Aug 20 2012 10:06am

True Blood Season 5, Episode 11 Recap: Wayward Baby Vamps

Bill and Jessica in True Blood Season 5, episode 11Lilith continues to breed contention and craziness within the Vampire Authority, faery blood becomes more important, and everyone is reminded of just how awesome Jessica is in this week’s episode of True Blood.

Last week we learned: Lilith was not a fan of Godric, Eric remains hot even when in zealot mode, Hoyt was ready to forget, Tara wasn’t happy about the new Sheriff of Area 5 (us either!), TV Alcide’s dad is very different than book Alcide’s dad, Russell showed his true colors and plans to drink fae blood.


  • Anyone tired of seeing Lilith naked and bloody? If we’re getting someone naked on this show—bloody or otherwise—I have a list and it does not start with her. (Feel free to post your lists in the comments, H&Hers.)
  • My head spun hearing Bill tell Jessica that Sookie, Jason and the rest of the people of Bon Temps are just “food.” At least Jessica can see how crazypants Bill is behaving.
  • Eric and Nora! Grief sex!
  • “We own the day.” Sure, I’m Team Vampire, but big points here for Team Human. Loved seeing this one general put the Sanguinita council in its place.
  • Poor Jessica. It’s hard to team up with Jason Stackhouse on the fly. You can’t really expect him to pick up on cues. At all. Instead, she has to sink her fangs into him.
  • On the upside, he did get with the program and we saw him shoot and kill vampires from the grave. Slick.
  • Eric kills both the guys in his and Nora’s security detail. Gives another meaning to double tap.
  • Who doesn’t love a fae elder whose first question is about Ke$ha? “Her spelling is atrocious.” Sookie plays along pretty well, though I take issue with her firm “against” stance on John Cougar Mellencamp.
  • The elder didn’t give Sookie any real advice, but she sure made me laugh out loud when she said: “…the reason you slut your heart out there to every cute guy with fangs.”
  • Shirtless Alcide FTW!
  • I’ve been waiting for Morella to show up and let Andy know he’s going to be a daddy. Finally, this week it happened. In front of loudmouth Arlene. Like that’s not getting back to Holly.
  • Vampire slumber party with Pam, Tara and Jessica! Pam may duck out on the girl talk, but Jessica can’t resist asking Tara about her feelings for Pam.
  • Russell finally gets to drink a real faery, and it lets him see the others. Everything is about to fall apart…
  • Some of the ancient-style rooms in the Authority headquarters remind me of something from a Guillermo del Toro film. This only makes me wonder how incredible an episode directed by him could be. HBO, please make this happen.

WTF-ERY as only True Blood can provide

  • Lilith comes to Bill saying he should lead the vampires. If we were ever unsure of her sanity/reality/whatever, the idea that Bill would make a good leader for the whole species? Yeah, no. That said, quite pleased he resisted.

Alcide in True Blood Season 5, episode 11, SunsetNUDITY INDEX

  • Lilith. Bloody and naked, as always.
  • Shirtless Eric. Naked Nora. Dealing with their grief over Godric by having angsty vampire sex. As you do.
  • Sam and Luna shift back into human forms within the Vampire Authority headquarters. Meaning completely nude shifters.
  • A whole lot of naked humans in cages at the Vampire Authority.


Pam: “Since when did I become a halfway house for wayward baby vamps?”

The General: “The U.S. government and this Authority have an arrangement. This arrangement is called mainstreaming. It means you don’t fuck with us. We don’t fuck with you.”

Jason and Sookie in True Blood Season 5, episode 11, SunsetThe General: “We own the day. Vampires don’t stand a fucking chance.”

Luna: “What is this place, the fucking vampire secret headquarters?”

Andy: “A lot of people might think I’m stupid, but they’re wrong.”

Russell: “Oh look! We’ve got ourselves a hunk sandwich.”


We only have one more episode left of Season 5. It looks like the writers are taking us back to Sookie’s storyline a bit more here at the end, but what do you most want to see next week? Also, where do you think Nora and Eric flew to?


While Chelsea Mueller runs Vampire Book Club, she won’t turn down a sexy werewolf, demon or faerie. Her appreciation of Alexander Skarsgard is well documented. Bother her on Twitter — @ChelseaVBC — she likes it.

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2. fangswandsfairy
I think Lilith needs a shower. Eric had his pants on while he and Nora were having sex.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
3. Kiersten
There was a telling "zip" from Erik's pants before he and Nora - erm - connected.

Too little Alcide and none of it nekkid (tho I'm not dissing the shirtless aspect AT ALL). Man, this season had such potential and, as usual, went totally bust. Basically, Ball needed an excuse to bring back Edgingtion before he, Ball, left and let him run wild. Cause we've never seen that before.

I thought the general was awesome if a tad naive about laying on the beat down and still expecting to leave alive.
4. ChelseaMueller
At this point, I'm accepting shirtless hotties as I can get them. Would I have preferred Eric to remove his pants pre-coitus? Sure, but I'm coping.

They tend to go extra violent and extra naked in the season finales, so I shamelessly have my fingers crossed for a bunch of Alcide, Eric and maybe even Jason nakedness next week. And way less naked Lilith. Really. Way less.
5. Candace B
The first thing that comes to mind is, with all the magical creatures in Bon Temps, can't one of the witches/fairies/things that go bump in the night come up with some hocus pocus that makes Arlene STFU? Rant over, sorry. She and Maxine Fortenberry are two humans that I think the vampires would absolutely refuse to feed on. Maybe annoyance carries through to the blood, who knows. Lilith is grating on my last one. Better yet, the special effects department is grating on the last one. Whoever Lilith last fed on has got to have one hell of a cholesterol problem because blood is not that sticky. Have you ever cut your legs shaving? I have. It does not get all shimmery shiny or sticky. Bleh. The Lilith scenes make me want to bleach my veins.

Oh yeah. A little shirtless payoff to all of us loyals viewers wouldn't hurt. Alcide and Eric in particular. The Sam scenes ain't cuttin' the mustard, AB.

Eric keeping his pants on, BTW, just goes to show how very talented thousand year old Vikings in the midst of banging someone can be. He doesn't even need to fully undress to make her eyes roll back in her head.
6. ChelseaMueller
Eric keeping his pants on, BTW, just goes to show how very talented thousand year old Vikings in the midst of banging someone can be. He doesn't even need to fully undress to make her eyes roll back in her head.
I have never doubted his skills.
7. Nauman
jessica needs to show us everything for a change n make us all happy
rachel sternberg
8. rae70
Lilith needs to take a shower!! I am so tired of seeing her bloody bush! UGH! Grosssssssss! Erik is finally looking hot again, he was looking alittle sickly for a bit there.. I think the General should've had a hook up to his pulse, that if it flat-lined, the Authority would get a beat down.. I'm tired of this story line..
9. ASfandancer
I simply don't understand the attraction to Alcide, all the man seems capable of is running around without his shirt and growling a bunch. I prefer my men with a little more substance.
10. ChelseaMueller
@ASfandancer - While I typically want the smart and sexy ones--ahemTeamEric--sometimes you want the shirtless animalistic guy. Alcide could be very fun for a night or two.

Very fun.
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