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Don’t Be Sheltered from Charlotte Stein’s Huge (and Well-Hung!) Body of Work

Sheltered by Charlotte SteinCharlotte Stein sprang on to the erotic scene with her super hot, but slightly dumb, heroes and her sexually open heroines and never looked back. Huge cocks and moist penetrations became an instant hit. Her no-holds-barred erotics cross all boundaries and address all aspects of exploring sexuality in a relationship. Couples, menages, BDSM—Stein writes about it all.

What makes her erotics so addicting is her engaging writing and the believable connection between her heroes and heroines (no matter how many are in bed together!). I also enjoy her heroines' strength—no wilting flowers here. Some may be inexperienced, but none are to be taken for granted. They know what they want, how they want it, and with whom it will be done.

Though a majority of Stein’s books are novellas and short stories, she does a fabulous job of developing her characters and storylines into a full-body experience. You may only get a 20-page book, but you read a story that feels like 295 pages.

My first Charlotte Stein was Sheltered. A sweet novella about an abused young woman who finds acceptance and love with a young man who is her complete opposite. Bittersweet and sensual, it wraps you up in the throes of first love and sexual experience. I found myself at a loss when I reached the end as I wasn’t ready for it to end.

“Everything had been cloaked in sensuousness, to the point where details seemed fuzzy and languid.

Like the cuff of his sleeve stroking over the back of her hand, or the feel of his breath stirring against her lips. Her lips had grown seventy thousand nerve endings between yesterday and right now, and they seemed to buzz whenever he moved.”

Restraint by Charlotte SteinFrom Sheltered, I moved to Restraint. Restraint was like day and night compared to Sheltered. In this novella, we meet Mallory, a sexually experienced college student who is so comfortable in her sexuality that she has no qualms about discussing her sex-capades in detail with as many adjectives as possible. You have to laugh as you watch her amp up her dirty talk in order to draw the shy, sexually repressed, gorgeous Arnie, out of his shell and into her bed.

“You’re being deliberately cruel, now.’

‘No – I think deliberately cruel would be if I told you something rude, like: I’d love to see you stroking your stiff dick until you came all over yourself.’ I pause again, but this time it’s not to eat his expression. This time I’m employing a bit of dramatic license, I think. ‘Or until you came all over me – because you know, you could do that if you wanted to. I could undo my nightie, and then you could just … spurt all over my tits.’

He makes the following sound:


But other than that there’s no further resistance from him. I think he forgot what resistance is, somewhere around the words spurt and tits.

‘Or you could come in my mouth. Is that what you prefer? Do you like fucking some girl’s face until she can hardly keep up with you, before unloading down her –’

‘Stop! Please … just stop a second. I can’t … I don’t … are you actually wanting to do these things?”

Control by Charlotte SteinIn her novella Control, Ms. Stein explores a dominant and submissive relationship involving a sexually dominant bookstore owner and her two very different, very sexy, male employees. This book is filthy. Wonderfully, deliciously, filthy. Maddie knows she wants Gabriel but is unsure how to handle a submissive, especially when he doesn't realize (or admit) he’s a submissive. Adam, her other employee, is so bad boy alpha *swoon*. Though I’m not a huge fan of m/f/m, Ms. Stein develops the relationship(s) in a way that reassures you that she cares and understands her characters. The main relationship is Maddie and Gabriel, with Adam brought in only when our couple is secure in their feelings.

“Describe what you did last night,’ I say, after a moment, and I see him wipe his palms on his trousers. Could be they’re as sweaty as mine are.

‘I made myself paella.’

‘And before that?’

I expect him to evade, again, but he doesn’t. He keeps his face turned to one side, but he sticks to it.

‘I masturbated.’

‘Standing up. With my back to the door.’
‘You couldn’t even wait, you dirty little mess.’
His eyelids flutter and almost shut.
‘No. I can’t wait, now. I did it once and then I promised myself I wouldn’t do it again, not until later, but I couldn’t concentrate on the television.’

‘Why not?’

‘I kept thinking about you, reading all those … things.’

‘Like how you want me to make you wear women’s underwear?’

His gaze clicks with mine, but it doesn’t look as terrified as I’m sure it would have, not so long ago. Instead he looks furtive – he licks his lips. His eyes are big and round and his chest seems to be almost heaving.

‘Would you … you wouldn’t really do that, would you?’

I’m glad I put a pair into my trouser pocket. “

Stein enters the fantasy genre with her Desire Through Time series. The first novella of the series, Past Pleasures, is a quick and humorous read that explores the concept of a futuristic world where women do not exist. Kate, our heroine, agrees to a mad experiment to go forward in time and discover what the future has in store for us. She’s shocked to see a world where women are not only extinct but forgotten. When she meets the gorgeous Tem and his equally luscious companion Aley, Kate decides to show them exactly what a woman can do. The sexual scenes alone are worth the price.

Raw Heat by Charlotte SteinLove a good erotic PNR novella? Look no further than Raw Heat. The world have been overtaken by werewolves. Humans live underground in fear. When the humans capture a werewolf to use for experimentation, a human woman begins to see her captive in a different light. Stein takes tortured werewolf captive Conner and his sexually frustrated nurse/captor Selena on an explosively erotic ride as they discover that they are not the enemies they thought they were. Selena and Conner know that their relationship could spell death for both of them if revealed, but their feelings for one another is worth the risk. Steamy sex scenes and heartfelt emotional reveals made this very hard to put down.

With over thirty short stories, novellas and novels, including entries in The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance and Best New Erotica 10, Charlotte Stein has the perfect erotic story for everyone.


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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
HOLY HELL do I love Stein's writing. My absolute favorite--and my first Stein, like Tori's--was Sheltered, but Doubled runs a close second, especially surprising given that it's a a) menage b) featuring TWINS, and I've been pretty adamant about the no menage thing. But I am changing my stance, thanks to Stein. I think in rereads (something else I never used to do!) her writing gets even better.
2. LindaD
I have to admit I'm not a fan, probably because her heroines are always moaning on about how ashamed they are. I guess her books are maybe intended for people who find shame a turn-on? Not for me.
3. Sophia (FV)
I've only read one book by Charlotte Stein. You've convinced me to need to read more lol. :)
4. Torifl
MFrampton-I'm still working my way through her back list. I definitly have to try Doubled. Something about

LindaD-I have never felt shame from the heroines when reading. Regret and anxiety sometimes. In some of her books, due to the character set up and the storyline, I would have been more shocked if the heroine had NOT shown any conflicted feelings, ie-Sheltered & Raw Heat. But I understand where your coming from. I feel that way with certain authors. Im not a fan of heroines who have to be coericed into enjoying the sexual relationship and flip flop back and forth. :)

Sophia-GO GIRL!! It's National Buy A Book Day so go forth and buy some Stein.
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