Sep 17 2012 9:47am

Do You Always Fantasy-Cast The Romance Novel You’re Reading?

Daniel HenneyWe've had many fantasy casting posts here at H&H, and we've also had some discussion over at our Facebook page on the topic also. Many of us 'see' a certain celebrity as the hero or heroine of our current read. But do you always do that? Do you need to 'see' what the character really looks like to get a feel for who they are?

Do you always fantasy-cast the romance novel you're reading?

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1. JeannieLin
I usually don't when I'm reading. It's kind of like when there's a big movie production and the director wants to cast unknowns so the audience doesn't come in with a pre-conception based on the actor's previous roles, you know?

On the other hand, I'd like to fantasy cast Daniel Henney based on that picture there. Hmmm.....
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@JeannieLin, I don't fantasy-cast either, which is odd, given that I *need* to know what my characters look like in my own writing. But I do get frustrated when there's not enough description so I can have a general idea. And, yeah, Henney, nom.
Victoria Janssen
3. VictoriaJanssen
No, not while reading or writing...once, after the fact, I realized a character I'd written looked like a particular actor. But I don't know if that was in my head or not.

I do know people who cast the hero and heroine as particular favorite actors while they read.
4. Voirey Linger
There are a few characters for whom I've found some close matches after the character was set, but other than those, I don't 'fantasy cast' anything. I don't look for pictures or inspiration because I can see them clearly in my head. Real images can mix up what I dream up on my own and I lose the character. I don't watch much TV or go to movies, so I generally don't have actors in my head for anything.
Hell Cat
5. hellcat
Odddly enough, I don't fantasy cast. I don't know why considering I did for a long time. Unless I can put the Corky and Francis from Copper in everything ever. For me, the most important aspects are personality characteristics, not looks, so I never really concentrate on external.
6. KateNagy
I almost always fantasy cast -- I have since I was a child. In fact, when I was younger, I would sometimes write down who was who in what book so I could keep all the characters straight. These days, my fantasy casts are straight out of Central Casting, but when I was a teenager, they might include people from blockbuster movies mixing it up with soap actors and actresses, athletes, and people I went to school with -- it was all about the Look. That made for some...interesting pairings, at times. Even today, I sometimes get cranky when I can't pair just the right actor with a character!
Carmen Pinzon
7. bungluna
I don't fantasy cast and I get very crancky when an author tells me that the characters look like some actor/model instead of describing them to me so I can imagine what they look like. Major pet peeve!
8. E Kelly
I fantasy cast when I read AND when I write.
9. MaryC
I don't fantasy cast. However, if a book is made into a movie, the actors cast may not match my picture of them.
10. J-me
I always fantasy cast! and it's often the same men.. least I'm consistent!

Joe Manganiello; cause lets face it, he could sooo wear a kilt or breaches, waist coat and a cravat, low rider denim jeans and a tailored suit, and his birthday suit and it'd be sexy!

My newest cast member is Jason Momoa, (aka. Kahl Drogo or Conan) he is for the hairier (long hair, chest hair, facial hair, rougher, burlier) heroes. He performs 100% in all my castings! hahaha

I tend to place myself in the heroine's shoes, which I have been told is weird.. but I just do.. doesn't matter what she looks like, cause it always ends up me!! ...maybe that is weird....?

It does make movie casting a disappointment though, *cough* Mortal Instrument - City of Bones*cough* or a huge collossal disappointment, but you eventually build a bridge and get over it. :`(
11. SassyT
Usually, no. However, if I have a friend who has read the same book and it was a panty burner then we will sometimes discuss if it was a movie who should play Hot Dude. For the most part, I just go with whatever description the author gives and try to picture what that would look like as a real live man.
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