Sep 28 2012 9:30am

Bored with Bloodsuckers? Or “Fangs Forever!”?

Vase of blood imageOkay, I’ll admit it. I love vampires. I like them undead, formerly human or a different race altogether, cold and scary, or hot and sexy. They might live the life of the undead in Victorian England, rule over a palatial mountain enclave in Romania, stalk the alleys of an American metropolis, or make a cave their home. (I mean, seriously, would you throw Bones out of bed just because of the cave thing?)

Gotta say: The sparkling-in-sunlight business almost drove me away, but then JR Ward released the first book in a new vhampire series called the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and the world righted itself. In fact, the fanged had never looked better.

(Did you realize that Dark Lover, the first Black Dagger book, and Twilight came out within a month of each other? Talk about the yin and yang of vampires.)

I’ve actually wasted brain cells trying to figure out why I love vampires, and here’s the result of my brain-strain:

Dark Lover by J.R. Ward1) Tortured Males. No, no. Not the BDSM kind of play-torture, although my man Vishous went there. Not the Guantanamo kind, either. Women love tortured guys so we can then spend much drama and angst trying to save the big idiots from themselves. And who can possibly be more tortured than some quasi-immortal being who’s probably lost more loves than we can imagine? Or who has such a brutal past that only our love and faith can save him (ahem, Bella and Zsadist, Bella and Edward, Bella and…well, you get the idea).

2) Strength…and Vulnerability. Think about it. You have these virtually immortal guys. (Because, really, do we care about the female vampires? Although I’d hang out with Pam.) Usually they have incredible strength and ability to heal. Speed. Scary mental powers. And yet there are several hours per day when they are completely vulnerable. We love caring for vulnerable beings like little babies and puppies and big dudes with fangs who might burst into flames when hit by a sunbeam.

3) Need. We all know guys need us, whether they admit it or not. But think about a vampire guy. He literally can’t live without what we can give him. Okay, sure, it involves puncture wounds and a siphoning of body fluids, but in a well-done romance, the plasma donor also gets a pretty good rush from it, yes? We love to be needed and if being needed involves multiple orgasms, what’s the harm in that? Anything to support the cause.

Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman in True Blood4) Bad Boy Syndrome. Women love bad boys; it’s part of our genetic makeup. And vampires are usually bad boys. Imagine your last family gathering. Now insert Wrath in the middle of it, or Eric Northman, or Jean-Claude….well, okay, JC would simply use his voice to mesmerize them all, and probably end up in a foursome with you, your Aunt Edna, and Uncle Lou and you’d be scarred for life. But whether they’re alphas or beta males, bad boy vampires are always masculine, confident (at least on the outside), and don’t play by the rules. What’s not to love?

5) Sex Gods. A vampire who has been around a century or three has had a LOT of time to practice his technique and has learned the art of delayed gratification. Yeah, you know what I mean.

So…are you a vampire lover? Or are you all fanged out?


Suzanne Johnson, who writes urban fantasy with a few pesky romantic elements, is the author of Royal Street, first in the Sentinels of New Orleans series. Book two, River Road, will be released November 13 from Tor Books. You can find Suzanne writing about speculative fiction, with and without romance, at her daily Preternatura blog, as well as hanging around on Twitter.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I've had to take a breather from vampires; think I overloaded on them. Still, I get the appeal, and I'm sure I'll be back for more...
Roger Simmons 1
2. Roger Simmons 1
So many new vampire stories, with new rules recently. Good for those of us that are fans of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Think there might be some vampires in the family history, from the UK.
Suzanne Johnson
3. suzannej3523
LOL. I think I know the one you're talking about, Roger!

@redline...I think there are still some interesting vamp things coming out. Take a break, and they'll suck you right back in. (sorry, bad vampire humor)
Elizabeth Halliday
4. Ibbitts
I like vampires. Always have. I guess I'm a bit more picky now than I used to be. I like writers whose vampires don't conform to the classic steriotypical vampire: the Breed, the Brothers, the Carpathians, and, yes, even the Cullens, because the sparkling sets them apart. And I like that. Lestat and Louis were good in their day, but we've come a long way since then...
Jasmine Ray
5. JassyBaby
Team fangs, baby! I love vampires, from the sophisticated and ancient (Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles) to the modern and hardcore (J.R. Ward's BDB) and everything in between! Like Ibbitts said, I love that vampires play by their own set of rules now. Not many conform to the old stereotypes anymore. BDB, when I first read it, was a real treat for sure. Everything I thought I knew about vampires was shattered after reading this series! ^^
Roger Simmons 1
6. Barbed1951
I'm a long time vampire lover and I don't think I'll ever get tired of them. I liked all the reasons you came up with Suzanne, and I hope you didn't lose too many brain cells over it. :D To me it's simple, they're awesome and deserve our love.
mandy troxel
i am fascinated with vampires. and always have been. love the brad pitt version in inteview with a vampire. just the thought of living forever and the suduction powers that go along with being a vampire is a big turn on for me. i would probably choose to feed the way the cullins do in twilight.
Suzanne Johnson
8. suzannej3523
Thanks for the comments! I also am fascinated with vampires...and I don't think I'll ever get tired of them either. Writers are forever coming up with new twists that make them sexy and fun (or scary) all over again.
Alie V
9. ephramyfan
I still love them. From Twilight to The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, I'm still down with vamps!
Roger Simmons 1
11. Poppy Fields
It's like you crawled inside my head and read my thoughts. I couldn't agree more on each reason that vampires still and always will rock. Although I do prefer the hot and tortured types to the creepy monster version in The Passage.
Suzanne Johnson
12. suzannej3523
@Poppy...Glad you agree. And oh, no doubt about it--the hot and tortured types are MUCH preferred to the creepy monster types!
Heather Fowler
13. hafowler
I'm a vampire girl, always have been. The sparklers are annoying, but I just stick with adult-adult fiction and I'm okay.
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