Aug 27 2012 11:00am

True Blood Season 5, Episode 12 Recap: Save Yourself

Bill done drank that Kool-Aid.Eric and Nora embark on their final mission to bring down the Authority and save Pam, Jessica and Bill. Alcide realizes that he must stand up to JD in order to bring respect and justice back to his kind. Sam and Luna use their skills to rescue Emma, and poor Andy is left wondering why he ever let his “little brain” get him into so much trouble.


  • Oh, Russell. I guess your megalomania crown must be passed down. Sad to see you go, you crazy fuck. Anyone wonder where Steve ran off to? Nora is quite taken by Sookie’s blood. Her first fairy encounter? Thankfully, Eric steps in and politely tells her to back the hell off. And Jason sees his mother. Does anyone wonder why Jason doesn’t have any special powers? Or maybe he does? Being dumb as a rock and psychotic don’t count.
  • Sam is presented to Bill as the night’s dinner entrée, and after some unsuccessful reasoning, Sam escapes in to the duct system as a fly. Win! Bill is definitely “loco in la cabeza.” He wants Sam found, and found now! Don’t mess with a megalomaniac and his plans, yo!
  • First one to blink has to ride bitch.Eric, Nora and Tara arrive at Sookie’s to ask her assistance in their final attempt to rid the world of the Authority. The banter with Eric and Jason was classic. Jason demands to be part of the fun as Eric reminds Sookie that she is likely the only one who can get through to Bill.
  • Sam tells Luna that Bill has lost his damn mind, and pleads with her to shift and flee if the shit hits the fan. Luna refuses to abandon her daughter, who is the cutest dang puppy ever.
  • Jessica and Pam discuss how cult-like the Authority is. You don’t say…
  • YES! Alcide is on my screen. Praise the lawd! His dad gives a nice speech about shielding kids from all the bad and being a better teacher. Alcide shuts him up with a nice “words are great, deeds are better” comment. (Best. Advice. Ever. Parents, take note.) The bonding scene is cut short when Martha arrives with a jacked up Rikki, claiming JD has been forcing them all to drink V. She also let’s Alcide know that JD has forced some unpleasant things on the younger pack females. Alcide has hit his limit. And his dad offers a solution to the problem.
  • I truly loved the bug-eyed view from Sam’s fly perspective. Neat effect!
  • I want to go to there.Lafayette is letting his hair down while Sam is away. Andy arrives at Merlotte’s with Morella to let Holly know of his unfaithfulness. And impending parenthood. Meanwhile, Morella downs an entire carton of salt. Hypertension, anyone? Oh. OH. Baby is coming! Holly isn’t too happy to be “midwifing” for Morella, and everyone is deeply entranced by her birthing, er, process. Even Lafayette wants in. After all the fun, Andy is left with FOUR babies as Morella wishes him all the luck and Holly calls him a dick.
  • Luna morphs into Steve, retrieves Emma and tries her best to vacate the premises. No such luck. Rosalyn intersects her escape and demands that Steve refute the university deaths on live television. Poor Luna can’t keep it together and morphs back to her true form. She’s able to get in a few nasty words on live TV before Rosalyn damages the equipment. Lucky for Luna, Sam in fly form, enters Rosalyn’s mouth and changes back to human form. Ick. Luna then passes out. I’m worried about her!
  • Ugh! The fight between JD and Alcide was such a letdown. Boo. I’m proud of Alcide, however. He’s definitely an admirable character.
  • Eric and team finally bust in to save the day. Tara and Sookie rescue Jessica and Pam from the cells. Did anyone else see Tara and Pam’s jaw-dropping moment coming? I was completely blind to that. I love them together, though. Match made in heaven, if you ask me. I was really sad for Jessica when Jason shot her down. I’m hoping he gets his head out of his tuckus next season. And starts taking anti-psychotics pronto.
  • I love how Bill tricked Salome. I saw that coming a mile away. Guess when you are “monumentally narcissistic,” it’s hard to notice treachery. You have to stay on your toes in this world, people!
  • “RUN!” Good, solid advice, Eric.

WTF-ERY as only True Blood can provide

  • Jason and his hallucinations. It has to be pure torture or pure delight to actively see and speak to your dead parents. They certainly fueled the fire for his death-to-vamps rampage! He has definitely fallen off the deep end, but I appreciated the entertainment. He put on quite a show at the Authority!
  • Morella and her labor and delivery. Say what? Where do I sign up?
  • Man, I truly thought “crazysauce Bill” was all an act. I was definitely wrong. What a way to end the season!


  • Lots of scenes of the naked humans in the Authority’s jail cells. Scared, naked humans.
  • A bug-eyed view of Bill and Salome sleeping in the buff, and another scene of them not sleeping in the buff…


Sam: “I tried reasoning. Apparently he’s lost his mother fucking mind.”

Pam: “One of the worst things about being immortal is having to watching this same, stupid scenario over and over again. Usually it's the humans though. Guess this proves we’re just as fucking retarded as they are.”

Jason: “That train has already sailed.”

Morella: “My light broke!”

Lafayette: “She make me wanna do it.” – HA. I almost spit out my café con leche. Love you, Lafayette.

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1. ChelseaMueller
Whew! It was a hell of an episode, yes? Maybe it's just that I'm Team Eric, but I loved getting to see him try to save the day. Also, the ending sets up nicely for him to be a love interest over Bill next season. (Does it coincide with Alan Ball leaving? He was very pro Bill.)

Now, I have a question for everyone regarding the emergence of Bilith (Bill/Lilith). Every time we saw Lilith this season it was full frontal covered in blood. Not sexy, but very goddess-like. When Bill does that same reveal it's torso, then from the back. Now, I'm not saying I really was hoping for full frontal Bill. (Again, Team Eric here.) I've just previously thought True Blood was better about showing nudity equally for each gender. By not doing so with the males, it's makes me look back on the other scenes are gratuitious. I'm aware, Stephen Moyer probably didn't sign on to do THAT, and Lilith was cast knowing she'd be naked the whole time.

Either way, I'm running away from naked, bloody Bill and into Eric's arms at the end of this episode.
Lege Artis
2. LegeArtis
Russell...::sniff,snif:: You'll be missed.
Loved Eric and his spawns ( Pam and Tara)- what a happy little disfunctional vampire family. And Eric gets to be a hero....
Hated that fairy childbirth/orgasm thing.... Seriously, next time I see that actress on tv, I'll mute the tone- most annoying screaming evah.
Jason looks hot in war gear, but I'm not so crazy with whole parents illusions story...
Warlow!!! Wtf? Who'll wait 9 months to know who the fuck is Warlow.....
Bill- Well, I'm relieved we doesn't have to watch Lilith's bloody bush any more. Enough is enough. I love this sneaky side of Bill, coning Salome was awesome move. And, seriously, he's the only vampire that actually succeeded in his life- first he was just a vampire, than he was King and now he is God. Bill is an overachiever!
Great recap! It was fun season....
Smash Attack Ash
3. SmashAttackAsh
@Chelsea - I giggle everytime I read "Bilith." I'm not sure why they chose to show his backside. And um, maybe Bill's loving days are over?

@Lege - I am definitely going to miss Russell. Some of the best entertainment on this show! I will not miss Lilith's "bloody bush" either. Heh.

Overachiever, megalomaniac, etc...
K.M. Jackson
4. kwanawrites
I am going to miss Russell more than I can say. He really made the show fun.

I hope Billith (love that @ChelseaMueller) can bring that same wild energy because the show sure needs it.

I really like the change in Jason. I know he broke Jess's heart and I know he has feelings for her but I think his love of Hoyt is stronger and her love of Hoyt is stronger too. I'm glad they just didn't forget that and end up together. I'd have been mad.

As for Jason's special power? It must be sharp shooting because the guy can't miss.

I expected Pam and Tara to get together but I'm not thrilled with it. I'm a Pam/Eric fan all the way. Tara gets to my nerves. I only liked her with Sam back in the day. She was softer then and showed a bit of heart. I can't stand this new Tara. And I don't think she is anywhere near Pam's equal no matter how much she postures.

All in all a pretty good episode. So many laughs with this one. Sam buzzing here and there was a crack up. Thanks for the great recap.
Lana Baker
5. lanalucy
I asked the same question about Jason once. A friend told me that part of Jason's faerie power is the ability to get/sleep with any woman he wants (or doesn't want, as the case may be). He doesn't even have to work for it most of the time.
6. CindyS
Russel will be missed here also. You need some fun when dealing with blood and monsters.
I was so not clued in to Luna body morphing - I figured Steve was so terrified after seeing Russel killed he was just freaking out - so when Lafayette said 'I did not see that coming' I agreed.

I prefer Eric and Nora together so I'm not sure I'm ready for Sookie to be all over Eric again. And Bloody Bill was super creepy.

7. Milly01
Agree with everyone else about Lilith and her bloodiness...eww. Bill being a god, now that is in my realm of wtf. I am soo happy that Eric killing Russell and then running out with Sookie from Bill it is strengthening that bond between them again though. *wooohoooo Team Eric* Jason seeing ghosts of his parents WTF? And last but not least the fairy quad babies.... come on, one would have been plenty.
8. emelie
Milly01 - totally agree with you on the well-deserved killing of Russell, I actually screamed "YES!" when it happened... Couldn't stand that character. And Bill? WTF? Team Eric all the way :)
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