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Who is the Ghost in Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling Series?

Caressed by Ice by Nalini SinghNalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series is one of the most convoluted and involved paranormal romance series out to date. Filled with non-stop action, suspense and mystery, yet balanced nicely with hot steamy romance and many light-hearted moments. Dynamic characters and multiple interactions appearing throughout the series make the world richer, much more than the story to be told in a single book.

This series is set in a futuristic alternative Earth and populated by three groups: The Changelings, the Psy and humans. The Changelings are shapeshifters. The Psy are humans with psychic powers who voluntarily “silenced” their emotions. The Psy is the largest and most powerful ruling body on Earth. The constantly evolving main storyline tells of the battles and eventual war brewing between the three groups and the struggles within each group.

One major mystery that has almost every reader stumped is who the Ghost is. We are first introduced to the Ghost in Caressed by Ice. The Ghost is a psy who is working against the council but NOT against the Psy. He meets and shares information with Judd Lauren and Father Perez on a regular basis. He is the instigator behind various terrorist acts against the council. He is neither good nor evil; he operates by his own code. He is attempting to save his race from the flaws of silence. His is so immersed in the net, it is thought that if he breaks silence, then the net mind will fall, destroying the Psy race. His true name has never been mentioned but he is thought to be either an Arrow or a former Arrow. Judd Laurens knows who he is, but refuses to look directly at him, citing that names are much easier to erase then faces.

The identity of The Ghost has sparked many conversations and much speculation. Forums, tweets, facebook polls, ect..have all addressed this and everyone who reads this series has an idea who The Ghost might be. Nalini mentioned in a recent interview at the Romantic Times series that The Ghost is someone we have met in the series. Well, THAT helps. Not. Below are my top two contenders for who The Ghost may be:

Kaleb KrychekVisions of Heat by Nalini Singh

Council member. First introduced in Visions of Heat. Took over Santano Enrique’s council spot after he was disposed of by the Changelings. Based in Moscow, he is a Cardinal TK, and one of the most powerful telekinetics in retrospect to teleportation. He is so powerful, he is unable to measured on the gradient scale. His power is the ability to drive one to madness and can remain undetected. He has an intimate connection with the dark insane half of the Netmind and is rumored to have been a child protege of Enrique’s. He has been searching the Netmind for six years for a female for reasons (and identity of woman) unknown. The arrows recently allied themselves with Kaleb after Councilor Ming (and former handler of the Arrows) revealed plans that might lead to the Arrows destruction.

Why I think Kaleb may be The Ghost:

Both have the ability to enter areas of the Netmind and gain access to classified information that no one else can access. They both have admitted that they are looking for someone-someone who means a great deal to them. They both have psychic and physical warfare skills. Both can teleport. Both can remain undetected. Both can ride datastreams. Both have admitted they are unstable and have blood on their hands.

Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini SinghVasic

Vasic is an Arrow. First appeared in Hostage to Pleasure. He is a powerful, unique TK Psy; able to teleport to places and people. He is more powerful then a Cardinal TK. Measures a 6 on the gradient scale. Has a strong unique bond with fellow Arrow, Aden. Considered one of the most dangerous Arrows and Ming’s most powerful weapon. Removed from Jax years ago. Has a special affinity towards children. He is working with the rebel psy and has a personal relationship with Anthony Kyriakus and Zen Zie. He helped Ashaya Aleine escape from the PsyNet. He is ready for peace but has voiced several times he can never break silence.

Why I think The Ghost could also be Vasic:

Both are/were Arrows. Neither has any inclination to destroy the psy or break silence. Both are completely loyal to their race and the Netmind. Both are strong TKs and can teleport. Both can remain undetected. Both show an unusual interest in the non psy races. Both knew Sierra Laurens (Snow) as a child. Both can kill without remorse. Though there has been no mention of Vasic needing to find someone, he does have deeper motivations for what he does, like The Ghost. His reasons may be been voiced-but attributed to The Ghost. Both admit they are beyond redemption.

So those are my top two choices for Nalini’s secretive Ghost. I want to know who you think it is.


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Pamela Webb-Elliott
1. Spaz
KALEB!!!! I definitely think it's Kaleb all the way. And I cannot WAIT to get his book, it will be epic.
2. Arthemise
This is my absolute favorite series. I lean toward Kaleb, but it seems too obvious a choice. I have no doubt Singh will surprise and delight.
Lege Artis
3. LegeArtis
I'm obsessed with this series and this question. There are so many pro et contra with both Kaleb and Vasic being Ghost...It makes my brain mushy...
I was positive it's Kaleb, but now I don't know...He is so obvious choice. All that neither good nor evil fits him and Ghost to the T, so he still is my #1 suspect, but I'm not so confident now as I was before KoS.
I think it's not Vasic, 'cause watching mating ceremony Ghost thinks how Siena's height is same as when she was 15 years old. Vasic first saw her when he was 18, so folowing that timeline, he would be now 22 years old and that seems too young for his character: Sacha is 26, Kaleb is 27, Abbot is 26, Faith is 24, Judd is around 26...Maybe I'm wrong, but Vasic gives me vibe of someone older than 22.(yeah, I'm freak, I counted years)...
Maybe Ghost is someone else entirely...
And that is awesomness of Nalini Singh.
4. Beba
I can't remember his name but I think the Ghost is the brother of the twins who were the first Silence subjects. Does Aden sound right for his name?
5. Dragon
I wish I'd paid more attention to the background characters in each book, but I admit I tend to skim unless the main characters are the focus. I just get tired of reading the Psy history over and over again.

I think Kaleb would make the most interesting choice for the Ghost. Singh has certainly mentioned him plenty of times in previous books. He needs his own book even if he isn't the Ghost.

He's probably too old to be the Ghost, but I keep wondering about Faith Nightstar's father. I can't remember his name (or abilities and training) at the moment.
6. Torifl
SpazP-I DON'T KNOW. *sob*

Arthemise- IKR? I want to know but part of me doesn't want to know cause that would mean the end.
7. Torifl
LegeArtis-*gasp* Who can it be????

Beba-It can't be Aden. Jud has seen his face.

Dragon-I have thought about Anthony Nightstar. I have him on my maybe list.
Caitlyn Wilson
8. armywife
I've always thought it was Kaleb too, I really hope we find out soon!!
9. CindyS
I switch around all the time, just when I think 'okay, it Kaleb' I get a vibe that something isn't right. You mentioned he was looking for someone but I felt it was more of a sinister move than looking for someone he had lost.
But then, I'm not sure what the Ghost's motives are either. I guess that would happen in complete silence as he would be more logical and strategy based than someone with feelings.

10. white lily
I used to believe it was Kaleb but the last book changed my mind. The ghost watches Judd and Brenna at the mating ceremony and thinks that he will never have this kind of life. Later in the book Aden talks to Vasic and he says almost the same sentence when they discuss their future.

The ghost was hesitant whether there was one person he cares about. I guess that speaks more for Vasic as well as Kaleb had been searching this woman (the lost Nightstar girl?) for years.

Moreover Judd knows the ghost and regards him as a friend. Aden tells him they'll need to watch out for Vasic when their rebellion is over. This doomsday feeling fits more to ghost as well as Judd seemed worried about him too.
Lege Artis
11. LegeArtis
I know, it's making me crazy!
Trouble is all Arrows or powerful Psy are capable for terrible things, they have blood on their hands and they all think that something terrible will happen to others if they break Silence, if they lose control, if they start to feel...
12. CCRead
I too have always had Faith's father at the top of my list as a possible Ghost. Can't give you any specific reasons though.

Kaleb is lower on my list only because he's too obvious a choice. Other than that he'd be my #1 Ghost.
13. MinnChica
I have to say, I thought it was Kaleb for a long time, but after reading the last book, he dropped off my list. PLUS, he seems to (at times) have already broken silence. If this will destory the net, then it can't be him. RIGHT?

If his book is next and we get to see who he has been searching for and all that, I kinda hope he does break silence for his lady luck. :)
14. Sam9
I was undecided between Vasic and Kaleb, but after reading Tangle of Need, I had to rule out Vasic as a candidate. The bit that did it for me towards then end where Judd has the following conversation with the Ghost:

Judd knew what the Ghost knew about Vasquez, and so he knew this act was out of character. “Henry’s death may have severed the leash that kept Vasquez rational.” He had no doubt his fellow rebel was aware of the ex-Councilor’s demise.
“Perhaps.” No concern. “It’s time, Judd.”

The bit I have the problem with is when Judd says to himself "He had no doubt his fellow rebel was aware of the ex-Councilor’s demise."

You see, Judd knows Henry was killed by Vasic (Aden told him), and Judd knows the true identity of the Ghost. So, if Vasic really was the ghost, what Judd was saying to himself was "He had no doubt the man who killed the ex-counciller was aware of the ex-Councilor’s demise."

But when you say you have no doubt about something, that is the same as saying you are convinced in your mind, but you don't know it for a fact i.e. you could say "I have no doubt that life exists on other planets", but that does not mean it is true. If Vasic was the ghost, then Judd would not use this phrase. It would be the same as if he said "He had no doubt that Sienna was an X-psy" as opposed to "He knew Sienna was an X-psy".
15. Katy L
If it's Kaleb vs. Vasic, I've been leaning toward Kaleb for a while. I've also considered Anthony, but he just doesn't seem right.

Just to stir the pot, I do have another wild theory, with absolutely no evidence to back it up. What if it's Marshall, the Councillor who was supposedly killed early on in the series? Wouldn't faking your own death be the perfect cover for subversive activities? I think I came up with this one because all the other candidates seemed a little too obvious.
Nicole Leapheart
16. BoxyFrown
I can't wait for Kaleb's book. I want to know who he is searching for and why! I was going back and forth between the two, and Aden for a minute, but I am thinking Vasic...for now. After reading these responses I am moving back to
17. Liz C
I would have to lean towards Kaleb as well, the fact that he's searching for someone (as is the ghost), the fact that he has such deep links to the netmind and dark net as well, the fact that the ghost kind of wants to take over the net (as does Kaleb) and when he was with Enrique from an early age, maybe he feels that whatever happened in that time made him want to get rid of the people (council) who allowed that sort of thing to go on. I honestly don't think its Anthony Nightstar, in one of the books (i can't remember which one) Anthony gets an email from the ghost and he wonders how he did it seeing as very few people had that email address and know that he's gor rebel sympathies.
After Kaleb, Vasic would be my second choice, but I'm not sure, I'm sure that when Nalini finally decides to reveal who he is, she'll do it in a fantastic way and we'll all be astounded in one way or another ^^
18. Carrie-Ann
Who said it had to be a he what if it was a girl for some reason im leaning toward Nakita Duncan. She hasnt fully breached silence yet.
19. Kitiara86
It couldn't be Nikita Duncan, as she was never an Arrow. And what we do know about Ghost is that he once was an Arrow.

I think it's either Kaleb or Vasic.
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