Aug 23 2012 8:07am

Which Romance Novel Heroine is Most Like You?

Jane Eyre and Mr. RochesterMany of the mainstream coverage on people discovering romance focuses on how the readers—females, specifically—identify with the heroine, whether she's a shapeshifter, a Regency debutante, a vampire, or—a klutzy recent college graduate.

Which heroines are most similar to you? Do you like them more or less because they're so much like you?

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1. Miss_D
It might just be Blair Mallory from a couple of Linda Howard books. It was a little scary how much I agreed with her line of thinking about most things. Also don't know what that says about me.

PM Kavanaugh
2. PM Kavanaugh
I identify with kick-butt women (Nikita, Sydney Bristow from Alias, etc.), but sadly, I'm not as tough/awesome as they are! Re: Miss D's comment above, I remember Blair Mallory from Ms. Howard's book. She was funny, but I didn't id with her. More so with Lilly Mansfield, CIA contract assassin and fine kick-butt woman in Kiss Me While I Sleep. Loved her, loved her guy, loved the book!
PM Kavanaugh
3. Lucky4
Stephanie Plum for sure. I love that she's really not kick-ass but just an average, every day girl.
PM Kavanaugh
4. Alie
I'd love to say that I'm like Elizabeth Bennet or Jane Eyre, but I'm probably more like Eve from Iris Johansen's The Ugly Duckling, but more towards the start of the book...
5. ChelseaMueller
I identify closely with Cat from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series, which I think is a reason it's a favorite.

That said, I'm more like Merit from Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampires series than anyone should openly admit.

Stubborn? Check.

Loyal to a fault? Check.

Sometimes has to force herself to join the group for fun things? Check.

Have a thing for the guy who's kind of an asshole (but he's my asshole guy)? Check. (Heh. Probably good hubs doesn't read H&H.)
Megan Frampton
6. MFrampton
I identify strongly with Jane Eyre, and other meek-ish heroines who get noticed by the smart guy in the room. Who can also be a jerk (ditto with Chelsea on the husband not reading H&H!).
PM Kavanaugh
7. nicole1000
I want to be most like Mercy Thompson: loyal, thoughtful, great friend....but i don't think i am brave enough.
PM Kavanaugh
8. Bookworm
Split personality for sure: Elizabeth Bennet/Jane Eyre/Lucie Miller (Gina L. Maxwell's female lead in Seducing Cinderella). Therefore, I must rotate Darcy, Rochester and Reid Andrews (Seducing Cinderella) weekly. Fun.
Valerie Bowman
9. ValerieBowman
I like to think Jane Austen's Emma (bc I just LOVE her) or Lily Lawson from Lisa Kleypas' Then Came You (another favorite)...though I don't have a secret baby.
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