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Three Top Romance Blogs Take On Hot Historical Romance: Sweepstakes + Spotlight on Suzanne Enoch

Heroes and Heartbreakers, Happy Ever After, and Romance at Random logosThree top romance blogs team up to give away free books and celebrate sizzling historical romance…it’s the monthly Round Robin with, USA Today’s Happy Ever After, and!

Stop by all three blogs and leave a comment to increase your chances to win awesome prizes on each site:

·      Enter to win print copies of Suzanne Enoch’s A Beginner’s Guide to Rakes and Taming an Impossible Rogue (Scandalous Brides #1 and #2) at Heroes and Heartbreakers*

·     Enter to win one of 5 prize pack mixes of print & digital books including: When You Wish Upon a Duke (Wylder Sisters #1); Isabella Bradford’s When the Duchess Said Yes (Wylder Sisters #2); PLUS for contemporary readers Elizabeth Barrett’s Blaze of Winter (Grayson Brothers Star Harbor #2) at Romance at Random.

·      Enter to win a grab bag containing several delicious new romance releases at USA Today Happy Ever After.

Giveaways end August 30th. Be sure to stop by each site and increase your chances to win!

Learn more about Suzanne Enoch’s Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke (Scandalous Brides #3, available September 25), as well as about her memorable damaged heroes. And be sure to leave a comment to enter for a chance to win a copy of book 1 and book 2 in the Scandalous Brides series!* Rules below.

Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke by Suzanne EnochSuzanne Enoch’s upcoming release, Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke, features an especially imperfect heroine—an illegitimate daughter of a nobleman who works at “a discreet club for gentlemen,” and the duke, her hero, is a very proper, controlled sort of man who nonetheless finds the heroine’s imperfections irresistible.

Damaged or imperfect characters—especially heroes—are nothing new in romance; if the men in romance novels were perfect, with nothing hidden in their pasts or their personae, there’d be nothing for the heroine to discover as she comes to love him. Perfection is boring.

With such ubiquity, therefore, it is remarkable when an author is able to take a damaged hero and distinguish him enough from other great damaged heroes so he has his own unique personality—you could tell which one he was even if presented with an array of damaged heroes with difficult issues. Such is the case with Robert Carroway, the hero from Suzanne Enoch’s 2004 release, England’s Perfect Hero.

Robert suffers from PTSD, and has been hiding out—from himself and the world—for three years since returning from serving in the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars. And although his family is caring and loving—sometimes too much so, for Robert’s peace of mind—he’s known as

“Robert. The middle brother. The one who’d been wounded at Waterloo. The one the wags said wasn’t quite ’right.’”

But then there’s Lucinda Barrett, the daughter of an Army general who is best friends with Robert’s sister-in-law. He’s been content to watch Lucinda from afar when she visits the house, but eventually summons up the courage to speak to her. And she, of course, is totally startled. He responds,

“I generally don’t say anything to anyone, Miss Barrett.”

Because Robert has been a shadow for so long, he’s made a practice of observing and listening to things, so he knows a lot more about people than they might suspect. That keen observation is crucial to the plot—not to mention Robert and Lucinda’s love story—as the book unfolds. Robert notices things, things most people wouldn’t, and the fact, for example, that he has figured out what Lucinda’s favorite color is touches her more than compliments on her pretty face.

In addition to the romance, there’s the gradual unfolding of what Robert has suffered, and the panic attacks he continues to have. Again, Enoch does a great job in describing how it must feel for someone suffering a mental trauma as they try to navigate through normal life:

Guests, though, or crowds, meant polite conversation about the weather and fashion and any other meaningless idiocy they could conjure to waste time with. He shuddered just thinking about it. On nights like this, when he rode out from the dark, silent house to the dark, deserted park, he could forget...No walls, no bars, no quiet weeping or screams or death.

Robert has spent the past three years in his room, reading, and one of his favorites is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a passage of which begins each chapter. It’s an obvious choice, but Enoch doesn’t bludgeon the reader with the metaphor, instead referencing it lightly throughout the book, leaving the reader to make her own connections. The same is true when Lucinda offers to teach Robert how to grow roses. Robert himself sees the metaphor, thinking on his new hobby:

Flowers, plants, growing things. Things that didn’t scream or bleed when they died. Things that wouldn’t look at you oddly if you didn’t know what the hell you were doing.

The book could have included many more gardening scenes where Lucinda teaches Robert how to make something come alive again, which would have cheapened the action. Instead, Enoch leaves the reader to observe the events, much like Robert does, and coming to her own conclusions.

Other books, such as Janice Kay Johnston’s Snowbound and A Soldier’s Heart by Kathleen Korbel have tackled the tough issue of PTSD (called “melancholia,” “soldier’s heart,” “hysteria,” and “irritable heart” during the nineteenth century). It’s incredibly moving when done right, and Suzanne Enoch’s England’s Perfect Hero does it beautifully.


*To enter for a chance to win one of six prize packs containing A Beginner’s Guide to Rakes and Taming an Impossible Rogue by Suzanne Enoch, simply leave a comment below.

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Megan Frampton is the Community Manager, Romance, for the HeroesandHeartbreakers site, as well as an author. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband and son, and has written a few of her own historical romances featuring damaged heroes.

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1. barbed1951
Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke sounds fantastic. I love stories featuring imperfect heroes (and heroines), they're the best kind.
2. angel shaw
This sounds like a fun story...and this is a great idea for all 3 sites
S Tieh
3. infinitieh
I have wondered how PTSD was dealt with way back when. I recall watching a documentary about treating it during WWI but I figured that it must have affected people before then as well.
4. bettysunflower
What a great give away. I love historical romance and never seem to have enough! I would love to win these books!! Thanks for the opportunity.
5. Tin
Enjoyed the featured articles on all three websites. ^_^

I actually only read historical romance novels so it's nice to see it get the spotlight.

Thank you for the great giveaway!
Sheila Mulholland
7. SheilaM
I've read several historical romances with wounded heros, and I love how "love' heals them.
9. Brianne Sherwood
What a new twist to see in hisotrical romances in centered around a hero with PTSD. and the heroine sounds like a spitfire! :)
Susan Scherzlein
10. Susan Scherzlein
I'm a big fan of Suzanne Enoch and can't wait for the new book to come out!
11. Christina A
Awesome giveaway, i would love to win
12. SandyH
Love Suzanne Enoch's books and I have not read these yet but I am going looking for a copy of England’s Perfect Hero to read again.
13. MelissaM
I enjoy Suzanne's books and would love to win.
14. Ashley Castro
These books sound enjoyable. Books r what I use to get away from it all. I love getting lost in another world and look forward to these books if I win.
Connie Fischer
I love Suzanne Enoch and am so looking forward to reading this novel.

How sad to think how men suffered many years ago before PTSD was recognized as a true illness. I guess many of them became recluses to hide from their pain. I hope that Robert and Lucinda are able to come together to find mutual interests that hopefully will lead to love and healing for Robert.
18. AndreaT
I love historical romance!
Melody May
19. countessofmar
I love historical romance novels. I find it intriguing to put PTSD into a story. They wouldn't classify that back then. They would just thought you were mad. So, it's interesting to add that element into a story.
Tina Myers
20. teena3940
Great giveaway..Would LOVE to win..Thanks for the chance..
21. Amy P.
Love Suzanne Enoch. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years back and she was so nice and friendly! I have bought all her books since! Can't wait to read these!
22. Tammye
September seems so far away! I can't wait!
23. Lynsey Peterson
I was actually just diagnosed with PTSD and am still coming to terms with it. The panic modes are mortifying, but to think someone else can help is touching. I look forward to another point of view (and especially one from before much was known about it) as I continue on my own journey of healing.
24. EC Spurlock
I have never read one of Suzanne's books -- she's one of the authors I hear a lot about but have never yet been able to try -- and this book and series sounds especially good. I would love the opportunity to read them.
26. moiti
I'm looking forward to reading this series. This is a great giveaway.
27. RaonaidLuckwell
Suzanne Enoch! Wow, she is an author that has never disappointed me in the past. I remember reading her books and loving them. She adds this quality that makes the depth of her words stand out. I even liked her foray in contemporary. I miss Jellico and her rich brit..

Raonaid at gmail dot com
28. Letitia H
Nice! Count me in, pretty please! I really enjoyed Enoch's Always a Scoundrel. :)
30. MaryJaneG
Suzanne is a good author - I have read some, though not all, of her titles. Would enjoy reading these, I am sure.
31. Tracey1111
I LOVE Historical Romance and never get tired of reading them! After almost 30 years of reading them my husband THINKS he can tease me into stopping, but he has another think coming...I am HOOKED!! BRING THEM ON!!!
32. donna ann
well put article. I enjoy reading how author's help heroes &/or heriones heal & overcome difficulties when it's done in a realistic manner such as this (rather than instant cure by love). I've read different books where the hero obviously has returned from war changed in some manner & it can be interesting to see how they cope with return to a world that seems to have remained uneffected & expects them to be just as they were, particularly in a time before things such as PTSD were recongized.
33. Kathy aka CK Crouch
I think that book will be a great read. I love how it is set up and the way the meeting is arranged.
34. SuzanneEnoch
Wow! Thanks so much, Liz and Megan!! "Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke" was a romp to write, with two imperfect people who fit better into each other's lives than they would ever admit.

And Robert Carroway is probably the character I'm most proud of writing.
35. Brenda Rumsey
I enjoying reading all the blogs as they offer insight into the background of writing historical romance novels. And I've found that romance authors are some of the kindest people. Thanks for offering these contest. The books your offering are wonderful.
36. Xoun J.
I've read your books before from a friend, and I have to say, I was not disappointed at all. It would be nice to win these. Thank you for having this giveway! :)
Nancy Luebke
37. nancydl
Thanks for a chance to win these. If only our little rules would always work.
38. Sharyn L
Nice idea to have the 3 blogs band together for Historical Romance, my favorite kind. I love Suzanne Enoch books and have not read this series yet so it would be great to get the first 2 books.
39. Joy G
It sounds like a great giveaway, thank you for the opportunity to win one of these great prizes.
Cheryl Chappell
40. cheryllynn
I love escaping into a good book and these are some of my favorites. I'm always grateful for a new good book. Thanks.
41. Irene M
I love historical romance. I haven't read any of Susan Enoch's books, but these sound wonderful and I am anxious to experience them. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
42. MaryC
It will be interesting to read about PTSD in a historical novel - Robert and Lucinda sound wonderful. Thanks for the giveaway!
43. msgeni
I'm always on the lookout for some great books by wonderful authors! Love the idea of a giveaway!
44. JaniceP
Love Suzanne Enoch's books. Can't wait to read the latest.
45. Marjorie B.
This plot sounds very intriguing. Can't wait to read the whole series.
46. SherryX
GREAT CONTEST!! Thanks for having it. Would love to win any books by Suzanne Enoch.
47. eyvonner
I haven't read Suzanne Enoch and would love to try her books!
48. Karen H in NC
I absolutely love Suzanne Enoch's books. Would love to win.
49. Pam B

I love reading historical romances and look forward to reading more of Suzanne Enoch's stories as I have enjoyed several of her books.

Thanks for the chance
50. Ellen Hanvey
Always up for a new romance to read! Thanks!
51. Rissa
Thanks for the chance to win. This series sounds amazing.
52. Amber L
Please pick me for Suzzan Enoch's book this is an amazing give away I love pinted book
terry scarangella
53. ybnormal6
Thank you for running contests. I think it helps us to learn about other authors and their works. I love reading romance. Good luck at your passion, keep up the good work.
54. Elena Rodriguez
Fabulous giveaway! These books are a welcome vacation away from the real world, one that I gladly take everyday!!
Rita Wray
56. Ingeborg
Thank you for the great giveaway. I love historical romance.
Karin Anderson
57. AquarianDancer
I love "damaged" heroes! My favorite is Ian MacKenzie from Jennifer Ashley's Highland Pleasures series. Flaws are what give us personality, so I love when an author incorporates those into the characters.

AquarianDancer at gmail dot com
Shauna Comes
58. djshauns
Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke was already on my TBR list, and now I will have to add England's Perfect Hero. The excerpt about the meaningless chatter about weather and fashion reminded me of Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas at the point where Beatrix ends up writing to the hero, Capt Christopher Phelan, when her friend Pru refuses to write to him because his letter was "...utterly gloomy. Nothing but battles and bad news." Pru, a shallow flirt, tells Beatrix that the only good part of the letter is the first paragraph where he compliments her beauty. Pru also says that if Christopher does not get a letter from her, he will be inspired to write more cheerful letters (since of course being away at war is such fun). Love in the Afternoon is, like England's Perfect Hero, a story about how life as a soldier changes the hero so that he is not the same when he comes home, and in fact suffers nightmares and other symptoms of PTSD.
Rakisha Kearns-White
59. BrooklynShoeBabe
I love slightly damaged heroines who are coaxed out of their armor by the love of a good yet also recently damaged hero. When the two characters get together, it's explosive. I don't care for PTSD soldier stories. For some reason, I find those very heart wrenching to read.
60. erinf1
Thank you for such an awesome giveaway! All of these books sounds amazing :)
Jen B.
Thanks for the great 3 site giveaway. I love reading historical romances and this one sounds like a book I would really enjoy.
62. PattyV
The first historical novel I read in which the main character suffered from PTSD, was Loretta Chase's book Miss Wonderful. In the story Alistair Carsington is treated as a hero, but he doesn't remember what he did or how he could have been a hero because he feels nothing but panic and fear when he has his bad dreams. It is a very moving story.
Jennifer Denning
63. redheadedjen
I would love to read this! I love reading romances between imperfect people.
64. nancygal
Can't wait to read this! Can never have too many romances
65. AllisonHickman
This sounds like a great book, I'd love the chance to read it!
67. Amanda Lyn
Maybe I've been under a rock, but I've never read anything by Suzanne Enoch before and regardless of the contest going on, I've now got a bee in my bonnet to see what all the fuss is about. *wonders off to eReader to get into too much trouble with instant gratification*
68. Gladys Lopez
I'm always looking for new romance books to read. Count me in!!
70. Cerese
My twin sister was just saying that she wanted to win a book by Suzanne Enoch, and I was happy to see that historical novels are being given away!! I love the historical novels and I really hope that I will finally win one of these sweepstakes!!
71. ForeverReading1
I love historial romances and look forward to reading Suzanne Enoch's book
72. bettysunflower
I LOVE Suzanne Enoch's books and Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke sounds like a fantastic read. I love stories with imperfect heroes (and heroines). I can relate to them so well!!
73. Kellie Wiedman
Suzanne Enoch is in my long list of authors to try! I look forward to adding even more books to my list!
74. R8chi
I love Suzanne Enoch--can't wait to read these!
75. Jordan H.
Looking forward to this one. Sounds good! :)
Karen Ott
76. rnkott
I would love to read this book, i am an avid reader and after i am done with them i pass them along to other readers.
77. Casey Britton
Love Suzanne Enoch! Her books are always great!!
80. Gilda Victoria
I love Suzanne Enoch. I wuld like to win!
81. Carol L
Wow, I loved every book I ever read by Suzanne Enoch. Thanks so much for this giveaway opportunity.
Carol L.
84. Melissa D
My dream vacation: a pile of historical romances under a beach umbrella!
86. Joan O
I am an avid historical romance reader and would love to win these books.
87. Admin Officer
Love romance and miss the old favorites: Oh Nancy Zaroulis and Clare Rayner - would love to find such great books again and am enthusiastic about sharing with my mother in law who has started her own library at her senior center.
88. Lori W
I love the contests and love the historical romances. Thanks for another chance.
Sofia Ahmed
89. shahmed
I really enjoy Ms. Enoch's books and have especially been enjoying this new series that she has embarked upon.
90. Shontell
I love historical romance book!
91. Luna2288
It's been a while since i have had a real good historical romance read, and these books sound wonderful.
Dee Feagin
92. TxDee
It's easy to forget that PTSD is not unique to our time; that soldiers have suffered this for as long as there has been organized war, I suspect. I admire an author who tackles this difficult subject in any genre.
93. Mama Claire
I love historicals! And I appreciate the evolution of the genre. The inclusion of how the events of the era affect the characters is intriguing & adds a purpose to the dynamics of each developing relationship!
95. kreads4fun
Have every one, and I mean every one, of Ms. Enoch's books. Her next release is always marked on my calendar. England's Perfect Hero has always been my favorite of her books, and Robert is in my top 10 all time heroes.
96. Dawna
hot and sexy love the red hair
98. Amanda Martin
I love reading romance. I think I may put us in the poor house.
Diane Castiglione
99. dian429
This sounds like a great fun gread. Exited to read this one.
100. beckymmoe
I got England's Perfect Hero from the library a few years ago--loved it! Enoch really did a great job with Robert's PTSD. I'd love to win the giveaway, and can't wait to read the new release!
101. Ashlandbaby
What an awesome giveaway! And the book sounds like a great read.
102. SoxChic
I've added this book to my TBR, it looks good. Love the giveaway!
Susie Kerner
103. Susie61
I think I can judge a book by its cover in this case and know it's going to be a good one.
Lisa Cox
104. vetteklisa
Oooh, I love giveaways. These books just all sound so awesome.
Thank you!
 Sandra Spilecki
105. Whitney
Hooray for Suzanne Enoch!! Another great book for all of us to enjoy with a plot worth reading more than once. I read all the time and so look forward to new historicals. To top it off a multiple book prize. Way to go!!!
106. MinS
Suzanne Enoch is a favorite and I look forward to each new novel. And I am feeling lucky! Thanks for the give-away!
107. sarah Kozlowski
Would love to win.
108. klg3566
Thanks for the giveaway. :)
109. kppeachy
What a great giveaway!! This sounds like a really interesting read!
112. PJGU
I so love this series! Whether I win or not, count me in as a buyer for the eBook when it comes out!
114. kelly m
I love Suzanne Enoch's books and can't wait to read these.
115. chattycathy
Keeping my fingers crossed, that I'm a winner!!
116. S Dalvit
Never read one of Suzanne's books, but it sounds enticing!! Would love to win. Thanks for the great contest!! Fingers crossed!
117. laurenkusa
The title of the new book sounds good, especially if rules are broken!
Jen B.
I love historical romances and I am always looking for new things to read. I haven't found much reading to love this summer so I think I need an infusion of new and exciting! Thanks for the giveaway!
Penelope Gordon
120. pegordon
Having just read two tales of otherwise healthy heroes who each spent almost the whole book coming to terms with his unpleasant past, I appreciate this story of a hero dealing with a very present psychological problem.
121. Trianna H
I cant wait to read this... contest or not I plan on gettin this book!!
122. Tired Cookie
Sounds interesting. Looking forward to reading this
123. April C.
I would love to read these. They sound great!
Jennifer Dubbs
Love all the giveaway opportunities on here. I'd love to win this one.
125. Brianna Lee Book Reviews
Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I would love to win so I could read and review this on my blog and Amazon (and some other sites :-)) thanks again for the opportunity!
Ronni Graff
126. ronnig
It's been a busy summer. I could use a romance or two or three to escape!
127. rdavisprof
I love Suzanne Enoch & haven't had a chance to read this series yet (too busy with my new e-reader)! I would love a chance to read them--thanks!
Denise Garofalo
128. denise99
Thanks for the giveaway opportunity--I'd love to win!!!!
129. LadyAshley
Suzanne Enoch is a wonderful author. These books are definitely in my TBR pile!
130. PsychoticHatter
Historical novels are always fun to read, even if by an author I've not really read a lot of. :) Even more so when my need to be read book pile becomes practically nonexistant.
132. Heather Mays
I love Suzanne Enoch's books. She always does a great job with the plot and the romance.
I would love to read these books.. they sound great
Sonya Becker
134. sbecker
Suzanne Enoch is a great author. I love her books. To escape for a little while to another time and place with romance... perfect relaxation!
136. Elize D
I can't wait for the latest book! I'm currently re-reading A Beginner's Guide to Rakes...has drawn me in all over again. LOVE it!
137. Rissa
I love historicals! Thanks for these amazing giveaways!
Stacy Marsh-Barrus
138. mamabear73
I have read a couple of Suzanne's books, and this one sounds like it will be good. I can't wait...
140. Renee B
I love anything Suzanne Enoch! Her writing is like Calgon; it takes me away.
Jordan R
141. jrojrojro
Can't wait for this one! And the covers are so amazing!
Julie Hayes
142. JulieLHayes
I love Suzanne Enoch and everything she writes! Thanks for the chance to win these!
Miranda Gray
143. firechick16
I think this is a great sweepstakes! I have been reading Suzanne Enoch for a while now and I really enjoy her books. Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke sounds like another winner!
146. Musing Sallie
I'm sad to say that I've just started reading this blog.

Ever wonder how something so awesome has escaped your notice for so long? That's been me wtih HHB for about a month.

Historicals are wonderful because sexual tension ALWAYS exists. Ladies don't show their ankles and men pretend to not want them to. So when a Mr. Darcy helps a Ms. Elizabeth into the carriage by taking her hand...magic.
147. Musing Sallie
Oh! MusingSallie at RavishingRomances dot Com
148. TammiD
I love historical romances and can not wait to read these books!
150. filkferengi
It sounds like a unique take, well-done. What fun!
Carin Walker
152. MAWmum
as a self proffessed history geek, historical romance is a perfect fit! I love it. Carin
153. JTK
Sounds really interesting. I'm curious how the PTSD will work into the plot.
Debbie ...
154. orchid7
Great giveaway! :) I do like a good historical romance novel, so this is a wonderful opportunity. I also like trying out different authors that I haven't read before. Thanks for the chance to win.
155. Vivi. H
Love Suzanne Enoch books, now going to reread England's Perfect Hero.
Jeanne Miro
157. jeannemiro
When Suzanne writes a story about Rogues and Rakes you know you're in for a wonderful ride! Who among us wouldn't want to be one of her Sandalous Brides looking for the perfect man to tame? Come to think of it, how many men do YOU know that isn't impossible so obviously we should all read her books and follow her advice!

Thanks for being our "hero" and offering all Suzanne's readers the chance to win copies of A Beginners Guide To Rakes and Taming The Impossible Rogue!

Please don't break my "heart" and pick my name to win the first 2 books in the Scandalous Bride Series!
elaine fisher
158. elfette
don't know which i love more, reading or winning. this contest has both yeah!!!!
159. Heather G
Sounds like a great book! Awesome giveaway! Thanks for doing it!
160. Donna A
Count me in! How much fun was it to do the research for these books?
161. jreece
Suzanne Enoch always writes engaging books that you can't put down until you finish them. This looks to be another great book with flawed but interesting main characters. Another can't put down read.
162. Poppy69
I love historical romance books! This is a great idea to try and win on the other 2 sites.
163. Lidia P.
I've never read a book by her, but I'm always looking out for new authors and stories would love to explore this new author, for me that is :)
165. BStreeper
Would love new material to read :)
Marian DeVol
166. ladyengineer
Don't think I've read anything bySuzanne Enoch, but would love an opportunity to check her and this series out. ;->
167. Kai W
There are so many great authors writing historical romance. So many books to read and so little time to get to them all.
Debra Burns
168. 56steps
Just getting back into historical romances and would love to win one of Suzanne's books!
Marian DeVol
169. ladyengineer
Don't think I've read anything bySuzanne Enoch, but would love an opportunity to check her and this series out. ;->
170. RoyalCheryl
Please count me in. Thank You!
171. Kantu
I don't think I have ever read anything of Ms Enoch's. But I can't wait to try. I never win anything .............ever. Would like to change that once in this lifetime.
172. Sheryl Nyary
I love historical novels. It is great to be able to step back in time to that era.
173. Mari E.
Wow..what a great giveaway! Thank you..
176. Telma Cortez
Great idea guys, count me in on the competition. Telma Cortez.
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