Aug 6 2012 9:23am

Who’s Your Favorite Romance Novel Mentor?

Michael Caine in the Dark Knight Rises

Many types of popular culture—not just romance novels—include a character who helps guide and direct the protagonists’ action (think Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars).

In historical romance novels, it’s the feisty governess or dowager who assists the heroine in snagging her aristocrat; in paranormal or urban fantasy books, the heroine has a best friend who offers her own often unasked-for advice when the paranormal life starts to bite. And in contemporaries, the mentor can be a relative, a bartender, or just the old lady running the corner store where the heroine gets her diet Coke.

So—what book has your favorite mentor?

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1. keen23
Lady Danbury appears in many of Julia Quinn's novels as a mentor of sorts. She's especially important to Hyacinth Bridgerton, but helps out other "unnoticed" heroines as well. She's also outrageous in her own way that only old women can get away with!
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@keen23 I am very fond of the older women in Regency novels who get to say whatever they want, even as they embarrass everyone around them (because the Georgian period that preceded the Regency was, according to romance novel lore, more ribald in tone). So yes! Lady Danbury!
3. Janga
Ditto on Lady Danbury. Lady Agnes Westerfield, school mistress and suurogate mother to all of Mary Jo Putney's lost lords is another favorite.
And I recently read Pamela Morsi's soon-to-be-released The Lovesick Cure, which features a delightful character in the heroine's Aunt Will, a folk healer with, as the title suggests, a cure for lovesickness.
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