Aug 14 2012 8:15am

Vampires in Paranormal Romance: Are They Still Top Dog?

Blea Lugosi as Dracula

Remember when every single paranormal romance featured a vampire? It’s not that simple anymore; while vampires are still hot (even though they’re actually cold, ’cause they’re dead and all), other species are joining in on the Alpha Species fun.

Do you think vamps will stay on top of PNR? If not, what species do you think will be the most popular type in the upcoming months? Are you tired of vampires—or will you never tire of their bloodsucking ways?

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1. ChelseaMueller
I'm not tired of vampires, but this shocks no one. (I run Vampire Book Club, after all.) However, there's always an ebb and flow to which creature is hottest. We're seeing more zombies -- even the good guy ones. I don't think we're done with sexy angels yet, either.
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
I haven't added any new series to my reading queue with vampires. I have been adding series with shifters and witches and ghouls, oh my! I do think that vampires are here to stay, though.
Staci Troilo
3. Staci Troilo
It's funny that you ask if vampires are still "top dog" and neglect to mention the rising popularity of werewolves. I doubt anything will surpass the vampire (it's kind of hard to beat human-looking, super strength, and immortal plus a sensual obsession with a girl's neck), but it seems that the pack's popularity is on the rise.
Staci Troilo
4. P.L. Blair
I agree that vamps will never really go out of style. But there's room for a whole bunch of other hot paranormals - including at least one centaur! After all, why should the vamps have all the fun?
5. Endres2
I agree that although actually cold, vampires will always be hot. Recently I have read all of Jeaniene Frost's Cat and Bones books and have loved them all including the newest spin-off, Once Burned, with Vlad, don't call me Dracula, Tepesh.
I have to say that shifters are moving to the top of my list, especially those of Shelly Laurenston's (aka G A Aiken)Dragon Kin series and her Pride series which features shifters of all shapes and sizes. These books are filled with laugh out loud humor and outrageous characters. What can you say about Seven foot one Bear Shifters with prehensile lips except for yum! ;).
Staci Troilo
6. SassyT
@ChelseaMueller: Gena Showalter just started her series with sexy angels (it's connected to her Lords of the Underworld series). The first book was awesome (eagerly awaiting the second in the series). The angel was definitely hot.

I'm certainly not tired of vampires. I don't read too many books with any other types of supernaturals (the exception being Kresley Cole's IAD series which has a little bit of everything...vampires, demons, witches, werewolves, etc.)
Mills & Boon
7. Millsboons
If there is love story & need pasionate in this then everthing is worthless the vampires rocks the love story they involed in it & the authour realy what they wite aowsome
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