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Intellectuals are Hot!: Author Elisabeth Barrett on Tall, Smart, and Handsome Heroes

Blaze of Winter by Elisabeth BarrettWe've asked author Elisabeth Barrett to join us today to talk about why she thinks the smartest guys are also the sexiest. Elisabeth's new release, Blaze of Winter, features a tall, smart, and handsome novelist nicknamed “The Professor,” a masterminding whiz who plots his own happy ever after with a sweet stranger. Thanks for visiting, Elisabeth!

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“Brainy's the new sexy.” —Irene Adler, Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia (Ep. 2.1)

I was going to call this post “Hot for Teacher” until I realized that all the hot professors I know probably wouldn’t appreciate being called out in a public blog post for attributes other than their intelligence. So I settled on “intellectuals” – it gave me a broader range with which to work – as a platform to discuss why intelligence is so sexy.

So why is intelligence so sexy? Being with someone intelligent requires you to think. Hard. To stretch your mind to its limits and push yourself for greater comprehension of the world around you. To flex your brain to exhaustion, elevating you to another level. Personally, I love being with someone who can think a few steps ahead of me. I love the challenge of keeping up with a fast-thinker, but of course, I want someone who respects my brain, too.
To that end, here’s a carefully curated list containing some of the hottest (fictional) intellectuals out there:

• Harrison Ford as Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr. in all of the Indiana Jones movies. Who would dare say that a history professor who wears a felt fedora and carries a whip isn’t hot? No one. Not when he fights Nazis and deciphers secret codes and deduces which grail Jesus drank from by the size, shape and material of the cup. Brilliance and a lopsided smile make Indiana Jones is first on my list.

• Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes in Masterpiece Mystery’s Sherlock. Okay, so in this series, Sherlock is portrayed as an Asperger’s-suffering mostly-psychopathic brainiac, but he is the hottest thing going since, well, ever. Brainy is indeed the new sexy as Sherlock uncovers terrorist plots, solves murder after murder and generally flips mundane police-work on its head. Plus the cheekbones and the clothes? Done and done.

• Rachel Weisz as Evelyn “Evie” Carnahan in The Mummy. Cairo librarian and aspiring Egyptologist, Evie can read ancient Egyptian from dusty, old tomes that just might happen to release thousand-year old mummies. She’s not simply intelligent, but also cool under fire. In the face of death and danger, she calls out bad guys for their faulty translations, “‘For all eternity.’ Idiot.” In addition, she is obscenely beautiful and generally shows more spunk than everyone else around her, combined.

• Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier (“Professor X”) in X-Men. Arguably the most intelligent of these intellectuals, Xavier is a high-level telepath, who is also a scientific genius and an expert on genetics, mutation and psychic powers. A mutant himself, Xavier holds degrees from Harvard and Oxford, and was also tapped to be a professor at Columbia. To help other mutants, he founds Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. His voice alone is enough to make you want to sit up and pay attention in class.

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Raised in a sleepy little Connecticut town, Elisabeth draws on her upbringing to write small-town romances. Her summers spent living and working on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard were the inspiration for the Star Harbor series, which kicked off with Deep Autumn Heat and continues with Blaze of Winter. Currently, Elisabeth lives in Northern California with her husband and three children. She knows that brainy’s the new sexy. Find her online: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Susan Scherzlein
1. Susan Scherzlein
I'd love to read your book. There's nothing sexier than an intelligent man!
2. Tammye
There is nothing I like better than a big.... brain!
3. ElisabethBarrett
Totally agree that big brains are the best!
4. Leia62
Smart is definitely sexy! An intelligent man - a man with a "brain on fire" from putting it to work, and who can also communicate well and keep me interested in a topic certainly makes me hot.
Virginia Green
5. vloveg
My favorite movie and TV characters are almost always brainiacs! In addition to the ones mentioned above: Michael T Weiss from The Pretender, The Librarian series with Noah Wylie, David Krumholtz in Numb3rs...
6. laurenkusa
mmmm.....brains! There are a lot of characters who are considered sexy because of their smarts.
Janis Clark
7. maliamartin
Brains are sexy. It's one thing to have a guy interested in you because of your appearance, the relationship goes to a deeper level when he's interested in your mind. It makes a guy that much sexier that he actually wants to have an intellectual conversation with you. So yes, brainy is sexy. And, I agree - Indiana Jones is sexy as all get out!
8. Debbie S
Indiana Jones is my all time favorite intellectual hero!
Jessie Llewellyn
9. jessiel62
Agree, brains are sexy. Loved reading this post. This book sounds like a great read!
Katherine Fortenbacher
10. katherinebacher
Oh I love some intellectuals! Especially with the professor glasses... But I have my naughty librarian glasses too. I would much rather have a man who can outsmart himself out of danger than try to go all alpha-male and try to get himself killed.
11. ElisabethBarrett
To everyone's point, I think regardless of why you're first attracted to someone, intellect and intelligence go a long way to keeping the attraction strong!

vloveg - I also LOVED the Librarian series with Noah Wylie!
denise smith
12. denise226
love to read this book i got a getgally account thanks
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