point only pulled off one ineffectual bop on the Garuda’s head in the previous battle. Lauren being unarmed gives Kenzi the opportunity to actually strike a meaningful blow in battle (with her little Kenzi-sized crossbow) and save Lauren’s life in the process – an interesting development in their relationship.

As a doctor, Lauren has more to offer than first aid though @lsbloom makes some good points about her medical care – couldn’t she at least have cobbled together a splint for Vex’s broken arm or done more for Kenzie’s wound than staunch the blood? But then Hale wouldn’t have got a chance to siren together the gash, thus saving Kenzi’s life and adding to the bond between them. What Lauren brings to the battle is her ability to “nerd out”, as Kenzi would say, answers to problems. She realizes that Hale’s voice can cauterize Kenzi’s wound. She figures out that because Vex doesn’t have Bo’s blood the circle among the army members is broken and, luckily enough, she has brought along some extra Bo blood which allows her to fix the problem. (The circle being completed is why the army members, such as Val, feel the new rush of power, as does Bo.) She works out that the Garuda’s DNA is in Trick, as it was in Nadia, so the Garuda can be killed inside Trick’s body. In short, she makes several important contributions to the battle.
9. whiskeywhite
OK, now it’s time for my rant. One of the most engaging features of Lost Girl is the many mythological figures taken from folk traditions around the world. While some of these are just weird ‘Fae of the week’, others play more major roles. Most of those, the Morrigan, the Norn, etc., are taken from Celtic and Norse traditions – that is, European traditions—and are on the whole reasonably accurately represented.

However, the Garuda, a key character, is badly misrepresented. He is portrayed as supremely evil—the “closest thing (to the Devil)”, according to Trick. He’s cruel and devious, the ‘big bad’ who’s coming to bring chaos and destruction to the Fae. But in fact, the Garuda is revered as a major hero figure across Asia, not evil but fearsome—a great warrior who leads the people to victory in battle. Originating in India and spreading across Asia with Hinduism and Buddhism, the Garuda is often represented as a giant eagle whose arch enemy is the Naga, the great snake (the writers at least got that part right).

I twigged to this when a fan wrote in to the Showcase blog from Indonesia:
Novita (Apr. 6, 2012) ... for my country the Garuda is a symbol of the scared ... should not and never repalced ...
I responded, thanking her for the information and asking her to tell us more. She was pleased to respond:
Novita (Apr. 10, 2012): For me and all the people indonesia..the Garuda is a symbol of our country that we respect greatly..The Garuda symbolizes the spirit of our struggle againts colonialism..For the record our nation was colonized for 350 years by the dutch and 3.5 years by japanese. Indonesia get independence in 1945 and since then The garuda used a symbol of indonesia. This is a part of song..GARUDA ON MY CHEST....GARUDA IS MY PRIDE ...I'M SURE TODAY WOULD BE A CHAMPION...these song are usually used to give encouragement to those who struggle as in sporting events... Lost Girl was letting that Indonesian fan, and many like her, down. The Garuda is a living symbol of pride for many Asians. It is the national symbol of both Thailand and Indonesia (where the national airline is fittingly named Garuda Indonesia). I doubt any other figure from mythology is so badly misrepresented in Lost Girl. (I liked the beautiful and kind African Lightning Bird, but she was a little off as well. In South Africa Lightening Birds are seen as quite dangerous and people suspected of being Lightening Birds can be killed). I’m very happy when we see mythological figures from outside Europe in the show, and the writers and actors are justly proud of all the research that is done. But it’s important to be respectful of people’s traditions.

While I’m on the subject, although I’m happy that the “war” with the Garuda and his minions is over, I will miss actor Raoul Trujillo, who is wonderfully evil and cruel. I loved that they dressed him in a CEO business suit. And, as he is also a Native American dancer (with French Canadian ancestry!), he is able to pull off all the wing flapping and flaming sword waving without looking ridiculous.

Kiersten, are you really leaving us for the coming months?
10. lsbloom
I don't spend a whole lot of time trying to give characters more credit than I do initially. The fact that I might need to work through all of Lauren's actions to "try" and find reasons that they shouldn't annoy me or to cut her some slack is a massive failure on the part of the writers, directors, and actress. I'm not inclined to do their work for them. Lauren's had more breaks from me than any other character on television that I can think of, and yet, she continually needs another chance. I forgive the spybanging even though she never apologizes for it "I did nothing wrong." Only to fall into Let's have meaningful all about us sex with Bo even though I've been hiding a great love who I willing sacrificed my freedom for (twice), and still she doesn't apologize. If she isn't willing to ask for forgiveness or get off of her high horse long enough to admit she's done wrong, I'm not inclined to keep cutting her breaks so certain other fans will like me better.

Yes, medics are useful in battle. No they don't cringe and drop to the ground screaming for help at the first hint of combat. They also don't go on all missions. A special ops squad isn't going to bring someone along who can't protect or defend themselves, they are a liability. Kenzi is the opposite of a liability. Kenzi got a shot in at the garuda--the ONLY one who got a shot in at the garuda, Kenzi killed a dullahan and aided in the death of another, Kenzi helped kill the frost giant, helped kill the morag, saved Bo from her mom, saved Bo from the mare, killed (ish) Baba Yaga, big assist in killing the cherufe, stood up to Vex, took down the Norn, and those are only the ones that she physically helped with, she outsmarted a number of other bad guys and bad plots. Kenzi actually told Hale the solution to save her, she just passed out. Lauren only filled in the blanks. The scene would have worked without Lauren there if Kenzi had had another line. The Garuda DNA problem was a huge plot inconsistency that made no logical sense, so any ups Lauren does get a for it are unfortunately countered by the ridiculous writing. Nobody got any points for the final battle in my book. Such as, there's no "circle" to complete, they failed to explain that at all. You made it up to fill in the hole. Sure it sounds good, but what created the circle? What was the minimum number needed? How does Bo know that? If Lauren had done her job in the first place, Vex would have been "Team Bo" much much earlier. So fixing her own failure doesn't get bonus points, and why should it?

Why should Lauren get extra consideration? Does she need a personal defense squad? Can't she stand as the writers have written her as all the other characters are forced to do?
11. whiskeywhite
Grrrr.. I messed up that posting about the Garuda and can't figure out how to edit it. So let me post Novita's message again:
Novita (Apr. 10, 2012): For me and all the people indonesia..the Garuda is a symbol of our country that we respect greatly..The Garuda symbolizes the spirit of our struggle againts colonialism..For the record our nation was colonized for 350 years by the dutch and 3.5 years by japanese. Indonesia get independence in 1945 and since then The garuda used a symbol of indonesia. This is a part of song..GARUDA ON MY CHEST....GARUDA IS MY PRIDE ...I'M SURE TODAY WOULD BE A CHAMPION...these song are usually used to give encouragement to those who struggle as in sporting events...
Lost Girl was letting that Indonesian fan, and many like her, down.....
12. whiskeywhite
I'm sorry all. Some of the text keeps disappearing when I post. Maybe it's that I shouldn't be using brackets. If you will forgive me, one more time. I'm determined to do Novita justice. (If this doesn't work, I'll give up. I promise):
Novita (Apr. 10, 2012): For me and all the people indonesia..the Garuda is a symbol of our country that we respect greatly..The Garuda symbolizes the spirit of our struggle againts colonialism..For the record our nation was colonized for 350 years by the dutch and 3.5 years by japanese. Indonesia get independence in 1945 and since then The garuda used a symbol of indonesia. This is a part of song..GARUDA ON MY CHEST....GARUDA IS MY PRIDE ...I'M SURE TODAY WOULD BE A CHAMPION...these song are usually used to give encouragement to those who struggle as in sporting events... (I believe that the “chest” reference is to soccer uniforms. Then she adds “Go go Team Lauren” :-).)
Linda Losik
13. LindaL
Okay, where does Bo find out that Dyson has his love back? We know, Kenzi and the Norn know, Vex is (possibly) going on old information, but where and when does Bo learn about the trip to the Norn? Did I miss that conversation?

@whiskeywhite: I agree with both of you about being warm and fuzzy with Dyson's sleep with me comment. Interesting side note: did you know that one of the old vows from the Celtics/Druids is “with my body I do thee worship?” this is the man’s words to the woman during the wedding ceremony.

@lsbloom: possible thought on Aofie’s ability to enthrall. She told Bo that eating chi was an art form and Trick told Bo that their blood was unique. I am wondering if Aofie didn’t do it only with chi, and she did tell Bo that she was trying to turn Dyson into one of her thralls. Another thought: you have just completely nailed why I don’t like Lauren! THANK YOU! I am truly tired of the Lauren supporters saying that we just don’t understand/get it while making excuses for her behavior!
14. LaylaM
I think the Garuda arc had potential at first but most of it got wasted mid-season in filler episodes and nonsensical storylines and plot devices. The resolution felt anti-climatic and forced.

I don't think Lauren needs extra consideration -- certainly no more than other characters do. As it stands now, Dyson needs more consideration than she does. And this space is pro-Dyson, after all.
The fact that I might need to work through all of Lauren's actions to "try" and find reasons that they shouldn't annoy me or to cut her some slack is a massive failure on the part of the writers, directors, and actress.
The fact that you don't get the character because of your inability to see beyond your bias hardly makes it a "massive failure on the part of the writers, directors and actress" as others could easily apply that "argument" to every character they dislike. It simply makes it your problem.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
15. Kiersten
@LindaL Bo does not know that Dyson has his love back. Nobody does outside of Kenzi and Dyson. She has seen and recognized though that something has definitely changed in him and I think there were several points in the finale where she reacted & responded to that, even though she doesn't know the reason for the Big Change. This is another circle moment, now that I think about it, as in S2E1 she knew there was something different, something wrong with him because of how he was behaving toward her and reacted and responded to it even as she didn't know about the reason for the Big Change. I could take it even further to say, beyond the usual personal inteaction of people reading one another's body language, this shows how intuned and linked they are with one another on a deep, nonverbal, almost instinctual level. Oh look, I just did.

I have always loved the visceral meaning of "with my body I thee worship" vow. It also has antecendents in Medeival marriage vows, but they probably stole it from the Celts anyway. ;-) Should the space/time continuum ever implode and I actually get married, that would definitely be in my vows. Some girls dream of the dress they'd wear or the music that would play at their wedddings. For me, it's always been about the vows.

@lsbloom, I second the huzzah for breaking down "why DL bugs the snot out of me" into a cohesive deconstruction. She does get a pass from a lot of viewers for a lot of crap behavior that she never owns up to. I love Dyson madly, (as perhaps you've noticed), but I call the character out on his jackhole behaviour too because love isn't blind, love sees all and loves unconditionally, be it fangrrl or reality. The sycophantic fawning over DL in light of all the failures on her part, particularly toward Bo, boggles me. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if we're all watching the same show.

Hold her up as a beautiful woman or a complex character, or a lover who constantly has to choose between duty and heart's desire, or the one part of the posse that doesn't really fit and how does that feel or what does that make her do, or someone who's transforms into a badass in the medical arena but struggles elsewhere to relate...there are many other ways to make her compelling.

Here's the real, honest to Fae truth of the matter: For Bo, there is no either or. She loves Doctor Lauren very much AND she is deeply in love and implicitedly trusts Dyson. She has never behaved as though she can only have one; she has for the sake of her partner (tho unasked), limited herself to one at a time. Both Doctor Lauren and Dyson hate when Bo is with other lovers. DL is better at reasoning herself out of it externally because of the science brain and, moreso I think, because of years and years of emotional suppresion, but she really hates the necessity. Dyson is instinctual and raw but even without his love, knowing Bo was banging Caden right above his head pissed him off. He knows her needs and could, I think, deal with her feeding/banging from another Fae when he wasn't available because those aren't love relationships, but he hates it and he doesn't want to be a part of it either.

But these are their feelings and decisions and when she is in an official relationship with either of them (which she has yet to be in with Doctor Lauren BTW, though I think that's absolutely going to be the sitch in S3) Bo honors those feelings. But it's clear that for her, there is no barrier to loving them both at the same time. Do I feel that Dyson is the better match for her? Duh. That, I believe has been amply shown in the show while they've failed to give any compelling and lasting reasons why DL is an equal match for her and we've already disected all that in our previous discussions. But it's important IMO in all this "who will she choose?" crap to remember that Bo doesn't believe/act like there has to be a choice. She loves them both.
16. whiskeywhite
Great comments, Kiersten. I agree completely that “Bo doesn't believe/act like there has to be a choice. She loves them both.” As I’ve said before, I think that both Dyson and Lauren need to ‘scootch over’ on the couch. To be fair, they are tolerating each other now. We’ll see what’s coming.

Regarding Aife’s ability to enthral and how she does it. Trick tells Bo that her blood “... has the power to enslave others, to bind them to your will. ... you saw your mother use it on her army of adoring but deadly servants” (E2.21). Not chi sucking, blood. We don’t ever actually see Aife use her blood in this way, but we do see her use her chi sucking to kill, as she did the Alabaster (in S1.10), describing it as an “execution.” It’s true that Aife does say to Bo, as @LindaL points out, “Siphoning chi is an art, but once you learn to master it, you can enslave just about anyone” (S1.13). But then, when (in S1.13, the cookie scene) Bo challenges her about seducing and “nearly killing” Dyson, and Aife responds with the excuse, “I was only trying to make him one of my thralls to get closer to you” it’s clearly (to me) an outright lie. She was trying to kill Dyson to get him out of the way. He wasn’t the slightest bit ‘enthralled’ with her.

So, who do we believe? Is Trick either mistaken or lying about the blood? Unlikely. And it was demonstrated with Ryan. Is Aife lying when she says it’s chi sucking that enthrals (permanently)? We have less reason to trust her. Or is it a plot inconsistency? Always a possibility, as trusting little viewer me is beginning to learn from you folks.

I can’t resist. @lsbloom complains that Dyson doesn’t say “Hi” when he arrives for the ‘sleep with me’ scene. Reminds me of Bella’s complaint to Edward that he never even says “Hi” to her. “Hi” he responds sullenly. What actually gets me in this series is that nobody ever says “goodbye” after a telephone conversation is over. Dyson just snaps his phone closed. Don’t they have any manners in Faetown?

You folks are so much fun to talk to, but must stop and clean my house.
17. LaylaM
But these are their feelings and decisions and when she is in an official relationship with either of them (which she has yet to be in with Doctor Lauren BTW, though I think that's absolutely going to be the sitch in S3) Bo honors those feelings. But it's clear that for her, there is no barrier to loving them both at the same time. But it's important IMO in all this "who will she choose?" crap to remember that Bo doesn't believe/act like there has to be a choice. She loves them both.
I couldn't agree more, Kiersten. You expressed it much better than I ever could. Bo does not act like there has to be a choice. And if she were forced to choose, she would probably choose herself. I think that mirrors her reluctancy to choose between Light and Dark; she works for both sides, was sexually and romantically involved with both Light and Dark and yet does not feel the need to make a choice. I think that is definitely one of the shows biggest draws and I would feel completely disappointed in the writers if they ever make her choose one way or another.
18. Trixxxie
I don't want Bo to ever choose. I don't want her to choose Light, Dark, Dyson or Lauren. If we are going to see Bo and Lauren in a relationship next season, it won't be because she chose her over Dyson. It will be convenient and most likely short lived. Then we are back to business.

I love Kenzi but I'm not too excited about what's next for her. Sure, we don't know enough, but what we do know is already worthy of a thumbs down.

In regards to Bo and Dyson, do we think Dyson will tell her he has his love back, or will he give Bo and Lauren space and Bo will ultimately find out on her own?
19. lsbloom
Hi @LaylaM.

"The fact that you don't get the character because of your inability to see beyond your bias hardly makes it a "massive failure on the part of the writers, directors and actress" as others could easily apply that "argument" to every character they dislike. It simply makes it your problem."

There is this pervasive idea out there that somehow because you like Dyson, you spend your time either not watching the show or watching for the sole intent of finding things about Lauren to dislike. Because it somehow makes Dyson more likable. I've said it before and I'll probably say it again. Lauren's likablity lives and dies by her actions. There isn't some magic check and balance sheet in my head that I'm trying to get Dyson to come out ahead on. Dyson is quite enjoyable all on his own. I don't have to look beyond the show to find reasons that I don't like Lauren, that I didn't like her from day 1, that she is one of my least favorite characters on TV (and I watch a good bit of TV and she's worse than Piper Pierabo on Covert Affairs, and Lana Parrilla in OUAT, Madeleine Stowe on Revenge, Katherine McPhee in Smash, and two of those are villains). Not because she is competition for Dyson (who cares?). Bo and Dyson or Bo and Lauren neither are going to be together for long or in a very satisfying way, so the competition means very little to me.

But yes, @LaylaM it is a "personal problem" because the idea that I would go out of my way to dislike the character or work extra hard to be oblivious to all her fantastic character traits is absurd. The show would be much more enjoyable if I didn't dislike Lauren. If they would do something that was redemptive for her character. If they integrated her into the group as a friendly force instead of cold Debbie-downer, stands in her own corner, doesn't like anybody. I find her obnoxious, but the show would be much easier to watch if I didn't. But from reading all the Lauren love out there, in order for me to do that, I have to start writing fan fiction.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
20. Kiersten
A quick chime in of the cautionary variety.

We're all getting quite passionate and that's great and exciting and a testament to our love for and, in many ways, disappointment in our show. Let's remember that while we may be of opposing opinions, we work hard here to keep commenting respectful and nonpersonal. Disagree with the opinion and tell us why, not with the individual.

You guys are fantastic and I love plumbing through your thoughts and interpretations. I have faith in everyone of you to make it so. (Yes, that's a Picard shout out and indeed, I am shameless.) ;-)
Carmen Pinzon
21. bungluna
@Kiersten, please tell me you are going to start recaping another show, please!?

I've enjoyed all the little details that I miss upon first watching each episode. This last one I waited for the recap so I could wring all the joy out of it from your insights.

I have to confess I'm not a happy camper. I feel that Bo is being short-changed in all this discussion of Dr. L vs. Dyson. At the end of the day, the show should be about Bo and how she finds her way in this strange new world.

I'm getting really tired of the way tv writers jerk the viewers around emotionaly instead of developing more nuanced story arcs. This show has so much potential, especialy as I love Urban Fantasy and this is the best interpretation I've seen on tv. (Don't get me started on what they've done to Sokie and Co.)
22. lsbloom
Sorry, Kiersten, everybody. This was the second time somebody here had said something like that to me and I should have let it go a second time. I really try not to get sucked into the adversarial Dyson/Lauren discussions, but my buttons get pushed too easily. My apologies.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
23. Kiersten
No worries, @lsbloom. I know the feeling well. There's been several reactionary tweets I've written and eventually deleted without posting b/c despite the provocation that spurred them, I have to regularly remind myself not to engage, that it will only make it worse. You know we're always open to spirited debate here; just want to nip it in a bit when it looks like we're starting to vere off course for everyone's benefit.

Thanks for your understanding.
24. whiskeywhite
Thanks, Kiersten. You read my mind. I was debating with myself -- before the recent exchange -- whether to say something similar. In addition to "Disagree with the opinion and ... not with the individual," I would add: if someone disagrees with us, we should try not to take it personally. I know it's not always easy, we all care about what we're saying and presumably have put some thought into what we write. But because someone else disagrees with us, or just has a different take on the issue, doesn't mean they're dissing us. And we should all also rememember that written communication doesn't always come across exactly as the writer intended.

Thanks, @lsbloom for your generous response. Ditto Kiersten. I actually worry most about you because as the primary author you get the brunt of the "I disagree..." (at least from me). I try to follow your "disagree and say why" rule, and bring evidence to support my position, but I often worry that you might be hurt.

I also think it helps to balance criticism with recognition of analyses and ideas that we enjoy, learn from or find helpful. It's easier to face disagreement when we have concrete demonstrations that our in-put is respected.

And when all else fails, rise above. :-) We have to be able to accept diversity, not only in opinion but in style. That's how I survived in the Showcase blog.
25. whiskeywhite
@ lsbloom, you totally got me on Kenzi's battling abilities. This is a fine example of a good argument backed up with detailed evidence:
Kenzi is the opposite of a liability. Kenzi got a shot in at the garuda--the ONLY one who got a shot in at the garuda, Kenzi killed a dullahan and aided in the death of another, Kenzi helped kill the frost giant, helped kill the morag, saved Bo from her mom, saved Bo from the mare, killed (ish) Baba Yaga, big assist in killing the cherufe, stood up to Vex, took down the Norn, and those are only the ones that she physically helped with, she outsmarted a number of other bad guys and bad plots.
I want to say as well that I admire the high standards of writing and plot to which you try to hold the series. I'm a very passive TV watcher (except in the case of major problems like sexist or racist characterizations). I tend to go with whatever I'm given. So I would have lower standards. How typical am I as a viewer? Probably fairly. Or?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
26. Kiersten
OK - now I have to disagree. You, @whiskeywhite, are anything BUT a passive TV watcher. Pshaw.

Linda Losik
27. LindaL
@kiersten...yeah you nailed it again. But please to remember my complaints/concerns about Lauren, at the very least, no one (in any form of mind) would ever, ever accuse Victoria Grayson of not having a spine! She is one of my favorite villains!

@bungluna…I quite agree with you on this issue. It is the story of a Lost Girl, not who she sleeps with. Even though this really does add to the story line, I really like the episodes where Bo is busy exploring herself and her relationship to her new world. I have hopes that with season 3 expanding to herself exploration of the dark, which is evidenced by the last scene.
Carmen Pinzon
28. bungluna
@LindaL - That's the one thing that's got me excited about season two. I want to see Bo desend to the dark side. I feel like the dark has not been explored nearly enough. Plus, more Vex.
29. FrenchGirl
Hello guys ! I higly appreciate your comments and, of course Kiersten's recaps !
I am for Doccubus, you know that but I agree, Bo loves and needs both Dyson and Lauren for different reasons...
But, maybe , the final OTP is Bo/Kenzi who are leaving the town...
And Tamsin, Bo's successor..
"But from readin all the Lauren love out there, in order for me to do that, i start writing a Fan fiction"; Yes ! Great ! And give a strong and a badass side to Lauren because, I think she deserves it !
I like Lauren ! And Bo, Trick, Kenzi, Vex, Dyson, Morrigan, even Bo's mother ! I miss them !
I agree : No choice for Bo ! Because SHE IS THE QUEEN ! And all the FAE WILL KNEEL in front of HER !
30. whiskeywhite
On the subject of what to do with ourselves for the next 3.5 months, is anyone going to watch "Beauty and the Beast"? (I'll just duck while I wait for your comments :-) ). In the US it will be on CW (never heard of them. Apparently they're "the only network targeting women 18-34") and in Canada on Showcase, starting in both cases in Oct. And filmed in Toronto. Yea! Maybe we'll see some Canadian actors. It would seem to be right up the alley of H&H. I was a big fan of the 1980s TV show "Beauty and the Beast". (I associate Linda Hamilton with that show, not The Terminator. I'll be glad to see her back in LG.) The comments and reviews I've read so far about BATB aren't encouraging. Interesting remarks (both from men on YouTube) include "I guess nowadays, in the time of Twilight etc? someone with a small scar on his face ... is considered to be a beast" and "wanna bet this new version is thin on plot, heavy on sex and urges teenage girls to try and 'save' guys who are assholes. Its? twilight without glitter."

Whad'ja think?
Suzanne Metaxas
31. SuzyM
Thank you Kiersten for a wonderful season of recaps :) I guess it has taken me so long to post on this one is because it represents the finale of not only Lost Girl but these recaps until January 2013 :( Not a happy prospect for me. *Sigh* I am really going to miss looking forward to Fridays and then waiting for the recap to post. It is making me very SAD.

OK, the season finale wasn't what I expected and not sure if I really liked it. Felt it was a little of a let down not a build up. Gave tantilizing glimps into what possible might be in S3 but S2 left such a bad taste in my mouth I'm not really jumping with joy with the way they left things. I am praying I am wrong, bleieve me I LOVE THIS SHOW but the way it has been going doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. My only hope is that the cast seemed to be excited about how it went so I'm crossing my fingers and toes.
rachel sternberg
32. rae70
Thanks Kiersten for the the recaps, loved them all!) Now we are all stuck to waiting for season 3. I will be watching my canadian season 1 dvd set and wondering when they will be coming out with another dvd to cover season 2... Also! I was thinking it would be so cool if they would come out with a book series of "Lost Girl".. has anyone heard of that happening?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
33. Kiersten
There are some live-motion comics available, but the voices aren't original cast. Season One DVDs & BRs come out in U.S. mid-October & Season Two mid-Novemeber w/BTS videos, gag reel, etc. Full treatment.
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