Aug 18 2012 2:01pm

Lost Girl Season 2, Episode 18 Recap: Here Comes the Succubus

Ryan and Bo in Lost Girl Season 2 episode 18Our Lost Girl obsession is still going strong! Be sure to check out all of our recaps, from Season 1 up to the most recent Season 2 episode aired on SyFy (episode 10episode 11episode 12episode 13episode 14episode 15episode 16, and episode 17). All caught up? Good. And now, on to the recap for last night’s episode, 2.18, “Fae-nted Love.”

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At Hilton Hovel (drink!), a sword stabs into the coffee table. Bo leans on the sword, panting and bloody as she struggles to pull up the contact list on her mobile. ANDERSON BROCK DYSON ELLIS. I wanna know who those guys are. Her instinct is for Dyson and her thumb hovers over the wolf man’s name. “No, no, no, no, no, no,” she moans. Grimacing, she considers a different choice but her wounds are too bad to be picky and she makes the call. “Hey,” she says, breathing heavily. “It’s Bo.”

There’s a knock on the door. Bo wrenches it open and yanks Ryan inside. “Hey! Whoa!” he says, but goes easily for all that. She flings him against the half wall and yanks his jacket off. “Upstairs,” she demands. “Now.”

Bo in Fae-nted Love“Did you forget ‘we aren’t right for each other’ and ‘it’s complicated’…?” Ryan quips until he gets a good look at her condition. “Wow. Looks like you’ve only got one thing on your mind.” Bo agrees that she does. She keeps trying to kiss Ryan and he keeps trying to examine Bo’s bandaged forearm and bloody face. “You realize that none of my ’doctorates’ are in that medical stuff, right? In fact, most of them are made up.” Snort. Bo tells him how she needs to heal. “Yeah, you look like hell,” he admits and they make out.

“You should see the UnderFae that tried to kill me,” she tells him between kisses as Ryan backs her up toward the couch. They kiss and moan and Bo grabs Ryan by his rapidly disappearing shirt. “Sex,” she demands. “Now.” Ryan: “All right, Succubus. Shall we?”

Cut to Bo’s bedroom when sex is definitely and enthusiastically underway. Not content with the standard bump and grind, Bo rakes her nails up Ryan’s bare back. In her passion, the open wound on Bo’s forearm brushes against the bloody rivets she’s left behind on Ryan’s back. Ryan rears up and shouts with pleasure/pain and Bo sucks his chi down. The slice on her forearm – now bandage free – heals as they continue their – um – session.

In some random kitchen, a man paces as a woman watches. “You said free gift with purchase,” she reminds him with acerbity. “I should’ve smelled religious freak all over you and slammed the door.” In a plumy voice, Man insists he’s not there on behalf of religion but rather on behalf of Woman’s faith. He unbuttons his sleeves and rolls up his cuffs as he says this. Woman insists that she’s got no faith. But you gotta have faith da faith da faith. Oooo gotta have faith da faith da faith –ah.

“I don’t believe in anything ’cept Jimmy Bean,” Woman insists, picking up her whiskey glass. “I worship him alone.” Heh.

Man points out that all of her neighbors have become followers. “They’d be pleased to welcome you.” With a sad smile, Woman says that she doesn’t know her neighbors and doesn’t want to change that state of affairs. “See, I don’t like people,” she tells him and motions for him to leave.

Instead, Man reaches into her sink. “Behold,” he whispers. Woman leans over to see electricity crackling around his arm which he’s immersed into the water. Wait, why did she have an empty sink full of water in the first place? “It’s beautiful,” she says with awe and leans over for a closer look. Instantly, Man shoves her head under the water (duh, lady) and holds her there while the electricity continues to crackle until the screen goes white.


The door to Hilton Hovel (drink!) swings open from the inside to reveal Bo leaning against the jam and dressed in her (mine!) red kimono ready to usher Ryan out. Behind her, Ryan stands in an open shirt and zips up his pants as he ambles down the hall and complains that Bo really knows how to make a guy feel wanted. “Oh come on,” she grouses in return, “you’re always happy to skip cuddly spoon hour. Besides, you’re the one who told me ‘post orgasm claustrophobia’ was a medical condition.” HA!

Ryan pauses next to her in the doorway. “That was a joke,” he admits, in case she hadn’t already realized. I’m betting she did. He frowns. “Now I want to spoon.” I’ll admit, I can’t tell if he’s still joking. “Can we spoon? As long as you want,” he promises a reluctant Bo, embracing her. “What I want is for you to go,” she says baldly keeping her bent arms between them. But Ryan is intent.

Bo tells him she’s really impressed with his “paramedic impersonation, but this is over. This is the last – time – oh man, even I’m sick of that song,” she admits when he smiles at her. “Thank God you’ve such a beautiful voice. Now let’s spoon,” Ryan murmurs.

Bo frowns. This is not typical Ryan behavior. She forcibly shoves him out of Hilton Hovel (drink!) – “See ya” – even as he still protests – “I want to stay!” – and shuts the door in his face. “Oh come on, Bo!” he calls from the foyer. “I just wanna cuddle.” Hee.

At The Ash’s compound, the doors to the throne room swing open and Dyson and his long-legged stride saunter in. Hiya lovah. “You wanted to see me?” he says to Lachlan who is on the dais with a wide-screen monitor showing several CCTV feeds. There is also a tall, triangular shaped box on his desk, which he closes before addressing Dyson. Lachlan instructs Dyson to interrogate an Under-fae named Archerwho currently resides in the dungeon. Dyson wants to know what Acher did to merit a stay. Descending the steps, Lachlan explains there’s been a rash of Fae deaths lately all ruled as suicides. “I’m guessing there’s more to it than that,” Dyson growls in that voice. Lachlan explains that a Fae elder was poisoned and his bodyguard Petros fell 20 stories the night before. “And you don’t think he went voluntarily,” Dyson states. “No. He was guarding Acher’s cell earlier in the day,” Lachlan reveals. “I need answers, Dyson.”

“As you wish,” Dyson intones. I’m willfully ignoring the Princess Bride overtones here to avoid genre confusion. As Dyson exits, Lachlan warns him to be careful. “I haven’t told Acher anything about you. I think it’s wise to keep it that way.” Dyson leaves without further comment.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo is working her way through a number of gift boxes when a delivery man enters with another pile of packages. Bo protests that there’s been a mistake. “I didn’t order any of this stuff! I mean, matching love birds? A surfboard?” Delivery Man shrugs and tells her she must have an admirer. She’s a succubus. The entire world “admires” her. “Name of Ryan Lambert,” he adds, checking his clipboard. Bo doesn’t believe it. “That’s gotta be some kind of mistake!” Smiling Delivery Man denies this and hands over the clipboard for her to reluctantly sign.

As he leaves, a singing telegram takes his place. “Beautiful Bo-Bell, come back to me,” he sings. “Without you my life is one big tragedy.” Chanting, “no, no, no” again, Bo shoves him out the door, slamming it shut for good measure. Crossing her arms, she leans back against the door to contemplate the loot – and immediately falls backwards as Kenzi opens it. “There’s a guy dressed as a bellhop crying in our hallway,” she says, puzzled. Bo quickly yanks her inside and hustles her down the hall. “Yeah, it’s a tourism Fae; he needed directions.” Heh.

She asks how Kenzi is as though she hasn’t seen her in a while, which is strange. “Well,” Kenzi chirps. “On today’s episode of Kenzi, our heroine’s moxie is tested when she’s confronted with…a stalker!” she finishes in a whisper. Bo murmurs that they’re everywhere these days. Kenzi goes on to remind Bo of the graffiti artist Tryste, “that wankster that was completely obsessed with me…!” Someone pounds on the door, calling Kenzi’s name. She emphatically gestures toward the door and, rolling her eyes, Bo grudgingly goes off to deal with him. “Yo, I’m looking for the offices of Tryste’s Angels,” Tryste calls. “Where they be?” Kenzi yells at him. “They be CANCELLED!”

Bo lets him in and Triste tells “Shorty” not to play with him because he needs help, “and I know y’all be private girl dicks.” I’m just gonna let that one lie. As he sits down, Kenzi tells him she knows “y’all be leaving”. Triste tells them he has a very special lady in his life that’s in a world of pain right now. Kenzi: “Aw, you’ve got some poor girl knocked up, huh.” She offers to send her condolences but Triste corrects that he’s talking about his Gran-gran. “Who knocks up their Gran-gran?!” he asks Bo, horrified and bewildered. Heh. Kenzi coughs up a hairball, or at least sounds like it. “So not where I meant to go,” she whispers to Bo, disgusted, and she decamps.

Bo intervenes telling Triste that they’re booked solid with other clients. But, distracted by Tryste, Bo has failed to prevent Kenzi from discovering Ryan’s gifts. Ruh roh. “Bo Bo, what the –” Kenzi gasps lifting the wooden animal carrier as the love birds song chirps through Hilton Hovel (drink!).

“Later Kenzi!” Bo says with some quick thinking. “Tryste needs us! Shizzle, Kenzi, it be his – Gran-gran.” It’s the shizzle that slays me. Tryste is awed by Bo’s commitment. “Respect,” he offers, nodding. “That is why you are my second favorite biatch – Biatch!” Bo warns him not to push it, which wipes the smile from his face.

Tryste details the situation as Bo casts a wary eye on Kenzi who is working her way through Ryan’s loot. He has Sunday dinner with his Gran-gran every week. “I was checking out her telephone desk, it’s where she keeps her secret stuff,” and it turns out some “evil dude be changing her will.” Her house and money are now going to a corporation “and she’s too confused to answer any questions about it. Way confused.”

Bo, checking over her shoulder again, agrees to see if she and Kenzi can help. Tryste casually adds that street art doesn’t pay so can they do it for free? “You know, what do they call it?” He snaps his fingers in realization. “Pro boner!” Bo just stares at him.

“Bo, where did you get all this stuff?” Kenzi murmurs with awe. Bo insists that it’s all going back. “Put it down!” Kenzi cradles the boot protectively. “Put it down!” Bo demands again. “No,” Kenzi whispers. “Kenzi,” Bo warns. Kenzi: “No.”

In The Ash’s dungeon, Dyson makes his way through several locked gates before he is handed the key to Archer’s cell by a frightened guard. Dyson looks at him with distain. Puzzled, he looks around the apparently empty cell and then inhales deeply. “There’s no point in hiding, Acher,” he explains.

Acher’s disembodied voice wonders how The Ash knew he wanted a visitor. “And a Celtic wolf pretending he’s still a police detective. Someone must think I’m very special indeed.” Dyson wonders if he should be impressed by the man’s insight, but Acher ignores him, instead saying that the smell of oil on Dyson’s hands tells him Dyson cleaned his handgun today, “but you’re not carrying it where you would if you still had the authority to carry it.” After a pause, Dyson admits Acheris observant as the prisoner finally oozes into view. Acher: “One of my many talents.” He approaches the cell door and invites Dyson to come closer. “I could use the companionship.”

“I’m not here to be your friend,” Dyson sneers, but Acher only smiles very creepily. A part of me kind of expects him to croon Do the lambs still scream for you, Dyson?

The succmobile pulls up in front of the address Bo and Kenzi got from Gran-gran’s check stubs. “Strip mall church!” Kenzi notes. “Sexy.” Bo warns her to stick close. As they enter, the man from the cold open preaches that the love of Brother Douglas must carry them. “If you struggle, the rocks beneath the surface will win.” A congregant stands and entreats that they are thirsty. On cue, the rest of the small crowd stands, arms collectively extended in supplication. “And I will slake your every desire,” Brother Douglas promises.

“Oh-kay,” Kenzi the Grifter acknowledges. Brother Douglas puts his hands in a copper bowl of water, electrifying it as he did before so it sparkles like a glow stick. “Office,” Bo mutters to Kenzi. “Cover me.” Bo nods as Brother Douglas places a wand in the bowl which he then uses to cast water over the congregants, sprinkling them with the glowy, glowy light and they gasp and glow as it lands on them.

Bo makes her way through the large storage room that’s doubling as an office. She pauses before a shrine complete with a mural for the “Dougallerian Society Celebration Center” that looks eerily close to the Masonic posters my grandfather has in his apartment. Creepy.

The woman from the cold open approaches Kenzi, all friendly like, and introduces herself as Carla. Calling herself Kendall, Kenzi tells her she’s there exploring Douglarianism and Carla gushes about the amazing Brother Douglas. “He has changed my life.” She pressures Kenzi to come have some tea and cookies, brushing off her protest that she’s not there to stay.

Naturally, Bo immediately finds the pertinent paperwork right on top of Brother Douglas’ desk. Snatching up an account book, she quickly flips through it. With a tight arm around Kenzi, Carla drags her across the room as she goes on about how she loves to talk to people. “I love you already,” she says, giving Kenzi an extra squeeze. “Just like a sister!” Kenzi fake giggles and tries to extract herself again. Carla says the cookies are made from scratch and Kenzi finally caves and tries one. Trapped, she can only watch as Brother Douglas picks up the copper bowl and goes to his office.

“What are you doing?” he asks Bo rather casually when he finds her there. “You first,” she demands. “Why are people giving you so much money?” Brother Douglas claims it’s all offerings of thanksgiving and hope. Except, Bo is quick to point out as she tosses the account book down, it’s more than his congregants can afford. “It is difficult for a nonbeliever to grasp the generosity of others,” Brother Douglas patronizes. Bo: “You read that in a fortune cookie?”

With more than a little amusement, Brother Douglas observes that Bo is very rude. “You know, what’s really rude,” she counters, “is taking people’s houses and money to build a celebration center when what you really want is for them to worship you.” As she pontificates, Brother Douglas calmly puts his hand in the bowl and start – um – churning the waters. “What is that sound?” Bo asks without missing a beat.

Muttering a chant in a foreign language, Brother Douglas slowly stalks around the desk to face Bo unimpeded and the sprinkles her with the glowy, glowy water. Bo recoils as her face and chest – well - glow. “Wha – where am I?” she asks just as Kenzi barges in. “Yo holy man! Bo doesn’t do water sports!”

Brother Douglas chucks the entire bowl at Kenzi, but she ducks in time to avoid dousing. Bo scurries past the fake preacher as Kenzi picks up a discarded mannequin arm and clubs him with it. “And that concludes today’s service.” She asks “Bo-bo” if she’s OK, and Bo points a finger at her. “You stay away from me,” she demands, pulling down boxes to block Kenzi’s path. Confused, Kenzi chases after her, but when she gets outside, the succmobile is empty and Bo is nowhere to be seen.

In The Ash’s dungeon, Dyson peers through the cell gate and demands to know how well Acher knew the dead Petros and Acher deep thoughts something about how well anyone can really know anyone else. “There are no natural predators for a wolf,” he muses, rubbing his bald pate with a scaly hand. “True? Except for humans of course.” Dyson isn’t deterred. He notes Acher spoke to Petros on the day he jumped and he wants to know what it was they chatted about.

“No natural predator means you’re king of the animals,” Archer continues on his topic, ignoring Dyson’s. Actually, that would be a lion, but I’ll allow it. “Do you feel invincible?” Dyson demands Archer answer his question but Archer doesn’t see why he should since Dyson won’t answer his. Unfortunately, Dyson takes the bait. “I don’t feel invincible and neither should you. Fair enough?”

Apparently it is, as Acher admits that he and Petros spoke about his sad little life, “he was a simple man even by the lowest of standards. I can only imagine his life must have been a series of brutal disappointments.” He thinks death probably came to Petros as a relief. Dyson points out that Petros had a family. “Is the lone wolf suggesting that families are a reason to live?” Acher mocks. “I love the irony.”

Dyson tells Acher not to pretend to know him but Acher insists that indeed he does know the wolf. “Maybe better than you know yourself.” He claims to have known Petros better than himself, asking Dyson if he knew Petros’ wife had left him. “Women do that.” After centuries, Petros suddenly found himself single. “Must have left him in a lonely, lonely place wondering if it was something he did. Wondering if perhaps he didn’t deserve the joy.” Finally, Dyson flinches, this last comment coming too close to home. “Did I strike a nerve, Detective?” Acher crows mildly. For a second time, his eyelids click, flickering in and out from the sides like a reptile. Dyson scowls and glares.

At The Dal (drink!), Kenzi scurries inside, frantically gesturing for Trick. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “I lost Bo!” she whispers harshly then clarifies that she actually ran away. “Her bodacious brain just went kablooey!” Trick blinks. “OK. From the beginning and as much English as you can manage.” HA! She explains that they were on a case they thought was human-related, “some scammer preacher type who we thought might be stealing from old broads. But then Brother Jerk threw some H2O at Bo…”

“Water,” Trick immediately repeats and at first, I think he’s instructing her on the whole English bit but he wants to make sure that it was just plain water. “It looked like it, yeah,” she agrees tentatively. “But it made her act like some wide-eyed Dorothy type and she didn’t even know me! I mean me!”

Trick says it sound like an addonc (not to be confused with a badonk-a-donk), a water Fae who soaks you and thus erases your memory. Kenzi: “Like shaking an etch-a-sketch?” Trick says that’s it exactly. “You revert back to a blank slate, child-like, more innocent.” He adds that like babies (ducks), people who’ve been addonced basically imprint on the first person who is kind to them. “Oh no,” Kenzi whispers in horror.

Seeing that she’s in over her head, Trick immediately passes the keys to The Dal (drink!) to a nameless waitress to use to lock up “it’s kinda an emergency,” and hustles Kenzi out. “Bo isn’t herself,” he tells Kenzi she won’t have her own wit or skills and then pauses before an epiphany. “She might not even know she’s a succubus.” Kenzi: “Uh oh. If she gets hungry, she could kill a whole NBA team – with a WNBA team for dessert! Let’s go!”

Bo randomly wanders one of the many industrial alleys Toronto seems to feature in abundance when a sleek, expensive, black car pulls up next to her. “Hey, gorgeous!” Ryan calls out. But Ducky Bo doesn’t recognize him and scurries away. “Hey, Bo!” he calls out keeping pace. “You’re the second person to call me that!” she says. “Well that’s because it’s your name,” he says heavy with the duh. This makes her stop in her tracks and Ryan likewise parks the car and gets out looking drop dead smokin’ in a suit. Hoo shah, Mister Lambert. Bo apologizes and admits that she doesn’t know who Ryan is, so he introduces himself, more than a little confused. “I’ve been looking all over for you.” And you decided she’d be down a dirty alley? He tells her he can prove it, that he gave her the bracelet she’s wearing and knows the inscription. “REL 12 3 42.” Wary, Bo removes the bracelet and finds the inscription.

Kenzi and Trick enter the temporary housing of the Dougallerian Society Celebration Center. “First step? Any water we find, we dump it,” Trick instructs. “No way!” Kenzi objects. “If I find some, I’m pouring it all over Ryan Gosling’s beautiful melon!” HAHAHA!! Brother Douglas comes out and immediately accuses Kenzi of assaulting him earlier. “I’m calling the police!” Trick tells him it’s not a good idea. “They send Fae cops and I’ll tell them you’re a criminal, addonc.” Brother Douglas asks for Trick’s identity. “Someone who knows the trickery you’re capable of,” Trick smoothly counters.

Brother Douglas is insulted. “It’s not trickery. I sell grace to those who badly need it.” Already weary with the spiel, Trick closes his eyes for a moment then demands to know where to find Bo. “How should I know?” Brother Douglas dissembles. He says she ran and didn’t return “before I had a chance to wash out her filthy mouth and put her in a modest blouse.” Kenzi is horrified. “A blouse?!” She lunges forward, but Trick holds her back. “You monster!” she snarls at Brother Douglas. Heeeee. Trick says they gotta go but will be keeping an eye on Brother Douglas.

Bo dithers in front of a mural of a clinch tagged with graffiti “BLANK 1984,” which might be the year to which her memory’s been erased. Ryan walks up behind her, cup in hand, and I get a serious John Hughes vibe, circa, well, 1984. Handy. He offers her the hot chocolate with extra whipped cream – “It’s the best remedy.” Giggling, Bo tells him he didn’t have to do that. “Sure I do,” he counters, “I care about you.” She insists she’s OK, only wishes she could remember more. “Was it raining?” Ryan confused again: “Today? Ah, no why?” Bo remembers getting a bit wet – I’m gonna let that one lie there too – and we know it’s due to the glowy, glowy water, but she doesn’t remember that. “I’m sorry. I’m confused. Are you cold? I’m still cold.”

Ryan sweetly asks her to let him help. She smiles and says OK and he hugs her tightly making her exclaim “Oh!” Wait, did he, did Ryan just – prod her? Surely not. Did he? Bo apologizes for not remembering him but really appreciates him helping her, so much so that she goes right in for a kiss, which Ryan is all too happy to provide. They start to mack, getting into it so much Ducky Bo spreads her arms and drops her hot chocolate. Immediately she shoves back from Ryan. “What?” he asks. “Wow!” she exclaims. “Wow?” Ryan repeats. “Wow! Wow! Wow!” she chants and I swear if the next words out of her mouth are “it’s like the Fourth of July in my mouth!” I am going to go bat shit crazy on this show.

Thankfully, they are not. The world rejoices.

Ryan smiles and repeats “wow” again, ready to dive back into the kiss, but Bo springs back further. “No!” On the wall behind her now is scrawled BLOODY, appropriately in red paint, across a Diviere Diamonds advert. “No, we can’t!” Ryan wonders why not but Ducky Bo is stammering. “We can’t! No. It’s too much. It’s too tempting!” Ryan heartily agrees with this. “I mean – sheesh! – we could end up way over our heads, I mean maybe even having, you know, S-E-X,” she spells out in a hushed voice. Yeah because that she remembers. Oh my giddy aunt, Ducky Bo is too adorable.

Ryan takes a beat. “You really don’t remember who you are, do you?” Now you’re getting’ it! Bo shakes her head no. Ever the opportunist, Ryan tells her she’s his girlfriend. Bo: “I am?” Ryan: “Yeah. We’re in love.” Bo: “We are?” Ryan: “Madly.” In fact, he admits to have been planning something for a while and thinks now is the perfect time. Oh noz. Oh no, no, no, no, nooooo.

Sure ’nuff, Ryan pulls out a ring box and gets down on one knee. In a dirty alley. Classy. “Oh wow,” Bo gasps. “That is sparkly.” OK, now you’re just channeling Kenzi completely. The camera pulls back and now we see the full tattered and tagged billboard for Diviere Diamonds of a turn-of-the-20th-century bride and groom with the tag line “Keep Her Yours, Always.” Anvil!! Anvil alert!!

“Marry me,” Ryan pleads. “I want to be with you forever; I need to be with you forever.” OK, this is wonky, even for the Loki – especially for the Loki. Tossing the ring box over his shoulder, Ryan shoves the ring on Bo’s finger. “We can be at The Falls in an hour,” and I’m assuming he means Niagara, the Gretna Green of the Western World. Panting, Bo looks down at the ring, handily on the same hand (heh) as Ryan’s bracelet, and then at Ryan himself, which is when her eyes eerily go succubus blue.

“Why not?” she queries with a grins. “Yes! Let’s get married!” Exuberant, Ryan leaps up and spins her around as they kiss again. “Oh wow!” Bo says one last time, but no Fourth of July crack, so I do not go all Jersey on it.

Ryan carries Bo across the threshold of the honeymoon suite, calling her “Mrs. Lambert.” Bo: “Holy sugar, this is fancy!” Ryan explains that it’s some industrialist’s old country home. “Nothing too good for my girl.” They kiss.

“You ask to fly my private helicopter, I make it happen,” Ryan teases and Bo tells him that was his idea and the most terrifying 20 seconds of her life. How would she know? “Oh not even close!” Ryan says, “You’ve forgotten so much incredible stuff, babe!”  Bo wonders if he thinks she’ll ever remember it. “I think,” he says, lying her back across the bed, “that we’ll just have to make some new memories. Having your life begin again as Mrs. Lambert? Could be a lot worse.”

But Bo shoves him off her and climbs out of the bed. Ryan moans into the mattress as Bo orders him to stop calling her that, “you bad man. This isn’t official yet.” That gust of wind you just felt was both sides of the entire fan base heaving a collective sigh of relief. Ryan leaps up and promises that they can fix that in fifteen minutes. “I want a dress,” Bo says quietly. Ryan stops in his tracks. “She wants a dress…” he repeats to himself. “I was thinking ivory Crepe de Chine,” Bo says earnestly. “I don’t even know what Crepe de Chine is, but doesn’t it sound delightful? I just, I wanna be really pretty,” she finishes, bouncing up and down in place. It’s not prom, Bo. Oh yeah, she doesn’t know what prom is. Carry on!

Ryan promises her that she couldn’t be any prettier. “I would marry you in hip waders and a space helmet.” Oh Ryan, you rogue. Bo agrees that he can wear that if he wants to, “but I want a dress.” Do not argue with a bride in search of a bridal gown, dude. You will lose every time. See, now I’m imagining a Bridezilla episode with Fae brides. I would so watch that show!

At The Dal (drink!), down in Tolkien’s Lair (drink!), Kenzi is thinking the worst. “What if Bo hitched a ride outta town and is dancing topless in a bar despite rival girls trying to bring her down?” I was wrong; this would be the Very Special Episode. Trick grimaces: “She’s not living in Showgirls!” Kenzi shrugs that this is her go-to worst scenario. I gotta admit it’s a solid one.

She gets up and joins Trick at the desk, insisting that there’s got to be some kind of cure. “Well, if she has relations with anyone, she could get healed,” Trickopedia posits, consulting a book. Kenzi closes her eyes and clasps her hands in prayer. “Oh come on random banging!” she entreats. HAHAHA! Ignoring this, he also suggests the dunking could wear off. “Fae are less susceptible than humans.” Kenzi groans. “My stomach hurts.”

Trick however decides that to be safe, they need to get Bo to drink the water from the River Mnemosyne, which is very rare and costs a fortune. Kenzi: “Well what are we supposed to do? Hold a telethon?!” Her voice breaks as she tells Trick they have to do something now, “Bo is out there!” Trick reassures her that addoncs usually keep a small stock of the River Mnemosyne on hand, “for emergencies.” Kenzi: “Oh, well, Brother Douglas better prepare than for the Second Coming of Moi!” Trick chuckles at her vehemence. Quick! To the Trickmobile!

Back at The Falls, Ryan has brought an exclusive bridal shop doyenne and her hot assistant to the hotel. Bo stands above them on a small dais as they display several gowns for her from the rack nearby. Doyenne gushes that this particular gown is from their Diamonds Are Forever collection, “if that’s your style,” but Bo doesn’t know. “Is it?” she asks, holding the gown before her. Doyenne: “Well, you would know better than me, kitten.” Um, kitten? Oh no.

Bo is unsure and asks after the cost but Doyenne assures her that Mister Lambert said money is no object, “which is just exactly the kind of groom I like!” Bo heartily agrees. Doyenne thinks Ryan seems perfect. Bo: “Oh yeah. He is handsome and generous, and, between us girls, he is unbelievably sexy – pardon my French!” Everyone giggles. Ducky Bo is so freaking cute in her innocence. Also, more than a little freaky.

Doyenne thinks all this is a good start and wonders how long Bo and Ryan have been together. “I don’t know!” Bo chirps with a wide smile. Doyenne decides this means practically forever then asks how they met. “I don’t know that either!” Bo chirps again. After a small pause, Doyenne decides it’s the love between them that matters and Bo agrees that she thinks she really does love Ryan. “I really like…his jacket!” she says with enthusiasm. Finally, Doyenne realizes something here is Not Right, which is just about the time Bo starts to weave her wiles on the hot assistant, who easily falls under the succubus spell. “You are stunning,” Bo says with awe. Doyenne quickly intervenes, telling Assistant she thinks they should show “our lovely bride-to-be something from the Empress line.” The spell broken, Assistant shakes her head and goes back to the dress rack with Bo nearly trailing after her.

 “Kitten,” Doyenne assays gently, tugging Bo back. “Is anyone coming here to be with you?” As she asks, Ryan returns, pausing just out of sight outside the room to listen. “You know,” Doyenne continues, “family or friends?”

Bo stares off into space, remembering. “There’s a girl,” she says slowly. “She has pink hair –no blue! – black! – oh, platinum!” All of the above, sweetie. Doyenne frowns up at her but Bo is on a roll. “Oh! There’s a man! He teaches me. He’s like an uncle – like a bartending Uncle,” she says to Doyenne, getting excited. Doyenne prods Bo for any names or numbers for these people but Bo suddenly gasps. “THERE’S A WOLF!” she exclaims waving her hands, thrilled to remember Dyson. Her face crumples into empathy and love as she clasps her hands together. “He’s uh – this beautiful, beautiful broken wolf man.” Sigh. Yes, yes he is. “He’s uh – who’s a cop!” she says with conviction. “A wolf cop?” Doyenne queries, clearly thinking Bo is cray cray. Heh. I am intrigued and utterly delighted that, tellingly, Doctor Lauren is nowhere to be seen in Bo’s flash of memory of the people she loves…

Outside, Ryan has heard enough and gets out his phone. “Kitten,” Doyenne asks gently while laying a new gown across Bo’s shoulder. “Have you seen a doctor recently?” Bo insists she feels fine. “I feel better and better actually,” she says, clutching the gown against her. She glances at the Assistant and again the hunger comes over her. She reaches for Assistant who again comes willingly and – again – Doyenne intervenes, asking assistant to hand her another gown. Bo looks between the two women as Doyenne smiles up at her. “She’s lovely, isn’t she?” she says conversationally. This lady is good.

On the phone, Ryan frantically asks “Desmond” to pull up the database on any Fae in Kingsley Business Park, “Especially those connected with water. Mermen, ogopogo, addoncs…”

Down in The Ash’s dungeon, Dyson has his face pressed up against Archer’s cell gate. “I want some answers,” he tells the UnderFae with menace. Acher is unimpressed. “I want some questions – you do understand how this works, don’t you? Tell me what you want to know,” he invites. Dyson wants to know why Petros would jump and Acher wonders why he wouldn’t. “Why wouldn’t you? Surely it’s better than walking around swallowing epochs of pain. I mean, not killing yourself starts to look like cowardice, and you’re no coward! Or are you?” he enquires.

“Killing yourself,” Dyson grits out, “is the greatest form of cowardice.” On this, I agree. “Not if it’s done for honor,” Acher is quick to counter. “Tell me, detective. Are you an honorable man?” He used to be, jackhole. He can be again. Dyson ducks his head, miserable and guilty.

At the temporary home of the Dougallerian Society Celebration Center, Trick and Kenzi are tossing the joint with no sign of Brother Douglas. The doors to the cabinet open out from the camera so we can see Kenzi and Trick’s faces as they rifle through its contents. Grabbing a random bottle, Kenzi demands to know which one is the right one. “Mnemosyne water smells like lilies with an undertone of sewage,” he details. Immediately, Kenzi blanches. “OK. You work on that. I’ll toss the desk see if I can come up with something else.” Trick continues to smell various bottles as Kenzi flips through various pieces of paperwork until he recoils violently from a small vial. “Ugh. I found it,” he calls out. Heh. Kenzi has success too, “an address and something that looks like a license plate number.” She reads off the number. Trick: “Let’s get Hale.”

Back at the lodge, Bo is wearing a robe and examining her engagement ring when Ryan enters the room, a beautiful bouquet of calla lilies in hand. “Where’s the hairdresser?” he asks, looking around the empty suite. “You’re not going to be ready in time, sweetie.” Without ceremony, Bo tells him she can’t go through with the wedding. She says she’s absolutely certain they have strong feelings for each other, “but memories are starting to come back and I’m less certain that this is what we should be doing.” Ryan, desperately, “Don’t say that.” Bo goes on to plead that there will be loads of other right times, “if this is right!” and that Ryan is handsome and fascinating. “Stop talking,” he entreats. “Stop.”

Bo whinges that it’s very weird, but, “I kind of had feelings for the young dress girl,” she confesses “Which is not exactly the wedding night that one hopes for.” How would she know? She has no memory of anything she’s ever hoped for! Ryan is beginning to understand what’s happening. He turns away from Bo, processing, “Oh.” Bo apologizes, so sweetly that Ryan turns back towards her and cups her face in his hand. For a moment, it seems he’s about to reassure her – when he sticks one of his gadgets in her neck, stunning her into unconsciousness. As she falls back across the bed, Ryan hovers over her. “I’m sorry too, Mrs. Lambert.” OK, that’s a bit much, even for an amoral playboy like Ryan.

Back at the temporary home of the Dougallerian Society Celebration Center, Kenzi and Trick are perched on the desk while Kenzi reads a text message from Hale saying the numbers are to a private plane that took off for The Falls. “Presumably, with our addonc on it,” Trick grouses. He posits that the water might have some control over Brother Douglas. “Or he’s jonesing for a wax museum and some fudge,” Kenzi quips. Trick snorts and points out that either way, they don’t know that Bo is with him. “Except,” Kenzi adds, reading the rest of Hale’s text “the plane belongs to Ryan.” Trick: “Ryan Lambert? I thought he and Bo were done dating.” I feel like there should be air quotes around ‘dating’.

“So did this sucka,” Kenzi says, pointing to herself. Back to the text again, she reads that Ryan’s credit card was used at Stonemont Creek Inn. Trick shrugs. “Road trip to The Falls!” Kenzi: “Yeah, we better find her so I can kill her!”

Bo tied up in Lost Girl Season 2 episode 18At the inn, Ryan greets Brother Douglas who insists that he’s at Ryan’s service. “It’s a spiritual crisis, Brother,” Ryan lies. “There’s a woman here making a very big mistake.” Brother Douglas promises to correct her and Ryan passes over an envelope while reminding Brother Douglas that he’s prepared to make it worth his while. Translation: dope up the chick so she does what I want and I’ll give you millions. Such a romantic our Ryan. He leads Brother Douglas into the absolutely amazing bathroom where a terrified Ducky Bo sits bound and gagged in the half-filled tub. Panting, she looks between the two men and fixates on Brother Douglas. “She recognizes you,” Ryan is surprised to realize. “You dunked her the first time.” Brother Douglas protests that it was self defense. “It was the best thing that ever happened to me,” Ryan tells him. “Do it again and make it last.”

Brother Douglas reaches into the tub and Bo cowers back from her. In moments, the water is churning and doing the glowy, glowy thing. Bo is in full panic, staring accusingly at Ryan while still hoping he’ll save her. Brother Douglas ponderously raises his hand, places it on the top of Bo’s head, forces a whimpering Ducky Bo under and holds her there. Some wedding night.

Down in The Ash’s dungeon, Acher is now in a dentist’s chair. The Ash uses dental procedure to torture his prisoners?! The fiend! Dyson is not only inside the cell pacing around like a – erm – caged wolf, but also now holding his gun. Not like that! So despite not carrying it where he would have been carrying it had he the authority to carry it in such a place, he’s still carrying it! Guess it was one of those-tucked-into-the-back-of-my-jeans-so-I-might- actually-shoot-my-ass-off sorta things. Also, I really think a scene got cut here, because that’s a significant change in positioning that is in no way explained.

Dyson confirms that Acher did know Petros (haven’t you been listening?) and asks after the dead elder, Sybil. Yeesh, who cares anymore? Bored now. Acher calls Sybil a sad lady who thought she had no future, job, or life. Dyson points out that she was poisoned and Acher corrects that Sybil took pills, which is different. He pulls out Dyson’s phone –how did he get that?! – and reads from it. “Kenzi! Called eight times.” Dyson is as shocked as we are to see Acher with his phone. “What the hell?” he mutters. Harker: “Is she the one who broke your heart?”

He goes on that someone called Trick has called seven times. “Sounds like a pet name for a prostitute, someone you call late at night when the silence is too much and the lone wolf needs to empty his… soul into someone.” Dyson prowls forward as Acher natters on and snatches the phone from the Under-Fae’s hand. Acher chides him for his temper and asks why Kenzi and Trick bother Dyson so much. “They’re clearly not important to you or you’d answer their calls.”

Dyson snits that he’s busy working and Acher calls him on his bullshit. “Talking to one piddling UnderFae. Are you so self-absorbed that you haven’t a moment for your loved ones?! What if they needed you?!” Acher gets up from the dentist chair and slowly crowds a frowning, guilty Dyson against the bars of the cell. “What if they’re about to breathe their last breaths and you can’t see past your own ass long enough to help them?” To be fair, it is quite an ass. “Or is that what you do?” Acher asks getting in close. Dyson growls as the Under-fae continues to goad him. “So unfeeling. Hurting those you love every chance you get.”

“I don’t love anyone!” Dyson growls, losing control and this is what Acher has been waiting for. “Then what’s the point of living?!” Dyson breaks. Growling and shouting, he grabs Acher by the lapels and reverses their positions, slamming the Under-fae against the bars. But Acher just laughs at him. “You poor pathetic animal.”

Breathing hard (sigh), Dyson yells at him, “YOU – DON’T – Know me,” he insists his vehemence ebbing as the sentence trails off.  “Don’t I?” Acher taunts. “You’re the one who doesn’t know himself. Why do you exist? What’s the point of you?” Defeated by the question he’s been asking himself for a while, Dyson tosses Acher aside and growls miserably. Aw. Poor dented wolf. C’mere and lemme make it all better.


At The Falls, the Wedding March plays as Bo makes her way down the aisle, the train of an elaborate and gorgeous wedding dress rustling in her wake. Naturally, she is absolutely stunning. She smiles at Ryan who waits for her at the altar. He helps her up to stand beside him and they look at one another without speaking, just smiling and sighing. Ryan takes the bouquet from her and sets it aside as Brother Douglas climbs up the back of the dais, barely making it between the sheer curtains without falling, which would have been hilarious.

In another part of the inn, Kenzi power walks down the corridor toward a waiting Trick. “Concierge says they’re in the Hummingbird Room. Don’t panic! She also said there was a wedding dress involved.” Clearly, it’s Kenzi who’s moments away from panic. Trick moans and Kenzi reassures that she thinks they can just get a quickie divorce like their quickie wedding. “Fae don’t believe in divorce,” Trick tells her, stopping Kenzi in her tracks. “Not for the first thousand years,” he clarifies. “What?!” Kenzi hisses. “What, like it’s so wrong to expect people to give it a real shot?!” Trick shouts after her as she zooms away. Hee.

In the Hummingbird Room, Brother Douglas makes some absurd motion around Bo and Ryan. “Here before the moon and stars and great gods –” which is as far as he gets before Trick and Kenzi burst into the room. “Stop the insanity!” Kenzi shrieks. That one never gets old.

“Don’t stop,” Ryan orders Brother Douglas. “One million dollars,” he reminds the fraud, “don’t stop.” Frantic, Kenzi swats Trick on the arm. “In the name of Clan Fin Arvin, I declare an objection!” he announces and Kenzi is quick to second it. Brother Douglas ignores them and announces that Ryan and Bo are combined as husband and wife and I swear Prince Humperdinck is back there hissing “Man and wife! Say man and wife!” Also, second Princess Bride allusion in the same episode? Someone’s laying breadcrumbs…

Kenzi and Trick are having a meltdown as Ryan and Bo kiss after which Ryan presents her as Mrs. Ryan Lambert. Bo and Ryan smile giddily at one another as Brother Douglas begins the ring ceremony. “OK Clan Fin Arvin – Fail!” Kenzi accuses Trick. “There has got to be a loophole!” When Trick just stares dumbfounded at Bo, Kenzi grabs him by the lapels to get his attention. “One thousand years, Trick!” she reminds him desperately. “One thousand years of marriage to an oversexed, goofy-haired, seven-year-old boy!”Ha!

“She doesn’t have the ring on yet,” Trick points out quickly. “The ring’s compulsory.” So is saying ‘I do,’ but we sorta skipped that one. “You get the bride,” Kenzi orders with renewed hope, “I’ll get the bling. Go!”

She scampers up to the altar, smacks Ryan on the arm, and grabs the ring pillow. Ryan is quick to pursue. “She’s mine!” he shouts, quickly in pursuit of Kenzi, but she shoves him off hard enough that he knocks over a bunch of chairs. Trick hurries up to join Bo, giving Brother Douglas such a look that the faux preacher flees.

“I had her first!” Kenzi shouts back at Ryan looking for weapons to throw. “Pets can’t marry their owners,” Ryan says obnoxiously. Kenzi throws a bunch of poises at him that hit him in the chest. “Flowers? Really?” he says, unimpressed, so Kenzi starts throwing the glass vases instead. Ryan ducks one, than picks up a silver tray and starts blocking the missiles.

Up at the altar, Trick is trying to remind Bo who he is to her. “Drink this,” he implores, holding up the vial of Mnemosyne water. “It’s OK.” Bo takes the vial but looks between it and Trick tentatively, greatly confused. “It’ll make you feel better, love,” Trick reassures her softly. That’s an – odd endearment for him to use. Hmmmm. In the background, the sound of shattering vases continues. Snort. “It’ll make this all better,” Trick promises Bo as she raises the vial. Bo smiles at him and, apparently not at all bothered by the base note of sewage, downs the water flat.

Kenzi throws another vase, which slams into the silver platter before Ryan lowers it, revealing his exasperation. Bo finishes the potion and Trick smiles with relief. “Bo?” Bo gapes at him. “TRICK?!” Kenzi finally runs out of vases to throw and yells for Trick. “Give me the ring,” Ryan says to her, more amused I think than anything, and holds out his hand. Kenzi denies him again with a shot to his chest for good measure.

Bo picks up her skirts and scurries over to Kenzi’s aid and promptly clubs Ryan across the back of his head with her elbow. Good shot! Ryan grunts with pain and goes down, out cold. “Good one,” Kenzi hisses at Bo. Heh. She brushes broken glass out of the way of Ryan’s head as Trick joins them both in gaping down at Ryan.

Bo, Trick, and Kenzi in Fae-nted Love“Who was the water guy?!” Bo demands to know out of nowhere. Trick explains how Brother Doug is an addonc. “Total brainwashing,” Kenzi adds. “You thought it would be fun to get on a plane with Ry-ry and marry his creepy self.” Trick assures her they stopped it before it became official and Bo compliments them both on a good day at the office.

“You look really beautiful, Bo” Kenzi says with awe taking in her bestie and Bo smiles and looks down at herself. “I never really thought I’d pick this giant, puffy marshmallow dress.” Kenzi: “Me neither! But it totally works!” Bo: “I know, right?!” And they high-five it out, so much better than hugging it out, as Trick smiles up at his girls.

Kenzi glances down at Ryan. “OK, we need to get some more fancy, fix-it water for Groombot here.” Ha! Groombot. Love it. Bo can wrap her mind around it. “I mean, we don’t even like each other.” That’s not exactly true, but OK.  “Although,” she admits reluctantly, “I, ah, did call him – to heal,” she adds quickly as Kenzi looks at her with shocked disbelief. “What?!” Bo admits that it’s true. Trick takes a moment to process. “Okay,” he says. “It’s all becoming clear.” Maybe to you, Trickopedia. “We’re going to need candles, white cloth…and Kenzi.” Handily, you have them all there at nuptialous interruptus.

Back in the dungeon – STILL?! Come on, show!! We geddit already! – Acher is still taking shots at Dyson. “If I had what you have as a proper Fae, I’d be happy! I’d enjoy life!” he whinges. “Those of you in the master class, moving among humans as though you were men.”

“I am a man!” Dyson yells back. “And a wolf; I live in both worlds.” Acher says that’s his problem; he’s actually neither. “You think you fit in both worlds, but you don’t fit in either.” Dyson snarls that Acher has no idea what he’s talking about. Acher counters that the does, Dyson just can’t bear hearing it. “You’re a lost soul searching for an identity, searching for something to hold on to, but everything you touch turns to dust.”

Dyson loses it again, grabbing Acher and demanding he stop talking as he shoves the gun barrel against Acher‘s throat. Acher says something about Dyson being afloat in a sea of self doubt, and whatever dude. “You’re tired. Dyson, you’re tired and defeated. Life without love has become unbearable.” Again, Dyson hisses for Acher to stop. Naturally he doesn’t, but goes on to tell him that his life isn’t worth living and doesn’t Dyson agree? As he continues to goad Dyson, the gun slowly moves from Acher’s throat to Dyson’s. Show, if you think this causes me a single moment of concern, you have seriously misjudged your audience and, clearly your writing staff. Please.

“Save your friends from the pain of betrayal of their love for you.” Oh my giddy aunt, this guy is still talking. That’s it. Dyson? Shoot him, please. Instead, Dyson puts the gun under his own chin. “Go on,” Acher taunts. “Five pounds of pressure on the trigger and all your misery will simply go away!” He says it’s time for Dyson to put it all behind him. “You’re a failure as a man. And you’re a failure as a wolf.”

But, much like this show, Acher has seriously misjudged his target. Weary and drained, Dyson shoves himself back from Acher and lowers the gun. “I am still a wolf,” he declares harshly, stepping back from the brink. He swallows hard and takes Acher’s measure. “This is what you did to them, isn’t it? This is how you killed them.”

Acher says he only held up a mirror to show them the ugly truth, “just like I’m doing with you.” Dyson tells him the only ugly thing there is Acher. “You’re empty and you’re alone. The only joy you get is causing misery to real Fae.” This successful pushes Harker’s buttons who is quick to insist that he is a real Fae. “No!” Dyson disagrees. “You hate yourself and you prey on the weakness of your masters. You think that if you can rise above them for a moment it will mean you’re not a – sad and unwanted pathetic abomination.”

Acher snaps that he’s killed dozens of Fae with little more than his intellect, “you’re not better than me!” As drained as if he’d done actual, physical battle, Dyson admits that he doesn’t think he is. He opens the cell door and steps through it. “But I do think I just got a confession,” he says with satisfaction and slams the door in Acher’s face.

As Dyson continues to make his way down the hall and through various gates, Acher calls out with rising agitation that Dyson didn’t win anything there tonight. “You’ve only prolonged the inevitable. When you take your life, the victory will be mine!” Dyson shoots him one disgusted look, but doesn’t reply. His job is done. He might even have survived it. “Detective!” Acher shouts after him. “I’m still in your mind!” Probably, but, thankfully, no longer on my screen.

Back at the inn, Ryan is still unconscious on the ground, but now he lies on his back with a triptych of candles circling his head. “Make a tiny incision on his wrist,” Trick’s voice instructs Kenzi. “Just a tiny one?” a disembodied Kenzi clarifies, disappointed. Trick: “Tiny!” I am loving the Trick and Kenzi Hour tonight! Sighing heavily, she does so, grousing about why she’s the right person for the job. Trick wraps the aforementioned white cloth around Ryan’s not bleeding wrist, places the bleeding one atop it and finishes off by binding both with the remaining cloth.

He tells her it doesn’t matter why, “just be careful; you might feel a little faint.” The camera pulls back to show they’ve also bound Ryan’s legs with white cloth. “Ugh,” Kenzi scoffs. “Fainting is for wimps.” Together, they hold Ryan’s bound hands between them and Trick invokes the spell: “With harm to none thy will be done,” which Kenzi repeats. Trick: “The wrist I cleave and the other leave.” Again, Kenzi repeats the incantation. The camera continues to pan up to reveal Bo sitting at Ryan’s feet, the wedding dress spread out around her. “Thou cannot harm him, Bo,” Trick finishes and Bo recoils as Kenzi repeats this last bit with a question in her tone. “Wait, what did I do?” Bo asks, but Trick shushes her, which, hee, and quickly turns back to monitor Kenzi.

“Head rush,” Kenzi slurs, tilting. “Ohhh.” Bo: “Here she goes,” and as Kenzi passes out, Bo catches her across her pristine white lap. Ryan instantly wakes up with a gasp. He looks down at his chest, grabs his tie with shock, and goggles at Bo. “I thought I was dreaming but you are wearing a white dress!”

“Actually, it’s champagne,” Bo snits, cradling Kenzi’s head. “We almost got married.” Ryan: “I need a whiskey. And a beer. With a side of strippers.” Hee hee hee hee hee hee. I love that line! He frowns at Bo and Kenzi, “She OK?” Trick speaks, startling Ryan, and says that Kenzi will be fine in a couple of minutes. Bo smacks Ryan on the shoulder. “For the record, I was out of my mind too.”

“Sure you were,” Ryan mutters and then asked what happened to them. Bo explains that an addonc whammied her, “something else happened to you, which I am dying to hear about,” she adds with a pointed look at Trick. But before Trick can come up with something, Ryan reacts. “Oh, it’s my bad! I was with this huldralast night, Sonya, that’s when you called for your little emergency service call and, God, she went totally ballistic, crazy jealous. She has been known to melt portions of people’s brain to control her enemies, so…” Simultaneously, he and Trick declare that that must be it.

As they look at one another – jinx! You owe me a stripper! – Kenzi comes to with a loud gasp. “Did I catch the bouquet?!”” Ryan immediately stands up and offers her a hand. Kenzi glares at him sullenly and smacks it away, crawling to her feet on her own. Ryan sighs, grimaces, takes a step forward and with a raised brow, offers the same assistance to Bridal Bo. Bo isn’t much friendlier about it, but realizes she can’t get up in that dress on her own. Rolling her eyes, she lets him haul her to her feet. “I’m gonna have us flown back and we’ll go kick some addonc’s ass.” Bo agrees that just what she was planning to do. Ryan regards her with open amusement and appreciation. “One more beating for old time’s sake?” They shake on it, “deal”. Satisfied, Ryan flings the curtains back from the door and stalks through them letting them go without a second thought so they drop back into Bo’s face. Bo stands before the curtains with resigned exasperation. “Wow.” Yep. Ryan’s back.

Back at the Dougallerian Society Celebration Center, Brother Douglas – wait, he got there how now? Hitchhiking? ‘Cause I don’t think Ryan was offering the private plane for the return trip… Eh, whatever. Brother Douglas is presiding over his congregants, pontificating that a “generous donor” has enable them to work in the “Turks and Caicos” and thus the need to pack up quickly when Ryan and a de-wedding dressed Bo saunter in all righteous with indignation. “I want my money back,” Ryan tells him. Brother Douglas: “In the words of our Lord…no.” Heeee. Gesturing to the two guards who flank him, Brother Douglas adds that they can offer Bo and Ryan a baptism for their generosity.

“Well, that’s a very generous offer,” Ryan says, strutting forward to stand in the middle of the congregation. He holds up a narrow, cylindrical container. “Bring it in folks! Refreshing taste of Mnemosyne!” He places the container on the floor and presses a button. Immediately, compressed Mnemosyne is converted to an aerosol that spreads through the room, waking all the people from their collective brainwashing. “Zero calorie, mind-altering beverage,” he quip, with a wave of his hand. “Breathe deeply.” Heh. Naturally, Fae Tony Stark was able to build and/or acquire such a gadget during their flight from The Falls and, no doubt, he either, 1. Bought up all the Mnemosyne in Canada or 2. More likely, had a stock himself already somewhere in his bag of tricks.

Brother Douglas moves to stop him –“No! Don’t! You can’t!”–but it’s Bo’s turn at bat as she grabs Brother Douglas by the lapels. “Prepare to lose your religion,” she says and administers the succubus kiss. Dazed, Brother Douglas gets that sycophantic look on his face. “He broke the mold when He made you,” he murmurs and tries to kiss Bo for realz until she shoves him aside and orders him to sit down, “while I call my friend, The Ash,” she adds.

Ryan high-fives her, “Hey! Nice work!” and she returns the sentiment. “Almost makes me sad we don’t get to do it again,” he adds and holds her in a loose embrace. Again, Bo is in accord. “Well, it had to end eventually,” she says with no regret. “Oil and water.” Ryan murmurs agreement as he studies her. I like that they’re both on the same page here without needing a painful heart-to-heart. One of the appeals of Bo and Ryan’s “relationship” is that they both knew from the start that it wasn’t serious and go therefore have fun and come and go as they pleased.

He looks down briefly and, surprisingly, asks if she’ll still wear the bracelet he gave her, which she is presumably still wearing from earlier in the episode. As it gave her resistance against the djinn’s powers in Midnight Lamp, I’d keep that puppy on daily. Bo warily notes that it’s a strangely sentimental request for Ryan. “It’s got a chip in it,” he cuts her off. “It’ll warn me with you’re within 50 feet.” Bo chuckles; that’s more like it. “I’ll walk the other way; I won’t be tempted,” he adds smiling with ample charm. Grinning, Bo agrees that this is a good plan.

They stare at one another silently one last time. “Goodbye Ryan,” Bo says firmly. “Bye beautiful,” he returns easily and kisses her cheek, one last tender moment before he leaves.

Bye Ryan! We’ll miss your charming grin, questionable morality, and blatant insouciance. Come back soon, ‘kay. Honestly, I am going to miss him.

In some random alley – where else? –Dyson straps a bed roll to the back of his motorcycle (sigh) giving it a firm pat for good measure. Leather jacket collar up, he swings one of his long legs over the bike and gets settled. God, he’s hot. Strewth. Bike. Leather. Man. I may need a moment.

The wolf man’s face is a picture of resigned misery as he pulls on helmet and gloves, powers up the bike, and burns rubber as he streaks on out of town. Also, normally, the mad love the lighting grips have for the yellow gel saturated everyone and everything in mellow yellow drives me bonkers, but I like the way it’s used to complement KHR’s natural – um – visage here.

At The Dal (drink!), Kenzi slurps her drink through a straw as Bo looks on, Ryan’s bracelet front and center in the shot. Kenzi sighs heavily and Bo barely manages not to roll her eyes. “I can’t believe you lied to me about Ryan,” Kenzi says quietly, painfully. “Kenzi, I know,” Bo replies for like the thousandth time. “I’m sorry. Verbal apologize number 84 if you’re keeping track.”

An unusually serious Kenzi points out that if Bo had told her the truth, she could’ve found her earlier and again Bo agrees and apologizes more sincerely. “Verbal apology number 85, for the folks at home,” she teases gently. I’m gonna go right ahead and take that as a shout out. Kenzi smiles weakly but does look at her bestie. “You really shouldn’t fib to people who are close to you.” Like Nate?

There’s a pregnant pause and I nearly miss the next line from dodging all the anvils that plummeted out of the sky with that line, which increase as Trick silently arrives to fill it. Thank God for the DVR.

He places a bowl of peanuts or whatever in front of them and wipes down the bar as Kenzi continues. “Especially when you expect them to be your maid of honor,” she says, pointing to herself. “When it’s for realz. You know?” Bo nods and smiles, relieved. Kenzi takes one solitary snack from the bowl and heads off, promising to be back in “two shakes.” Think you’re missing an essential body part for that maneuver, sweetie, but whatever. She kisses Bo’s cheek – all forgiving – and heads off.

Trick asks if Bo’s beer is cold enough, “Been having a bit of trouble with the taps.” But Bo isn’t dissuaded by his bar keep patter. “Did you hear what Kenzi just said? About lying to the people who are closest to us?” Trick nods with a small grimace. “I heard.” Bo tells him she doesn’t think Ryan’ girlfriend melted his prefrontal cortex. “I think that I bled on him,” she says, heavy with import.

Trick is more casual about the event. “It happens. You’ve bled on people before.” Bo points out that this is the first time someone’s gone all gaga from it and started stalking her. Not Lady Gaga. Though she probably would. She has that “Crazy Stalker” vibe.

“Something was different,” Bo says. “He [Ryan] was acting like one of Aoife’s – my mom’s – Chippendale boy toys.” Thank you, show, for reminding us simple-minded fans as to Aoife’s role in this Faedom. “Perish the thought,” Trick jokes, but I think he means it most sincerely.

Bo isn’t about to let him off that easily. “I just thought that you might know more, as a man who can control destiny with his blood,” here Trick does more than grimace, “and who knew right away how to bring Ryan back!”

Finally serious, Trick leans forward, “Are you asking me something,” he asks with some earnest, and for once, I think he’s prepared to spill given the right incentive. But Bo retreats…slightly. “Not yet.” She says they have to focus on the battle ahead. “But when I ask you the questions that I have – I am gonna want answers.” Her voice breaks a little. “Real, honest answers.” Trick, however, has been playing this game a lot longer than Bo, and merely lifts his brows at her demanding tone. “Message received,” he responds baldly, recognizing the line she’s just drawn in the sand but refusing to be ruffled by it. “Loud and clear.”

Oooohh. There gonna be a reckoning!                                                                      

They smile faintly at one another, still faemily, and Trick moves down the bar as Bo exhales audibly.

End Credits

Fae of the Day

Addonc:  A water fae who uses water to erase people’s memories and thus control them. An addonc’s victim becomes a blank slate and will imprint on whomever they ping on first.

Origin: Unknown

Huldra: a seductive forest creature. Does not like to be left behind for a booty call with another woman

Origin: Swedish/Norweigan

Quotes of the Night:

Ryan: You realize that none of my doctorates are in that medical stuff, right? In fact, most of them are made up

Bo: You’re the one who told me post orgasm claustrophobia was a medical condition.

Kenzi: There’s a guy dressed as a bellhop crying in our hallway.

Kenzi: On today’s episode of Kenzi, our heroine’s moxie is challenged when she’s confronted with…a stalker!

Triste: I know y’all be private girl dicks.

Kenzi: I lost Bo! Her bodacious brain just went kablooey! Trick: OK. From the beginning and as much English as you can manage.

Kenzi: If I find some, I’m pouring it all over Ryan Gosling’s beautiful melon!

Kenzi: A blouse? You monster!

Kenzi: What if Bo hitched a ride outta town and is dancing topless in a bar despite rival girls trying to bring her down? Trick: She’s not living in Showgirls!

Trick: If she has relations with anyone, she could get healed. Kenzi: Oh come on random banging!

Bo: THERE’S A WOLF! He’s a – this beautiful, beautiful broken wolf man. He’s a – who’s a cop!

Trick: Fae don’t believe in divorce, not for the first thousand years. What, like it’s so wrong to expect people to give it a real shot?!

Kenzi: One thousand years of marriage to an oversexed, poufy-haired, seven-year-old boy!

Bo: I never really thought I’d pick this giant, puffy marshmallow dress. Kenzi: Me neither! But it totally works!

Kenzi: We need to get some more fancy, fix-it water for Groombot here.

Trick: Make a tiny incision on his wrist. Kenzi: Just a tiny one? Trick: Tiny!

Ryan: I need a whiskey. And a beer. With a side of strippers.


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Suzanne Metaxas
1. SuzyM
Another great recap! Really loved this episode but it was so chock full of stuff I'm going to rewatch it again before I comment. :)
2. whiskeywhite
I agree with Kiersten that I am going to miss Ryan's mischievous grin. Anthony Lemke has been wonderful as Ryan. He appeared in the first season of the Canadian TV series "The Listener" playing a boring, boring straight-up cop. No wonder he disappeared by Season 2. But here, he’s perfect for his devilish role.

I didn't mind that Archer went on and on, goading Dyson and plumbing the depths of his misery. Partly because it gives those of us who would die (OK, commit a serious crime) for a chance to "console" the “poor dented wolf” an opportunity to imagine that. Partly because it allowed Kris Holden-Ried to go beyond his usual restrained registering of emotional pain. But also, I was fascinated watching the work of respected Canadian stage, film and TV actor Oliver Becker as Archer. Riveting!

I too would have been upset if Bo had said again, "it's like the 4th of July in my mouth," but probably for a different reason. As a Canadian, I wasn't happy that the writers used this American reference. We have fireworks on our national holiday as well (pout). However, as another fan pointed out, “It's like Canada Day in my mouth" doesn't have the same pizzazz. In fact, even Canadians mightn’t have understood (we think of the Queen on Canada Day). :-)

I have another Canadian complaint, about which I’m much more serious. The writers have Bo say about Ryan, “... he is unbelievably sexy – pardon my French!” "Pardon my French" is a phrase which apparently has roots in the 18th-century British view that all things vulgar and licentious, including sexually transmitted infections like syphilis, came from France. It is commonly used in Canada, by Anglophones, right after someone utters a swear word or some other ‘bad word’ (‘sexy’ is a bad word?). Okay, maybe this is meant to communicate Bo’s addonc-imposed innocence, as Kiersten suggests, perhaps combined with Bo's small town origins. But Canada is an officially bilingual country, and "Pardon my French" used in this way is a slur on French Canadians and the French language. I've discussed this with a French Canadian co-worker; she's accustomed to it, but she doesn't like it. She knows it's derogatory.

As I was writing this, I just realised that I've been assuming the writers are Canadian. Well, they’re writers working in Canada, hired by a Canadian production company. They should know better. Or somebody should tell them.

Enough all things Canadian, on to what I think about this episode overall.

This episode is my least favourite of the entire two seasons. I think it's a “say-yes-to-the-dress” snore-fest, useful only because we see the power of Bo's blood as well as Bo beginning to connect this with Trick and to push him for answers. But having Kenzi look forward to Bo’s future “for realz” marriage is going too far. Do we really think that Bo is going to get married, and in a white dress?

Which brings me to what I've been pondering since last week – @lsbloom’s response to my point about monogamy. She argues (sorry if my presumption that @lsbloom is a woman offends) that Bo really wants monogamy and it's only the writers’ pandering to the "fandom" that has led to Bo "sleeping around." I'll get back to you on that.
Suzanne Metaxas
3. SuzyM
@wishkywhite the reason Bo would say the 4th of July in my mouth is because she is from the American Mid-West. Therefore the celebration with fireworks would be the 4th of July for her.

Pardon my French is not meant to be a slur on anyone. I think Anthony Lemke would have been the first one to object if he felt it was. He is a very vocal French Canadian.

I think you should go back and reread @Isbloom's comment on monogamy and Bo. I just did and I don't get the same interpretation you do.
Brittany Melson
4. BrittanyMelson
I loved this episode, but I'm probably the only one who was actually rooting for Bo and Ryan to get married. I love arranged/forced marriages. Even if they spent the next 1000 years (and who knows how many seasons) hating each other, it would have been great fun. Plus, I think Ryan is a complex and interesting character and with Dyson out of the picture...

Speaking of Dyson, I'm tired of all the scenes showing how tortured he is. Dyson's really sexy and everything, but I like Ryan's charm and naughtiness more than Dyson's moodiness. I mean, I know Dyson sacrificed his love to the Norn, and that was really noble and all, but I have a short attention span and that was, like, a million episodes ago. Bo and Dyson need to get back together soon, or I might stop rooting for them. (To all the Bo and Dyson fans, I deeply apologize for my insolence:) Also, what's up with the bracelet Ryan made? I have a feeling it's more than just a tracking device.

Finally, I can't figure out what's going on with Trick. I thought he might be, like, Bo's father or grandfather, but that doesn't really make sense since I get the impression he's really old (and had a different wife) and Aoife was tortured by some guy who was maybe Bo's daddy. Wasn't there some reference to Trick letting Aoife down in the past--I mean, weren't they in the same clan or something? Honestly, I'm confused but totally intrigued, and I want to know what Trick knows about Bo. I love being surprised, and this show definitely keeps me guessing! The only unfortunate thing is that there are already so many people who probably know the ending of this season, so it's not quite as much fun. (I will not search the Internet for spoilers...I will not search the Internet for spoilers...)
6. lsbloom
Hey @whiskeywhite. Just to clarify: that's not what I said/intended. Not "has led" but "will lead." I think that the show and this episode included (I refrained from mentioning in response to your quote last week as it was a spoiler) reinforces a "Bo believes in monogamy" story that we've seen from the beginning. Her base state was instantly attracted to marriage. So yes, I do believe the Bo that show has presented does want to get married in a white (or champagne) dress. But I have seen a "Bo can't be monogamous" push from the fandom. That is being echoed in Firestone's interviews and what we are hearing about season 3. I think the fandom wants a free, sexually adventurous Bo and many “believe” that’s her nature, I don't think that we've ever really seen that (she had 4 sexual partners including a really long 1 partner stretch in season 1 and 6 in season 2+a long dry spell), but I anticipate them going more in that direction despite the long list of actions and discussions (like the no questions asked assumption that Bo would want to get married for reals or the instantly assuming an exclusive relationship with a one-night stand) that have occurred throughout season 1 and 2.

I'm happy with Bo being as sexually active as she pleases or believing in committed love instead of lust, whatever, but I have major continuity issues with the show, especially these last few episodes, so if they make the decision to take Bo in that direction I feel like they need to address the existing cannon and character before just making it that way. I just don't think they will. These messy season 2.5 episodes have shown a tendency to listen to fandom wishes and start treating them as if they were show cannon. One of the big things about Bo coming to terms with her succubus powers was trying to make a distinction between love and lust and even if she has the power to make "any guy want her" she can't make anyone "love" her and the “not the sex, not the succubus, me” love was what she wanted. But that was dropped when Lovretta left. As a matter of fact, we've dropped almost all discussion of Bo's value system and choosing humans mainly to service the dark fae storylines and let Bo feed at will. It's less of a sexuality issue for me than a continuity issue.

PS. I'm a girl. No worries. :-)
Linda Losik
7. LindaL
Wonderful recap and so helpful! Really enjoyed this episode on many levels, not the least of which is KHR’s acting. Wow, did he really pull that off! At first I wondered what was going on with the under Fae, until, on re-watch, the Ash clearly states that he has told Archer nothing about Dyson. Mind reader Archer is not, body language reader, yes he is. Otherwise Archer would have been able to pick up that Dyson didn’t love anyone because he is empty of love and that is only one of many reasons for Dyson being a lone wolf. The segment gave more to Dyson than to us as to understanding himself as well as how others perceive him. The depth that KHR demonstrated was delightful in its complexity. Am now really curious as to where he was heading on his bike. Back to a coastal hunting run???

Bo as a wide-eyed innocent was absolutelyenchanting! Now we know what she must have been like in high school. Trick told Kenzi that the water would make Bo fixate on the first person that was nice to her. Thus, she attached to Ryan after the first dose and Trick after the second dose when he was nice and called her “love”. I am not sure if Trick realized that she was twice doused, but am thinking that he thought that it was possible because the first dousing would have worn off by the time they got there. I am very curious as to what Trick knows, he recognized what Bo had done by bleeding over Ryan and so did Ryan. Also, Trick is a sentient being: therefore, he recognized an immoveable female when he saw her. Sometimes, we really are quite inflexible and our males do quickly sense it!

Like many others, I will miss Ryan. He was fun while he lasted!

@BrittanyMeslon: in last season’s finale, Trick states that Aofie was a member of his clan, which means as the Blood King, his would have been responsible for her (and her actions), which is why he turned her over to the Dark Fae (thinking that she would be executed).
Brittany Melson
8. BrittanyMelson
@LindaL Thanks for refreshing my memory about Trick and the clan thing. I knew it was something like that, but I couldn't remember details.
10. whiskeywhite
Thanks, @lsbloom for the clarification. When you said, “I think they are moving to having that point to appease the fandom,” I thought you meant “are moving in the current episodes, the ones already seen,” not the future.

I think you make a sophisticated argument about Bo having to learn the difference between love and lust and so on. And while I’m at it, I wanted to complement you as well on your insightful analysis of Bo and Dyson trying to compromise on fighting their respective natures.

But as regards monogamy, if I may, let me try to unpack your argument:

1. Bo wants to be monogamous as demonstrated by her initial response to Dyson, the relatively small number of lovers she has, especially in the earlier part of the series, and the fact that (threesomes aside) she’s “never had more than one steady sexual partner at a time.”
2. Bo’s desire and capacity for monogamy is established in the canon of the show. (I’m no student of literature or film, so I take the canon to mean the fundamental aspects of the characters and story already solidly established in the earlier part of the series).
3. The writers/producers are moving away from the canon (Bo wants to be monogamous) by having her “sleeping around” and will continue to do so in the future.
4. That movement is as a result of their appeasing the fandom, some of whom see Bo as being incapable of monogamy.

Hope I got that right. Lemme know. :-)

I completely agree that Bo initially wants a monogamous relationship with Dyson. But I want to argue that quite early on what develops is in fact two concurrent love stories for Bo which peak at difference times, both of them consummated with lovemaking that is more than succubus feeding (so it's not just lust). (Let’s leave aside the minor dalliances for now). As for the canon (which I frankly don’t care much about), Bo’s in bed with Dyson by episode S1.02 and with Lauren by S1.06, very willingly so in both cases. So, if I understand the concept of the canon, doesn’t that put both relationships in it?

Let’s look at the evidence for my argument.

After the first sleepover with Dyson, Kenzi is already asking Bo if she “lurves” him, and she’s willing to consider it. No wonder, because as Michelle Lovretta has said, Bo has “the dating skills of a fifteen year old.” Saskia isn’t far off when she asks if Dyson is Bo’s “steady” – that’s likely essentially what she has in mind at this early stage.

As an aside, I cringed when Bo described herself to Dyson as his “girlfriend” in S1.13 – you’re a 29-year old woman, your partner is centuries old and has committed himself to you for life, and you’re his “girlfriend”? Talk about teenager. But I digress.

While Bo is oh so actively having sexual fun with Dyson (supposedly as “just friends” but we know different), she is also attracted to and curious about Lauren from their very first meeting. By Bo’s ‘succubus mid-term’ (S1.06), there’s major ‘sparkage’, as Kenzi would say, and they become closer as they work together on the ‘foot soup’ investigation.

Bo is still intensively aware of her hoped-for exclusive relationship with Dyson, so she checks with him: “So you wouldn’t mind if I started seeing other people then?” To her disappointment, he reaffirms the “not exclusive” arrangement by answering, “Not at all” (you lie, wolfie, you lie). This answer, morally, seems to open the door to a relationship with Lauren as well as Dyson.

In S1.07, Bo admits to Kenzi that she cares about Lauren. In this episode and the following (S1.08 “Vexed”) Bo and Dyson argue about Bo’s intensifying relationship with Lauren. Dyson: “She’s never going to love you.” Bo: “If there’s one thing that I can say about Lauren, it’s that she cares. Are you willing to say the same thing?” Bo trusts, cares for, and desires Dyson. But the same is developing for Lauren.

Despite Bo’s trying to cool the sex-with-humans jets a bit with Lauren: “I was thinking that taking things slow on that front would be good,” the jets explode to warp speed when Lauren seduces Bo. So Bo goes from torrid sex with Dyson to a heartfelt romp in the sack with Lauren in one episode (S1.08).

Note for the purposes of our monogamy discussion that Bo is totally welcoming of Lauren’s advances – until she learns that Lauren has been sent by The Ash. She feels deeply betrayed, but not the least bit guilty. One might argue that she has no reason to feel guilty because Dyson has already broken off the sexual relationship with her altogether by telling her, immediately following the torridness, “This is the last time.” Thus he has technically completely freed her, if she prefers monogamy, to enter a relationship with Lauren.

But the plot thickens. Of course Dyson is still deeply attached to Bo and at the end of the same episode (S1.08) he relents and admits to Bo that he does indeed care for her. Bitter about Lauren’s betrayal, Bo is estranged from her during the remaining episodes of the season. Bo and Dyson become closer and closer until he finally declares his commitment – for life (S1.12 “Dismembered’). They are ecstatically happy, looking forward to a long future together.

So, one could argue that Bo’s original wish for monogamy with Dyson has been fulfilled. However, while delighted at Dyson’s love confession, Bo in return makes no promises, other than “no secrets.” As @SuzyM rightly says, “Bo never promises Dyson she will be monogamous.” And by the Season 1 finale (S1.13 “Blood Lines”) Bo is already forgiving Lauren – even before Dyson loses his love.

In Season 2, after unsuccessful efforts to “woo” Dyson back, it becomes (very) painfully clear to Bo that she cannot have the relationship with Dyson she envisioned. However, she continues to love him (intending to lie to him about it). Nonetheless, Bo becomes closer and closer to Lauren, until in S2.06 they end up back in bed again. Bo assures Lauren that “this is about us” and she’s not on the rebound from Dyson.

Sorry about all the detail, but I’m trying to substantiate my “two concurrent love stories” argument while trying to be fair to @lsbloom’s point that Bo “never had more than one steady sexual partner at a time” (‘steady’ of course being the operative word).

Is it true that Bo not only wants monogamy (and maybe even marriage), but is capable of it? She still loves and desires Dyson but she also wants Lauren sexually and emotionally. Does this make Bo immoral? Is she now, emotionally at least, two-timing Dyson?

If Bo is capable of monogamy, is it the best choice for her or even a viable choice in her situation? Kiersten asks a wise question in the comments on her recap of S2.06:
“... there is definitely something in Doctor Lauren that fulfills Bo in a way that Dyson and vice versa. ... What do you do when the two people you love each meet separate needs that you can't do without?"
Is the by now more emotionally experienced Bo open to, and perhaps needing of, at least two committed but non-monogamous relationships?

Further, what actually constitutes monogamy for a succubus, or in fact, for anyone? If Bo is sleeping with one person she loves, Lauren, is this a monogamous relationship just because she cannot currently sleep with the other person she loves as a result of him being, in essence, badly emotionally wounded (and trying to protect her from being further harmed by his condition)?

I appreciate @SuziM’s perspective on her 43 years of faithfulness to her partner (you go, girl!). After only 28 years on my part (I started late), I personally have no interest in putting up with more than one man at a time. :-) :-) However, I think that long-term commitment and “no secrets” in a relationship are more important than sexual exclusivity. I, myself, have been in a triangle where my partner established a second relationship – but only with my prior permission. I was fine with it as long as it was clear which relationship had priority and there was respect, caring and full disclosure all around.

Is an open, respectful, multi-partner approach perhaps a better solution for Bo? If Dyson ever gets his love back, or if someone else comes along, should they and Lauren both “scootch over” and give her space for that? Would one relationship have to take priority over the other?

I’ve already gone on for too long. I’ll have to come back to the role that fans are playing in the development of the story (because I think it’s a good question).
11. lsbloom
Hi @whiskeywhite. I don't have time to unpack your full argument this morning. I do appreciate how thought out it is and I look forward to getting in there and reading all of it. But I think we are talking about two different things: you keep saying "sleeping around" as the counterpoint to monogamy. I'm defining a monogamous nature (one committed partnership) as her goal: to find a single partner relationship. I think all of us in the our single days dated around, but that doesn't mean either we weren't looking or weren't ultimately interested in monogamy. I think Bo has been. For me the counterpoint to that would be compulsory having multiple sexual partners and disinterest in a single partner relationship. I think the show took it further than someone just starting out in their dating life with Bo, she was looking for steady right from the start--no wild oats for her, which could be construed as odd if one's claim is that as a succubus her nature is to have mutliple partners, she can't settle down, she is craving sex with everyone she meets and the only thing holding her back was fear of killing her partner--if that were the case then why when she found out she could sleep with fae without killing them didn't she shop around? Or why was she only dating Ryan in the second half of season 2, she could have been out with lots of guys if her nature wouldn't let her be satisfied with one partner. My answer is because she wasn't interested in shopping around like Saskia, Bo has/had a human value system built on "small town values" that prized love and that was her driving force. That's not to say that when she didn't get it, she didn't keep looking.
Suzanne Metaxas
12. SuzyM
I love that Kiersten caught the billboard graffiti :) I went back and watched again and realized the "Blank 1984" meant she was wiped back to when she was born, remember she is supposed to be 28. The "Bloody" reference must have been meant to be a clue to why Ryan was so enthralled. Good catch Kiersten!

Back to the discussion :) I agree with @Isbloom about Bo having a Mid-West up bringing and having the Mid-West values. I am not saying that, those values wont change the longer she lives in the Fae world but her core values will always be the basis of who she is.

I think that if Dyson and Bo do get together he will have to accept that there will be times she has to heal when he is unavailable the will cause her to be sexually involved with others. Bo will have to understand the Dyson being a wolf will always be territorial and therefore not always get her back up when he tries to mark his territory :) This story line could be very interesting as the both try to grow together and make a live for themselves. This is how a real partnership/marriage work in the real world too.

I did not dislike the scenes with Dyson and Acher like some did. I found the insightful and interesting as you saw the wolf doing his job of getting the confession and as a side benefit learning a little more about himself. I was not worried about him being in danger because I remembered him saying to Vex in Faetal Justice that you can't control a wolf and he would have Vex's throat torn out before he blink :) I think that is why the Ash sent him in rather than anyone else. Why Dyson left at the end though escapes me.

I love that we saw more of Kenzi and Trick! We should have more of that! Also I wish the would hurry up and reveal more of what Trick knows because it is starting to grate on my nerves that we really don't know what his relationship to Bo is! How can she do what she must if she doesn't really know who or what she is?

I am going to re-watch this episode a few more time, because the more I watched it the better I understood it and found myself liking it better :D
13. whiskeywhite
I missed the billboard altogether -- interesting explanation. This series really has a lot of rich detail in the environments. A bit of a feast for the eyes. Apparently also some in-jokes. I read a report recently by a fan who visited the set and she said that books on the bookshelves can have crew members' names as authors. I did notice The Ash saying he didn't tell Acher anything about Dyson and wondered why he said that. It never occurred to me to ask myself how Acher was figuring out so much about Dyson's situation (duh!). This is one reason I enjoy these recaps -- Kiersten's attention to small details, backed up by the sharp eyes of others. As an earlier example, in her recap of S1.09 "Fae Day", Kiersten pointed out that near the end of the episode, when the ill fated brother was shot by the disgruntled investor, Dyson immediately grabs and arrests the shooter in the background while virtually never taking his eyes off Bo -- ever the protector. I had completely missed this. Went back and looked -- Wow! she's right. And I thought I only had eyes for Dyson!
14. whiskeywhite
Looking forward to your further thoughts @lsbloom. I should say that the only reason I’m using the phrase “sleeping around” is because it was used in your original argument. Not a phrase I would tend to use myself because I don’t think that’s what Bo is doing. As you point out, she doesn’t really have many sexual partners. We don’t have to count the minor sideline dalliances, although she does have a tendency to get distracted – remember the man in the hardware store (in S1.02) who is saved by Kenzi’s intervention – “ How about we make a deal, we don’t kill where we shop”? And Kenzi threatening to “cuff muff” in the dance rave (S2.01) because Bo is moving in on some girl dancers? I remember with a smile the flustered young pizza shop guy in that same episode who gets more than he bargains for when Bo needs “emergency takeout” to heal in Dyson’s absence. He asks if maybe they should “start with dinner.”

I promised to return to the question of whether the producers/writers are changing Bo’s character as regards monogamy as the series goes along in order to “appease” the fans, as @lsbloom argued. As I said, I think it’s an interesting question.

Michelle Lovreta has said ( ) that one of her original “rules” for Lost Girl was that “Bo is capable of monogamy, when desired.” Another was, “no slut shaming – Bo is allowed to have sex outside of relationships.” So the original concept contained both approaches to sexuality and relationships. As @lsbloom has pointed out, the tone is indeed changing these days. Emily Andras, Season 3 showrunner, answering a question about Bo’s “romantic choice” in the new season ( asks, “Can a succubus ever truly be monogamous? Even if she wants to?” Hmmmm.

Has this change been driven by fan appeasement?

After reading hundreds of comments and analyses by fans and bloggers, I don’t really see anyone calling for “bring on the men” (or women), though it is true I think, that some believe that Bo is not capable of being completely monogamous (a view shared by Dyson BTW). There isn’t really a “Team many lovers” camp. The big debate is between Team Dyson and Team Lauren.

There are many, including lots of folks here I gather, who believe that Bo should be with Dyson alone (or at least in a monogamous primary relationship with outside healing allowed, as @SuzyM argues. What about snacking? Allowed?). Despite their differences, they love each other deeply (or at least he did and, we can only hope, might be able to do so again in the future). Plus he has the strength to withstand the physical wear and tear that having regular sex with her entails. Though just barely – we see him repeatedly weakened by her “relentless” hunger and her frequent need for healing and strength-sucking for battle protection. This problem is compounded by Dyson’s tendency to sacrifice himself for her (“Take as much as you need, as much as you want”). I have to admit it, I’m a sucker for the self-sacrificing man. If Bo would get into fewer scraps, it would help, but how likely is that for our heroine? Dyson and Bo can also expect to enjoy similar life spans, although he’s already many centuries older than she is (doesn’t look it) :-).

In contrast, and often enough in vocal opposition to Team Dyson, is the gigantic Team Lauren or Doccubus camp. Zoie Palmer and others have said that they did not expect the huge response to “Dr. Hotpants”. Showcase ran a poll: Should Bo be with Dyson or Lauren or both? Team Lauren won massively. Fanvids on YouTube featuring Bo and Lauren can get over 1.5 million views while Bo & Dyson videos are lucky to get 50,000 (despite the many times I watch some of them) :-). One might wonder whether all of the Bo/Lauren viewers are fans of Lost Girl or just folks interested in girl/girl love scenes – which is OK – but I’m assuming that the producers don’t know that answer either. I’ve read that the Twitterverse is also alive with Doccubus fans; but I’m too much of a Twitter newbie to have the evidence.

A large number of the Lauren fans, real romantics, are completely devoted to her as Bo’s one and only true love, present and future. That Lauren will grow old and die long before Bo doesn’t bother them and they feel that Bo has sufficient control over her sexual urges to not kill Lauren, even in an exclusive relationship (doesn’t make sense to me but as I said, they’re true believers). Others are OK with Bo having Dyson or others on the side for purposes of feeding, but not as loving partners.

There’s a tiny minority, which readers will have guessed by now includes me, who feel that Bo can have two committed, non-exclusive, loving relationships, if everyone involved is in agreement. And outside healing/fun, again if all agree.

So, is Bo’s movement away from wanting monogamy with Dyson and Lauren’s elevation from a side interest to a second partner and viable competitor for top spot in Bo’s heart a result of caving to the fandom?
Lemme know.

Enough from me for now before people start shouting at their computers, "Shut up @whiskeywhite!"
Suzanne Metaxas
15. SuzyM
Good discussion going here :) As to the skewed viewer numbers on team Dyson vs team Lauren I can appreciate why Lauren's numbers are so much higher. Lost Girl is one of the few shows where a lesbian relationship isn't treated as a anomaly, so women who are lesbian have a show they can identify with not feel victimized. Therefore as word spreads the viewership rises and has no competition from elsewhere. I think that the show can keep their great chemistry if the give Lauren another love interest (one that is appealing not like Nadia) and keep Bo and Lauren as good friends. Putting Bo and Dyson back together will make those who want the relationship again happy and keep the viewership growing by leaps and bounds :) Just my humble opinion ;)
16. whiskeywhite
Well said, @SuzyM, especially re: not feeling victimized and re: lack of competition.

There are certainly lots of folks hoping desperately for Bo and Dyson to get back together. Will any of us quit the show if that doesn't happen?

Many of the Doccubus fans believe that Bo/Dyson are, indeed, the "end game" of the show and they're either resigned or angry about that ("of course, heterosex will win out, as always" is the kind of comment). I don't think they'd be satisfied with Lauren having another lover than Bo because that would be seen as a demotion -- Dyson wins and Lauren gets the consolation prize.

What if Dyson gets his ability to love back, but Bo is by now exclusively committed to Lauren? What if he has to go off and find someone else to love?

I'm actually still worrying about a question Kenzi asked way back in the 'foot soup' episode (S1.06). She says to Dyson, "How can you protect if being with her makes you weak?" He responds somewhat dejectedly, "I'm working on that." Thinking she's dying, Kenzi then asks, "If I'm not here some day, can I count on you to have her back, even if it means cutting her loose?" He has no answer to that. Foreshadowing of a dilemma yet to come?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
17. Kiersten
What if Dyson gets his ability to love back, but Bo is by now exclusively committed to Lauren? What if he has to go off and find someone else to love?
That's the point: he can't find someone else to love. He can sleep with someone and even have a relationship with them. But he will never love them, even if his love is reclaimed from The Norn, because he's already given it to Bo and, based on the mythology of the show, it is hers for the length of his life. That doesn't mean the show won't find a way to backpedal from that if they really want to, but that would also be a real fast way to get me to stop watching. Don't undo what you've done simply because it's an uncomfortable reality.
I don't think they'd be satisfied with Lauren having another lover than Bo because that would be seen as a demotion -- Dyson wins and Lauren gets the consolation prize.
That would be the exact response of the Dyson fans should the reverse happen - and both would be true.

There's no way to make everyone happy in this situation and trying to is one of the main things that has brought the show down from its S1 high point IMO. They keep trying to hold on to the Dyson fan base by giving snippets of Bo and Dyson's ongoing feelings for one another Bo's "I trust you implicitedly" for example. At the same time, they have all those long, emotionally tepid, boring scenes of Bo and Doctor Lauren angsting over one another. The show dares not have Bo verbally commit one way or another to an all out "I love you" - not yet at least - because one side will automatically rejoice while the other will have a very public meltdown (don't say it! ;-)).

This is what happens when you try to serve two masters and why it never, ever works in the long run because you are jerking one side around from the get go - sometimes both for a while - and that is just crap behavior.

I hate to reference Twilight for anything, but there at least was one triangle where you knew from the start who Bella would wind up with - as long as Edward lived, no matter what she did or said with Jacob, it would always be Edward. The question was how the Jacob story would resolve not whether she would end up with him. (Full disclosure: I've never read the books and am solely going off the movies here, during whose viewing I was well lubricated in order to endure it.)

I'm still putting together thoughts on this great convo. This is just a quick jump in. Based on snippets I've seen in press releases, interviews and set visits, the strong impression I get is that season three will begin with Bo/DL in a full out relationship and Dyson, his love restored, will yet be hooked up with his new partner, Tamsin. As whiskeywhite already said, Andres has also heavily implied that this would be a temporary situation - "can a succubus stay monogamous?" - but again, I believe this double speak is to assuage all parties.

Part of me hopes this is true because the fastest way to get Bo and Dyson back together is to put Bo and Doctor Lauren in an official relationship, which automatically invokes the Whedonesque school of relationships already inacted by this show as we have learned to our great pain and disappointment. A very petty part of me can't wait for this to happen.

But this also makes me very weary and I'm struggling with this anticipated turn of events. I feel as though we were promised something in S1 that was totally renegged on in S2. Not exclusively because of Bo and Doctor Lauren's relationship and Dyson and Bo being ripped apart just as they finally acknowledged their feelings for each other (ARGH!) - as @whiskeywhite has already mentioned, I think there's a lot to be explored in what Bo does or doesn't get from either lover and why she can't do without them both - but because the feel and direction has changed so much. There are a lot - a lot - of outside forces that have influenced the show to make these changes, and I'm the first to recognize that, but still.

Would I quit this show if Bo and Dyson did not get back together? I don't know; I can't say I haven't thought about it. Not because I'm not getting what I want, absolutely not. I've stuck with shows long past the point of them going far off in a direction/relationship I didn't like. (LOST, Buffy, Angel, Battlestar Galactica to name a few). More because it would indicate to me that the show had caved to a specific fan base's desires rather than stay true to the ethos of the show and the vision of its showrunners and producers.

Fan influence has already been mentioned in our convo. It's been my experience that there is an online imbalance between the two fan bases because the Doctor Lauren fan base is incredibly, admirably organized and Internet savvy and vocal, which gives the erroneous impression that they are the larger base. I think both bases are equally strong just not equally represented online. I also think the Dyson fan base shys away from much of the online interaction - I know I do - because they don't want to be attacked by the more virulent Doctor Lauren fans and their general tendency, in my experience, to be unable to allow any differing viewpoints to exist without comment or opposition. That, to me, is stealing another party's joy for your own end, and I have no interest in engaging with that mindset.

I must say that I have also interacted with Doctor Lauren fans who are articulate and thoughtful and interested in a lively debate (Holla FrenchieGirl!) as opposed to merely bashing metaphoric heads together. And I'm certain they've endured equally aggressive and asshat behavior from the Dyson contingent. It's important not to paint all fans on either side with the same brush.

That said, I don't believe the show's character and/or plot development should be influenced by what either fan base desires. That is not a show I want to watch. I want to watch the show I was promised - Bo's journey to understand herself and her power and her place both in the Fae world and with the people she loves. Her humanity is what sets her apart from other Fae and influences her actions amongst them and season two has gotten way far away from that. It's the show itself that has strongly established the fact that Bo is in love with Dyson, more that she trusts him above all others (tho arguably not above Kenzi). She also loves Doctor Lauren very much - that too has been unquestionably established. The relationships are on very different levels and fill very different needs. I strongly suspect she cannot do without either one. That is a show I would want to watch.

Again, I truly believe the derailment and missteps have more to do with those outside forces and a lack of central leadership in story and character on the show - plot holes, missing emotional respsonse to things we already know are BFDs for our girl, interjecting love interests as fillers who we know from the start are not going to last and thus don't invest in them - than anything else. But as we move into the end of this epically disappointing back end 0f season two with Dyson still loveless and miserable and Doctor Lauren still lying to people she professes to love and Bo still making do without either of them, I have real concerns about what's ahead for us in season three - and, honestly? I major part of me really can't wait to see it. ;-)

Did I say quick?
18. whiskeywhite
Hi Kiersten – I was hoping you would chime in. Great stuff. That’s why I luv ya.
I think both bases are equally strong just not equally represented online.
I’ve wondered about this myself. I’d love to know what the demographics are for the Lost Girl viewers. In Canada at least, and on the Showcase website, the ads shown with the show are mostly for products such as laundry detergent, floor cleaners, dusting aids, prepared foods, insurance, and yes, cars. That screams to me that the advertisers think (know?) that the viewers are heavily middle aged women. There could be a lot of Dyson fans lurking among them (us – I’m on the older end of that demographic at 64).That group would be less likely to be active on line than the 20-somethings (not that we don’t use the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc. but we’re less likely to devote our lives to it. I only have time to bore you all here, at length, because I’m on vacation).
I also think the Dyson fan base shys away from much of the online interaction - I know I do - because they don't want to be attacked by the more virulent Doctor Lauren fans and their general tendency, in my experience, to be unable to allow any differing viewpoints to exist without comment or opposition.
Yes, that was my experience with the Showcase Lost Girl blog. I remember writing phrases like, “I hesitate to say a kind word here about Dyson, but...” or “Can we, once again, please give Dyson a break?” I felt I had to prepare to duck the blowback – carefully thought out responses like “Dyson is a jerk! ... .” But I agree completely, and it’s my direct experience, that there are also lots of thoughtful, articulate and tolerant Lauren fans, which is why I persevered.

I think as well that Doccubus fans feel they have more to lose – and they’re right. There are so few high profile, respectful portrayals of romantic sexual relationships between women in the mainstream media. Bo and Lauren are an important political (and personal) symbol in our still very homophobic times (even more so for folks from cultural communities or countries where such representations can be completely suppressed). I can understand why there might be, consciously or unconsciously, a tone of desperation in defending and fighting to keep that symbol.

I have to admit (blush) that I was/am a Twilight fan (second childhood perhaps?). But don’t get me started on the (religiously driven) messaging about sex and relationships in that saga. I actually teach about it as a university lecturer. There’s a useful book, The Gospel According to Twilight, which analyzes the “bad news for women” in the story but also what the author, a professor of theology, sees as positive Christian themes.

Has anybody thought about religious themes in Lost Girl?
Linda Losik
19. LindaL
While I will be the first to admit that I am firmly on Team Dyson and that I don’t see the chemistry between Bo and Lauren, I really like the interaction between the three. And there are boards that I don’t go to because I foolishly mentioned that I liked the idea of the triangle, and won’t even mind a three way as Kenzi suggested in Vexed. I have since left that board, not because of the three way but because I dared to mention that I thought well of Dyson and commenting that I did not see the chemistry between the two women … after which I discovered this board and found that it was absolutely delighted! Love the slut free zoning rule! So very important to discussions.

Would I quit the show if Bo and Dyson don’t get back together, I don’t know either. It is a story about a Lost Girl, not the fae or humans but Bo’s story and herself discovery. There is only one series that had a solid story arc: Babylon Five. And the writer, when asked at the end of season five, what his plans were. His answer was one word: Sleep!

My thanks to all who write in to this board; it is very nice to participate in intelligent, thoughtful conversations.

And yes, quick would be nice, but we have to take care of the Garuda first, and get Dyson’s love back him…am still looking for good railroad spikes! At least if she is nailed to her tree, the Norn won’t cause anyone else grief! On to season 3!
rachel sternberg
20. rae70
hehe, glad to hear at the end that trick might be bo's dad/grand something or other ;) i've been thinking that for awhile!
21. Trixxxie
Interesting convo. Bo's journey is about finding herself. Contemplating monogamy is one thing. Being capable of monogamy is another. She might just find out that she is not capable of maintaining a monogamous relationship - she is yet to be tested on that regard and there is more than enough evidence on the show to support that notion, assuming it ever comes to fruition.

As some of you pointed out, the track record of same-sex relationships on television is not very good. Lost Girl is the first action/fantasy show where the female lead is in love with a woman and acts on it - not for the sake of ratings or exploitation, but for the sake of storytelling. It is slowly breaking that mold and it is doing so by not once resorting to plot devices such as bullying, homophobia, acceptance and the often tiring coming out storyline - that is the representation you currently see on television, which is constantly under siege as it is (i.e. just last week an already established lesbian character on Pretty Little Liars cheated on her girlfriend with a guy because he was nice and pushed her enough that she caved). The characters on Lost Girl are what they are and love who they love. By having Bo (a bi-sexual woman) choose the guy (alpha male) over the girl (lesbian) or worst, pairing the lesbian with some other female as a consolation prize, you would be automatically downgrading the show to that level of representation that once had the opportunity to be groundbreaking but ended up being a slap in the face. I am sure no one here would want to see the opposite happening: Bo choosing Lauren and pairing Dyson with someone else as a consolation prize. You take that disappointment and multiply by decades of media manipulation and you would have a fair idea of how Doccubus fans would feel. I think the LGBT section of the Doccubus fanbase is more than entitled to their paranoia - although the show itself is yet to justify that. YMMV, of course.

I personally believe that by having Bo ultimately choose you would be alienating a big chunk of your fanbase. and that is certainly not the show I would want to watch. I may have my preferences, but I do acknowledge just how viable both characters are; Bo does love them both and needs them both for different reasons. I am one of the few who would want to see them attempting a polyamorous relationship because that is what I believe is truer to the show I signed up for two years ago.

Would I quit watching if Bo and Dyson don't get back together? Absolutely not. Would I quit watching if Bo and Lauren don't get together? Absolutely not. Would I quit watching if they sideline one relationship for the sake of the other? It is likely that I would, because that wouldn't be the show I signed up for two years ago.

I apologize this was longer than I expected. I mostly agree with Kiersten's latest comment above - but I feel like I needed to highlight just how important the female/female aspect of the show is and why it matters to Doccubus fans that they get it right. I am not exactly an expert - I am not a lesbian - but hopefully I succeeded in that regard.
Suzanne Metaxas
22. SuzyM
I'm going to chime in here because I didn't say give Lauren a booby prize. I said I would like to see her in a relationship with another woman she loved while still staying friends with Bo. There are a lot of reasons other than a woman to woman relationship that the Bo/Lauren hook up doesn't work. The Fae lifespan is one reason, the draining powers of Bo is another and the general interest is another. Doc is geeky Bo is not. When physical attraction wears off I think Doc will be a little bored. Dyson & Bo seem to be more on a par with each other. They both are more of emotional Fae rather than cerebral. Though that too can be a problem in their relationship. But this is all supposition :) the writers will have the last word ;)
23. Trixxxie
Like you said, SuzyM, it is all supposition and one I don't agree with: it would still be a consolation prize whether or not you think Bo and Lauren could, would or should work. For every point you raise about their hook up not working out, I could raise you just as many about Bo and Dyson not working out. I happen to think both characters compliment Bo and that what one lacks, the other fulfills - which does nothing but reinforce my original point that they should ultimately attempt a polyamorous relationship.
24. LaylaM
I'm going to FanExpo this weekend (already in Toronto) so I'll be sure to bring that up if I have the chance. It is certainly an interesting topic and one I'm particulary not opposed to. I honestly do believe that anyone expecting a romantic, monogamous "happily ever after" in regards to Bo/Dyson and especially Bo/Lauren (sorry, Doccubus crowd but Lost Girl will not be that show) will be sorelydisappointed.
25. LaylaM
I don't think they'd be satisfied with Lauren having another lover than Bo because that would be seen as a demotion -- Dyson wins and Lauren gets the consolation prize.

That would be the exact response of the Dyson fans should the reverse happen - and both would be true. There's no way to make everyone happy in this situation and trying to is one of the main things that has brought the show down from its S1 high point IMO. They keep trying to hold on to the Dyson fan base by giving snippets of Bo and Dyson's ongoing feelings for one another Bo's "I trust you implicitedly" for example. At the same time, they have all those long, emotionally tepid, boring scenes of Bo and Doctor Lauren angsting over one another. The show dares not have Bo verbally commit one way or another to an all out "I love you" - not yet at least - because one side will automatically rejoice while the other will have a very public meltdown (don't say it! ;-)). This is what happens when you try to serve two masters and why it never, ever works in the long run because you are jerking one side around from the get go - sometimes both for a while - and that is just crap behavior.
Kiersten, I just want to add that I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts on the matter. They have set it up an on going love triangle from the very beggining and now are dealing with the fallout because of their own incompetence. By mid-season 2 they had sidelined both Lauren and Dyson as Bo's love interests and nearly assassinated both characters in the process. The contrived idea of introducing new plot devices love interests for all three of them nearly tanked the show in the process. I know I often cite Vexed as an exemple of how they can and most definitely should write both Bo/Dyson and Bo/Lauren in a way that is satisfying to both fanbases while at the same time, writing a quality episode that is still the show's best.
26. lsbloom
Hey @whiskeywhite, well I didn't get to everything, but I certainly used a lot of words xD. Great arguments all around and sorry to be so belated, work has been super busy.

1) I think the Bo can’t be monogamous argument is mainly perpetuated by two fan groups: first the “neither” fan group, who thinks Bo is an attractive woman and they want to see her free and not settled down, and second, the doccubus group who acknowledge that Lauren has certain deficiencies as a life partner, she can’t heal Bo, and we’ve never seen Bo feed off of her. So, Lauren can’t be the single committed partner. So they rationalize it by saying that Lauren is understanding of Bo’s “nature” both her need to heal and her non-monogamous side. Plus, they’ve gotten a certain amount of traction in the triangle discussion regarding monogamy and Bo settling down. So they’ve sent out Tweets and stuff to say, “hey guys don’t make the argument that Bo should settle down with Lauren, keep her ‘free’ it’s resonating well for our side.”
2) In regards to the “neither” fan group, first off I don’t think it is that small. Normally, shippers comprise a small segment of total viewership, and I’m not sure that is different for LG. You do need to differentiate between casual viewers and active Internet fans. The Internet fan group is vastly vastly smaller than the viewing audience and as with most shows, isn’t necessarily reflective of the casual TV watcher. While the Internet fan group tends to force fans into one camp partly because if you aren’t doccubus you must be drinking the Team Dyson Kool-Aid—you see this a lot on TV critic reviews—there are more sides and unaligned viewers. Even with active fans, there are lots of people on the Showcase polls voting the “neither.” And even people who want an endgame one way or another think a committed relationship at this stage would either kill half the fandom or make the show boring.
3) Endgame vs continued plotline. If they put Bo into a committed relationship with Lauren and make Dyson angsty chasing after her, I will certainly stop watching. As obsessed as I am, I’m pretty close to stopping as is, if they ruin Dyson’s character anymore, I’m gone and all the Kenzi quips in the world can’t save it, it’s just a self-preservation thing. While I think Bo is capable of monogamy, I don’t think it is a good story for the show at this time. Continuing to milk the triangle is such a bad idea. Team Dyson isn’t going to be happy with anyone but Bo, because they’ve written themselves into a corner with Dyson: it’s Bo or nobody. Dyson isn’t capable of being happy with anyone else. Even though Lauren quite obviously isn’t emotionally committed to Bo, she chose Nadia over Bo, and all the sacrifices Lauren has made have been for Nadia and not Bo, I don’t think it’s fair to say to doccubus that Lauren can be happy with someone else like a consolation prize. Is the story believable to me? Yes, because of the Nadia precedent. Lauren can and does love outside of Bo and she might be much happier free of the fae world, especially if we keep with the “slave” crap. Plus, Bo will outlive her. So Bo’s happily ever after can’t be Lauren. But that isn’t fair to the fans, including minority groups who are so invested in the pairing. So the idea that Bo needs to try out monogamy right now seems like a mistake to me which was solely built to prolong the triangle and doesn’t fit with what you see in the rest of the show.
4) The show and Bo’s “monogamy.” First off, @whiskeywhite brought up a couple of points regarding two loves. Do both Dyson and Lauren give Bo different things and can one person be complete and happy in a monogamous relationship in which their partner doesn’t or can’t fulfill all sides them? In the first part, yes, Dyson and Lauren are complete dichotomies, so of course they can offer different things to Bo. In the second part, yes, realistically one person is never going to be able to fully complete you, give you everything you’ve ever wanted in a partner, hit all the checkboxes. I can imagine “my needs” and if you look at it objectively, a guy’d have to have multiple personality disorder: he’s sensitive and chatty, he’s strong and silent, he listens, he takes care of business, he’ll go shopping with me, he’s a guy’s guy who would never know what a duvet is, etc, etc. Real life involves compromise and appreciating the whole person not what they can give you and building something with someone as equals, partners. No one is perfect. I’m not the perfect mate and my partner isn’t the perfect mate but we work really well together, maybe I need to get online to flesh out my Lost Girl obsession, but if my guy swooned over KHR like I do, we might have other problems. One relationship isn’t all we get. We have friends and family and colleagues and Internet buddies and hobby groups. It takes a long time to realize how to make relationships work and how to choose a partner. Bo isn’t at that maturity level yet. She isn’t sure even how much she can stand on her own yet.
5) Is Bo engaged in two concurrent love stories that “peak at different times.” Not really. Does Bo love both Dyson and Lauren? Yes. She also loves Kenzi and she loves Trick. Is Lauren supposed to represent a love object of equal standing to Dyson? Not in season 1, yes in season 2. In season 1, there was flirtation between Bo and Lauren. First, I take issue with their “meet cute” in episode 1. Mainly because Lauren is supposed to be a healthcare professional. So she either uses her position of caretaker to hit on and caress her patient: a naked, vulnerable, condemned prisoner, which reads so slimy dentist to me. Or, she is overcome by Bo’s succubus powers and can’t reign in her lust in a professional way. I’d prefer to read it as the latter, a display of Bo’s power “I have that effect on a lot of people,” because it lets Lauren off the hook. But either way, it doesn’t say love, not lust. Because if it were love, Lauren’s instinct should be to protect her—“you need all the strength you can get so take some of mine.” (Not that Dyson loved her then but it does represent a helping not just lusting.) Then, while there is a continued attraction and a friends+ relationship, I don’t think it is a primary love story. There’s no commitment or life involvement. Bo doesn’t chase after Lauren looking for commitment or even a formalized romantic relationship. Not even in season 2 is Bo asking for more from Lauren and Lauren keeps Bo at arm’s length unless she needs something or is ordered not to, she never opens up about her life, or values honesty, or engages with Bo’s life. In fact, I’ve encountered the argument that Lauren didn’t need to tell Bo about Nadia because “she didn’t owe Bo anything.” There’s never that “we’re together” push from them. I hate to do the compare and contrast, but Dyson from episode one started to acknowledge and befriend Kenzi, he brings Bo into his world, they mix friend groups, he helps her out with her projects, knows what’s going on. It’s not overt but they have a meet after work, get a drink, work on stuff together relationship. They are melding their lives in a committed involved way. Kenzi walks in on sexy bathtub time comfortably and Dyson is only mildly annoyed, they have the great couch scene with the footrub: one big happy family. The “love story” with Lauren in season 1 doesn’t have that. Lauren, even as a doctor, doesn’t know that Bo’s been injured on cases. She doesn’t hang out at the house. She’s gone for really long stretches of time and no one misses her. She doesn’t even have a way to get back on Bo’s good side until she can blackmail a conversation out of her. One of my biggest issues with the switchover from guest star to regular is that Lauren is not involved in Bo’s life, she pulls Bo away from her core group, so to give her a bigger role they had to downgrade other people. And instead of having her slowly ingratiate herself into the group in season 2, they stuffed her in there, frequently at the expense of Kenzi and logic. Lauren is never really Bo’s, in season 1 she had allegiance to the Ash and in season 2 she has Nadia. Now while Dyson is certainly Bo’s, I don’t think Bo is Dyson’s. Perfect love stories these are not.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
27. Kiersten
Dyson from episode one started to acknowledge and befriend Kenzi, he brings Bo into his world, they mix friend groups, he helps her out with her projects, knows what’s going on. It’s not overt but they have a meet
after work, get a drink, work on stuff together relationship. They are melding their lives in a committed involved way. Kenzi walks in on sexy bathtub time comfortably and Dyson is only mildly annoyed, they have the great couch scene with the footrub: one big happy family.
I really, really miss that one big happy family. I've been watching S1 from the start this week bit by bit and the unity of and focus on Bo, Kenzi and Dyson is so strong and so great. Everything just clicks along so well when those three are firing on all cylinders together. The contrast to what we have now is glaring. Now, a show must evolve and expand to continue to flourish, no question, but to see such a desparity in all aspects, plot strength, character, relationships, between seasons is seriously disappointing.

I like the points lsbloom made about how Doctor Lauren pulls Bo out of her unit, and I think that's valid. Certainly Kenzi is increasingly more accepting of the doc in their lives through Season 2 and some of that is her natural empathy coming out as she learns more about Doctor Lauren and the rest is her loving Bo and accepting the partners Bo chooses. But her relationship with Dyson is so special and so demonstrably deeper for many reasons, not the least of which is that they have intimacies together (especially after Original Skin) that have nothing to do with Bo. "Dyson didn't just break your heart, you know."
One of my biggest issues with the switchover from guest star to regular is that Lauren is not involved in Bo’s life, she pulls Bo away from her core group, so to give her a bigger role they had to downgrade other people.

This is a great example of how outside forces influence the world of the show to change. Zoie Palmer's fan popularity helped upgrade her to regular status (and she's awesomesauce, no question), but because this wasn't in the original plan, the show had to find ways to develop her "relationship" with Bo, which wound up pulling the lead character out of the unit the show had already established for her. I think Hale more than any other has lost screen time because of this; certainly his scenes take the most hits in the cutting room for the U.S. showings.

I'm not looking for a perfect love story between Bo and Dyson - really I'm not. I am looking not to get jerked around because the show is afraid to commit one way or another and thus piss off some faction of the fan base. I am looking not to be presented one show and then have a whole psych! just kidding! moment in the next season. This isn't Dave and Maddy; it's not years of sexual tension build up whose resolution might suck all the chemistry from the show. The moment Bo and Dyson slept together in S1E2, I was hooked b/c I was so relieved not to have to wait for the nookie. We got the sex outta of the way right off the bat - halelujah! - and could actually work on relationship stuff not merely when they gonna bang? stuff. This was one of the first indicators to me that this show was going to be something different.

And then it wasn't. Now it's just like any other show with a triangle:
who's gonna get the girl? And ultimately that's 1. boring 2. polarizing
and 3. severely disappointing. Firestone has already stated that they're definitely returning to the triangle in S3, so...

We talked a lot in the comments on S1E12 and S1E13 about all the different ways the show could've taken Bo and Dyson's relationship rather than breaking them up to (ultimately) keep Bo free for Doctor Lauren and others. One of those suggestions was having them be a couple and exploring how they would deal with the monogamous succubus issue.

Like @lsbloom said above, one partner can not possibly ever fulfill every need; for Bo and Dyson this is quite literal. He can't be her only source of "food" - he's already had physical weakness by trying to be. Though I'd argue much of that was simply the fervor of a new partner coupled with her need; they would've been "relentless" together even without the succubus juice simply because it was new and fresh and they were that hot for one another straight off the bat.

(This feeding drain on Bo's partner would be even worse for human Doctor Lauren, who has proven to be equally jealous of Bo's other partners despite her verbal assurances of understanding. Bo has proven she can successfully feed off of humans without killing them, but being in a primary relationship with a human would basically demand she have other partners from the get go.)

How much more interesting would it have been to see Dyson try to come to come to terms with Bo's inherent need for multiple partners - both men and women - with his own admitted possessive streak? How great would it be to see Bo grow into her power and learn how to maintain a relationship with her main squeeze while managing her need to feed with other people? I think it would've been all kinds of grand - it certainly would've been something new. This isn't straight up monogamy either and I don't think it has to be. They may not have even been able to make it work, and in that case a break up would've felt organic and real.

Unfortunately, in this the show went traditional and safe rather than carrying the healthy inclusive attitude it has to Bo's bi-sexuality and her female lovers over into other aspects of the show, such as a more deeper exploration of what it means to be an alpha male in a relationship with a sexually superpowered woman.
28. LaylaM
Kind of off topic but is there an actual Lost Girl discussion forum/board that is, you know, functional? I know there are forums for a specific fan group, but I'm looking for a general all things go oriented forum. It's kind of unusual to me having to resort to Twitter, Facebook, GetGlue and comment sections of blogs such as this one, The AV Club, SpoilerTV, etc. to talk about the show with other fans.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
29. Kiersten
@LaylaM - Unfortunately, I don't know. I've never been on a forum for any show. This is actually the first show I've ever engaged in discussions about online, so essentially I'm a forum virgin (I suppose there had to be something, right?)

Anyone else?
Linda Losik
30. LindaL
The Syfy Channel has one that is occasionally active; depends on the episode. It has become less active since we got into the back 9. Although, it does have some interesting people, one of which is an extra on Lost Girl, complete with pictures.

There are a few whiners (most of which have been chased away by some participants telling them to stop whining), mostly about nudity and the fact that this is not a kid friendly show. That brought out many comments that were very similar to “if you don’t like, don’t watch”!

They also have Season 2 spoilers (so named in the folder name) that are mostly for Canadian viewers.
NOTE: for a virgin you are doing quite awesome! :-)
31. whiskeywhite
I’m learning so much from you folks who are more experienced in analyzing plot lines, characters, etc. And like @LindaL I so appreciate the thoughtful discussions. I checked out the Lost Girl discussions at SyFy (thanks @LindaL for that lead). They seem a little content challenged. :-) Not much meat (or vegetables). But I see you in there @lsbloom rounding up poll votes for our guy, Dyson. Good for you.

As an example of my learning: thanks @Trixxxie for outlining the usual plot devices for same-sex relationships “such as bullying, homophobia, acceptance and the often tiring coming out storyline.” As soon as I read it, I thought, “She’s right.” Great summary. And I agree that Lost Girl is a step forward.

@Trixxxie goes on to say, “I do acknowledge just how viable both characters are; Bo does love them both and needs them both for different reasons.” This was another of Michelle Lovretta’s original rules – “Bo’s male and female partners are equally viable.”

We’re definitely in for big-time 'triangle” in Season 3. Showcase held a 'special pre-Season 2 finale live fan event and the three actors, Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer and Kris Holden-Ried, were actually introduced to the crowd as “the triangle”. I found it actually a bit demeaning for the actors, but also depressing in terms of the story line. Maybe my inner teenager wants the Bo & Dyson happy ending (blush) but I also think the triangle, de facto, pits the straight relationship against the same-sex one, regardless of whether the show presents it that way or not.

And they could do better with the story.

I agree with Kiersten about what could be a very engaging and new story line:
How much more interesting would it have been to see Dyson try to come to come to terms with Bo's inherent need for multiple partners - both men and women - with his own admitted possessive streak? How great would it be to see Bo grow into her power and learn how to maintain a relationship with her main squeeze while managing her need to feed with other people?... deeper exploration of what it means to be an alpha male in a relationship with a sexually superpowered woman.
I would argue that Dyson is becoming increasingly accustomed, as an alpha male, to working with Bo ‘professionally’ as an alpha female (and I think it’s clear she’s going to become a lot more ‘alpha’ as the series goes on). But of course it’s different in a personal relationship.

@Trixxxie makes a suggestion for an even more challenging story line: “I am one of the few who would want to see them attempting a polyamorous relationship.” I’m another of the few. And thank you for introducing the concept of polyamory which I have been holding back a bit on. I think it would be exceptionally interesting to see all three working out a joint relationship (though I don’t think I would want, or that we would ever see, a three-way @LindaL. However, you’re a brave soul for suggesting it). :-)

The challenges of a polyamorous relationship would have similarities to what Kiersten is suggesting above, except that Bo’s reason for having multiple relationships wouldn’t just be for feeding. Nor could one of the partners be Bo’s “main squeeze”. That was my own experience of being in a triangle (I insisted on being the main squeeze) but that is inherently unequal. In a true polygamous relationship there is more equality. I have a friend who had long-term, committed relationships with both a man and a woman. Neither relationship was dominant; in fact, they all lived together in one house for years. one of the relationships eventually broke down but not, I think, because of the polyamory.

Is Showcase (or SyFy) ready for polyamory? I don't think so. But I guess we should give them credit for bi-sexual succubus.
32. Celtic_Woman
Bo and Lauren pure chemistry. Love love love.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
33. Kiersten
Thanks for your comment, @CelticWoman! I'm not of the same opinion, but I'm glad you were able to share yours with us here @ Heroes and Heartbreakers. Thanks again.
34. kaitt
Perhaps I missed something through out the series, but is there an explanation given as to how some under-fae are super messed up (like the orginial in tricks basement) but some are relatively normal, like the one in this episode?
rachel sternberg
35. rae70
kaitt: they explained the messed up fae as the ones who didn't make it thru the transition (coming of age)... if bo didn't come thru right, trick would've kept her in the basement locked up!(
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