Sep 21 2012 8:02am

Celebrate International Book Week: Share Page 52, Line 5

According to some sources, this is just an internet meme, but heck, it's a fun internet meme, so we'd like you to join in!

It's International Book Week. The rules: grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence as your status. Don't mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your status in comments.

Let's celebrate!

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1. KateNagy
"Other groups, such as the Association of Bessarabian Emigres in Paris, were funded indirectly by the Soviets and worked to convince Western governments of the injustice of Romanian territorial claims."

-- What? My husband is a history buff. ;-)
2. Azucena
He'd given Dorian his shoulder, but in the end, he expected Dorian to deal.

Mine was too easy lol
3. lisaione
She'd seen him pissed off, but had never been the cause of it.
4. Barb in Maryland
"The pictures went on, elucidating the trees' muster as they fought a delaying action, first in groups, at the last one or two alone, as the world dried until only sand was left."
Myretta Robens
5. Myretta
They had meant to come on to Steventon afterwards, but we knew a trick worth two of that.
Lisa Ellingsworth
6. LisaEllingsworth
She stared at the object dumbly, then realizing it was water, fumbled with the cap in a burst of energy.
Lege Artis
7. LegeArtis
"Sure," Carrie said. "You can tell us what the meeting between you and Raphael was about."
8. SherriM
'Is Dixon to go with us?' asked Mr. Hale, in a helpless kind of dismay.
9. Rose In RoseBear
The marked cruiser outside had relieved her mind.
Aly O'Hare
10. wingZER0angel
"Fold my parents' mortifying letter into a paper boat and sail it down the Cam."
11. Johnny Meatworth
"From then on you'll find their act no more amusing, no more relevant to your inner progress than that of the lowliest pig."
Lori K
12. LoriK
"Has anyone in the entire history of our planet ever found a portal to another dimension?"
13. Marva
In a large heavy saucepan, begin melting the butter. After

so the cookie book was on top.
14. MaryC
Looking into the faces of the community of Saint-Gilbert-Entre-les-Loups,
15. Mamie Kakes
"Look at Olympus Mons," she said, pointing to the largest known mountain in the solar system.
16. Mandala
"Suddenly a great fish took his hook, and before he knew where he was, he was dragged out and down into the water, to the bottom."
17. samicami
"One moment he'd been accompanying a group of sappers as they carried a ladder toward a Russian bunker, and the next there was an explosion and the sensations of being struck simultaneously in the side and right leg."
Elizabeth Halliday
18. Ibbitts
All Talon could do was nod, especially since what he really wanted to do was pick her up in his arms and carry her to the bed and make love to her for the rest of the afternoon.
20. Jennie R.
....chaining him to the chair. "Who's going to help me adjust?"
21. KatieB
"Like a mermaid, she hovered just out of reach, smiling a siren's smile, gesturing with lovely, graceful hands."
22. Michael Flower
The other night, we took up a specific treatment that I call, "practicing the presence of God."
The Foundation of Mysticism by Joel S. Goldsmith
23. Rose In RoseBear
"Shawna was away when the debate took place, so I'll excuse her misinformation," he said.

I love this meme!
24. therealsarah91
"It was also at this time that Marilyn met two people who were to have a significant impact on her later professional and personal life, the director Elia Kazan and the Pulitzer prize-winning playwright, Arthur Miller."
25. Angela Severn
The interests of the silver objects, is another kind.They comprisea large dish, a fluted bowl, bearing a conventionalised female profile embosed in low relief, a nest of nine small bowles,two spoons and a small ladle.

( Anglo- Saxon England ) Stephen Stenton

So! I'm a History nut
Deborah Scholl
26. Debscholl
"Repulse's captain is using everything he's got to stop the leading Syndic ships."
28. Mohammad Nahid Salman
"I thought that someday i would be rich,and could go to Mecca."
29. Scherhrazadeh
"and only the ashes and the diamond"
30. purpleclover
Cocktails, and a wholly admirable dinner, further brighten the evening.
31. Daria Gutnik
??, ????? ? ?????????? ?????????, ? ???? ?? ???? ? ??-??????????, ??
Vanessa Ouadi
32. Lafka
I didn't have any paperback edition within reach, so I settled for the first e-book to appear on my e-reader :

"When he pulled back, he slid out of me carefully, rolling onto his side, his hand stroking tenderly across my belly as he did."
(Samantha Young - On Dublin Street)
33. J Tafoya
In the galleries, in the courtyard, the shoving, the shouting, the lifting of hats, the cocking of eyebrows, the tireless pursuing of something, anything, goes on with no sign that it will ever lose momentum.
34. Whit
Ygritte had been kissed by fire; the red priestess was fire; and her hair was blood and flame.
36. tammye
With that cap and sunglasses and a chin beard, everyone will think you're a famous poet.
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