Aug 8 2012 8:02am

Which Romance Novel Billionaire Dominates the Competition?

Very wealthy men in romance novels are nothing new; just ask Harlequin’s line of category romances! But we’ve seen a new influx of billionaires who make those tycoons of yore look positively beta: Powerful men in powerful positions who like to have power over the woman of their choice, no matter what they need to do to be in control.

There’s Fifty Shades’s Christian Grey, and the Crossfire series’ Gideon Cross, and Jeremiah Hamilton from Sara Fawkes’s Dominated by the Billionaire e-serial.

If there was a Battle of the Billionaires, which of these romance novel Doms would come out on top (so to speak)?

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Darlene Marshall
1. DarleneMarshall
Roarke's the man. After 20+ novels, he still has staying power and, well, he's Roarke.
Lucy D
2. Lucy D
I am agreeing with Darlene...Roarke is the man.
Lucy D
3. Brunette Librarian
:) HUGE Roarke fan!
Lucy D
Okay, I adore Sylvia...Bared to You is on my TBR pile, but hands down...Dom or not, Roarke is the best the billionaire ever. :)

He doesn't need to have power...he is power. And he's sexy as all get out with it.
Lucy D
5. Tyra Berger
Roarke wins hands down! I just LOVE the way that he loves Eve!
Lucy D
6. Insane Hussein
Oh yea, Roarke, hands down, up and on the headboard. I'd let him top me.
Lucy D
7. Ren Puspita
To correct Darlene, Roarke still HOT even after 30+ books. Yeah, he is the ultimate billionaire in my romancelandia :)
Saundra Peck
10. sk1336
I cannot think of books or even other men when a pic of Robert as Tony Stark is on the screen....
Alexandra W
11. parasolprotectorate
I don't mean to copy everyone else, but Roarke gets my vote 100%. There's just no other guy who even comes close.
Lucy D
12. Michelle G.
I thought I’d be original in my response that Roarke’s the top billionaire but it seems it’s pretty unanimous. He’s definitely the man in my book!
Elizabeth Halliday
13. Ibbitts
It's unanimous so far, so let's keep it that way.
I've been on the Roarke bandwagon since 1995!
Lucy D
15. Maggie Perez
Can someone tell me the name of the book that contains the Roarke character? I read 50 Shades and the Crossfire Series. Like to see if I agree with you ladies. ;-)
Lucy D
16. linda k.
who is Roarke & what series of books are you talking about?
Lucy D
17. TLM1963
Can someone tell me who Roarke is please?? What book and name of author so I can read for my self!! I'm sorry but I'm picking Gideon Cross.
Linda Boswell
18. Linda811
Roarke is absolute perfection! He is from the J.D. Robb "In Death" series. The series is just as addictive as the man :)
Lucy D
19. VegasChic37
I immediately thought of Roarke as well before reading the article. He's the only billionaire in my book.
Lucy D
20. Cathryn1
I'm with Roarke too ...

For those who don't know, Roarke is Eve Dallas's hero through all of J.D. Robb's "... In Death" books. Start with Naked In Death and go from there. You'll love him too.
Lucy D
21. jsmom2
Boy, I just love me some Roarke :) I would absolutely recommend that the "In Death" series be read in order.
Lucy D
22. tracilynn
I thought of Rouke as well..... But Barrons also came to mind :)
Lucy D
23. tracilynn
(autocorrect hates me)
Jordan R
24. jrojrojro
ditto what's been said above. I discovered the In Death series in March and am already more than half way through the books. One of the many things about the series that makes me unable to wait for the next one is Roarke!
Lucy D
25. Aukje
J.D Robb has instantly moved to the top of my TBR list, wanna know more about Roarke!!!
Until I's V for me...
Lucy D
26. Jacqueline DeGroot
Roarke is the epitome of a rich, powerful dom. I sometimes wish Nora would take their lovemaking a step further, just one kinky step. But no, he's pretty perfect. I listen to the books on CD and often wonder how Susan Ericksen gets his devastating male brogue down pat. She's amazing. Now for other rich, powerful, dom-like heroes? How about James Bond and Batman? But you don't always get the HEA with them.
Lucy D
27. Estara
I don't think Roarke is a dom at all, he's an alpha male who wanted an equally strong alpha female (and got her at that) to build the family he lacked from early childhood on (so did she, but he didn't know that right away). He fell for her brains and guts and no-nonsense attitude and caring heart.

There is no need for dominating in their relationship, they take turns and they enjoy doing so. The only thing he seems to manipulat her in is her wardrobe and her reluctance to accept gifts or let him help with his computer wizard skills when she needs them - and after 33 books they've got that covered as well, even as Eve grumbles about it.
Yvonne De La Cruz
28. ymdlc1
Well this article and all the posts have certainly peeked my interest! I had NO prior knowledge of J.D. Robb and the In Death series...but know I am just a curious little kitten. I will definitely look into this series next...seems like I have a lot of catching up to do since there are a lot of books in addition to novellas. I own and enjoyed the 50 Shades trilogy and I am waiting with bated breathe for Oct. 2 for the second book of the Crossfire series. Both Christian Grey and Gideon Cross have captured my interests for both similar and different reasons. I will soon become very acquainted with Roarke. Thanks to Heroes and Heartbreakers and their devoted fans I feel connected and informed where my reading pleasures is concerned.
Lucy D
30. AshyBaby
Have not read the crossfire series yet, but so far i am IN LOVE with Christan Grey.... i love his crazy side!!! Give me more! LOL
Lucy D
31. suhana
Hey, can anyone pls tell me more books or series like 50 Shades. I'm certainly gonna read In Death series but i want more books to read. I don't particularly want bdsm story, i wanna read something like anastasia and christian's love story.. very intense and billionaire hero type..pls if any of you have any suggestions email me at thank you so much.
Lucy D
32. aishwaryashivadasan
I would like to disagree ....christian grey is awesome
33. Jdmac205
I would definitely vote for Angelina Jolie-Pitt as Eve. For Roarke I have a very clear picture of David Garrett. He has the face of an angel and the body flows right into Roarke's description. Peabody should be played with someone that is close to her description and not some skinny model type. She should be pretty and a little country. I really hope the series makes it to the screen. My guess is that it will out sale Shades of Gray and the Twlight series.
34. Jdmac205
If you like to read fantasy you should read Laura Hamilton. Just like the In Death series I couldn't wait for the next book to come out.
Lucy D
35. Lily winchester
Roarke wins hands down any and all contests with Gideon Cross as a close second . Some other billionaires i love are Matt Farrel Paradise , Zach Benidict Perfect , Mitchell Wyatt Every Breath You Take , And of course everyone knows who Christian Grey is . I hope that they make a movie of the in death series seeing Roarke on the big screen would be a dream come true !!
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