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True Blood Season 5, Episode 10 Recap: Gone, Gone, GONE!

Bill in True Blood Season 5, episode 10, Gone Gone GoneThis week’s episode ups the ante as the Authority tries to cover up their obsession with Lilith and all things bloody. Sam and Luna set out in search of Emma and Jason and Sookie finds a mysterious scroll. Meanwhile, Elijah, the new sheriff of Area 5, lays down the law with Pam and Tara. Hoyt decides to leave his old life behind. And lastly, Russell steps further off the crazy train in seek of a higher calling.

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The episode opens with the news reporting even more True Blood factories being blown to smithereens. They expect a 50% spike in human attacks. Well, duh. Reverend Newlin tries to weasel their way outta that theory during a live interview later in the show. Fitting, since he kind of looks like a weasel.
Sookie gets an unannounced visit from Mike, the town coroner, who promptly tells her he’s looking forward to a Sookie-licious meal. Sookie never gets a break, but you can’t fault her quick thinking. Chopstick death, FTW!

The Authority continues to drive their master plan as they deliver the True Death to Molly. Is anyone else having a hard time believing Bill? I swear he must be playing the authority, but you never can tell with vampires. Tricky bitches. He forces Eric to take more of Lilith’s blood, hoping he will see the light. Or the bloody naked body that always follows. As expected, Eric asks for forgiveness and joins Team Crazy.

Elijah explains a new mandate to Pam and Tara. Apparently the Authority is requiring 30 baby vamps in Area 5. Or else. Pam is pretty pissed about this turn of events, and later tells Tara that they can take off and let Elijah stuff his mandate where the sun never shines, literally. In true Tara fashion, she acts without thinking of the consequences.

Jessica and Jason in True Blood Season 5 episode 10Did anyone catch Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” playing in the background while Russell and Steve had an after-dinner dance? I snickered.

Sam and Lala stick up for Jessica in Merlotte’s, and Jason walks in during the aftermath. Looking mighty hot, I might add. Hoyt has asked them both to meet there. He’s made up his mind to leave behind the tragedy and traumas of Louisiana in pursuit of new scenery in Alaska. He pleads with Jessica to erase his memories of them both. Neither Jessica nor Jason take losing Hoyt easily. I got teary-eyed during Jason’s breakdown in the car with Sookie. I wanted to hug him. A lot. For a while, you know, so he can be comforted. I’m a giving person.

Sookie and Jason continue to try and make sense out of the stuff under Gram’s bed. Then suddenly, Jason uses his brain (gasp!) and actually discovers some ancient scrolls under the floorboards with unfamiliar glyphs. They enlist the help of an expert who pretty much tells them that either someone is playing a hoax on them, or the language isn’t human. You don’t say…

Holly treats Andy to a nice dinner made by Lala. Awww. Love is in the air.
Sam and Luna are hell-bent on finding Emma. They decide to sneak into the news station where Steve will be interviewed on live television. As little white mice.

Jessica in True BloodBill sends for Jessica, and begins to feed her the crazy. Jessica appears skeptical and reluctant. Who can blame her?

Russell lets his hair down and demands the Authority start harvesting Fae blood since it allows them to walk in daylight. Salome ain’t having that nonsense, since they are children of the night and all. Of course, Russell will not be denied.

Sookie and Jason visit the Fae to have the ancient scrolls examined. A very old and very pregnant Fae informs Sookie that her father made a blood-oath promising the vampire Warlow his first fae-bearing Stackhouse. Like I said, Sookie never gets a break.

Note: No Alcide this week. Not a damn glimpse of chiseled jaw or rock-hard ab to be found. Not cool, Alan Ball. Not cool at all.

WTF-ERY as only True Blood can provide

Godric pays a visit to a hallucinating Eric and Nora. Of course, Lilith refuses to be left out of the party and shows up on the scene. She a bad bitch.

Tara takes matters into her own hands and lays down her own law with Elijah. I may have spit out my café con leche during that scene. See? Tricky bitches.

Russell brings bat-shit crazy like only he can do. Did I hear a non-Southern accent during his Holier-Than-Thou speech?


Anytime Lilith is on screen, I think we can assume T&A is plentiful.
Sam and Luna sneak into the news station as mice. It was wicked sneaky, but they didn’t exactly have the ability to carry around some clothing. Can you imagine two little mice with backpacks?

Pam in True Blood Season 5 episode 10FAVORITE QUOTES

Russell: “Almost. It chafes her nipples.”

Pam: “Well, fuck me, he counts past five.”

Tara: “I don’t know nothing ‘bout birthing no baby vampires!”

Lafayette: “Save room for dessert. I ain’t gonna tell ya’ll what it is, but best believe, it’s gonna be flaming!”

Hoyt’s mama calls Jessica a “cheeto-headed tramp.” It’s worth mentioning.


Ash H, aka Smash, loves a good zombie book and firmly believes that a snarky personality is the best kind to have. Alcide Herveaux makes her weak in the knees, a fact she proudly flaunts. You can find her rambling about books at Smash Attack Reads or getting her (hourlyTwitter fix.

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1. ChelseaMueller
Nice recap, Ash. (And thanks for covering for me!)

I was so glad they decided to kill that new Sheriff quickly. No one takes my Eric's place.

I didn't get the necessity of making Mike a vampire, but hope they connect it to something bigger. Just felt forced to me.

So happy there was no Terry, etc. this week.

BUT was it just me or was this episode shorter than usual? I felt like we were missing quite a bit.
Smash Attack Ash
2. SmashAttackAsh
@Chelsea - You are SO welcome. It was fun. :)

Nope, no one moves in on Eric's territory! And yes, that scene with Mike was so strange! I was wondering what the point of it was, but maybe it's due to the new baby vamp mandate?

The episode did fly by. They are building up for the finale, I guess.
3. CindyS
The Mike thing must have been because of the mandate for baby vamps and I liked the chopstick ending.

I have no idea what happened when Eric and Nora were high - did Bill manipulate their hallucination?

I cried while Jessica scrubbed Hoyt's mind - I'm hoping that's not the end of Hoyt as I like that human.

Jessica being called to the authority by Bill was just weird - knowing her history with religion - and it was funny to see her flipping through the pages of the book.

So Crazy starts talking about Fae and Eric and Bill start eyeing each other? Why would they care if they were really converted (not that I believe Eric is converted but Bill has been all 'Lilith blah, blah') - So if the writers are trying to get the viewers to believe Bill is 'gone' then why the overemotions.

And I wondered about Russel's accent during that speech also - but then I remember he's umpteen years old so he's probably not southern but has adopted the language.

And I could care less about Sookie's story right now. If there are no Eric or Bill I'm not sure she's all that interesting.

Smash Attack Ash
4. SmashAttackAsh
@Cindy - Yep, I thnk it ws due to the baby vamp mandate, too.

I was wondering about the hallucination too, but Bill couldn't see it from the control room. Strange...

The whole Hoyt thing is sad. I liked him too.

Jessica is definitely not on board with the whole Lilith thing. I wonder how she will handle this.

I am not so sure that Bill has converted, and the little glance has me wondering even more now!

And yea, Russell's accent sounded Italian or something. I can't remember where he originated from, but I knowi it's not Louisiana. :)

I've never thought Sookie to be the most interesting piece. I think a lot of us are more involved in other characters, however, they all revolve around Sookie somehow.
rachel sternberg
5. rae70
Nice recap Ash!

I about spit my ice tea across the room when I heard Katy Perry singing in the background to Russell and Steve dancing.. too funny! When Russell was going all crazy, I thought he sounded French though it could've been Italian as well.. glad someone else caught the different accent. I had thought that Salome was older than Russell, but he can't be by that much?

I loved what Tara did for her maker.. I knew once Pam was talking about leaving, she had that look in her eyes like "HELLLL NO!" Poor Ginger, she is always being made to scream her little head off, she must be a major nutcase by now..

I hope Bill is just trying to pull a fast one on the Authority. I don't think that Eric is at all inline with them, he was just walking the walk to get out of there. With Russells "drink Fae" talk, they will have unite and go help Sookie (yet again) out of mortal danger. BTW, they were really trying to hide Anna's baby bump with bags and baggy dresses in this episode!

I don't think Jessica is going to be drinking the koolaid anytime soon, she grew up in that religious mentality and didn't fall for it then. I felt so sorry for Hoyt and hope he does well in Alaska, though we will probably be seeing him again with the scene with Jessica and her memories. I thought all she really needed to do was delete herself out of his memories which in turn would give him and Jasons relationship back to what it was.. I wanted to kick Sookie out of the car and give Jason a nice long hug :)

Steve telling Human Emma that she was a "Bad puppy, and you have to turn back or Russells gonna drain/eat you" Hilarious! Though I don't really care for the whole shifter storyline.

The episode for me felt short as well.. I think I might check the minute count on it.
7. Misreall
Russell's accent is German, folks. He was sporting a Germanic accent when he killed Eric's family, and was in the SS during WWII. When he is thwarted and upset he reverts to his birth accent.

Or so it seems.
8. akbabe318
The episode was short by about 9 mins. I DVR'd it and watched it later and felt completely cheated out of my 9 mins! lol!!!

Having read all of the books, I must say this season has been so confusing to me so I really appreciate the recaps. Thanks.
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