Aug 9 2012 12:15pm

The Dark-Hunter Collection Welcomes Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Time Untime

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Time Untime

Sherrilyn Kenyon has just released the latest in her Dark-Hunters series, Time Untime, which a third of you mentioned on Facebook as the book you were buying this Tuesday. So we thought we’d take this moment to remind you of our Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunters collection, where you can find everything we’ve ever written about Acheron and his boys.

For example, we’ve got:

Meanwhile, on her Facebook page, Sherrilyn teases that “You only know half the story,” with Styxx scheduled for release August 2013. From what little we know, it seems as though Styxx might be a counterpart to Acheron. Could Acheron finally battle someone who is his equal?

What’s that? You haven’t gotten Time Untime yet? There’s no Time like the present! Click to buy now:

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1. Acole
I used to love this series. Like a lot, but I got burned out and haven't read anything since Acheron but really only skimmed the two books before that. Should I pick it back up again? If yes, should I go back or can I just jump in with this?
Karica Truebenbach
2. True24
My personal opinion? Pick it back up. You're not going to like every book an author drops, even if they are your favorite author. It is a great series, so don't let a few flops turn you off completely. If you are worried about purchasing them, you could always wait until they hit your local library so you can read them without spending any money. Also, I feel that Kenyon is building up to one hellacious climax, and you wouldn't want to miss out on that, would you?
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