Aug 29 2012 8:17am

What Fan Fiction Would You Like to Read?

Now that it's been proven that people like reading fan fiction—fiction written by fans, rather than the original creator, on pre-existing characters or books, we are wondering—what books or characters would you like to read fan-fic of?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Media tie-ins are licensed fan fiction, pretty much, so I'm looking forward to a few upcoming Avengers books (shocking, right?) and in the meantime there's always awesome stuff to read in the fan community.
Coleen K.
2. Coleen K.
I've been reading fanfiction for a few years now and I love reading Pride & Prejudice fanfictions (as well as Twilight). Some other good ones are Vampire Academy related too.
Jordan R
3. jrojrojro
Gilbert Blythe was my first love, and I would do just about anything to read some well-written Anne/Gilbert fanfiction. I've reread the books quite a few times, and I always wanted more from the story after they were married. There's a little fanfiction out there (yes, I've already been digging), but most of it is very poorly edited or is F/F which really squicks me out. I want some sweet Anne and Gilbert sexytimes!

On a completely different note, Meljean Brook is an author who's very open about starting in the fanfiction world. She still has links to some of her DC comic fanfiction up, and oh man - it is good stuff! Batman was always sexy, but now... *fans self*
Aly O'Hare
4. wingZER0angel
I don't read much fanfiction anymore, but I read a ton throughout college and a few years after. I mostly only read anime fanfiction (Gundam Wing for the most part), but also Harry Potter fanfiction with some odd, but good ships. Sad thing is, I found a lot of really good fanfics that did a better job than Rowling in ending the series. I hated Book 7. I thought it could've been so much better, but I guess I had very high expectations.

I don't like to read fanfiction based on books/book series. If I want to read about those characters, they have their own author who I know does a good job. I'd rather read fanfics based on movies/tv shows.
Coleen K.
5. Maggie Kearney
I read tons of fanfic,mostly shipper fanfic.Im a big fan of P&P,Vampire Diaries,Castle,X-Men (botht the movies and the comics),Stargate SG-1 and about a dozen other fandoms.There are some really amazing writers out there.Some of the stuff I have read over the years is even better than the original creators.
Jordan R
6. jrojrojro
Dang. I was really hoping some lovely person would come out of the woodwork and say, "oh I've been writing saucy Anne/Gilbert fanfiction for years but never posted it online..." Sigh. One can hope.
Coleen K.
7. Lizzie R
I've only ever read Pride and Prejudice fanfiction and while I liked P&P from Darcy's point of view I didn't enjoy the one after they got married cos while I'm sure Lizzie and Darcy had great sex I didn't really enjoy reading it.

I think I might consider paying for Mansfield Park fanfiction as long as Fanny dumps that idiot Edmund and lands herself the Crawfield badboy.

I also got 50 Shades for my birthday so I suppose I'll be reading Twilight fanfiction(?) too.
Coleen K.
8. Nic
I read fanfic for the video game Final Fantasy 13. I like the pairings they come up with and some of the storylines which some are better then the actual game storyline.
Virginia Green
9. vloveg
I love that idea jrojrojro! I'll be watching this space for a mention too...
Coleen K.
10. leshagen
I am obsessed with the tv show 'Bones' and I love reading Bones FF. I've read some amazing stories that have made me laugh and cry, and are as well written as published stories. Not all of it is good, but the good ones are gems. The FF cross-over stories are interesting as well and some are quite comical when two different genres are mixed. I find it very entertaining.
Coleen K.
12. Gidge
As a long-time reader and writer of comic book and movie-based fanfiction, I'm always on the lookout for fic pertaining to books I've read and loved.

While much of it is a case of sort-through-the-rough-to-find-the-diamonds, there are some great Twilight, Hunger Games, and Cassandra Clare-based fanfic stories out there. But fanfiction based on romance novels is limited. This is frustrating for me, since I'm now in the habit of seeking out fanfic for a thing once I realize I especially like it.

If I had my way, there'd be heaps of stories based on novels by J.R. Ward, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Emma Holly as well as archives for work based on various YA novels.

A girl can always dream.
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