Aug 25 2012 3:00pm

Lost Girl Season 2, Episode 19 Recap: La Femme Succubus

Yeah, it’s just gonna be one of those weeks...Our Lost Girl obsession is still going strong! Be sure to check out all of our recaps, from Season 1 up to the most recent Season 2 episode aired on SyFy (episode 10episode 11episode 12episode 13episode 14episode 15episode 16, episode 17, and episode 18). All caught up? Good. And now, on to the recap for last night’s episode, 2.19, “Truth and Consequences.”

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At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi sits blindfolded on the couch. “Are you still here?” she whines without looking. While she prattles on complaining that she’ll be “uber pissed” if he’s gone, Nate comes into frame, leans over and kisses her without removing the blindfold. “OK, that was nice,” Kenzi admits. “But you don’t have to blindfold me to get a little sugar.” Smiling but without comment, Nate slips a chain around her neck. “You got me a necklace,” Kenzi croons and finally tugs off the blindfold herself to find a key dangling from her neck. “With the key to your heart?” she finishes more tentative. “You already got that,” Nate says sweetly.  He explains it’s the key to his apartment. “A fashion écroûtement accroutrement that is both thoughtful and practical,” she praises. “What more could a girl want?” Nate: “Access to her boyfriend’s place night or day?”

Kenzi smiles adorably (does she ever do it any other way?) and thanks him as she plays with the key but a blind man could see she’s not entirely thrilled and, for once, Nate is not blind. When he asks, she insists she’s not disappointed, only confused since they’re always together when at his place, “and you don’t lock the door half the time anyways, so…” Nate patiently explains that it’s symbolic. “The past few months with you have been so amazing, I thought that it was time to kinda…take it to the next level.”

“The next level being the key swap,” Kenzi says, regret tingeing her face. “Exactly!” Nate chirps, relieved to finally be on the same page. Except they’re not. Kenzi tells him she’s gets it and she does, “it’s just Bo’s got a lot of private stuff lying around,” like a sword or some throwing stars, “and her sex life is sort of unpredictable.” Nate is already nodding; he remembers this part well. “And I don’t wana walk in on that again,” he agrees. Kenzi agrees and idly toys with the key. Nate thinks maybe this was a dumb idea but Kenzi disagrees. “It was a very, very sweet idea,” she says hugging him close, but despite the smile, she is clearly conflicted.

Bo enters the throne room at The Ash’s compound. Lachlan thanks her for coming on short notice. Bo notes that he’s ramped up the security and wonders if there have been any more developments. “I believe that one of the highest ranking Light Fae officials may have been compromised,” he admits.  Lachlan gestures to the side where a swarm of peries hover like indignant fairies. “My friends here have been gathering some information and told me that The Glaive is in the process of forming an alliance with The Garuda.” His movements reveal a pair of murder boards on which are displayed various pictures, maps, and charts presumably of nefarious Garuda-influenced deeds amongst the Fae. Good to see someone’s been doing his homework!

“Using peries as spies,” Bo notes with bite. “Cute.” The peri however, takes offensive at being called ‘cute’ and squawks at Bo in protest. Can’t say I blame it.  Bo speaks for us all when she tells Lachlan that she’s never understood what The Glaive does for all her importance. Lachlan says she writes the laws and supervises their enforcement. “Basically, she’s responsible for keeping the peace.” I thought that was Hale and Dyson’s job. “Now, however, if she brokers a deal to align the Light with The Garuda, the Fae would once again be at war and The Garuda would have a feast of hatred and rage.” Oh, is that all? Hang on. If The Glaive can do all this, what exactly is The Ash’s job again? Surely any “deal” being “brokered” on behalf of the Light Fae would require the approval of, say, the frickin’ leader of the Light Fae, right? Sigh. Show, it is too early to weary me this much already.

Eh, whatever.

The Ash wants Bo to neutralize The Glaive. Bo laughs in his face. “Neutralize?! You mean kill?!” Lachlan will accept kidnap, “but termination would be a lot easier and a lot cleaner.” Dude, have you met Bo? Insulted, Bo tells him he’s got the wrong girl (woman). Lachlan calls after that he hopes not because they’re at war and it’s only the beginning. “In the coming weeks, your sense of what’s right and wrong is going to be severely tested. Now, can I count on you?”


At her flat, Doctor Lauren sighs wearily and makes a verbal note that this her 93rd attempt at the test didn’t work. As she speaks, NotComaNadia slithers down the steps behind her. She asks if Doctor Lauren had any luck. “Every test I run says the same thing: you’re 100% healthy.” Um – yay?

Upset, NotComaNadia wonders how that can be possible. I wonder how Doctor Lauren got all that top-grade equipment for her home lab. NotComaNadia: “I still have a fever; the blackouts are getting worse…I feel like I’m living in a nightmare.” This might be the most empathetic I’ve ever felt for NotComaNadia. I’d better take something. Which reminds me; there’s Moscato chilling in my fridge…

Doctor Lauren can’t explain it…yet. “I think it’s a residual effect from being on life support for five years.” You mean you don’t just walk away from a mystical coma unscathed?! Pshaw! NotComaNadia apologizes for her outburst but of course, Doctor Lauren brushes it off. “Whatever this thing is, we’ll get through it. Together.” Unless Bo needs her for something, of course. Yeah, they’re doomed, but then we already knew that pretty much from the start.

“I’m still amazed at how you stuck by me all that time,” NotComaNadia murmurs, heavy with the gratitude. Ah, she didn’t sweetie. Doctor Lauren, knowing this isn’t true, looks away for a moment, swallows hard, and then vows that she could never abandoned NotComaNadia. That’s true. Banging another woman while your girlfriend is in a coma without telling said woman about said girlfriend isn’t abandonment, just really crap behavior. “I don’t know if I could’ve done it,” NotComaNadia goes on. “I mean, five years of not holding someone close, feel that loving caress.” I can’t tell if NotComaNadia is deliberately twisting the knife or really buys that Doctor Lauren was faithful all this while. “You’re amazing,” she says and appears to mean it. NotComaNadia leans down to kiss Doctor Lauren who is barely holding it together.

Kenzi enters Hilton Hovel (drink!) without her customary zest and verve. At the kitchen table, Bo looks up and greets her getting an anemic “hey” in return. When asked where she’s been, Kenzi says, “just walking.” Bo offers her some coffee and prompts Kenzi as she pours, “so?” Kenzi: “Soooo, Nate wants to take our relationship to the next level,” she spills. Bo wonders what level that might be. “An open-door policy,” Kenzi says flatly. But Bo smile is broad and relieved. “Oh! Well, Nate is welcomed here any time,” she asserts. Kenzi: “Oh yeah? Even when a brownie is dusting our cobwebs or a Morag is trying to drown you in the tub?” Ah. Good times. Bo has to admit Kenzi has a point.

Changing the subject, Kenzi wonders what Lachlan wanted from Bo. “Oh, well, remember your old drinking buddy, Tori?” The one with two hearts who nearly died? She rings a small bell, yeah. Kenzi scoffs. “The high-maintenance, low-tolerance for alcohol, projectile vomiting telepath Tori?” Yep, that’s the one! Bo explains that Tori’s super powerful mother, The Glaive, is a big deal in the Light Fae hierarchy, “and Lachlan wants me to bring her in dead or alive.”

You want me to kill HER!? No way...Kenzi: “Since when did you become Dog the Bounty Hunter?” Bo: “Since Lachlan has no one else that he can trust.” Kenzi thinks going after a high-ranking Light Fae sound extremely dangerous. “Count me in!”Bo mentions that The Glaive is the guest speaker at a function that evening. “Feel like crashing?” she asks. “Hell yeah,” Kenzi is quick to respond. She holds up her fist, Wonder Twins style. “Dynamic duo, back in action!” Bo chuckles equally delighted to once again be paired up with Kenzi. They do their fist bump explode hand maneuver. “Uh. Bring it back, baby. What?” Kenzi says and Bo does. I have so missed these two in tandem like this. Perfection.

In Tolkien’s Lair (drink!) Trick studies a book, deep in thought. To his right, a drawing of a dragon is displayed on an easel. Or is that meant to be a depiction of The Garuda? There’s the sound of feet pounding down the stairs and Hale (Hale!) rushes into view. “I got the message you wanted to see me.” Trick thanks him for coming on short notice. There’s a lot of that going around. “I need your help,” he tells Hale without grandstanding. “I’m your man,” Hale replies without hesitation. Yeah you are!

Trick says he can feel The Garuda’s breath on his neck. Well honey, get a fly-swatter then. “But we’re not ready to take him on yet.” Hale repeats that he can definitely help. “Look, I got a guy who can hook us up with some heavy armament.” Trick insists they don’t need firepower but intel. “Specifically, I want to be up-to-date on everything Lachlan knows.”

This deflates Hale considerably. “You want me to spy on him,” he confirms and Trick says that’s it essentially. “Is that going to be a problem for you?” Well, duh, Trick. Hale is loyal and honorable and you’re asking him to compromise both in one fell swoop. Dyson’s already significantly shaken our siren, now you’re asking him to compromise his very core.

Doctor Lauren is checking out blood cells on the big screen. Speaking aloud to her recorder, she’s documenting solutions as she tests them on NotComaNadia’s blood. “Test solution 113, the Congolese virus antibody serum. The serum was developed to combat a virulent Fae outbreak in Africa. It has no affect on human hemoglobin but I must rule out all potential contaminants.” But as she looks through the microscope, the doc freezes. “How is that possible?” she mutters as she watches the serum attack NotComaNadia’s cells. I think. There’s green smoke, so…I’m guessing attack.

The Glaive is giving her keynote speech at what looks like the Fae Women in Power luncheon. Paying rapt attention in spite of themselves Bo and Kenzi sit at a table while to Kenzi’s left, a bored Tori twirls her hair. “Unlike our human counterparts, Fae women have held positions of power and importance for centuries. From fierce warriors like the Celtic fairy queens,” yeah, just try to tell me Bo and Kenzi didn’t flash on PerfectCiara there, “to wise scholars like the druids, we historically have been treated as equals. In order to continue that in today’s world, we must always reach for greatness and ascend to the highest pinnacles.” To earnestly bring home her point, The Glaive steps out from behind the podium. “Every moment, I want you to act as if what you do makes a difference. It is critical that we take lessons from Fae women before us and not compromise. Because we’re all we’ve got girls. Don’t get to the end of your life and realize that you’ve just lived the length of it. I want you to live the breadth of it as well.”

Bo has been totally enraptured by the speech. “Wow,” she whispers to Kenzi with no little genuine awe, “She is good.”

This is why I quoted the entire speech. Up to now, Bo has had no Fae woman to look up to, to learn from. For the most part, certainly for the Fae part, her life is populated by men. Saskia/Aoife was her first exposure to a possible female mentor on how to be a Fae woman, and we all know how that ended…or at least for now. The Glaive offers her another Fae woman example, this one powerful and inspiring…and Lachlan wants Bo to kill her. Interesting.

“And remember,” The Glaive concludes, reclaiming her place behind the podium, “as you go forward to never give up.” Never Surrender! Sorry. Conditioned response. “Because that could be the time and place where the tides turn and your fortunes change.” Everyone applauds, including Bo, who is more than a little in love with The Glaive right now.

The camera pans up a double pair of knock out legs. Bo and Kenzi stand side by side, beautifully and unbelievably conservatively dressed, especially for them, in business black. “Whatcha thinkin’, buttercup? Kenzi asks, ready to rumble. Bo, as she studies The Glaive from afar, decides she wants to talk to her and form her own impression. “You think The Ashhole might be playing you again?” Kenzi wonders. Bo admits that possibility is never far from her mind. “You guys want to meet The Mom?” Tori asks as she pops up beside them. Bo thanks her and says that would be great. “I gotta warn you, she likes to hear herself talk.”

The Glaive is glad-handing a sycophant. “Mother, this is my friend Kenzi,” Tori introduces her and Kenzi immediately smiles and sticks out her hand. The Glaive instantly scorns her. “A human? Tori, what did I tell you –” Wait, how does she know? Do humans emit some sort of odor that alerts the Fae to their presence?

But Tori is quick to finish the intros, “and her friend, Bo.” Kenzi takes the insult on the chin, though it definitely stung, and defers to Bo. The Glaive changes her tune quick as a key change and seems a little in awe herself. “Bo, the succubus,” she says, sticking out her hand this time and I really want Bo to scorn it in turn. She doesn’t. “Yes,” Bo says, shaking hands.

Warmly, The Glaive says Bo's reputation precedes her. “Uh, which part of my reputation?” Bo asks with a coy smile. “Your bravery, your countless acts of heroism. You’re a tribute to Fae women and should be held up as a role model to young Fae women everywhere.”

She’s like the Oprah of Fae...“See what I mean?” Tori snarks not without affection. “Totally,” Kenzi dares to whisper companionably. Bo admits that she’s flattered and The Glaive adds that she wishes she knew Bo was there, “I would’ve had you up on stage and introduced you to the crowd.” Bo goes all fan grrl and tells The Glaive she did more than fine on her own. “You’re speech was so inspiring.” The Glaive is delighted that it resonated with Bo. “I’m a firm believer not only in Fae women’s rights but the individual obligation to make positive change each and every day in the world around you.” Unless you’re a human, I guess. But Bo is buying it hook line and sinker. “Amen,” she agrees whole-heartedly. Kenzi looks at her a little sharply. Really? The Glaive nods, pleased to have a new convert, and motions to her female bodyguards that she’s ready to depart. “Wow,” Bo says to Kenzi.  “Really?? Kenzi replies. “Yeah,” Bo exhales, looking after The Glaive.

In Doctor Lauren’s kitchen, NotComaNadia is cutting up a cantelope with the same big honking knife she used to cut her hand last week. I would’ve hidden all sharp pointy objects by now. Just sayin’. As she flicks her fingers against a hypodermic, the doc calls NotComaNadia over to her desk. Sullen, she wonders if the doc is taking more blood. “Nope,” Doctor Lauren counters lightly, rising to join NotComaNadia in the kitchen instead. “Today I’m making a deposit instead of a withdraw.”

NotComaNadia eyes the needle with distrust and asks what it contains. Doctor Lauren explains that she finally had a positive test result. “Your blood reacted to the serum I developed while we were in Africa.” NotComaNadia wonders if this mean she caught that disease and Doctor Lauren caveats that maybe she caught a variant strain of it. “I modified the serum so that it would interact with your blood type,” she explains, “and I’m hoping that it’ll kill off the virus.”

But NotComaNadia refuses the injection. “I thought you’d be happy about this,” Doctor Lauren weakly protests. “Don’t you want to feel better?” But NotComaNadia has had it with needles. Doctor Lauren sighs and reaches for her arm anyway, cajoling her to take the injection. “I said no more needles!” NotComaNadia shouts. She violently flings the doc’s arm aside so the needle flies out of her hand and smashes into the wall. NotComaNadia goes back to cutting up the fruit with no further comment or action while Doctor Lauren twitches as her side.

At The Dal (drink!), Bo sits at the bar while Trick polishes glasses. She relates how The Glaive blew her away. “She was like Oprah without all the free cars!” Trick’s already had the pleasure, having met The Glaive a few times over the years. “She certainly knows how to turn a phrase and control a room,” he concedes. Bo: “I sense a ‘but’.” Trick: “But. That doesn’t mean her intentions are necessarily honorable.” Bo admits that she is no expert on politics, but “I find it hard to believe The Glaive would – would – sell out the Fae to save her own ass!” Trick muses that maybe Bo doesn’t want to believe it and she sharply asks what he means. “The Glaive’s a very charismatic woman. Maybe you’ve placed her on a pedestal in hopes that she’s a beacon of goodness.”

Bo studies him archly. “I never realized you were so cynical, Trick.” Wow, then you really haven’t been paying attention, kiddo. “Some people call it cynical,” Trick returns in the same vein. “Others call it realistic.” Bo gives in and asks what Trick’s take is on The Glaive. “I’m guessing that she is forging an alliance with The Garuda,” he says without hesitation. An incredulous Bo wonders about the basis for his argument and Trick says it’s the smart move. “The Garuda wants a war to break out. So he makes an offer to the Light and the Dark. ‘Join me and together we’ll wipe out your enemy.’” Bo begins to understand, positing that The Garuda then plays the sides off against each other, “offering them salvation over annihilation.” That’s it exactly, Trick agrees, “When the real solution is for the Light and the Dark to honor our treaty and to stand united against The Garuda.” He admits that it takes a very strong and determined person to stay that course (like, say, Bo, maybe?!). “So the only question is, what kind of person is The Glaive?” Ah, ‘tis a puzzlement indeed.

Kenzi returns home to Hilton Hovel (drink!), to find a note written on sheet music and stuck in the front door. She snatches it up and lets herself in. In the kitchen, she carefully unfolds it to find a picture of her six-year-old self jumping in the air. As she turns it over, a note is scrawled in a child’s hand. “Dear Older Boy, Here is a picture of me to put on your wall. Kenzi (from next door).” Underneath, Nate has written, “I had no idea back then how special you were. I do now. Love Nate.” Say it with me: Awwwww.

At the sound of Bo letting herself in, she puts it away. “Hey Bo Bo!” she greets. “What did Trickster have to say?” Bo explains that Trick agrees with Lachlan, “thinks The Glaive is making some kind of deal with The Garuda.” Kenzi murmurs an agreement and adds that she thought The Glaive looked hinky. Bo allows that the Fae leader may indeed be hinky, “but how do I know if she’s dangerous to neutralize.” Naturally, Kenzi already has a “full-proof” plan ready to go in which she does surveillance on The Glaive for a few days, “check out her habits, her route to work, and then, for a measly hundred bucks, my cousin Dima and his capos will –”

“Your cousin has capos?” Bo asks, heavy with the no way! Kenzi fidgets. “He believes Don Corleone is his real father,” she confesses mildly embarrassed on behalf of her cousin. “He does know that Don Corleone is a fictional character, right?” Bo asks, laughing. “I’ve never had the heart to tell him,” Kenzi whispers. She promises she can give Dima and his capos the deets and the cash, “and they will have The Glaive scooped up off the street and hog-tied in the trunk before you can say cannoli.” Bo agrees that it is an inspired plan, “but I think I’m gonna pass on Fredo and his boys and take a more direct approach.” She removes a pill case from her bra and extracts a pill as Kenzi agrees that Bo’s way is better. “I’m gonna go lace up my butt-kicking boots.” Bo thanks her but decides she’s going to do this one solo. “You’re a buzz kill,” she snits. Bo smiles and gulps down a pill. “You coming down with somethin’?” Kenzi asks. Bo shakes her head as she swallows. “The Glaive is a telepath. Trick gave me this pill, it’s some kind of Fae beta-blocker for brain waves.” Kenzi: “Like Magneto’s helmet!” Kenzi says, awed. “That is so cool!” It is. It is indeed.

Doctor Lauren climbs into her shower and turns on the water. Shower, shower, shower. I fell like there’s a Psycho moment coming up here. Shower some more and then a long shot of a foggy, nekkid Zoe Palmer in profile. Can’t begrudge it. Hey, if it were KHR, I’d be having a splash moment right now. The angle shifts back inside the shower as the slow tread of approaching feet rings through the room. Suddenly, the shower curtain is ripped back. It’s NotComaNadia in full-on Psycho mode as she attacks Doctor Lauren, slashing down with the very same knife she used to cut herself and the cantaloupe. Me, I would’ve hidden that knife after the first incident.

Watch out!Doctor Lauren blocks her first swing with one arm, and the next and the one after that with crossed arms as NotComaNadia keeps jabbing. “(NotComa) Nadia!” Doctor Lauren shouts while NotComaNadia keeps jabbing, a dazed and empty look on her face. The keeps blocking her, falling back until she’s huddling in the tub. “What are you doing?! Stop it! Please! Please!” she begs, cowering, terrified, and sobbing. Sigh. I want to whinge about the cowering and begging, but I can’t say I’d do any different in same situation. NotComaNadia finally stops and looks at the knife in her hand as though she’s never seen it before. Slowly, she backs out of the room without saying a word, dropping the knife as she flees. Naturally, Doctor Lauren doesn’t have a mark on her.

Bo enters The Glaive’s office as the woman herself stands up from her desk and tells Bo she was glad to get her call. I’m amused to see she has an old, black telephone from turn of the 20th Century, much like Trick’s antiquated one. I wonder if all the older Fae stubbornly stay one or two centuries behind in technology. Tradition!

Bo takes the offered seat and thanks The Glaive for seeing her. “Like I told you last night, you’re a credit to Fae women everywhere.” She asks Bo what’s on her mind. Bo tells her she’s been unaligned her entire life, “and after hearing you speak, I think it’s time that I committed to a side.” That is a very interesting tack to take with this lady. Somebody’s been listening at Trickopedia’s knee. The Glaive thinks this is an excellent idea, “and I love the fact that you’re taking charge of your life.”

Before she “gives herself” over to one side, however, she wants to get The Glaive’s input, who is flattered to be asked. “Tell me about yourself,” she invites Bo. “Don’t hold anything back.” Are you sure, lady? I mean, if you really want to know, there are these (totally awesome) video discs we call Season One…

At The Ash’s compound, Hale is on the hot seat with Lachlan. “I understand you’ve been spending a lot of time with Trick lately,” Lachlan says while studying a map, not even deigning to look at Hale. “No more than usual,” Hale responds carefully. “I drop in once and a while for a drink and a little socializing.“ Lachlan turns his full attention onto Hale. “Just the two of you. In his office.” Hale doesn’t bat an eye. “Is this going somewhere?” he asks, unruffled.

“You do realize you have a centuries old obligation to serve the office of The Ash, correct?” Lachlan reminds him. Hale is well aware. “You are also aware that The Garuda is poised to make his move against me any day now and now is not the time for secrets or even worse, insubordination.” Hale gets this too. “I need you to give me any information that will assist me in my campaign against The Garuda.” Poor Hale, caught between his two daddies fealties. “Of course,” Hale agrees. “That includes any information you may have learned from your friend Trick.”

“What makes you think Trick has any information on The Garuda?” Hale asks with a small chuckle of disbelief. “He’s a bartender,” Lachlan points out with a smile of his own. “He hears everything.” Hale nods in agreement. “Don’t underestimate me, Hale,” Lachlan suggest, with none of the implied threat I was expecting. “We’re actually on the same side, you and I.”

“And the next thing I know,” Bo says as The Glaive tops off her tea, “I’m standing face to face with the cherufe. Luckily I was able to chill him out.” She gives a little chuckle here, pleased with her pun. The Glaive is less overtly impressed. “For someone who’s only been in the Fae community for such a short time, you’ve certainly left your mark.” There’s an understatement. Bo shrugs ever the coquette. “Well, I guess I attract trouble.” Boy. Howdy.

The Glaive thinks it’s just the opposite. “You see a problem and you take it upon yourself to do something about it. It’s quite a selfless trait.” Bo’s smile falters as she isn’t quite sure whether she’s being complimented or dissected. She goes with compliment and thanks The Glaive. “You mentioned a barkeep named Trick,” The Glaive says all too casual. “What’s your relationship to him?”

Again, Bo’s friendly mien flickers for a moment as she tries to negotiate The Glaive’s verbal move. She easily admits that Trick’s a good friend. “You might call him a mentor.” The Glaive hums over this moniker. “How is it that a simple man who runs a way station could possibly mentor someone such as yourself?”

Oy! Step back from the Trickster, lady!

Bo doesn’t like the way this conversation is going or the implications The Glaive is making about Trick. “He’s very wise,” she says, polite but no longer friendly. The signs of her getting her mad on are beginning to show. “He’s been around for a long time. He’s seen a lot.” The women stare at each other for a pregnant pause. Finally, endlessly unperturbed The Glaive reaches for her tea cup. “I imagine he has,” she patronizes easily.

At The Dal (drink!), down in Tolkien’s Lair, Kenzi paces as Trick reads – something. “Please don’t touch anything,” he says without looking at her. Heh. “I won’t,” she tosses off, and immediately picks up a tchotchke. “Ooh, what’s this?” Trick gets up from his chair. “One of those things you don’t touch!”He takes the small acorn like ball from her hands. “What does it do,” she whispers. Trick presses the acorn and Kenzi gasps as spikes thrust out from the ball. “Yikes.”

“Indeed. It’s called the pixie impaler,” Trick tells her. Oh, can we stick Tinker Bell with it? Pretty please?? “Oh! OK,” Kenzi chirps, tossing her hair over her shoulder. “Hands in pockets,” and demonstrates. “So, Trickster,” she begins, “this Garuda character? It’s coming our way, huh?” Trick: “Unfortunately true.”

She wonders what her role in this “end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it” scenario is going to be and Trick asks what she means. “Come on, Trick. You’ve got eyes in the back of your head and who knows where else. You know things.”

“I can’t predict the future,” Trick denies with a wry smile. Nope, just change it. Kenzi asks if he might be able to predict the next few months or weeks. “Kenzi,” Trick says with a wide, warm smile. “You’re the most amazing human I’ve ever met.” So say we all. Kenzi smiles, touched. “You always say the sweetest things.”

“But,” Trick continues, no longer smiling. “This war that’s coming, it’s not your fight.” Kenzi: “Maybe not technically. But it’s your fight, and it’s Bo’s fight, and that makes it my fight too.” Trick: “I know you’re dedicated to Bo. But you have to live your own life. What about Nate?” he asks, neatly hitting on exact the right and yet epically wrong subject with no effort whatsoever. Kenzi gets quite sad. “This isn’t about Nate,” she denies. Of course it is.

“It’s not? Well, I don’t need eyes in the back of my head to see how you feel about him,” Trick teases. Kenzi shoots him A Look. Trick sighs and invites her to sit. As she does I notice – what the hell is dangling from her belt? Is that some sort of tail? If so, man, I hope it’s a cat o’ nines one.

“You’re right,” Trick tells her, all teasing done. “I have seen the future of the Fae. And you’re not a part of it.” Shocked, Kenzi asks what he means. “The only way Bo can be the champion she needs to be and lead the Fae to victory is if she has no distractions.” Kenzi, insulted: “I’m a distraction?!” Trick: “Bo’s love for you is a distraction. She’d do anything to protect you, which means in battle…you’re her weak spot. A liability.” Deeply hurt, Kenzi has to admit that she’s never thought about it that way. “The best thing for you to do, for Bo and for yourself, is to grab Nate and move to somewhere safe. Lead your own lives away from all this madness.”

For once, Kenzi doesn’t know what to say. “Kenzi, I’d hate not having you around,” Trick admits with feeling. “But it’s for the best. For you…and for Bo. Things are about to get very, very dangerous.” About? Trick, where the hell have you been?! Things have been dangerous for a long frickin’ time.

Doctor Lauren is pacing in her living room, phone to the ear. “Bo? It’s (Doctor) Lauren,” she says, her voice broken. “Will you please call me as soon as you get this? It’s about (NotComa) Nadia.” She is crying by the end of her message, barely able to hold it together.

The Glaive studies Bo before saying how she appreciates the gravity of the decision Bo has to make, “especially since the Fae are at such a pivotal time in their history.” Bo prompts her for what she means and, with a wry look, The Glaive says she thinks Bo knows what she means. “The Garuda,” Bo says and The Glaive confirms it. “Tell me what you know about him,” she invites all friendly girl chat again. “Just whispers and rumors,” Bo answers with a smile. “I was hoping you could fill me in.”

“The Garuda could very well change the future as we know it,” The Glaive pronounces. “You mean, destroy everything as we know it,” Bo says quick with the rejoinder but The Glaive doesn’t think that’s a given. “The Garuda is an extremely powerful force,” she admits, “now just imagine the good that you could accomplish if you used that force to shape the future.”

This is all the confirmation Bo needs and all of the illusions about The Glaive are stripped away. “I never really thought about it that way,” she says carefully. Because it’s crazy talk! The Glaive smiles, quite smug. Bo rises to leave, “this has been very enlightening,” but is stopped mid rise by the wood handles of her chair as they lash out to bind her in place. Dropping all pretense of civility, The Glaive scoffs –little bitch – and moves to stand before her desk. “What is this?!” Bo demands to know.

“My father was a Telepath,” The Glaive informs her, “not many people know my mother was a Wood Nymph. She had a strong symbiosis with nature that she passed along to me.” Bo struggles against the wooden handcuffs to no avail. “You took a beta blocker before you got here,” The Glaive accuses, “which gave you away as someone whose intentions were not pure.” She glares at Bo like an evil warlord. “Who sent you?” Bo denies that anyone sent her. “Don’t be so naïve,” The Glaive sneers and presses the intercom. “What I can’t get from you telepathically I can always get with a little torture,” she says conversationally as her female bodyguards enter. She orders them to take Bo to The White Room. “The White Room?!” Bo objects. “Shining white tiles,” The Glaive explains, exceptionally pleased with herself. “Easier to clean when things get messy.”

She releases Bo from the wood cuffs with a look, but even as Bo lunges for her, the bodyguards instantly restrain her. They drag her from the room with Bo struggling all the way. “You may hurt me,” she shoots back over her shoulder, “but you will not win this fight.” As she’s pulled out of the room, The Glaive responds nonchalant, “Oh, I don’t intend to hurt you; I intend to kill you.”

“Come on,” Bo grouses as the guards drag her down the hall. “Give a sister a break.” Blonde Guard scoffs, “that’s what I intend to do,” but she turns her head toward Bo to say it and that’s all the succubus needs. Swift and deadly, she administers the kiss and as Blonde Guard drops to the ground, delivers a right hook to the oncoming second guard. As she looks up from the guard, her eyes are glowing blue and she smiles in such a way that – uh oh. Bo steps over the guards and saunters back into The Glaive’s office. By the time she yanks open the double doors seconds later, there’s a knife in her hand. Where exactly did that come from again?

Shocked to see her, The Glaive immediately rises to her feet. “Doesn’t take a telepath to know that you’re not a murderer,” she says quickly, eyeing the knife. Without hesitation, Bo throws the knife across the room and straight into The Glaive’s heart. “You need to work on your mind-reading skills,” Bo snarls. With a final gasp, The Glaive collapses in her chair, dead and Bo gets that same, satisfied, borderline evil half-smile. Ruh roh.

We may need to come up with a scale. Glowing eyes=Defcon 1. Evil Half Smile=Defcon 2. Combination of both=run for the frickin’ hills.

A man slowly strolls into The Dal (drink!) – or at least his shoes do. The camera pans up to reveal Lachlan. “See you found the place,” Hale says as he meets Lachlan at the door. Ignoring the pleasantries, Lachlan asks what Hale called him there for. “I don’t have time for games,” he warns. “None of us do,” Hale returns quietly, firm and serious. Lachlan sucks on his teeth. “I hope you know what you’re doing.” “So do I,” Hale returns.

Trick is reading a book – shocking! – but looks up when Hale leads Lachlan down the steps and into the Tolkien’s Lair (drink!). “Lachlan!” he exclaims, leaping to his feet and immediately closing another open book on his desk, which Lachlan eyes suspiciously. “To what do I owe this…unexpected visit?” Lachlan tells him this is Hale’s party, which surprises Trick.

“OK, here’s the deal,” Hale starts. “We all want the same thing; to defeat The Garuda, right?” Trick begins to spin, “well, I don’t know if that’s what –” but Hale cuts him off. “As heir,” he says pointedly, “to the Zamora clan, I am invoking my right to call a parley.” Aw, sweet boy. He hates this political crap and does everything he can to distance himself from it. But he is also a product of his upbringing and political machination is in his blood.

Trick, however, has been doing this a lot longer. “You’re technically not the heir; there’s Val and your cousin Mitch, and…” This is bullshit as Dyson called Val his “best friend’s baby sister” and Hale’s father Santiago acknowledged that Hale was his heir, so the only reason Trick is being pissy is to be pissy – that or once again, the writer neglected to check the back list. Hale is already exasperated by the verbal dancing: “Whatever! I can still call a parley.”

“It’s not every day one of my subordinates calls a parley between myself and a way station keeper,” Lachlan sneers. “No offense,” he adds with a suspicious lack of sincerity. “None taken,” Trick snarls back. “I’m very proud to be the keeper of a way station,” Trick continues, but again, Hale steps in.

“Gentlemen, please! The two of you need to be working together to stop The Garuda. Not right now The Ash is making his plans, and the Blood King is –” Argh! Hale! Come on!

As both men look at him – what was that again? – Hale stops mid word, stunned by the enormous secret he just spilled. “Sorry Trick,” he grimaces. Trick just sighs. “It’s all right Hale,” The Ash fills in unexpectedly. “I’ve long suspected Mister McCorieghan had a loftier place within the order.” Trick’s eyebrows say oh really. Seriously, they do. It’s in the closed captions.

And then – holy shit – Lachlan takes a knee before Trick and bows his head. Wow. People, that is a BFD right there big time. “The services of The Ash,” he says, glancing up, “are forever at your disposal.” Cynical Trick is yet unmoved. Also, he doesn’t so much as flinch at Lachlan’s obeisance as though it’s merely his due. Which it is.

“What about the services of The Naga?” he jabs all smug, his eyebrows working overtime. Payback, I think, for Lachlan’s cavalier acceptance of Trick’s big reveal. “Naga?” Hale repeats a little stunned as Lachlan gets to his feet – unbidden, I might add. “You know,” he states to The Blood King. Trick is quite pleased with his scored point. “It makes too much sense for it not to be true.”

It is a trip watching these two seasoned politicos go up against one another. Hale, for all his natural talent, a babe in the woods next to these tempered players.

Hale looks between the two men. “No one tells me anything,” he grouses. Because you can’t keep a bloody secret to save your life, siren! Sieves hold more in than you do! Introductions out of the way and everyone properly labeled, Lachlan suggests they take a look at Trick’s intel.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi is going all girl over Nate’s bouquet of flowers. “Yeah, I thought they’d go with the décor, sort of derelict modern,” he says with a French accent. Kenzi: “Hey, just cause we don’t have solid walls, don’t mean we don’t have style.” Sweetly, Nate tells her she has more style than anyone he’s ever met but hopes one day they might live together in a place that’s a little less…drafty. “Then I’d get to know the real Kenzi and where you disappear to all the time and why you have weapons lying around the house.” Kenzi: “Yeah, but then we’d lose all the mystery in our relationship.”

Poor guy, doesn’t even know what’s about to hit him...Nate says he doesn’t want mystery, simply a normal, uncomplicated relationship with the woman he loves. Anvil! Anvil Alert! Gird your umbrellas! Kenzi’s face in unusually low-key tinged with sad. Nate wonders if that’s too much to ask for but Kenzi says no, it’s not. Thankfully, Nate’s phone alarm rings reminding him of an audition and freeing us from any more of sad-Kenzi-who-is-already-breaking-my-heart. Kenzi kisses him…and kisses him…and kisses him some more. “Wow,” Nate says, coming up for air, “That was some good-bye kiss.” Why is everybody whispering all of a sudden?!

Since that’s exactly what that kiss was – goodbye – Kenzi leans in and kisses him again. “See ya,” she whispers (see?!). “Break a leg.” Nate nods with some confusion. He knows something is going on but just can figure it out. Once he’s gone, a miserable Kenzi leaves Bo a message wondering where she is and that she has some major shit she needs to talk over with her bestie.

Someone knocks on the door just as she’s finishing her message and Kenzi calls for Nate, but opens the door to NotComaNadia. Thankfully, without a knife as she demands to know where Bo is. “She’s not here,” Kenzi answers, sensing a big, frickin’ disturbance in the Force. NotComaNadia pushes her way inside Hilton Hovel (drink!). “I said, ‘she’s not here'!” Kenzi repeats and grabs NotComaNadia’s arm. “WHERE’S BO?!” NotComaNadia shouts. Without hesitation, she picks Kenzi up and tosses her across the room and into a load-bearing pillar. Kenzi lands on the floor, unconscious.

At The Ash’s compound, two guards open the Throne Room doors for Bo who is carrying The Glaive’s body over her shoulder as she saunters in. Lachlan, returned from The Dal (drink!), is studying his murder boards when she arrives and dumps The Glaive’s body on the floor, right over the seal that covers the trap Dyson/Kenzi activated in Original Skin.

“One double-dealing Glaive, per request,” Bo presents to Lachlan who is impressed, “and frankly, surprised.” Bo: “You doubted I could pull it off?” Lachlan: “No, I doubted you could actually kill her.” Bo gives him A Look. Bending down, she slams her fist into The Glaive’s chest who instantly awakes, coughing herself clear. “I am not an executioner,” Bo reminds Lachlan. “A second heart,” he muses, this time definitely impressed. “Like mother like daughter.” So clearly the tale of Kenzi and Hale and the Girl with Two Hearts has made the rounds. “Your tides have turned,” Bo chirps down to The Glaive who is still on the floor. “And your fortunes have definitely changed.” Bo turns on her heel and sashays away, Lachlan looks after her with appreciation, Spike head tilt and all.

Home at Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo looks down at the broken picture frames whose glass splatters the floor. “KENZI!” Kenzi emerges from the back, wet cloth held to the back of her bloodied head, which she displays as explanation. Alarmed, Bo asks if she’s OK and Kenzi mumbles that it’s only a bump on the back of the head. “It’s nothing compared to the beating I’m gonna lay on (NotComa) Nadia’s ass!” Confused, Bo wonders what the hell NotComaNadia was doing there. “Looking for you!” Kenzi is quick to explain. “She stormed in all Linda Blair and started tossing things around – beginning with me! What the hell’s wrong with her?!”  But Bo doesn’t know. Kenzi says the worst part is that Nate was there just before NotComaNadia showed up. “She could’ve hurt him. Maybe even killed him!”

Bo is extremely apologetic. “Me being in danger is one thing,” Kenzi says. “I know what’s out there and it’s my decision to stay. But I cannot have Nate on the firing line!” Bo completely understands and immediately moves to track NotComaNadia down and find out what the hell is what, but Kenzi stops her. “It’s not just (NotComa) Nadia, or The Garuda, or some demon from the fifth level of hell. It’s your world,” she says with horrid realization. “I’m wondering if I belong in it or not.”

Bo’s face falls as she finally gets it. “Nate wants a deeper commitment from me,” Kenzi reveals, “but how can I be in a relationship with someone, with someone that I love, when I can’t even tell him the truth?! It’s killing me!”

Bo can see that and now it’s killing her too. “Things are heating up, Kenzi,” she confirms, “and it’s only going to get crazier. The Garuda is on the move and I’m pretty sure that I’m directly in its path.” Despite her last words, the first thing Kenzi wants to know is what she can do to help. That’s our girl!

Bo eyes are full of tears. “Not be standing next to me when he comes,” she says brokenly. In marked contrast, a shocked and dry-eyed Kenzi rocks back and forth on her feet as she absorbs the blow. “What do you mean?” she asks in a flat tone. Their role reversal is stunning; Kenzi who wears her attitude and emotion on her sleeve is hard and focused while Bo, the solid, clear-eyed warrior, is an emotional mess.

Crying openly, Bo grips Kenzi’s hands. “You have become a huge part of my life. You’re the sister that I never had and I never want to lose. But you have to take Nate and you have to go someplace far away from here. Some place where you can look him in the eye and tell him the truth.”

“Bo I am not leaving you here to deal with all this by yourself!” Kenzi vows with rising vehemence. “And I am not standing in the way of your happiness – or your safety!” a sobbing Bo returns. “Kenzi,” Bo continues, a little calmer, “I love you. But you have to go away from here.” She has finally shocked Kenzi into speechlessness. “Away from me,” Bo concludes.

Excellent work, ladies. Well done.

A frantic Doctor Lauren paces her living room, terrified and alone, phone to her ear as she leaves another message for Bo. “Bo! It’s (Doctor) Lauren again. I’ve left you two messages –” Her words cut off as the door opens and NotComaNadia stumbles inside. “Where have you been?” a careful Doctor Lauren asks the way you cautiously question a chronic abuser whom you love. Dazed, NotComaNadia admits she doesn’t know. Coming forward, she puts her hands to her head and bows it as though a huge weight presses on it. “My brain feels like it’s on fire!” Ever the doctor, Doctor Lauren puts her hand to NotComaNadia’s forehead. “You’re burning up.” She helps a crying, moaning NotComaNadia to the couch. “What’s happening to me?” she begs Doctor Lauren who asks NotComaNadia to tell her the last thing she remembers. “I don’t know what’s real and what’s a dream.” She vaguely remembers attacking Doctor Lauren in the shower, “that didn’t really happen, did it?” Doctor Lauren somewhat too casually admits that it did and NotComaNadia is immediately sobbing filled with pain and regret. Doctor Lauren assures her that it’s OK, that she knows NotComaNadia is not herself right now. “Then who am I!” NotComaNadia demands to know. “What am I?”

She grabs Doctor Lauren’s hands. “You have to tell me the truth.” The doc immediate starts to prattle about there being things of which she cannot speak, but NotComaNadia interrupts her. “Do you love me?” Doctor Lauren doesn’t hesitate: “Of course I love you.” NotComaNadia: “Then stop trying to protect me…and tell me everything.”

Back at Hilton Hovel, Kenzi sits alone on the couch and stares off into space. Nate enters bearing donuts with chocolate sprinkles. Kenzi, with a sad smile: “Of course you did.” Oh this is going to go well.

“And that’s when I brought you to The Ash’s compound for treatment,” Doctor Lauren tells NotComaNadia, finishing up what must be how-I-met-and-became-enslaved-to-the-Fae portion of share time. NotComaNadia is stunned. “This is incredible. I never would have dreamed that there would be a whole ‘nother world of people and creatures right here walking among us.” She tells the doc how glad she is that Doctor Lauren is finally confiding in her and Doctor Lauren says she feels the same.

“Tell me more about Bo,” NotComaNadia says and the music goes all crazy-stalker theme. “I get the feeling she’s special.” Doctor Lauren is taken aback, but for once doesn’t lie. “She is special…to me,” she says. “She’s become a very good friend.” And we’re back to the lying. Oh, all right, fine, yes they are good friends, but you know exactly what I mean. I sense she might be ramping up to reveal all, but NotComaNadia is no longer interested in the nature of Bo and Doctor Lauren’s “relationship”. “No,” she corrects the doc, “I mean special in the Fae world.” Before Doctor Lauren can process this new blip her phone rings. NotComaNadia tells her not to answer it but the doc says it’s Bo and she just needs to – but NotComaNadia smacks the phone from Doctor Lauren’s hand. She tries to smile it away even as the doc eyes her as though she might pull the butcher knife from her bodice, “just forget about Bo,” she orders, “it’s you and me right now.” You just told her you wanted to know about Bo!

Back at Hilton Hovel (drink!), Nate sits on the couch next to an unusually silent Kenzi. “I thought these donuts were your favorites,” he says and she quietly agrees that they are. Finally, he asks her what’s wrong. “I haven’t been completely honest with you,” Kenzi admits. He suggests that now is a good time for the truth and Kenzi wishes it could be that easy. “Kenzi,” he asks, taking her hand, “do you trust me?” Kenzi says of course she does. “Do you love me?” he asks. Oh honey, you should’ve quit while you were ahead.

Kenzi doesn’t answer him and Nate begins to worry. “That’s not a trick question,” he quickly inserts. “Do you love me?” Kenzi says it’s not as simple as that and Nate asserts that it is.

“Nate, we can’t be together anymore,” Kenzi says, ripping the bandage off the wound in one clean yank as she takes her hand back. “Whoa, whoa, wait, hang on, if I’m putting too much pressure on you, I can back off we can leave everything the way it is.” Kenzi says they can’t do that. He doesn’t understand what’s changed unless, “is there someone else?” Kenzi is quick to disabuse him of this idea. Nate reclaims her hand. “What are you so afraid of because whatever it is, I am here for you and I can help you! I can protect you.”

But that’s the death knell for Kenzi because she knows he absolutely cannot protect her against the danger that populates her life with Bo – and she can’t protect him either. She’s choosing – and she’s choosing Bo. She grimaces but doesn’t respond and Nate goes into panic mode. “You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Kenzi. I love you.”

Kenzi gazes at him for a moment, dry-eyed and stolid. “This thing we have,” she tells him, “it’s not real.” Nate: “It’s real for me.” Kenzi: “Well, I thought it was real for me too. But it was just a six-year-old’s fantasy come to life. I kept hoping that it would work, that I would feel for you what you feel for me, but I don’t.” Wow. It’s like she took whole chapters from loveless Dyson’s book of how to best hurt the one you love.

Nate is desperately trying to hold on to her in spite of what Kenzi is saying. “Tell me what to do.” “There’s nothing you can do,” Kenzi says, her voice hard and unforgiving. She takes a deep breath. “I just – I just don’t love you.”

Nate is shattered. “So when you told me that you loved me…that was all a lie?!” “No,” Kenzi whispers, losing her composure, “I thought I did. I –” but Nate has had enough. “You can keep that key because I’m leaving town.” He jumps up from the couch and Kenzi pursues him. “Nate, don’t leave like this, please!” Nate: “And how am I supposed to leave? After the only girl that I’ve ever loved just dumped my ass?!” He stumbles out the door, rubbing his head as he leaves. “I am so sorry,” Kenzi whispers after him. Nate slams the door behind him, but Kenzi stares at it, willing him to come back through it the way he always does. As the door remains firmly shut, Kenzi begins to cry.

Poor little lost girl.

Back at Doctor Lauren’s flat, NotComaNadia is – erm – pumping the doc for information on The Ash and his compound (not like that!) when Bo throws open the door and bursts into the apartment. “(NotComa) Nadia!” NotComaNadia wants to know what Bo is doing there. “What were you doing at my place?!” Bo demands. “Why did you attack Kenzi?!” Shocked, Doctor Lauren also confronts NotComaNadia. “What?! What did you do?” Dazed and confused (heh), NotComaNadia looks between the two women. “I - I don’t remember,” she stutters. NotComaNadia grabs Doctor Lauren’s hand and pulls her to the far side of the room “Baby please!” she begs. “Tell Bo to leave so we can talk.” Oh for cryin’ out loud, what are you, ten?

But Bo advances. “I’m not going anywhere until I find out what the hell is going on.” It’s Doctor Lauren’s turn to look between her two lovers and NotComaNadia uses her distraction to grab the doc and throw her across the room and into the wall. Immediately, Bo draws her knife and holds it to NotComaNadia’s throat. Does she walk down the street with that knife in harness on display like that? Doesn’t she need some sort of pointy-thing license to do that?

“You wanna pick on someone your own size?” she taunts, “Huh?” Well, that wouldn’t be you, tiny one. Doctor Lauren scrambles to her feet. “Bo! No, no, what are you doing?” she moans. Bo spits that she’s getting some damn answers. OK, the 'damn' part might me just me. “(Doctor) Lauren, please,” NotComaNadia begs. “Tell Bo to put the knife down and we all can talk.” Tell her yourself, you passive aggressive git – she’s standing right there! Bo orders Doctor Lauren not to listen to NotComaNadia, “it’s a trick!” but the doc assures Bo that it isn’t true.

 “No, no, no, Bo, she sick,” Doctor Lauren pleads. “You’re scaring her! Please, put the knife down. Bo please!” Bo stares at NotComaNadia, not believing Doctor Lauren for a second but recognizing that what she’s doing is causing the doc serious distress. Slowly she removes the knife from NotComaNadia’s neck and sheathes it, but the moment she looks away, NotComaNadia is on her, throwing her across the room like she did Kenzi and Doctor Lauren because this chick has only the one move.

I hate this scene. Was I being too subtle again?

Teeth bared and clenched, NotComaNadia moves to finish Bo off, but Doctor Lauren’s hand on her shoulder makes her turn her rage on the doc. She grabs Doctor Lauren by the throat and begins to strangle her. “You stay out of this,” she snarls at the doc. “(NotComa) Nadia, it’s me. It’s (Doctor) Lauren,” the doc pleads, crying as Bo gets to her feet. “Fight it, sweetie. Fight it.”

NotComaNadia comes back to herself and releases Doctor Lauren. “(Doctor) Lauren?” she says, starting to sob. “Please help me! There’s something inside of me! I can feel its hatred and – it wants to kill!” She grunts and clutches her side, bending over. Holding her hands, Doctor Lauren looks over NotComaNadia’s head to Bo, silently begging for answers. “The Garuda,” Bo supplies. Yeesh, this guy sure does get around. I mean, he hasn’t been actually in the show since episode 13 but suddenly he’s the root of all evil. Convenient. “The pain! It’s too much!” NotComaNadia exclaims. She clutches at Doctor Lauren. “You gotta stop it! While you still can! Please!” But Doctor Lauren refuses, “no, no, I can’t stop it!” and NotComaNadia doubles over in pain. “I don’t know what to do!” Doctor Lauren sobs to Bo.

“Kill me,” NotComaNadia tells her. “Now.” The doc shakes her head frantically. “(NotComa) No baby, I can’t do that. I can’t do that!” So NotComaNadia turns to the one person she believes will do the unspeakable when there is no other choice. “Bo!” she shouts, wailing with pain, “Please! Please! Do it!” She reaches out to grab Bo’s arm leaving her stretched between the two women. Doctor Lauren’s face contorts with horror and the realization that this is exactly the only solution they have – the woman she loves must murder the woman she loves.

By the way, the visual contrast between NotComaNadia and Doctor Lauren dressed in whites and greys and Bo standing across from them in her customary black, is startling in its symbolism. And maybe just a tad anvilicious, I can’t decide.

“Make it go away!” NotComaNadia begs Bo. “Bo, do it,” Doctor Lauren urges. Bo keeps shaking her head. “Do it for her. Do it for me. Just do it!” the doc sobs. “I can’t! I can’t!” Bo explains. NotComaNadia is doubled over again, grunting and moaning from the pain. Doctor Lauren breaks, trembling in place and covering her face with both hands unable to watch her lover suffer any more muttering “just do it!” over and over. Way to go right for the extreme solution there, doc, without even trying to break out your vaunted geek skills to save the woman you “love”.

“It wants me to kill!” NotComaNadia shouts. Suddenly, NotComaNadia stops moaning and raises her head with a contorted expression on her face as The Garuda takes over again. Doctor Lauren takes one look at her and screams for Bo. Bo grabs NotComaNadia’s shoulder and swings her around…right into the knife she instinctively drew.

Everything stops as all three women gape at each other, the knife in NotComaNadia’s side up to the hilt, and the rapidly spreading blood on her shirt. “Thank you,” NotComaNadia grunts dully to Bo as she falls to the floor, her eyes already beginning to phase out.

This is the first human Bo has killed since she learned how to control her power. She just finished telling The Ash that she’s not an assassin. And here’s the woman she’s wished many times had never woken from her mystical coma dead by her hand.

Doctor Lauren drops to her knees next to NotComaNadia and clasps her hand. “I’m sorry,” NotComaNadia whispers, but a sobbing doc insists she not says she’s sorry. “This is my fault,” she cries. “This is all my fault.” Horrified by what she’s inadvertently done, Bo quickly exits, leaving the lovers alone for their final goodbye.

“You stay with me. Please stay with me,” Doctor Lauren begs NotComaNadia. But she doesn’t and a destroyed Doctor Lauren collapses over her body, sobbing uncontrollably. On her way out the door, Bo pauses and looks back at the sad scene, bloody knife still in her hand, at a loss as to what to do next.

Good-bye, NotComaNadia. You were worthy of a better death, but then you were ill served in life as well. We should have cared more about you and your fate, but we didn’t because you were a temporary love interest meant only to be a short-lived obstacle and filler until you could be eliminated when it was convenient for the producers needs. You deserved better; so did we.

A weary, heart-sick Bo enters Hilton Hovel (drink!) and there’s an audible click as she locks the dead bolt into place. She crosses the empty room and calls for Kenzi, but there’s no response. As she makes her way upstairs, unbuckling her scabbard as she walks through the bathroom, Bo notices Kenzi curled on her bed, waiting. I’m momentarily distracted by wondering when, where, how, and whether she cleaned that blade. “You OK?” she asks, joining her on the bed. “What’s wrong? What happened?” Brokenly, Kenzi says she and Nate broke up. I’m wondering if that’s her hoodie, Bo’s, or Nate’s that she’s wearing for comfort.

“Ah Kenz,” Bo murmurs. “I thought –” But Kenzi says it was never going to work. “I couldn’t have him in my life and protect him at the same time.” “Kenzi,” Bo says tightly, “I told you –” Kenzi finally allows herself to cry. “I know what you told me, and what Trick told me, what Nate told me,” her voice cracks on Nate’s name, “but what about what my heart told me? It told me that this is where I belong right now, by your side.” Bo: “I want you to be happy, and I know that Nate makes you happy.”

Kenzi says maybe someday things will be different, “I’ll be able to have more of a life. But right now, this is the life that I choose.”

I will live the life I choose.

Beginning to cry herself Bo asks one more time if Kenzi is sure, and she nods in reply. Bo pulls her into an embrace and clutches Kenzi tight. “Good,” she sobs. “Because I’ve never needed my best friend more than I do right now.” Sniffling, they both pull back and Kenzi smiles sadly. “Did you find (NotComa) Nadia?” she asks.

Bo freezes in place, the events of the past hour slamming back into her head. “Yeah,” she whispers and then struggles for composure. “Maybe we should just talk about it later, OK?” Kenzi’s too miserable to figure out something major went on with NotComaNadia. “Is it OK if I sleep here tonight?” she asks and I just want to hug her. Bo smiles. “It’s more than OK.”

Kenzi lies down and puts her head in Bo’s lap as Bo strokes her hair, each taking comfort from the other. The music goes all Meta – don’t you be so hard on yourself – as the camera pulls back, farther and farther. Our ladies stare off into space, contemplating the raw misery that’s just behind them…and the horrors that yet await them.

End credits

Fae of the Day:

The Glaive: a major political player who essentially writes all the laws (or at least those not written in blood) and thus is responsible for keeping the peace. Her fae powers include telepathy and the ability to manipulate wood.

Quotes of the Night:

Kenzi: Since when did you become Dog the Bounty Hunter?

The Glaive: Don’t get to the end of your life and realize that you’ve just lived the length of it. I want you to live the breadth of it as well.

Bo: She was like Oprah without all the cars!

Bo: Your cousin has capos? Kenzi: He believes Don Corleone is his real father.

Trick: Please don’t touch anything. Kenzi: I won’t. Ooh, what’s this? Trick: One of the things you don’t touch!

Trick: Kenzi, you’re the most amazing human I’ve ever met.

Next week: Season Two, Episode 20: Lachlan's Gambit

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
As usual, a most excellent recap. As you mentioned, the Garuda as the root of all evil hasn't been properly laid out, imo. I don't see how the show is going to wrap up this story line satisfactorily.
Suzanne Metaxas
2. SuzyM
Wow, great recap! Did a great job covering this episode, almost made me sort of like it. This is the first episode I really didn't like for oh so many reasons!

I hated that there was too much sadness. There was to much crap that made me angry too, once again everyone is using Bo to their own ends. Dr. Lauren uses her to get rid of her girlfriend. The Ash uses her to get rid of his traitor. Enough already.

It ticked me off that everyone kept dumping on Kenzi and telling her she would be a liability to the coming war. Bullsh** when has Kenzi ever been a liability! She has always pulled her own weight and more!

I understand how Hale got put in the position he was, because Dyson wasn't there so Trick need him to do Dyson's job. Funny but no one seemed the least bit worried that Dyson had dropped off the face of the earth! Where are his caring friends??? Where is his supposed best friend Bo? She hasen't even given him a second thought!

So needless to say, I DID NOT LIKE THIS EPISODE!
3. FrenchGirl
NotComaNadia ! Ahahahahah ! Brilliant !
I agree Kiersten : Nadia were worthy of a better death and she deserved better but she was here to be a short Doccubus obstacle...
You know I am for Bo&Lauren but I enjoy to read your recaps !
PS : I just watched The LG cast at Fan expo 2012 and like each time, We can see the great friendship between Zoie and Kris...
Maybe Dyson&Lauren are the real OTP... ;)
Linda Losik
4. LindaL
Well done, as usual. Is it just me or this this just a heavy plot episode to get all the info into the minds of the viewers? It really seems that way to me. It is almost like the writers realized that they were running out of time.

Very sad one, it broke my heart when Kenzi told Nate that she didn’t love and also with the “can I sleep with you tonight?”. While I realize that both Nate and Nadia had to go, I am not really happy in the way that they did it. Kenzi had to choose for herself, not listen to the dictates of others. I really liked the way that she told Bo of her choice.

Poor Nadia, she did deserve better and I would have liked to know more about her. Thanks for including the part that was cut; it does help me to understand her better. I think that it was the Garuda that was twisting not Nadia. It was certainly pumping Lauren for intel on the Ash and his compound as well as Bo. It also seemed that Lauren is protecting Bo. This is the only way to explain Lauren's commment of "She is very special to me."

Couple of things that I actually disagree with:

“Basically, she’s responsible for keeping the peace.” I thought that was Hale and Dyson’s job. No, I disagree. I always thought that Hale and Dyson’s job is to keep humans out of fae business and to keep fae out of the human justice system.

Wait, how does she know? Do humans emit some sort of odor that alerts the Fae to their presence? No, the Glaive is a telepath!

I also wonder what Lauren’s role is going to be in the upcoming war. And also, where is Dyson?
5. Trixxxie
Thanks for the lovely recap, Kiersten. I agree that Nadia deserved better - viewers certainly did. I understand she was a plot device waiting to be disposed of but they could have at least used her in a way to properly develop the Lauren character. It just felt lazy to me.

I missed Dyson but I don't think he would have saved this one for me. Hopefully he will come back "restored" so to speak and help Bo against the Garuda.
I also wonder what Lauren’s role is going to be in the upcoming war.
Lauren is physically useless weak so I assume her role will be science related. Perhaps she will be the one to figure out a way to defeat The Garuda. Isn't this war basically about Naga (The Ash) x The Garuda? I guess The Ash's venom is going to be the key and that's where Lauren comes in.
6. whiskeywhite
Ditto - thanks Kiersten.

New feature: Favourite word of the recap. Today's word: “anvilicious”. Fabulicious!

I would love for you to expand, Kiersten, on why you hated the Bo-kills-Nadia scene. Yet again, too subtle. ;-) No, I just want to hear your thinking. Hit me with the anvils. I can take it; I'm quite dense.

I get the arguments about Nadia being a plot device – a Doccubus obstacle, and she does play that role. But several people have said that Nadia deserved better and, as @ Trixxie says, could have been “used ... in a way to properly develop the Lauren character.” What do you all have in mind? How might Nadia have been different? Could there have been a Nadia you liked? How could she have better developed Lauren’s character?

I think Nadia’s presence does add some useful development of Lauren’s character. Lauren’s commitment to Nadia shows her to be a responsible, honourable, and faithful person. I know, I know – she didn’t tell Bo (no brick throwing, please). But having a partner in a long-term coma is about a lot more than “I have a girlfriend.” There’s a new series in Canada called “Saving Hope” in which a doctor falls into a coma and his spirit wanders the halls of his hospital. He sees his wife, also a doctor, struggling to save him and maintain hope, but hope begins to fail after only a few weeks. The doctor spirit meets the spirit of another man who has been in a coma for many years. His wife has given up hope, divorced him, and remarried. She returns when the decision is made to take his now elderly and failing body off life support. He watches her talking to his body, saying goodbye, and understands that, even though she left him, she has never stopped loving him. In contrast, Lauren has not only maintained hope for five years, she has worked tirelessly all that time to find a cure for Nadia, and has enslaved herself to the The Ash to get the resources to do so. This tells us not only that Lauren is trustworthy but that she will make, and stick to, long-term commitments to a partner.

Some fans have asked how Bo could possibly just walk away and leave Lauren, whom she loves, on the floor in total despair over the death of her loved one. What do you folks think?

Nadia is also Lauren’s last tie to the human world. With Nadia gone, Lauren could run from her enslavement, but she could also stay, fully enveloped within the Fae world and committed to Bo. Similarly, we have seen less and less of Kenzi’s human relatives and friends in recent episodes. She chooses not to run away with Nate to safety in Elbow, Saskatchewan -- there is such a place, I swear, I’ve been there. It’s not far from Eyebrow. Double, pinky swear :-). By sending Nate away, she sacrifices her last tie to humans and fully chooses Bo and her world.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
@LindaL - You're right! I forgot about the pesky telepathy thing and that the first thing The Glaive would do is read the mind of the person she's meeting. Part of the reason I forgot, tho, is I feel there have been other times when Fae immediately recognized human, most notably in 1.2 when Bo brings Kenzi into The Dal for the first time and everyone sneers until she claims the human. As for keeping the peace, again kudos, D & H do keep the human/fae interactions to a minmun & Fae offenders out of human hands. I think it's the phrase "keeping the peace" that throws me the most as I associate that most with cops and not with lawmakers.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
8. Kiersten
whiskeywhite -

You make some really good points about Doctor Lauren that I hadn't really pinged on. I wish it hadn't been left for the viewers to deep mine her motivations and emotions like that tho. This only goes to show how poorly the ComaNadia/NotComaNadia storyline was handle. Those are good character moments that could really make her more empathetic. As for NotComaNadia being Doctor Lauren's last tie to human world, that's true too, but the fact that she was human was only conclusively dealt with in this episode. Up till then, it was never made clear that she wasn't Fae, or if it was, then I missed it. In fact, when I first watch through this season, I spent much of the time thinking NotComaNadia was Fae and that she had been caught up in the epidemic in Africa.

Hate is a strong word and tends to flare where flaring was not intended, so lemme adjust that to why I didn't like the scene. I dislike that scene for a couple of reasons.

NotComaNadia's death was a no-brainer from the moment she woke up IMO. To have it shoehorned into one of the last episodes is such shoddy planning and execution that right away I'm ticked off. Then, to me it seems nearly every scene involving Bo and Doctor Lauren is either soft, angsty, chemistry-free talking on the couch, in the lab, etc, or anemic banging, or overwrought emo "you must pay the rent!" "I can't pay the rent!" "I'LL pay the rent!" melodrama, which was what we had here.

I don't like that the doctor urges Bo to be executioner. I
don't like that almost out of nowhere, suddenly all the blame for NotComaNadia's actions can be laid on The Garuda. That's too easy a solution and crap plotting. What the hell would The Garuda gain from a third or fourth tier person like that? Nothing as we saw. That makes it an easy out and not an organic one.

I don't like that Doctor Lauren cannot do one bloody thing for herself when science is not involved. I keep thinking of the line from Much Ado: "do something for my love other than swearing by it." Get up off your ass and do something, lady! I realize this is the culmination of five years of sacrifice and emotional trauma for the doc, but I'd be more sympathetic if she didn't always behave like this regardless. I don't like that almost all of this scene seems so unbelievably contrived and overwrought.

Mostly, I felt like this was something I had to suffer through (several times) for no other reason than to remove NotComaNadia from the equation. They didn't even have the guts to make it deliberate because that IMO would've been too great an obstacle to easily overcome. Instead they fell back on the accidental. There should be recrimations for this, but even Bo just goes home and counsels Kenzi about Nate as though she just had a hard day at the office rather than killed her first human since learning how to control her powers - and her sometime lover's SO at that.

Can you imagine an inverse situation - what if she had killed PerfectCiara in similar circumstances? Do you really think that would've gone over so "smoothly"? Do you see her coming home from that in anything but a traumatic state? I don't and if her level of committment and love is supposed to be as great for the doc as it is for Dyson, this would've been a great time to showcase it - and they didn't.
9. Trixxxie
I don't think they ever intended to make Nadia a likable character. The fact that Bo could not stand her didn't score her any points. We knew it was not meant to last and yet it still felt like a waste of time.
the fact that she washuman was only conclusively dealt with in this episode. Up till then, it was never made clear that she wasn't Fae, or if it was, then I missed it.
You missed it. It was made clear when Lauren told Bo about her at the end of 2.07.
if her level of committment and love is supposed to be as great for the doc as it is for Dyson, this would've been a great time to showcase it - and they didn't.
Except they've already done that. Bo fleeing the death scene is as out of character as her complete disdain for Dyson's well being this season. The Bo we know would at the very least be on the hunt to get him his love back. The fact that she did flee the death scene and is passive on the Dyson situation hardly erases Bo and Dyson's love story or the bond Bo and Lauren have been working together to build. It is, once again, a matter of schizophrenic writing.
Suzanne Metaxas
10. SuzyM
The writer really have a lot of work cut out for them next season. They have blown it with both DL/BO & DYSON/BO they have take both relationships and made them a sham. Bo is not truly showing either one devotion right now. Bad writing has made this episode extreamly frustration for all.
11. whiskeywhite
Kiersten -- feel free to 'hate' a scene. And thanks to you and @Trixxxie for the interesting answers (and maybe more to come from others?). I, myself, didn't conclude that Bo accidentally killed Nadia; I thought that she killed Nadia in defence of Lauren. I must go back and study that scene more closely. I also don't see that Bo actively disliked Nadia. She was definitely, and understandably, uncomfortable when Nadia is around, which was a lot once she woke up, and presumably isn't pleased about Nadia snooping around in her belongings. But why would she dislike her? It's not Nadia's fault if Bo is jealous.

Would love to talk about "chemistry" if you folks haven't already covered that ground. It strikes me as being very much in the eye of the beholder. Team Dyson folks see hot chemistry between Dyson and Bo (I do), but none with Lauren. And Team Lauren folks see the chemistry between Bo and Lauren and none with Dyson (I see 'sparkage' between Bo and Lauren). I've wondered about this for years, reading reviews of movies where stars are said to have chemistry, or no chemistry, with one another. Any chemistry students out there?

I meant to say earlier that I totally agree with @SuzyM about Dyson's absence. I, too, was struck by the total silence about his disappearance. Weird. At least when Kenzi disappeared to go on the road with Nate, Bo noticed and we were given an explanation.
12. Trixxxie
I, myself, didn't conclude that Bo accidentally killed Nadia; I thought that she killed Nadia in defence of Lauren.
I agree. It was impulsive. Nadia turned her back on Bo to attack Lauren, Bo grabbed her shoulder so Nadia would face her and stabbed her.

I think Bo disliked the fact that Nadia was there because she made it happen. It is the whole "selfless love" sacrifice. Her jealousy could be interpreted as guilt. There was jealousy with Ciara, too, but with Nadia, we saw annoyance. Then again, Ciara was nowhere near as obnoxious as Nadia.

Chemistry is definitely subjective, as most things in life. There isn't a reasoning behind it. I, for one, happen to see chemistry in both Bo/Dyson and Bo/Lauren (chemistry that I didn't see with Bo/Ryan); it is definitely a different kind of chemistry, but it is chemistry nonetheless.

@SuzyM, couldn't agree more.
13. lsbloom
Could have and/or did the show use Nadia to make Lauren more likeable? I think the potential was there to show off good character traits in Lauren. But showing that she was capable of a great love is a problem. Any love Lauren showed to Nadia, the fact that it was like the only time we've ever seen Lauren smile period, all highlight that 1) Lauren never gave that intimacy or joy to Bo and 2) She is a liar, especially when the truth might put her into an uncomfortable position and 3) Bo wasn't and isn't Lauren's first choice.

So first off, Lauren stuck by Nadia, she went to see her everyday, confiding in her, continuing to have hope that she would wake up. This should be a nice loyal story. But the subtext is concerning if you think the Bo and Lauren had "true love" and even more concerning if you think that you owe a burgeoning sexual relationship actual honesty. Why didn't Lauren tell Bo about this very significant force in her life? Why was Lauren flirting and sleeping with another woman? I'm going to leave @whiskeywhite's discussion of Saving Hope, yes, it is airing in the US although unlike Canada we aren't picking up the second season. They are completely different things if only because the drs on Saving Hope are actually behaving like drs. I have come to the decision that Lauren isn't supposed to be medical dr/physician. She must be a phd. But the idea that Lauren had a right to move on is justified, if she had actually moved on and if Nadia had been a typical coma patient. Neither are true. Lauren felt a deep and continued bond to Nadia and Nadia was on fae life support. No tubes, no respirator, no nothing. So there wasn't an underlying cause to her coma (ie traumatic brain injury) and there wasn't anything that said she wasn't breathing/heart beating on her own. She owed Bo an explaination because she hadn't moved on. Secondly, even if she owed Bo nothing, she owed Nadia: the girl she loved enough to "enslave" herself for (plus get a nice job, great apartment, and all the on-the-side research projects she could want for). She picked up with Nadia as though nothing had ever happened. She didn't tell her about Bo. She didn't have any of those heart-to-hearts about how her life had moved on in 5 years. Again with the dishonesty and avoidance. Could they have used Nadia to show us a loyal, honest, trusting Lauren? Yes. Did they? No. We did get a few scenes of them happy and at ease with their sex lives, which was a nice change from Lauren's usual frigidity, but it was undercut with guilty Lauren who is not my favorite person.

Lauren's love for Nadia was not in the past, over with, or anything else. She dropped Bo faster than you could say "surprise happy birthday." She recommitted herself out of gratitude. She immediately goes on vacation with her and picks up their intimate life as though nothing had changed. So, did Lauren ever love Bo or was she just using her? In a show where love is shown by sacrifice, what did Lauren ever sacrifice for Bo? Vs. what was Lauren willing to take from Bo to get what she wanted? All that adds up to is that Bo is the second choice. Who else would ever put Bo second? No one. What kind of love story is that? How can I like a Lauren who chooses someone else over Bo?

In regards to chemistry, and it feels like I'm back in freshman theater classes, they are always talking about energy. For me chemistry is when both actors are giving that energy back and forth, it doesn't have to be sexual, but they need to be engaged and playing off each other. Lauren had one scene with Nadia kissing her neck and she smiled and leaned back into her and they actually fed off each other's vibes. I don't feel like we get that so much with Lauren and Bo. ZP doesn't give out all that much energy, she is a very self contained person, even in interviews, she's funny, but it is one off stuff and asides. She isn't joking with anyone she's kinda closed off. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, most screen actors are shy and not good in front of a live audience. But the same energy exists in both settings. That's why I don't see the chemistry. AS tries to a certain extent particularly in season 1, she had some good flirty energy in like the fury episode where Lauren comes into the Dal, but Lauren puts on a pouty face and shuts it all down and goes right back to being a speculum (Kenzi's line will probably forever define DL for me). But they are also up against KHR who has energy with everybody, he vibes with Kenzi, he vibes with Hale, he vibes with Trick. He isn't self-contained he wants to take up the whole room, and there are downsides to that too. But it's hard to find someone he doesn't have chemistry with because he puts so much out there some is bound to bounce back at him.
14. Trixxxie
In a show where love is shown by sacrifice, what did Lauren ever sacrifice for Bo?
I feel like you either have not been paying attention to the show or are only seeing what you want to see. Your take on Lauren is no less convoluted than those BL fans that saw/see Dyson as nothing but "a borderline abusive boyfriend" who does not exist beyond his possessive nature.
15. LaylaM
First off, thank you for poiting out the Syfy forum to me. Unfortunately, that is not a place I intend to hang out. Unmoderated = me backing off.

I thought this episode was one huge pile of mess. If they didn't waste 3 (?) episodes on Ryan, perhaps the outcome would be different. It came off as lazy and forced. The whole Bo killing Nadia thing, leaving Lauren with the body and going home to Kenzi as if she just had a bad day at the office made me question what show I was watching. I agree, Dyson being there wouldn't have made the episode any better (but it would have made it prettier).

Chemistry, definitely subjective. I agree it is about exchange of energy, then again, I, too see that with Bo and Lauren. I actually happen to think Lauren's personality and/or ZP "self contained" persona only add to that. Having said that, I can't say I agree with @Isbloom's interpretation of Lauren/BL/LN either but hey, each to their own.
Suzanne Metaxas
16. SuzyM
So, did Lauren ever love Bo or was she just using her? In a show where love is shown by sacrifice, what did Lauren ever sacrifice for Bo? Vs. what was Lauren willing to take from Bo to get what she wanted? All that adds up to is that Bo is the second choice. Who else would ever put Bo second? No one. What kind of love story is that? How can I like a Lauren who chooses someone else over Bo?
Couldn't have said it better myself. I am not slamming Lauren here but the writers. They created this situation. Bad writing has left us feeling Lauren is deceitful and using Bo. There are times when they do get the BF vibe going with Bo & Lauren and then they beat it down with a sledge hammer. Example: Ep 206 Kenzi threatens Lauren not to betray Bo again and she does by not telling her about Nadia. So how can fans not feel Lauren is just using Bo? The very next Ep 207 Lauren again has a chance to come clean and doesn't again. She only fesses up when she has to. It is the story line that is causing the bias against Lauren not personal feelings. Just my opinion.

As to chemistry KHR has a way of portraying intense on screen emotion. (I've watched quite a few of his other films) that is almost tangible while Zoie can't seem to match it. She does very well when she plays the BF with Bo but beyond that it doesn't have the same intensity. Better writing will help to make the show better. I truly want to root for all characters. I want the writers to really put their thinking caps on and come up with a story line with some meat. Not just fluff!
17. LucyK
@LaylaM, did you make it to FanExpo this weekend? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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