Aug 2 2012 5:55pm

You Say Bridesmaids, I Say...Bachelorette?: New Trailer

A new, NSFW trailer has been released for Bachelorette, a Bridesmaids-like film that’ll be out this fall (September 7, to be exact) starring Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, Isla Fisher, James Marsden, and Adam Scott. Will Ferrell is also involved in the project as a producer.

I’m in for the cast alone (big fan of Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott since their Party Down days), but based on this trailer I wonder if I’ll enjoy it as much as I do Bridesmaids. The crude humor is clearly there (and is it just me, or does Bachelorette seem to be taking that a step further?) but will it have heart?

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