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Lost Girl Season 2, Episode 21 Recap: Succubus Assemble!

Bo in Lost Girl 2.21Our Lost Girl obsession is still going strong! Be sure to check out all of our recaps, from Season 1 up to the most recent Season 2 episode aired on SyFy (episode 10episode 11episode 12episode 13episode 14episode 15episode 16episode 17episode 18, episode 19, episode 20). All caught up? Good. And now, on to the recap for last night’s episode, 2.21, “ Into the Dark.”

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At The Dal (drink!), a pair of fiddlers, one of whom is Ashley MacIssac, get their Celtic on with a jaunty reel.  It’s a full Irish wake for PerfectCiara whose daguerreotype glamour shot is displayed in state on top of her coffin. Bo, Hale, Doctor Lauren, Kenzi and Trick all stand together and contemplate it. “She saved my life, Trick,” Bo updates him with no small amount of awe. “Jumped in front of The Garuda’s sword like it was nothing.” Trick calls it a noble sacrifice. “She’d be proud to know it made a difference." I’m wondering if they filmed this scene as part of last week’s episode because Bo is wearing the same cutesy ribbon in her hair with the same spiral curls.

Kenzi’s smile is sad. “Such a great photo of her,” she says, stepping toward the coffin. Trick declares that fairies are very photogenic. “It was hard to pick just one; Dyson sent over a whole box.” Everyone pauses at Dyson’s name and then Trick sighs. “Don’t think he could bear to go through it himself.” Hale thinks he should’ve picked Dyson up so the wolf man wouldn’t have to come alone.  “If he comes,” Kenzi points out. “Dude fought like stink; he’s still recovering from the battle.” How exactly does ‘stink’ fight? Trick agrees it’s a heavy burden “losing someone you love.” An anvil hits me upside the head as Bo looks at a sad-faced Doctor Lauren. Trick turns to look up at her himself in case the anvil missed the first time. “Someone you tried to save,” he adds.

Bo asks Doctor Lauren when she slept last and the doc says she’ll sleep when she figures out how to stabilize the venom Lachlan left behind. “Well, if anyone can nerd out what we need, it’s you, Doc,” Kenzi says and Doctor Lauren smiles weakly. Aw, sweet. Little out of nowhere considering the dislike Kenzi usually exhibits towards Doctor Lauren, but my bet is that she loves Bo so much, she’s making the effort.

There’s a loud sudden noise from the entrance. Immediately, our stalwart warriors swing around to confront this newest threat. Hale draws his gun, pint expertly balanced in his other hand, Bo pulls out her knife, and Kenzi raises her – talking stick? I dunno, but it looks like some sort of blunt instrument. Instead of a berserker, though its’ a random drunken male who yells as he stumbles into The Dal (drink!).  “So, not the thing trying to kill us,” Kenzi observes. “This time,” Bo counters. “We need to stay on guard.” Trick reminds everyone that The Garuda is still out there getting ever stronger. How does he know that when the last Trick saw of The Garuda, he was being pulled into dry quicksand by Mole Man? Isn’t it possible that was enough to – er – bury him? Did I miss another Faemail?

“He was plenty strong last time he whooped us,” Hale grouses. Trick’s eyebrows waggle in agreement. The reel comes to an end and Ashley MacIssac plays a single note to call things to order. Trick steps forward to toast PerfectCiara. “To Ciara O’Breen! In the words of her Scathach kin – AH-WHOOOOO!!!!” He lets out a mighty howl and everyone in the bar joins in except Bo, Kenzi, and Doctor Lauren who look a tad perplexed. “To Ciara!” Random Drunken Male slurs.

Alas, this is much too much attention paid to anyone who isn’t Bo, and as the fiddles start up again, she steps forward and pulls Trick aside to talk about herself. Plus, it’s in the script. “We need to be honest here. (Perfect) Ciara died because we messed up. We need to avenge her, we need to fix this! We need to talk,” she finishes.

Trick leads the way down the steps into Tolkien’s Lair (drink!). “I’m listening,” he says and Bo doesn’t waste any time. “It’s in our blood, isn’t it?” she accuses bringing Trick up short. “Our blood,” he repeats. “Yours…and mine,” Bo clarifies. “It’s the key.” Trick turns to face her. “To what?” Bo steps forward. “Victory.  I know, Trick. I finally figured it out.” Trick watches her, waiting. “You’re my father.”


“Me?” Trick repeats, eyebrows working overtime. “Your father?” Bo says that from the first moment they met she felt like she could trust Trick. “I knew that I could come to you for advice and for comfort. And now with everything bad that has happened I look to you in a whole other way.” Trick doesn’t deny anything, but does say it isn’t time. He paces to his desk, but Bo pursues him. “If not now, when?!” she demands. “Trick, please! I need my father.”

Trick braces himself against the desk. “Sorry, Bo,” he apologizes almost too casual. “I’m not.”  Bo crumbles a little. “Oh. But I was so sure,” she says in a small voice. After a moment, Trick clenches his eyes and grimaces. He can’t do it; he can’t leave her like that.

Fortunately, Bo isn’t willing to let it go that easily. “We have this bond,” she insists. Trick nods his head. “We do,” he softly agrees. He comes to a decision and faces her. “And with good reason. Bo…I’m your grandfather.”

Stunned and delighted, Bo tries to process what he’s telling her. “My Grandfather,” she repeats, a smile blossoming across her face. “My Grandfather? But this – but this means that Aoife – my mom! –” “Is my daughter,” Trick concludes. Bo is a little horrified as what Trick did to Aoife streams through her mind. “And what happened to her is my biggest regret,” Trick says, following that bouncing ball with almost no effort. “And my dad?” Bo asks. “The answer to that question still eludes me,” Trick admits. “Terrifies me.”

Bo approaches him again and asks the $100,000 question: “What does that make me?” Trick takes her hands in his. “Strong,” he says, voice breaking. This beatific smile overtakes his face. “Smart. And more beautiful than I dared hope. After so much pain,” he says, sniffling, “what a gift!” Bo giggles, crying too. “And to know you now? I could just burst with pride.”

Oh, I just got a chill. This is absolutely lovely.

Bo, naturally, has so many questions to ask him “As well you should. There’s a lot to know and to understand,” he says, leading her to the settee. “But –” “But now I need to focus on defeating The Garuda,” she concludes. “Tell me about our blood,” she implores.

“We are family,” Trick confirms, “but what runs through our veins is unique. I use my blood to write the laws, to manipulate the future.” Bo wants to know about her blood. “It has the power to enslave others,” Trickopedia explains, “to bind them to your will.” Bo concludes this is why Ryan became obsessed with her and wanted to marry her in Faented Love. Trick nods. “And you saw your mother use it on her,” he grimaces and wields the eyebrows, “army of adoring but deadly servants.”

“I am NOT my mother,” Bo grits out. “She – she went bad!” Trick says that’s just it. “This kind of power, it can lead you to the darkest places of yourself. Go too far and you might not come back.” Dun, dun, DUN!!

“Extreme times call for extreme measures.” Bo reminds him and Trick nods again; he’s been there and done that. “You want to make this up to me? Help some of the other Fae who keeps things from me.” Trick frowns – who do you mean? “The Nain Rouge,” she clarifies.

Trick is surprised and a tad amused. “How do you propose we do that?” Bo reveals that The Nain Rouge has been watching her. “She enjoys observing tragic events.” Her head swings around with the speed of an epiphany. “Like the funeral of a fairy queen.” She jumps up and quickly reconnoiters the room. “Show yourself you brat!” she demands.

Upstairs, the fiddlers are fiddling away and I am digging the music. If not for the dead fairy queen, this would be my kind of party. In the midst of the reel, Dyson arrives, looking more than a little worse for wear, but mobile…and miserable. As his presence registers, even the fiddlers stop abruptly and silence descends on The Dal (drink!). Dyson glances around and then shuffles his way over to PerfectCiara’s coffin, passing Hale, Kenzi, and Doctor Lauren at the bar without comment. “He came,” Hale muses surprised. “’Course he did,” Kenzi says. “It’s Dyson.” You know it, kiddo.

The fiddlers look at one another and pick up the tune again as Dyson reaches the coffin. He peers at the picture of PerfectCiara and then slowly pulls her beautiful silver bracelet out of his pocket and lays it before the picture. Dyson takes another moment, tears up, and then shuffles over to the far end of the bar to emote in private. Doctor Lauren ambles over; when he notices her, Dyson sniffles and wipes his eyes. The doc reaches for two glasses and a bottle. “Whiskey?” she offers. “My treat.”

Dyson smiles weakly. “You buying me a drink?” he quips lightly. “It really must be the end of the world.” She recaps the bottle and lets that slide. “You don’t have to pretend with me,” she says. He tilts his head sideways to look at her. Oh yeah?  “It’s not weak to let it out Dyson,” she tells him, not without compassion. “It’s human.” The sides of his mouth crease as he waits for her to come full circle on that one and, to her credit, she quickly does. “What I meant was it takes strength to express your pain so that you can go on.”

Dyson straightens upright. “All this and (NotComa) Nadia too?” He eases a little closer. “I’m sorry (Doctor) Lauren,” he says sincerely. She thanks him in the same vein as Kenzi and Hale finally join them. Kenzi goes right to Dyson’s side. “And you,” he says reaching his arm out to pull her in close. “Never got the chance to thank you for coming back for me. Don’t know how the hell you did it.” Kenzi shrugs. “I improvised. Broke the heel of my favorite boots.” She smiles up at him and he squeezes her shoulder.

“Hey,” Hale interjects. “Let’s put it behind us. If we don’t figure out how to work together, we’re all toast.” Dyson grimaces and glances at them each in turn. “I’m sorry about that.” Hale insists that’s not what he meant. “Look…it’s not your fault, man.” But Dyson is already spiraling back into his misery. “Then whose fault is it?” he snarls. Of course, nobody has an answer for him. Dyson excuses himself and leaves. I finally notice that Trick has draped The Dal (drink!) with white curtains to class the place up for PerfectCiara. Sweet.

Down in Tolkien’s Lair (drink!), Bo is shouting at the air. “I want real answers, dammit!” Still on the settee, Trick tells her that’s not how it’s done. “The Garuda is winning!” she reminds him. “And we are broken!” She looks around for The Nain Rouge again. “You get off on it, don’t you!” she accuses the invisible creepy little girl.  “Watching others try and fail while you hide in the shadows.” Trick pleads with her to stop, but she remains undaunted. “Show yourself already, you little –”

“Only I choose when I appear to others,” The Nain Rouge’s disembodied and electronically enhanced voice snits. Bo whirls around to find the Nain Rouge standing in front of the fireplace. Stunned to see the Nain Rouge appear when called, Trick rises to stand beside Bo. “It’s tradition,” the creepy kid insists. “Bo hates tradition,” Trick parrots. HA!

Bo declares that from now on they’re doing it her way. “How do I defeat The Garuda?” The Nain Rouge bitches that she merely observes important events; she does not provide counsel. Fed up, Bo scoffs at her. “Besides,” the kid snarks, “I thought you preferred to listen to the Wolf Spirit since her advice is so stellar.” Looks like this divine being is jellin’ over being dissed for the chick with the bonfire. “Oh wait,” she adds. “It almost got you all killed.”

Trick claims that’s his fault (how is that again?), “though I’m still racking my brain as to why the Wolf Spirit lied to Dyson.” Maybe she’s an ex-girlfriend after all? But The Nain Rouge confirms that the Wolf Spirit spoke the truth. “The wolf’s role will be significant; Dyson misinterpreted her message.”

“That’s because all the two of you do is talk in riddles,” Bo snaps back. She steps close to the Nain Rouge again. “You like to watch,” she observes, a little coy. “I get it. We’ve all got our kinks.” Trick objects that The Nain Rouge is just a child. “She’s Fae!” Bo counters. “Like the rest of us.” She bends over so she is eye to eye with the kid. “If I don’t stop him the last thing you will ever observe are The Garuda’s teeth bearing down on your pretty little face.” The Nain Rouge glares back at her and opens her mouth to retort, but then stops and swallows. “You’re right,” she says instead in a normal voice. “I’m scared.” Bo nods and invites her to talk without any more riddles.

“The Garuda is the enemy of the Fae,” the Nain Rouge reiterates. “A champion, the savior of them all. To defeat him, you must present a united front.” Bo admits that they’ve had their problems (there’s an understatement!) but she’s confident she can lead “the team”. “A team of the Light can only provide half an army. You must recruit the Dark. One whose abilities rival your own.” Bo twitches in place, thinking. “Choose wisely,” The Nain Rouge advises, but Bo already knows who they need. She advises The Nain Rouge to hightail it back to limbo tout suite in the meantime. She goes to exit but The Nain Rouge calls her back. “When you do meet our enemy, kick his feathered ass.”

At The Ash’s compound, a much more solemn occasion is underway to honor Lachlan when Bo and Doctor Lauren arrive. Bo observes that there aren’t as many people as she expected and Doctor Lauren excuses this by claiming that Lachlan wasn’t very well known. Going by her tone, I gather he wasn’t very well liked either. Bo glances over at the doc. “Or very liked,” she tacks on as she palms some ashes from the cistern. Heh.

Doctor Lauren leads the way to the stone coffin, Bo scurrying behind her as she follows the doc’s lead in the ceremonial particulars. “If only they knew he died so we’d have a chance against The Garuda,” Bo mentions. Doctor Lauren sprinkles her ashes at the base of the coffin and flatly states that she’s sure many of the Light Fae are fleeing town. It does not sound like she’s happy to be there, does it? “Which just leaves us,” Bo adds as she dumps her ashes down less gracefully. Someone’s reached their full of tradition for one day. Which is exactly when The Morrigan makes her entrance. “And the cockroaches!” Bo snarks when she sees her. The doc is shocked to see The Morrigan there and heartily protests when Bo moves to speak with her. “I have to,” Bo says clearly reluctant. She tells Doctor Lauren to go ahead and intercepts The Morrigan.

The Morrigan in Lost Girl season 2, episode 21“Aw honey, black leather again?!” The Morrigan greets her. “Mix it up now and then! And what better time than a blow-out like this.” Ahhhhhh. That is my Teutonic sigh of relief to have some concentrated zing back in my show! SO GOOD to have Evony back!

“Do you ever let up,” Bo shoots back. “Join the Dark and see,” The Morrigan coos. But Bo decides not to retort, instead she exhales and in a serious tone tells The Morrigan that she needs her help. “I’m flattered,” The Morrigan responds sincerely. “I need Vex!” Bo bites out as if she can’t even believe the words are coming out of her mouth. “You’re kidding,” The Morrigan deadpans. Bo wishes she was. “Vex is in my dungeon,” The Morrigan drawls, pleased. “And I intend to keep him there. Forever.”

Bo doesn’t understand why The Morrigan would imprison Vex. “But you and Vex are like the evil Hall and Oates.” The Morrigan: “They’re not evil?” Heeeee. Bo doesn’t take the bait but instead wonders what Vex could possibly have done after everything else he and The Morrigan had already done together and to each other that would be bad enough to land him in prison.

The Morrigan tilts her head and considers Bo. “You haven’t heard?” she asks dubiously. Bo tilts her head too. Heard what? Evony steps in close. “You swear? Bo gets that look in her eye that promises she’s about to make someone feel real good. She strokes The Morrigan’s hand and Evony gets That Look. “Sometimes it’s good to let it out.”

Itttttttssssss – Flashback Time!!!!!!

A blonde boy toy waits in The Morrigan’s bedroom. “Oh Paolo,” The Morrigan drawls all seductive as she enters. “You’re awful.” Paolo wonders if Evony does not want to see his resume. “Oh is that how you want to play it?” she asks. She turns around and closes the double doors. “Oh, you naughty boy.”

As the song Seduce Them All begins to play in the ethos (I didn’t see her turn on an iDock, did you?), The Morrigan goes into a full on stripper dance, sans pole. “If you come work for my organization,” she tells Paolo as she strips off her belt, “the perks will be plenty.” She turns sideways and unzips her skirt. I think. She’s so thin, the moment she turns in profile, everything but her head becomes a straight line. Evony promises to make all of Paolo’s dreams come true. Paolo is transfixed by all the nekkid, nekkid skin on display. He swallows, “Thank you so much, yeah, I’m, um, I’m definitely willing to start on the bottom.”

Evony shoves him back on the bed and seductively strips of her skirt. “What a fine bottom it is,” she trills. Paolo corrects himself, “I’ll take an entry level position.” Evony puts one foot on the bed next to him and leans over. “You’ll entry in whatever position I choose.” At this point, I wonder if there’s a double entendre score card. “Because I’m always the one in control.” She steps back off the bed and begins to unbutton her shirt while looking at Paolo like he’s her next meal.

Suddenly, her arm shoots out to the left, her head follows suit, and she’s dragged across the room to – hey! There is an iDock! The music changes to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This.” An unseen force drags Evony back to the center of the room “Whoa!” she shouts, but it’s too late. She jerking and twitching all over the place. “What’s – what’s happening?!”

On the bed, Paolo grins and reaches into his jacket pocket for his phone. Evony continues to dance erratically as she loses the fight for control. Her blouse is open now and as she takes it off without care she objects that it’s silk. “Everyone said that The Morrigan is a total MILF,” Paolo gibes. Evony is forced into dancing the Running Man. “Try pathetic,” Paolo sneers and films her.

“No. No!” The Morrigan begs, but he ignores her. “Wait until the Centauri see this!” Evony glares at him. “You’ll pay,” she threatens. Paolo: “Yeah? What are you gonna do? Unsexy breakdance me to death?” HA! But she’s not talking to Paolo any more. “VEX!!!”

Speak and he shall appear! The double doors spring open at her bellow and Vex stands on the threshold. “You called, my lady?!” She lunges for him, but he holds her off. “What should we do for the finale? The worm perhaps?” Here he, in absolute perfect and hilarious timing, waves his arm like a worm as Evony’s body moves in sync. “While naked!” He laughs uproariously and turns his hand so The Morrigan begins to spin. “No! VEXXXXX!!!!!” she shouts to no avail.

This might be the funniest thing I’ve seen on this show since Original Skin.

Back at The Ash’s funeral, Bo isn’t even trying to hide her laughter. “Ah, that’s – that’s unfortunate,” she says not meaning a word. The Morrigan is not amused.  “Save it, succubitch.” HA!! “At least my moves don’t leave my lovers pureed.” A crack that shuts down Bo’s amusement pretty fast.

“You are the leader of the Dark,” she reminds Evony. “The enemy of all Fae is coming; it is time for the Hail Mary pass!” But The Morrigan is only interested in deals, not alliances. “I need a courier to fetch me something from The Ash’s archives,” she says with a coy smile. Bo clarifies with disgust that she wants her to steal from the Light. “Well, with the Ash dead and most Fae jumping ship, it’s not like there’s going to be anybody around to know it’s missing…”

She writes down directions and instructs Bo to deliver the item to her personal quarters. “And you have to swear not to show its contents to anyone.” Bo grits that she can’t do that, though I’m not sure if she means she can’t steal the item or that she can’t swear not to show it to anyone. “What the big deal?” The Morrigan snits. “You’re the big drip who never shuts up about being unaligned. Or you could take some fake moral high ground and watch The Garuda slay everyone you ever cared about.” As usual, Evony knows exactly which buttons to push with Bo. She snatches the paper from The Morrigan’s hand. “Why do I have the feeling I’m not reading the fine print?” Because you’re not. The Morrigan insists all Bo has to do is retrieve the item and she will release Vex into her custody.

Bo goes into the now empty bowels of The Ash’s compound. “Looks like even the rats have left.” She makes her way toward the sekrit, sekrit trophy room last visited in the season one finale when Kenzi and Bo sought the koushang. Apparently, it’s grown. Considerably. “You gotta be kidding me,” Bo whispers when she sees the length and breadth of it. Hey, maybe Doctor Lauren can put that cartography degree of her to work again and draw you another map!

At Dyson’s loft, the wolf is banging the hell out of the heavy bag, yelling and grunting, punishing it as he wants to punish himself. Hark! There’s a knock at the door! “Go away!” Dyson yells. But the person keeps knocking. “I said go away!” he yells again and this time backs it up as he stalks to the door with a few steps of his long-legged stride (Hot Tattoo Alert!! Oh – MY!), and throws it open. “What, are you deaf?!”

Kenzi stands on the threshold. Dyson’s temper immediately deflates. She takes two steps – and whacks him across the face. WHAT THE HELL NOW?!?! Pause. “You like that?” she says in this creepy, almost sexual way. “You want some more?” Um – yuck. She smacks him again with all the surprisingly considerable strength in her tiny body. WHAT – THE – FU – er – HELL WOMAN?! “Cause I can go all night,” she whispers, panting.  I am officially creeped out. I really don’t know what they were aiming for here, but to me that is way too much sexual connotation for these two characters. This is not the kind of relationship they’ve built over – lemme do some math – 13 plus 22 minus the 1 = a whole bunch of bloody episodes, OK?! It feels…incestuous. Ew.

I think she’s trying to jar him out of his downward miserable spiral over PerfectCiara’s death and his misinterpretation of the Wolf Spirit’s riddle that indirectly caused PerfectCiara’s death but I’m still creeped out not by what she did but the tone of how she did it.

Thankfully, he catches her wrist on the third swing before things get worse. “Enough,” he says softly. “’Bout time,” Kenzi answers and I’m ridiculously relieved to hear her sound more like herself now. “I was beginning to think we really lost you.” He slowly lowers her hand and walks back into the room, his back to her.

Kenzi pursues him. “Dyson, you tried something and it didn’t work – something ridonkulous! But you didn’t kill (Perfect) Ciara,” she says emphatically. “The Garuda did!” “I’m just lucky I didn’t get you all killed,” Dyson muses in that voice without turning around. “We made it because when shiz got real, you fought to the end!” she reminds him. “All of that just to give up now?!” Did he give up? Where was I when he did that? I saw mourning and brooding and angsting, but I didn’t catch giving up.

“What?” Kenzi demands on a roll. “Did the Norn (FREAKING NORN!!) also take your cojones? Huh?!” She punches his back in emphasis. I think PerfectCiara and Val would say otherwise, but –. Dyson hesitates, frowning and there is a moment here, a very brief moment, where I have a panic attack. “Actually, ah…” Behind him, Kenzi goes wide-eyed. “What?!” Instinctively, she looks at his ass which would be his groin if he were facing her. Sure. “When?!”

Slowly, Dyson turns around. His battered face creases and he makes an achingly sad effort to smile at her. Come on, Kenz. He looks down at his battered hands. “Oh,” Kenzi says, catching on. Her smile is mildly patronizing. “You made a joke,” she praises, patting his arm. Oh, sweet, you made a joke. Not a good one, but you tried! “I guess you bring out the worst in me,” Dyson attempts to kid but Kenzi knows the truth. “We gotta get back the best of you. Bo can’t do this without you.” PREACH. IT. Oh, he looks so miserable. He knows she’s right but he hasn’t the slightest idea where to start. This is Dyson finally hitting rock bottom; finally willing to find a way back up. 'BOUT DAMN TIME, SHOW!

Dyson leads the way into The Norn’s Tree Room. She takes one look at him and starts laughing. “Dyson again. What a glutton for punishment.” Dyson shuts the door behind Kenzi without comment.  I actually really like the way Kate Trotter plays The Norn. She takes such relish in every line, drawing out the words, very Alan Rickman-esque. “Your…pain…makes possessing that which is most precious to you all the sweeter.” But Kenzi knows a con when she sees one and is unimpressed. “You practice that speech in the shower?”

“How – dare – you bring…this!” The Norn accuses Dyson, seriously pissed off to have a human in her house. Dyson looks over at Kenzi and The Norm rises to her feet in offense. “My dwelling has never been soiled by a human presence.”

“I need my love back, Norn,” Dyson says, ignoring her and cutting right to the heart of things. The Norn breaks out in laughter again. “I’m nothing without it,” Dyson admits, as though this would mean anything to The Norn. “You are as incorrigible as a puppy,” The Norn teases. “I outta rrrapp your nose with a newspaper!” She nearly demonstrates with the one in her hand. Again, Dyson ignores her posturing to tell her this is a selfless request (not entirely). The Norn raises her brows (she’s clearly been taking lessons from Trick). Oh yeah? Do tell. “I need to become whole,” Dyson declares emotionally, “to help The Champion defeat the coming darkness before it consumes us all.” They all keep appealing to the noble side of these beings that have no noble side.

The Norn is unimpressed. “Well, the Sacred Tree has weathered many a storm. It and I will be standing long after The Garuda has had his fun.” This is when Kenzi intercedes. “Wait! What if we have something more valuable to trade?” She hurries forward and holds out PerfectCiara’s bracelet. “This belonged to a fairy warrior. Surely that is worth something.”

Dyson is seriously upset to see Kenzi with the bracelet. “You stole (Perfect) Ciara’s bracelet?!” he grits out as The Norn examines it. “She would’ve wanted to be buried with that!” Kenzi insists that this is what PerfectCiara would’ve wanted. “She fought and died for you, Dyson, for all the Fae!” Actually, she did it for you and Bo, but why split hairs now over this of all things. “If they fall against The Garuda, her sacrifice means diddly squat!” she hisses.

The Norn is captivated by PerfectCiara’s bracelet. “Genuine iridium,” she whispers with some awe. “Very rare.” She lifts it to her nose and mouth. “And the one who wore it had a gifted essence.” Oh yeah? Shame we didn’t get to see more of that, show. Dyson and Kenzi stare at The Norn awaiting her judgment.

“But,” she says back in form, “the power of the bracelet is nothing without the wearer and it is definitely not as powerful as a wolf’s only love,” she sneers. She tosses the bracelet back at Kenzi and cackles. Disgusted, defeated, Dyson takes Kenzi’s arm to turn her toward the door, but she resists. “No, we’re still haggling. She won’t accept a first offer. That’s OK; I wouldn’t either, OK? We’ve got to –”

“Kenzi!” Dyson cuts her off, voice rough.  “There are rules.” He looks at The Norn once and then turns Kenzi to the door again. “We’re done.” Sighing, Kenzi glares at The Norn, but follows Dyson. “Humans,” The Norn scorns, gazing up at her tree. “They never get nuance.” Dyson opens the door but Kenzi pauses for one last shot. “Lady, you reek of peat moss.” The Norn cackles, unabashed, as Dyson and Kenzi finally leave.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi is delighted to Bo’s latest Family News. “Trick is your Grandpoppy?!” Grinning, Bo nods. “Oh my God Bo, how do you feel?!” Bo: “Elated! I mean, I finally have family!” She scurries off for kitchen, Kenzi behind her. “Real family that’s not mean or crazy.” Kenzi agrees. “Yeah and Trick is the best!” All Hail! Bo sets mugs down on the table on which sits a silver briefcase. Bo admits she’s also furious at Trick for lying to her for so long. “Owes you almost 30 years of birthday presents,” Kenzi quips, half serious. “But mostly,” Bo muses as she pours them coffee, “I keep wondering why did he have to wait until the end of the world to tell me?” Kenzi picks up the briefcase. “And the case?” she asks and Bo glares at it and explains that she’s supposed to deliver it to The Morrigan ASAP.

“I feel like Chicken Little!” she exclaims out of nowhere. Kenzi looks up from trying to force open the case. “You twaught you twaw a putty cat?” Bo rolls her eyes. “No, that is Tweety Bird and a terrible impression.” Kenzi grimaces. “No,” Bo repeats. “I am trying to tell everybody that the sky is falling, that it’s going to crush us, and no one believes me.”

“Hey!” Kenzi says. “I’d never bet against you. Forget about your magic box.” Bo, offended, “Hey!” Kenzi trundles on. “Your determination to do what’s right, Fae rules be damned – that is your real superpower.” Now it’s time for Kenzi to have the epiphany as her words replay through her head. “That’s it,” she says. She reaches for her coat. “I need to hit the hardware store,” she whispers and leaves without any further explanation. “Of course you do,” Bo snarks.

In her bedroom, The Morrigan is preening in front of her mirror but she is not at all happy with what she sees. “Darling,” she whinges when Bo thrusts open the double doors, “this mirror makes me look thirty. Have it removed at once.” Bo points out that she’s not Evony’s servant. “Then why are you doing my bidding?” The Morrigan snarks. Bo ignores that one and shoves the case at her. “Here’s my end of the deal. The deal I expect you to honor.” Evony rolls her eyes but concedes that she’ll have Vex delivered to Bo.

But Bo can’t resist asking what’s in the case. Evony smiles and turns back to the mirror. “A girl never tells.” It’s Bo’s turn to smirk. “Girl?” She steps up behind Evony and looks at her in the mirror. “Aren’t you like, thirty?” she sneers. Ha!

There’s a knock at the door of The Norn’s cottage. She comes in from the back (kitchen?) grumbling all the way. “Give me a –closed!” she shouts, stopping in front of the tree. There’s the sound of an engine powering up. Suddenly, the blade of a chain saw splices through the door top to bottom corner. The Norn is frozen in place with shock and starts to hyperventilate in fear as another slice is taken out to form an X. Kenzi kicks through the door wearing goggles and bearing the chainsaw, which she guns for good measure. “What in Gaia’s name are you doing?” The Norn gasps with horror. Kenzi bobs her head. “Going for nuance.” Excellent!

She guns the chainsaw and steps up to the Sacred Tree. The Norn presses her hands into the trunk protectively. “You cannot touch the Sacred Tree,” she pleads, freaking out. Kenzi cuts into the tree without comment or hesitation. The Norn screams in pain and as she clutches her belly, green ooze seeps through her fingers. Kenzi’s pauses and The Norn collapses to the floor. “I guess my bite is worse than your bark,” she quips. She guns the motor again.

On her knees, The Norn shakes her head frantically. “You, you wouldn’t dare,” she begs. Kenzi insists that she would. “I’m human, remember? We drive SUVs, and we dump raw sewage into pretty lakes, and we will burn this planet to the ground if it means just one more cheeseburger. So since your Fae rules don’t apply to me…” She lifts up the chainsaw and starts cutting again.

A huge wound erupts on The Norn’s forearm and she screams again in agony. Kenzi pauses and looks at her carnage. “What do you want, Human?” The Norn demands through clenched teeth. Panting with effort (I think the saw weighs more than she does), Kenzi lowers her goggles and powers down the chainsaw. “Dyson’s love back.” “No!” grunts The Norn. “Or a sweet harvest table, your choice,” Kenzi shouts, powering the saw back up. “NO!” The Norn screams through her teeth.

“Timber!” Kenzi shouts and guns the engine again. “STOP!” The Norn shouts throwing up her damaged arm. She glares at Kenzi but knows she’s defeated…for now. “The wolf,” she grits, enraged, “may – have – his – love back.” Seriously, I love the way this woman reads a line. Kenzi exhales with relief, but guns the saw one last time to prove her point before powering down for good. “You’d be surprised how many of my transactions involve power tools,” she gibes. No I wouldn’t.

Back at Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo pulls a hood off a man tied to a chair. VEX!!! Vex is in da hoouuuusssseee!! He takes one look at Bo and laughs. “Oh, son of a banshee,” he says and looks up straight up and down. “Try your favorite succubus,” Bo snaps and sarcastically welcomes him to her humble abode. “Humble!” she shouts. “It’s bloody filthy. You dirty minx!” Bo thrusts her foot toe first onto his groin. Vex grunts and glares up at her. “It cost me plenty to get you out of that dark dungeon. Now you owe me, so listen up!” Vex: “Sure thing love, but first you mind running me your security system?” In Hilton Hovel (drink!)? Honey, look around; what you see is likely more than you’ll ever get.

Bo draws her knife and threatens him with it. “You’re looking at it.” Vex: “What, you and that butter knife?! That’s what’s between me and a right guttin’?” Bo: “Maybe!” “Do you think I made The Morrigan my sex puppet for fun?” he asks rhetorically. “Ew,” Bo retorts. “And, didn’t you?” Vex admits that he wanted to get locked up in prison. The camera pulls back to show Bo’s foot tilted on the chair between Vex’s legs so her toe is pressed right against his groin. Ouch. Knowing Vex, though, he’s probably into it.

“Her dungeon is the only place I’d be truly safe from the Red Caps,” he explains, heavy with the duh.  “Red Caps?” Bo repeats, confused. Vex sighs heavily. “You’re just as ignorant up here,” he gestures to his head, “as you are brilliant between the thighs!” he says leaning forward toward the area in question. Bo shoves him back with her well-placed foot. Vex grimaces, frustrated. “The Red Caps are an often drunk, vicious Dark Fae gang of rank and file,” he says, gritting his teeth against her pressure on his bait and tackle, to go with Cockney terms for a minute. “And they like to soak their caps…” “Soak their caps in the blood of their victims,” Bo shouts over him. “Yes, I know what Red Caps are!”

“And they’re led by a particularly vicious chap named Duncan!” Vex finishes. “That’d be me!” a man announces as he enters the wide open door of Hilton Hovel (drink!)! Vex scoffs and collapses back against the chair – Oh Great! Bo whirls around to confront the new threat. “And I brought me mates,” Duncan announces as He comes right up in front of Bo, two armed henchmen at his back. Each man is indeed wearing a Red Cap, though not at all like the military beret Ba’al sported in season one’s Faetal Justice. Blood drips down from under their caps and as Henchman #2 slaps a bully club against his palm, I notice his white shirt is red from neck to mid chest.

“Duncan,” Bo greets him. “You got a little something on your face.” She holds up one finger on her left hand as though to wipe his face and when Duncan looks at it, clocks him with her right. “Bad move, luve,” her threatens. “Gents!” He waves the other two Red Caps forward and Bo engages them in fisticuffs. Helpfully, they each wait their turn to attack her individually and, despite outdoing her in size and strength, Bo has the upper hand right from the start. Behind her, Vex jumps up to flee, but Duncan has swept past Bo and easily snatches up Vex and puts a knife to his neck. “Enough!” Duncan shouts. “A little help?!” Vex begs. Ha! Duncan tells Bo he and Vex will be leaving just as Henchman #2 creeps up behind her and when she turns whacks her across the head with his club.

In Doctor Lauren’s flat, the doc looks through her microscope and sighs heavily with disappointment. There’s the sound of approaching footsteps and Bo appears in another wide-open unlocked door! Don’t these people realize they’re AT WAR?! Bo pauses on the threshold and, for once, knocks on the open door. So, I guess she’s OK then. No concussion or anything from getting her skull whacked. Doctor Lauren leaps from her chair the moment she sees Bo’s bleeding forehead. “What happened?! Who did this to you?!” But Bo tosses it off almost as if it were nothing. “Oh, it’s the Red Caps. I um –”she sits down on a stool, “I need…” The doc interrupts her. “To heal! Yes, of course.” And immediately begins to unbutton her blouse.

Hang on a tick. When exactly did Bo start feeding from Doctor Lauren? This has one of Bo’s major hurdles in having a full on relationship with the doc, that even with her improved ability to control her power, she worries about hurting Doctor Lauren in the process. Ergo, I would think that development would garner more fanfare than this. Also, when did Bo and Doctor Lauren move on from my-girlfriend’s-dead-and-I-know-this-is-transference-but-can-I-sleep-with-you-only-sleep-though to lemme-strip-down-for-sexy-times-so-you-can-heal-(NotComa)Nadia-who? Again, I would expect this significant advancement in their situation to be treated with more meaning and importance than lemme-undo-my-blouse-for-you-to-heal.

“Oh no!” Bo quickly if gently objects. “No.” She chuckles. “I was going to say an aspirin.” Excuse me? You’re AT WAR and the guy The Nain Rouge told you was crucial to winning your battle just got kidnapped by vicious killers but you’ve got time to go all the way across town to the doc’s for an aspirin? Was there not a Duane Reade nearby?

The doc pauses, hands frozen on her buttons and then grins and laughs a little, mildly chagrined.  “Right,” she agrees. She goes to her desk while Bo insists it’s not that bad. “Besides, (Doctor) Lauren, you know that I would never –” This time, Doctor Lauren cuts Bo off. “I – I know.” Wait, did Bo just admit that she would never turn to or use Doctor Lauren to heal, one of the most important things she needs from a partner with whom she’s in a relationship? Interesting.

The doc admits that she’s not thinking clearly. “It’s the Naga venom. I’ve tried every anticoagulant known to man or Fae and just no luck.” She cleans and bandages Bo’s ouchie and apologizes for complaining about being stressed to Bo of all people. Bo says it’s OK, she likes it. “Makes me forget what’s waiting for us out there.” They stare at one another for a moment.

“Do you remember what happened when the lich tried to get you to feed off of me?” Doctor Lauren asks. “Yeah,” Bo replies. “I sucked the chi out of a room full of people.” The doc admits that it scared the hell out of her, and Bo agrees it frightened her too. “The worst part is that I don’t know how I did it or what triggered my rage.” The doc, naturally, has a hypothesis. “I think it’s because of what we feel for each other,” she says haltingly.

I agree completely. (Surprised you there, didn’t I?) I also believe this response from Bo is not limited to Doctor Lauren and that Bo’s Super Succubus power would manifest in a like way should Kenzi, Trick, or Dyson be in a similar situation as the doc was in that episode. This hasn’t happened yet because when those three have been similarly endangered, none of them laid back passively and helplessly and waited for Bo to rescue them…or not. Ergo, she hasn’t yet needed to tap that dangerous well of power for anyone but Doctor Lauren who, outside of the medical realm, is a constant and consistent weak link in need of defense and saving. But I digress.

Bo slowly rises from the stool. “You take my breath away,” she tells the doc in a hushed voice. They lean in toward one another to kiss and are lip to lip when the doc whispers “breathless”. “Completely,” Bo confesses. But Doctor Lauren is having an epiphany. Lot of that going around tonight. “Mmm,” she murmurs, pulling back slightly, “that’s it.” She pauses to process. “That’s it!” she repeats, excitement growing. The doc hurries back to her microscope. “The Naga venom is only deoxygenated when it’s in stasis!” she exclaims. Duh. “Um,” Bo says, still a little dazed and not transitioning out of sexy moment quite as easily as the doc. “Glad I could be of help!” The doc stops rifling through her notes long enough to realize what she just did. They stare at each other again. “See you soon?” Doctor Lauren asks. “See you soon,” Bo promises. She exits and Doctor Lauren dives back into her research newly inspired.

The Norn opens her vast walk-in closet of dust- and cobweb-covered bottles and containers, precious things she’s claimed from marks over the centuries. The camera perspective is from the inside looking out so we see Kenzi tentatively enter behind her. “This is like an episode of Hoarders,” she snarks looking around. “Oh, I have received many gifts from many Fae over the centuries,” The Norn brags while Kenzi hefts the chainsaw up onto a nearby shelf. The Norn goes on to list some of things she’s “acquired” as she rolls through the tall, endless shelf inside the closet to get down to where she’s stashed Dyson’s love. “Their beauty, fear, bravery, goodness…”Kenzi has heard enough. “Why don’t you just try the bottle marked ‘wolf mojo’?”

With an angry groan, The Norn stops the shelf. In the foreground of the screen, one small bottle of swirling lavender colored essence stands in prominence. “You will pay dearly for this,” she promises Kenzi. “I am as old as time and twice as deadly.” So that’s two major powerful Fae each that Kenzi now owes a debt to. Super! “Must be why you’re so ‘poplar’,” Kenzi gibes. The Norn snickers as Kenzi glances around the creepy room. “Why do you care if Dyson is made whole again?” The Norn asks, cagily. “I have many other gifts I could bestow upon you.” But Kenzi the Grifter is way ahead of this game. “Oh, step off,” she sneers. “I know how your game works. You offer something enticing in exchange for something the target doesn’t think they’ll miss.”

“Spoken like a true con,” The Norn admires. “But it’s got to be voluntary,” Kenzi adds, “and I’m not here to trade anything of mine. The Norn turns back to the closet and, surprising no one, carefully lifts the lavender jar. Dyson’s love is – purple? She turns slowly around, snickering, and a wide-eyed Kenzi snatches it out of her hand. “Finally!” she whispers. So say we all, kiddo. Transfixed by the vial and the knowledge that Dyson can finally be restored, she backs up and bumps into another shelf. A jar of some olive-colored, noxious mixture is knocked loose and falls to the floor, crashing at Kenzi’s feet. The Norn chortles – “Oh!” –and the two of them watch the mixture steam and bubble on the floor. Kenzi gasps and rubs at her hand where some of the liquid splattered. “Eww,” she hisses. “And with that,” The Norn intones, quite pleased, “a gift has been given.” Kenzi glares at the Fae talking all crazy. “Super,” she snits, absently rubbing her hand.

Vex in Lost GirlAt the Red Cap’s clubhouse, a spirited game of football is underway. Vex is bound to an upright stretcher with a piece of duct tape across his mouth, so really it’s like just another Saturday night for him. “Chin up, Vexie,” Duncan quips. “You get to play keeper.” He flips the stretcher so Vex is upside down facing the Red Caps who are playing ball. “Target practice!” Duncan calls out. Two Red Caps each kick the balls at Vex and major props to Paul Amos Rodgers for taking one hit in the chest and one straight into the face. Duncan flips him back upright. “That was a nice save, but,” he says, picking up two live wires and sparking them together, “I think you need a handicap.” Owwwww.

“Love the new blood on your face,” Bo calls out as she enters. “Considering it’s mine.” Duncan asks if she’s back for another round. “I’m here for Vex,” she states. “Sorry love,” Duncan says, though I get the distinct feeling that he isn’t. “We’re busy torturing him and killing him for screwing us over.” Henchman #2 leans over to whisper sweet nothings into Duncan’s ear and the Red Cap leader snickers. I guess he’s ticklish there. “Although,” he caveats to Bo, “we would be willing to trade him.” Bo wants to know for what. “Briefcase 229,” Duncan says. Behind his duct tape, Vex goes all woolly at the mention of the case. “How do you know about that?” Bo asks. “The Morrigan’s been bookin’ certain meetings, braggin’ about it on Twitter,” Duncan reveals. HA!! “So much for discrete,” Bo snits. Duncan tells her she’s got two hours and Bo bitches about the amount of security around The Morrigan’s place. “One hour 59 minutes,” Duncan sighs. “I can do it!” Bo snaps back. She looks around the room at the smug Red Caps. “Hang in there, Vex,” she advises. Vex glares at them both.

In Dyson’s loft, Kenzi thunks the chainsaw down on the table and collapses next to it. Dyson tilts his head, almost as if he’s afraid to ask the next question. “What’s with the chainsaw?” “Well,” she says, “when your hairy butt’s backed against the corner and they’ve got you by the pelt that is when you really go dog wild.” Amen, sistah. She walks over to him. “Guess who taught me that.”

She holds out the lavender bottle. “No, it’s impossible,” Dyson says, taking it from her. “Just – work it through, baby,” Kenzi whispers. “Work it through.” Stunned, he moves into the light to see his mojo more clearly. “You got it,” he says, heavy with disbelief. “Yep,” she confirms. “One chance to love again with a side of seriously pissed off Norn.” This brings him around with great concern. “Kenzi, what did you do?” She smiles at him. “I did what I had to.” He looks at the bottle again. “You crazy human,” he chides, not without affection.

Dyson glances at her – here we go – and tentatively moves to pull the cork out. “Wait,” Kenzi stops. “How do we know The Norn isn’t pulling a Kenzi on us?” But Dyson is confident she got the real thing. “The Norn can’t possibly hurt me any more than she already has.” Oh man, don’t say things like that out loud!! Have you learned nothing from all this crap this season?!

He pulls the cork and Kenzi steps back as the mojo swirls up and out of the bottle and seeps right into Dyson’s chest. He jerks and moans and finally howls as his love is crammed back into him. Yes, I believe it’s completely legit, more than anything because I truly don’t believe the show would dick around with this any more than they already have.

In her bedroom, The Morrigan is dressed in a stunning red negligee as she strokes the silver briefcase. I’d wonder if those two wanted to be alone, but they already are. Bo throws open the double doors and enters the room dressed in a trench coat. The Morrigan inhales sharply and demands to know what Bo is doing there. “I wasn’t expecting flannel pajamas, but still…Wow,” Bo says seductively. Evony preens but then sits up as it occurs to her to wonder how Bo got past her security. “You really need to hire better muscle,” Bo advises as she approaches the bed. Dayam, that is a short trench coat indeed.

“You fed off the help?” The Morrigan drawls, entertained. “A mere snack,” Bo responds. “Just enough to whet my appetite.” Evony is heating up. “You succubae are always so crass,” she praises. “So a-grrressive. Where’s the foreplay?” Bo slowly unties her trench coat. “Where’s the seduction?” The Morrigan whispers. Bo disrobes to show her smokin’ hawt black negligee. “Evony,” she murmurs and reaches out to stroke The Morrigan’s forehead, pouring on the succubus juice. At her touch, Evony jerks violently. “It’s party time.”

“This will never work,” Evony says as Bo strokes her hair. Bo pours on more juice and she practically convulses on the spot. “You know, I could resist you,” she insists, chewing on every word even as she scoots back in the bed. Bo crawls up after and over her. “Why resist? We have been dancing around this moment since we met.” She kisses Evony’s neck. “It must be hard being the boss, always having to be on top,” she says as Evony slides up farther in the bed and Bo straddles her. Not very subtle, our show.

The Morrigan is breathing loud and hard. “Don’t you ever just want to surrender?” Bo asks, stroking her face. “Oh, you are a dead woman,” Evony promises breathlessly. Bo kisses her chest and up her throat. “Who’s in for a TREAT!” HA!!! The way she delivers that line cracks me up. Even Evony laughs delightedly. “Show me,” Bo dares her. She bends over and feeds from an all too willing Morrigan. Bo goes back to kissing The Morrigan’s neck and chest. “No!” Evony moans. “Stop it…right there.No! Lower! Ahhh yes!” “Like that?” Bo observes, grinning. She sits up and raises Evony’s arm up to the headboard where handcuffs are already fastened (of course they are) and snaps a bracelet around her wrist. Evony laughs as Bo does the same to her other arm and wriggles in place. “My pepper spray is in the drawer,” she instructs Bo. Bo stops with the seduction. “Maybe next time,” she says and waits for The Morrigan to catch on.

She is none too happy either when she does. “Wait, what?!” she snaps. Bo climbs off her and the bed. “Ohhhh,” Evony groans, “you won’t live long enough to regret this.” Bo flips her hair out from the re-donned trench coat. “Then I will take out some insurance.” She pulls her phone from the pocket and starts snapping away. Someone paid attention in Vex class. “Of all the bad decisions that you’ve made,” Evony begins, laughing, “THIS IS THE WORST!” she finishes, shouting. Bo yanks the tie on her coat tight. “Yet, I would never leave the keys to my handcuffs,” she picks up the case and fishes said keys from her bra, dangling them before a horrified Evony, “so far from the bed,” Bo drops them on the floor and saunters out.

In the Red Cap clubhouse, Duncan is applying charged jumper cables to Vex’s nipples, which I’m genuinely surprised to realize he’s not enjoying. relief floods Vex’s face when he sees Bo arrive. Duncan can’t believe it either. “You actually stole from The Morrigan?! That’s suicide,” he says. “So I hear,” Bo replies unimpressed. She hands over the case. “Now make with my package,” she demands. Duncan snorts, but motions her to collect Vex. As she goes to release him, Bo asks what Vex did to the Red Caps anyway. “He promised that he would fix it so that Exton would win the Cup,” Duncan answers her as Bo strips the tape from Vex’s mouth. “I told you I’d get them into the final,” he disagrees. “Not win it! As if Exton could win it!” he scoffs. The Red Caps begin to get restless and start to grumble, but Vex doesn’t care. “They’re utter bollocks!” he taunts. “Really?” Bo chides. “That’s necessary?” But Vex is pissed off and on a roll. “Go Packsford! Now there’s a squad for you.

Duncan sets down the case because like any good football hooligan, he can’t let that go. “We made good on the exchange, gave you Vex,” he tells Bo as he takes off his jacket. “Now, now we’re going to kill you both.”He pulls out an exacto knife but at his first step, Henchman #2 suddenly begins to shake in place. He turns beat red and screams as his face goes all Raiders of the Ark and melts off its skull. As he drops to the floor, The Morrigan stands behind him. The Red Caps flee as she addresses Duncan. “Get in line.”

Duncan grabs the case and runs for it. Bo exchanges glances with a still bound Vex. “This is worrisome,” he deadpans. Evony strolls around the bubbling mass of goo that moments ago was Henchman #2. “It’s exhausting sucking the talent out of talentless people,” she sighs as she saunters after Duncan. Bo is gobsmacked. “She can do,” she gasps out to Vex, “whatever that was?!” “Why do you think she’s leader of the Dark?” Vex asks rhetorically.

Duncan slams the case on the counter and tries to hold Evony off with his exacto knife. “That’s mine,” Evony claims. Bo wants to know what kind of weapon is in the case. “The kind that lets you go till dawn,” Duncan explains as The Morrigan continues to stalk him. “Each vial contains the secretions of the Barnacle Goose,” Vex explains quickly. “It’s the ultimate aphrodisiac!” As she catches on, Bo confronts Evony. “Wait. All of this is for football and Fae Viagra?! Don’t you know what is coming for us?!” Evony thinks this is all the more reason to get your mind-blowing sex on before it’s too late. I’m sure there’s an excellent argument against that bon mot, but I’m finding it hard to – ah – mount one right now.

Duncan takes advantage of Evony’s distraction to fiddle with the case while Vex struggles to get free. “I always knew the Dark was selfish,” Bo says more than a little dumbfounded, “but this shallow and vain even in the face of extinction?” Evony is done with this morality lesson, “bor-ring,” but Bo isn’t. “You know who would fight to survive to the bitter end? Humans.”

There’s a click as Duncan finally unlocks and opens the case. “You have all these so called powers,” Bo says to Evony, still trying to bring her over to The Cause. “And you are such cowards!” Well, so much for convincing her then. Evony sighs and turns back around in time to see Duncan gleefully inject himself with the Barnacle Goose. “How dare you use my Barnacle Goose?!” Hahaha! I just die every time they say Barnacle Goose. Duncan giggles. “It tingles!” Heeeeeee. Evony steps up and puts her finger on his head. “This won’t!” Duncan cackles as he melts into a pile of goo and Bo flinches and has to look away. Behind her, Vex finally gets one arm free.

Evony stalks Bo who backs up before her. “I’ll be doing you a favor,” The Morrigan tells her. “Killing you before The Garuda can.” Suddenly, her arm shoots out the way it did before her unsexy breakdancing began. Vex forces her to pick up one of the Red Cap’s clubs and knock herself in the head with it. Bo exhales, relieved. “You really do have a death wish, don’t you Vex?” she says. “That’s just a tap between friends. She’ll get over it,” Vex insists unconcerned. “But let’s not dilly dally, eh?” he adds as Bo goes to work on the strap at his waist. “Thank you,” she says sincerely. “You really think you can save the Fae?” he asks, unconvinced. “All of them?” Bo drops the straps to the ground. “With you on board, I give us slightly better odds than Exton.” Vex laughs. “Let’s go down swingin’! That’s what I always say.” Bo agrees whole-heartedly with the sentiment. “But I have to warn you,” he adds, jumping down from the stretcher “I don’t play nice.”  Bo’s counting on that.

“What you say we take the – ah – sex goose? Just for giggles.” Bo laughs and then drops the smile. “Dream on.” She leads the way out of the clubhouse and with one last disappointed look at the Barnacle Goose, Vex follows.

Bo enters The Dal (drink!) where everyone else is already gathered. “I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our army,” she says dryly. Vex swaggers into the room behind her. “Evening,” he greets them. Hale glares at him and Trick frowns. “Bo?” But Bo insists that they need him, “for reasons I will explain.” As she speaks, Vex wanders over to the pool table. “As of now, this is no longer a democracy,” Bo tells them. Was it ever? “There can only be one champion and I’m it.” She’s confident that they can beat The Garuda and she even has a plan. The camera shows Kenzi perched on the bar, nodding along, Dyson at her side wearing such an intent expression, I couldn’t possibly do it justice. I can’t imagine the emotions that must be barging through him right now. “But if you’re not on board,” Bo insists, “now is the time to leave.” Like any of them would ever.

They all look around at one another and even Dyson and Doctor Lauren exchange speaking looks. But no one is going anywhere. Bo says there’s one more thing. “I may be the champion, but I can’t do this alone. I need you.” We get another great shot of Kenzi and Dyson and the difference in Dyson’s entire demeanor is striking. “All of you,” Bo tacks on. We get another wide shot of the gang standing at the bar and I notice that Dyson’s hand cradles his heart, the same way it did in the season’s first episode when he was remembering the pain of losing his love of Bo. Only now, it’s the opposite, and the pain is the welcomed reminder of his reclaimed love for her. What a lovely, small beat.

“And if I haven’t been clear in how much I appreciate what you are doing,” Bo continues, her voice breaking as the tears begin. “And what Lachlan and (Perfect)Ciara did.” She turns away, overcome by their sacrifice. “Bo,” Dyson calls softly, and she looks up at him, Kenzi too. “I’m with you till the end,” he declares, leaning forward to emphasize his intensity. Holla!! Dyson is BACK in DA HOUSE!! Oh, I have missed you, wolf man!

Doctor Lauren is nodding along with his declaration. “We all are,” she interjects. “Won’t be easy,” Hale admits. He points his finger at Vex. “Can’t say we don’t have some stuff between us.” Vex sneers and slams the cue ball into the corner pocket. “Stuff The Garuda can feed off of.” Vex boosts himself up and lays back on the pool table. Hey! Watch the felt! Bo checks him over her shoulder and begins to smile. “I have an idea about that too.” She steps forward, confident and proud. Kenzi smiles broadly and looks to Trick who is also smiling, both of them so proud of their girl. Doctor Lauren also looks aside to them both. Dyson never takes his eyes off of Bo.

I am actually delighted that they did not try to rush the reveal to Bo that Dyson has his love back. It’s too big of a deal and we’ve waited too damn long to have it come out in a rush now, another casualty of this messed up season. It would have been majorly cheated if they tried to shoehorn it in like everything else they’ve butchered especially in this last group of episodes. Much better to have these more subtle, smaller moments to reiterate that Things Have Changed without ruining that storyline but trampling it.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi takes my advice and pops the cork on a bottle of bubbly. Bo chides her for wasting the booze. “That brand is more expensive than my car!” Honey, your car is not worth the price of the cork. “Nah,” Kenzi admits. “Fake label. Stole it off the back of a truck.” That’s OK then. “Oh, nothing too good for our last night on earth, huh,” Bo snarks. Kenzi tells her to bite her tongue.

Vex jogs down the stairs from Bo’s bedroom and into the doorway dressed only in her white kimono. It is a damn good thing he didn’t go for the red one or I would have to hurt him, Dark Fae power or no. “Hey, cupcakes!” He poses in the doorway and holds up a toothbrush. “Toothpaste?” I’m vastly entertained that he is staying overnight with them. The sleepover to end all sleepovers.

Bo and Kenzi both grimace at his appearance. “Footlocker!” they say in sync. I love, love, love that they’re carried this meme from Dyson in season one to Doctor Lauren in middle of season two and winding it up perfectly now with Vex. He winks, turns, lifts the robe to scratch his bare arse, and trots back upstairs. I freaking love Vex. “And take off my kimono!” Bo shouts after him.

Kenzi frowns and asks if they can trust him. “Hell no,” Bo states firmly. “The things that I did to recruit him?! If we survive this, The Morrigan will be gunning for me.” Kenzi glances aside. “We do what we gotta do,” she declares, clearly thinking about what she did to get Dyson’s love back. “Yeah,” Bo agrees and sips her bubbly. Pleased, she observes that Dyson seems better. Kenzi shoots her a small knowing smile. “It’s nice to see him back in fighting form,” Bo says. Kenzi murmurs an assent. “You know, if this is the Faepocalypse,” she says, “you should go be with your girl. You shouldn’t be alone, Bo.”

“I’m not alone, Kenzi,” Bo says quietly with a warm smile. “I’m with you.” Kenzi smiles back. “This is reeaallly happening, isn’t it?” Bo nods. “Yeah. But the plan will work, Kenzi. As long as they’re no other surprises.” Oy! You did not just say that! Do not tempt the wrath of whatever from high atop the thing!

Back at The Dal (drink!), down in Tolkien’s Lair (drink!), Trick is going over his books and papers. Naturally. What else would he do on the eve of the Faepocalypse? A large, swirling shadow grows behind him, unnoticed. Wind blows through the room, teasing the flame of Trick’s candle because, despite its lamps, electricity has yet to make it into Tolkien’s Lair (drink!). Trick looks around but doesn’t notice the menacing, swirly…smoke. He shakes his head and rubs his eyes, then gathers his books and papers. Lifting the candle, he ambles off the bed. In his wake, the evil…air swirls around the grate in the floor, plotting I guess.

End credits.


Fae of the Day:

No new Fae in tonight’s episode except possibly the Barnacle Goose.


The Morrigan in Lost Girl 2.21Quotes of the Night:

Bo:  But you and Vex are like the evil Hall and Oates. The Morrigan: They’re not evil?

Paolo: What are you gonna do? Unsexy break dance me to death?

The Morrigan: Save it, succubitch.

Kenzi: What?! Did The Norn also take your cojones? Huh?! Dyson: Actually, ah…

Dyson: I guess you bring out the worst in me. Kenzi: We gotta get back the best of you.

The Norn: Your…pain…makes possessing that which is most precious to you all the sweeter. Kenzi: You practice that speech in the shower?

Kenzi: Lady, you reek of peat moss.

Kenzi: I’d never bet against you. Forget about your magic box.

The Norn: What in Gaia’s name are you doing? Kenzi: Going for nuance.

Kenzi: You’d be surprised how many of my transactions involve power tools.

The Norn: I am as old as time and twice as deadly. Kenzi: Must be why you’re so ‘poplar’.

The Morrigan: Oh, you are a dead woman…who’s in for a TREAT!

Bo: She can do…whatever that was?! Vex: Why do you think she’s leader of The Dark?!

Bo: All of this is for football and Fae Viagra?!

The Morrigan: How dare you use my Barnacle Goose!! Duncan: It tingles!

Vex: What you say we take the – ah – sex goose? Just for giggles.

Vex: Hey, cupcakes! Toothpaste? Bo and Kenzi: Footlocker!


Next week: Season Two FINALE: Flesh and Blood


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
The Morrigan dancing scene just flashed to #1 favorite scene of this series. Finally some snark and fun back. And Kenzi's the real action heroine of this show! Way to cut that hag down.

Still, there're just so many dangling plots that I can't imagine how they are going to wrap it up. I'm just hanging on, hoping once we move into season 3 things will be excellent again.
Linda Losik
2. LindaL
There were so many emotions in this episode; I am not sure where to start. I start with wonderfully sweet: Trick telling Bo that he is her grandfather. Giving Bo real, tangible family is just the foundation that she needs to defeat the Garuda.

Laughter: the Morrigan being tricked by Vex…that was really funny. She can really dance! I can see why he is such a favorite with the dark elders.

About time: I didn’t think that there was a sexual tone when Kenzi was bitch-slapping Dyson, but rather someone who is really “had enough” and taking to task the miscreant. Sisters really do that to brothers; doesn’t matter who is older in the when the bro needs to be cracked upside the head. Another “about time” was Bo pulling the Nain Rouge up short. Even Trick was stunned…Loved it!

Delight: when Kenzi decided to play with power tools. I still think that the funniest line was Dyson asking “what’s with the chainsaw?”, because that’s where I lost it! KHR does such wonderful job, that there was no doubt in my mind that the wolf was back! Don’t know what it is but it is visible.

What I didn’t like is how Lauren is behaving; I feel she should be given more time to mourn Nadia. I really don’t like how they wrote this part and I understand where other boards are totting this segment as why Lauren and Bo are going to be together forever. Made the silly mistake of pointing out that’s what writers did last season with Bo and Dyson, that it is a writing technique that keeps viewers going. Whoops, but I have thicker skin than that.

Should be interesting to see how they combine the vision and all the hanging plots and which ones will be left for next season.
3. lsbloom
Besides Kenzi being hilarious and wonderful (save the odd slap delivery cringiness, what was that?! and the suddenly being on DL's side, WTF), the saving grace of this episode was when Kris turned Dyson back on.

It was a complete change, voice, demeanor, energy everything. AS has been so crazy in her acting lately I was beginning to think no one remembered their season 1 characters, but then there was Dyson, and I was so happy I almost forgave rewriting everything that they told us about Aoife's powers; ridiculously spending most of the episode on soccer and negligees and giving us 90 seconds of Bo coming to terms with Trick being her grandfather; not dealing with the multiple prophecies or having, you know, a battle plan; or that all these powerful fae are so darn easy to defeat, but Bo gets beat up by the "rank and file"; and all the insanity with the naga venom, why didn't they call Ryan to weaponize it? Why didn't Lauren start experimenting weeks ago before Lachlan committed suicide? Did I miss an anaerobic chamber somewhere because I'm pretty sure all of her experiments were done in an oxygenated environment; and what was up with Kenzi? She's all of a sudden "your girl" and giving DL pep talks. Didn't matter, I got one line in 9 episodes of Dyson sounding like Dyson. All the rest of it be darned.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
You guys tell me how much you appreciate the way I notice the small things (thank you!) and yet with every comment, I realize there's still more that I missed or failed to comment on. Like how quickly Bo and Trick shifted from Grandfather reveal to the NainRouge & Garuda. Like Bo being beat up by Red Caps when she's "so powerful". Kenzi's new found support of DL - OK that I noticed and while jarring and out of nowhere, I can see it as her trying because she loves Bo. Having it shoehorned into the very episode where Kenzi helps get Dyson's love for Bo back though makes it wonky because she has repeatedly aligned herself with Dyson in situation. But again, I can see her making an effort because Bo current amor is DL. The fact that I have to work so hard to process all that though is a reflection of the weak writing that put it there in the first place, which makes me wonder if it was sop to the B/DL fans because Kenzi had spent most of the episode championing Dyson. Who knows for sure.

Squirrel! I got distracted there for a moment. Keep the great insights coming!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
P.S. That's a great idea of having Ryan weaponize it, which would give him more of a reason for existing than just romantic foil. But they clearly wrote each ancillary love interest permanently out in order to clear the gates for the Triangle to be front and center next season. It is yet another example of how the writers just discard half of what's come before and retcon what they can't dispose of. Why isn't DL in her pristine & professional lab with all its built in safeties and protections? Surely there would be something there that could stablize the venom. It's not like they don't already have the set. And I've wondered for a while that if Lachlan knew all this while that only his venom would do the job, why hadn't he been stockpiling it in a venom bank all this while? Sloppy.
6. Trixxxie
D-man is FINALLY back! You know, they did such a huge disservice to Dyson this season that I promised myself I wouldn't care what they did to get him his love back, just as long as they did. As much as loved Kenzi with the chainsaw, that entire set up was actually my least favorite aspect of the episode. Seriously, his love was actually bottled? And he had to drink it? Really? Wow.

I though Bo and Trick's scene was touching, but a bit anti-climatic. Nothing is unpredictable on this show. I've called it a few episodes into season 1 - in fact, quite a lot of fans did.

I didn't exactly pick up a sexual vibe between Kenzi and Dyson but I admit there is definitely chemistry there. I don't see it as incest (can't see anything that resembles a sibling relationship, sorry) so it didn't really bother me. I thought it was poignant Kenzi was the one to snap him out of it and ultimately "save" him.

Dark Fae > Light Fae. Vex and The Morrigan should be seen more often. Absolutely loved that Vex will be integrated to the gang and Bo seducing Evony was the icing on the cake.

Bo and Lauren, I admit it was a beautiful scene but I am glad they didn't kiss. Not because of my tiny Team Dyson bias but because Lauren's priority should be the venom - as it was.

Looking forward to next week's finale!
Suzanne Metaxas
7. SuzyM
Loved your recap as usual but I don't think you were as happy doing it as in the past.

Not a fan of episode other than Kenzi socking it to the Norn and Dyson getting his love back. Way too many lose ends, and don't think all will be answered. I will wait until next week to make my final judgement on how this all shakes out but I really don't have a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I think there was a new Fae here "Scathach" I looked it up and it sort of explained what Ciara was supposed to be. The story of Scathach might also tie into Bo lineage.

I Have to watch a few more times before I can comment more :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
8. Kiersten
Off the cuff, if I remember right, when PerfectCiara was first revealed in the back of the van in Brotherfae of the Wolf, she told Bo (very quickly) that her mother was Scuffock and that she get warrior skills from there and I think she may have also said there that her father was Scathach. None of this was mentioned again though until her funeral and as we've already discussed at length on previous posts, the show expected very little telling and virtually no showing of her fighting skills to carry the day for the viewers and obviously it didn't. Again, PerfectCiara, like several other ancillary lovers, was treated poorly in her character development. Trying to shoehorn it in now does nothing but stimulate regret.
9. lsbloom
Kiersten that is the perfect way of putting it! Ciara and Ryan are the ones I really regret because they showed potential. Ryan could have been a neat fae Tony Stark, making gadgets and weapons. He started and ended fun (the arguing with Kenzi and the strippers line were hilarious), it was just the middle I didn't like--which wasn't so much his character as stuff they made him say. We didn't need to have silly Flinstone clubs, we could have had naga venom crossbow darts and aerosols and injection devices and traps. His belt alone would have been useful. Ciara, also, had moments of not annoying (it helps to go back and rewatch picturing her less fussy and instead a warrior, if you aren't assuming she's being prissy she doesn't actually come across so bad, it's more of a kidding thing than a fussing, but only in the rewatch). And once they got her in pants and had her fighting, she was downright likable. But I also think by the time she came back, I was so craving somebody being nice to Dyson, I might have given her bonus points. (I know I did because I go back and rewatch Barometz, Trick, Pressure and kinda enjoy the teasing packing scene.) I had enough of Nate and Nadia, they would have had to come up with some story or trait more than what they gave us for me to feel like I missed anything.
10. whiskeywhite
Ah, so much to comment on. This is my favourite episode of the series (Dyson finally gets his love back!), with serious competition only from 1.12, where Dyson declares his commitment to Bo. So I’m a common garden variety sentimentalist, I admit it.

Let me start by thanking you, Kiersten, for noting one of Canada’s premier Celtic fiddlers Ashley MacIsaac. I, myself, didn’t realize it was him until I checked the credits. Once the enfant terrible of Gaelic music in Canada, he used to wear kilts and dye his hair assorted colours, so I didn’t recognize him. His partner is another noted Canadian fiddler (and step dancer) Stephanie Cadman But one point – Ashley’s music is Scottish, not Irish (see an intro to Cape Breton music here: This is appropriate for the story, as we first meet Ciara with Dyson in Scotland. She later tells Bo that she “trained his pack in the art of war,” warrior skills learned from her mother. Her description of her mother is rendered here as Scuffock but I find no reference to this group. Are we sure that she’s not saying Scáthach , which thanks to @SuzyM’s helpful reference we know is “a legendary Scottish warrior woman and martial arts teacher” which would fit with Ciara’s story perfectly. (It’s her father who she says is Fairy).

The encounter between Dyson and Lauren at the wake is very important I think. She approaches him with compassion, taking a not inconsiderable risk of rejection in an effort to help. Dyson, ever needing to be strong, as the therapist pointed out long ago, wipes away his tears in secret. When Lauren offers the drink, I don’t think his response is a light quip but rather a sad, albeit a bit sarcastic, reflection on the history of their relationship. When she slips and refers to his emotions as “human” he doesn’t put her down, as he would have in the past. Instead he listens. Then, in response to her genuine efforts to help, he offers her a sincere recognition of her own sorrow and loss. It’s a very respectful exchange between two people who, I think, have come closer to being equals, a new stage in their relationship.

At the end of the episode, we see that Lauren also has a new relationship with the rest of the group. When Bo arrives with Vex, she is there with the group to hear (and be part of) the new battle plan. She has become an insider, rather than the outsider brought in as needed from the lab. And most significantly, when Dyson declares to Bo, “I’m with you til the end,” he speaks for himself. It’s Lauren who speaks for the rest of the group, “We all are.”

I don’t think that Kenzi is just being kind to Bo in recognizing Lauren as her “girl”. I haven’t studied the evolution of Bo’s relationship with Lauren as closely as that with Dyson, not to mention Kenzi’s. So I can’t provide good evidence to back this up – but I think that Kenzi’s animosity to Lauren (which I never understood in the first place) has genuinely waned more than is being portrayed here. It’s interesting that she makes the remark (not to mention the offer to send Bo off to Lauren, which would have left Kenzi herself alone on the eve of the Faepocalypse) when she knows that Dyson has his love back and thus is potentially back in the running for Bo’s affections. She quite rightly doesn’t share what she knows with Bo; it’s not her secret to tell, as Dyson said of his knowledge of Aife’s identity. But she need not have said anything like this. Instead she recognizes Lauren’s importance to Bo (though I thought that Bo dismissed the suggestion of joining Lauren a little lightly).
11. whiskeywhite
Once again in this episode we see Kenzi growing into a major independent decision-maker. For the second time, she goes to rescue Dyson, this time from his own despair. Like @Trixxxie and @LindaL, I don’t see a sexual vibe in the slapping (but then @lsbloom is with you, Kiersten). It’s in the fine movie tradition of (slap) “Snap out of it!” As an aside, while I am of the incest school (uncle?), there are times, when Dyson folds Kenzi into his arms that I think, “Oh, what the hell.” They’re so sweet together. But I tried to imagine a “Vexed”-type sex scene between the two. Now there’s a major “Ew!” Besides, it would be like Edward and Bella (sorry), he’d have to be majorly worried about breaking something. And note that in Kenzi’s “We gotta get back the best in you” speech, it’s “we” and “Bo needs you.” Not “I need you.”

The “thank you for coming back for me” exchange (more delicious hugging) at the wake contains another KHR moment. In response to “I broke the heel of my favourite boots” he makes a funny little movement (I don’t know what to call it, grimace? grin?) with the left side of his mouth, the side away from the camera, so it’s really hard to see. It’s partly that at which Kenzi is smiling.

It’s an interesting perspective, Kirsten, that Kenzi’s, “Oh, you made a joke” is patronizing. But I don’t think so. She cares too much for him to be mean. Dyson is far from a joker. He makes sarcastic wisecracks, but never a joke at his own expense. She’s relieved. I think Dyson really does think he’s lost his cojones, figuratively speaking. He’s feeling emasculated in defeat. When he turns to face her, the vulnerable look on his damaged face is astonishing (good job KHR). We’ve seen Dyson angry, frustrated, self-hating, even cruel, but never beaten.

It’s interesting that Dyson takes Kenzi with him to the Norn, which he must have known would be unwelcome. He may have led into the room, but I’ll betcha she pushed him to go, and he still needs her support on the come-back road. But what was with Kenzi’s parting shot, “You reek of peat moss”? I don’t get it. Not to the level of her usual witty repartee.

When Dyson gives up on the Norn, I like others loved it when Kenzi came back, and through the door, with the chain saw. Bloody fabulous (and a welcome twist on chain saw massacres). Yet another brave initiative on Kenzi’s part. Admirable “we will burn this planet to the ground” speech for a show not much given to such political commentary.

I too, Kiersten, am an admirer of Kate Trotter’s Norn. Trotter, usually looking quite a bit more glamorous, is a 30-year veteran of TV, film and stage who has taught Shakespeare and even communication skills for judges (!) But what I don’t get is why, if the Norn is supposedly ageless, does she visibly age from when we see her, looking quite majestic in “BrotherFae of the Wolves,” to her more recent dowdy encounters with Dyson. Does she have to look more like a “crone” as Dyson addresses her, or an “ancient” as Trick calls her?

Finally, I too was touched by Dyson’s hand-on-heart stance as Bo addresses the group with “I need you.” I’m glad to have your agreement, Kiersten, with what I thought it meant. I may be making this up, but might there also be a heart-bursting-with-pride element as Bo takes charge? Despite their 'who’s taking the lead here' struggles, he’s admired her courage from their very first meeting. However, he makes a similar hand to heart gesture one other time, when he wakes up from the Saskia nightmare in S1.13, and Bo jumps behind him to talk. I never quite got that. Body memory of Saskia’s rape? Why then his heart? Plain old body pain?

As I said, so much to comment on. Loved the ideas about Ryan inventing venom super weapons, and yes, why wasn’t Lauren stockpiling venom (though Lachlan kept the venom plan secret from her until the last minute. Why, you rightly ask. Trust factor?). I, too, am a big Morrigan fan – such sass. Glad she’s continuing.

Must stop!
12. whiskeywhite
Just had an interesting experience. Listened to an hour-long panel on Lost Girl at Dragon Con in Atlanta. One woman panelist and at least 5 men. The large majority of speakers from the audience were men. Discussion of romance was virtually nil. They reached more than 45 mins before they mentioned the relationship between Bo and Dyson, or Dyson at all, and then they dropped it entirely after one brief discussion about how "wooden" he was in Season 2. They mentioned Lauren and Bo earlier, but to them Lauren is just a plot device to show that gender doesn't matter to Bo in her selection of sexual partners. At 55 minutes a women in the audience asked tentatively whether Hale and Kenzi might get together, to which the answer from the panel was a chorus in unison of "no, they shouldn't do that!" But the panel was a major Kenzi love-in, which is fine.

One interesting thing. Someone in the audience authoritatively announced that Season 3 will be 22 episodes, not 13 as previously announced. Is that true? Did I not get the Faemail? Is that why the filming is going on so long, through not just the spring but the summer as well?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
13. Kiersten
The official word from showcase is the season 3 will be only 13 episodes with no extenstion planned to 22. The announcement made a point of saying it would not be extended to 22. That doesn't mean they won't/can't change their minds but if so, it would've happend by now b/c they just had the wrap party for season 3 last night so it's definitely done. It takes about 2 weeks to film one episode (or so I've been told) start to finish for hour long show, sometimes shorter, sometime longer, and they took a one week hiatus mid summer and another two week hiatus before filming the last 2 episodes, so that's roughly 5 months minus 3 weeks for 13 episodes, which seems about right.
Brittany Melson
14. BrittanyMelson
Although I guessed that Trick might be related to Bo, I was really surprised by the way it was revealed at the beginning of the episode. It felt really odd and anti-climactic, and I couldn't figure out why Trick wouldn't have revealed that bit of information earlier if all Bo had to do was ask him nicely. Why did he keep it a secret? I felt like maybe Trick was lying and just saying what Bo wanted to hear, but that didn't make much sense either. And I'm still worried about the vision of Bo harming Trick that she had earlier in the season. After Lachlan's death last week (which made me really sad), I hope Trick's going to live.

My other thoughts on the episode: I love the Morrigan and Vex, and I love that Bo's working with Vex. I'm glad Dyson got his heart back. I can't wait to find out what happens next week.
Linda Losik
15. LindaL
Some random thoughts on the relationship between Dyson and Kenzi; early on Dyson told Bo that Kenzi scares him. It is not because she could hurt him but because he couldn’t predict what she was going to do. Kenzi is unlike other humans that he is used to. When Kenzi ate the “foot soup”, Dyson showed how much of a protector he is and how much he was beginning to care for her as an individual. While she does bring out the worst in him, she also brings out the best of him as well. I really don’t think that Kenzi’s support of Dyson is sudden or just because of Bo. After literally being in his skin, she has a deeper understanding of not only where he is coming from but what he gave up and how it impacts everything. Kenzi also kept his secret; I don’t think that anyone else knew until he confronted the Norn. Like Bo, Kenzi trusts Dyson and I think that trust is a real issue with both of them. I think that is why during season 1 finale, Kenzi was willing to trust Dyson again, even without the declaration of love. And Kenzi is a romantic (just like the rest of us!). And I am not sure that the Norn really could hurt Dyson any more, he would have to go back to see her and am willing to bet that is not going to happen!

I also think that the reasons as to why things are happening are not so clear is because the writing is p*ss poor less than stellar. It is like they took the plot outline and added some dialogue. Instead of four episodes of rushing to the cliff, we should have had at least two more…could have done without Bo as a high school teacher. I might have been complimenting them when I called them second string!

@whiskeywhite: Peat moss and cow manure smell rather similar. Yeah, that was an insult! Although, it is weird that a city kid would know that.

Any ideas as to what the “gift” from the Norn was? The only thing that I am sure of is that it is valuable and somehow will be useful.
16. whiskeywhite
@LindaL, I knew the peat moss remark was an insult, but the Norn is already associated with trees and thus the forest, so why wouldn't she smell at least foresty? I didn't know about the manure-ish smell of peat moss though. Makes sense, since it's decayed plant life. Thanks for the information.

I think when the Norn said, "A gift has been given" she meant from Kenzi to her, not the other way around. The Norn has a cupboard full of "gifts" from previous supplicants. Kenzi has lost something, but we don't know what yet. We'll see some of the effects in the finale, but not an answer.

I wanted to say earlier that I loved how Rick Howland delivered the lines about Bo being his granddaughter. The sense of pride and joy was so deep, so real, so believable. I just wanted to reach through the TV and hug him. It was interesting that Bo didn't hug him. Perhaps out of respect for the difference in their statures. They did sit down and hold hands. It will be interesting to see how their relationship further develops in Season 3.

Did someone ask why he waited so long and then hesitated even when Bo is asking directly about their relationship? Admitting that she's his granddaughter gives him pride, but he knows that it will also mean that he cannot escape admitting what he did to his own daughter, Aife, a great personal shame and sadness. And I guess it also raises the question of how it could be that his daughter become a dangerous rebel. There are those who say there are no bad children, only bad parents (I don't actually believe that, but you get my point). She was rebelling against him as well, the King. And there may be something else, another secret. Reminds me of "Shogun", Trickster has layers and layers (and layers) of secrets.
rachel sternberg
18. rae70
Awesome!! I knew there was something up with Bo & Trick! I called it! Woo-whoo! I am just dying to find out what "gift" did Kenzi receive from the Norn...
19. whiskeywhite
Only one more to go, Kiersten. What will we do for the next 3 and a half months? Perhaps you could start back at the beginning with new insights. :-)
Linda Losik
21. LindaL
I concur with you both! And I really hope that Kiersten continues with her wonderful recaps for season 3!
Suzanne Metaxas
22. SuzyM
If any one needs a KHR fix drop by the forum at for movie reviews, media updates & fan videos :)
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